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THREAD: If people really knew.

The battle between the establishment & Corbyn is a transparent embodiment of the struggle between elites & the people. If this cotext and the significance of it was more widely understood there'd surely be an unprecedented Labour landslide. 1/
For 1000s of years the powerful few have controlled wealth & subjugated the many. From empire, dynasties & monarchs through to our current capitalist elite. The emergence of democracy was a belated recognition of equality as a foundational precept for society 2/
structures in place today did not spring from nowhere. There's direct & documented lineage of power & wealth thru the ages. Socialism is a natural consequence of a move towards equality.
"Hitler realised 'democracy inevitably leads to Marxism' , now you work that one out" TB 3/
So the wealth, control & influence in society lies with elites & a move towards fairer distribution began with democracy. It was a staggered change; first only the upper class were allowed the vote, then white men & eventually all people. 4/
Power is not ceded lightly. Our democracy is manipulated to deny a genuine redistribution of power & wealth. At worst it could be characterised as a fig leaf to hide an oligarchy that runs things. This deception culminated in an imposter leading the Labour movement... 5/
When Thatcher was asked to name her greatest achievement she replied "Tony Blair". When both sides of the House had broadly the same agenda the elites were again afforded near ubiquitous control with New Labour offering fringe socialist policy to hold a veneer of progress 6/
When the wheels came off & New Labours deceptions outweighed their concessions to Labour's original purpose, centrism was dead. Miliband tanked in 2015 as the left wing electorate could no longer be fooled by a fake compromise. Into this void stepped Jeremy Corbyn. 7/
Legend has it the dwindling set of elder socialists within the PLP encouraged JC to put his name forward for the leadership contest & he just scraped by with enough nominations after having to cajole a few Blairites to give a dog a bone. The rest is history. 8/
From a minority position within a centrist Lab PLP this obscure backbencher lead a sweeping reform, centered on democracy, to bring Labour back in line with its roots. The Corbyn project is far from over & some of the changes have had to be measured but the balance has shifted 9/
This is why the full weight of the capitalist machine has been mobilised against him. Much of it is deliberately coordinated. The rest is convergent agendas of the owners class worried about having to put back into the communities that allow them to accumulate their wealth 10/
The panic over a 'no deal' brexit is really a panic over the prospect of an unrestrained socialist program that would impose workers rights & fair taxation. How could it not be? We are warned that 'no deal' represents the worst of a disaster capitalist, tax haven dystopia.. 11/
... no doubt that's what Tory Brexiteers want, but if that was the likely outcome why would businesses be threatening to flee the country right before they're due a further reduction in their tax obligations? Its cos they expect Labour to win the next GE if we go out on ND 12/
The government clearly have no intention of letting us go out on no deal. There's been no real prep & all the spin has been to scare us off the idea, with fake traffic jams & the army at the ready. Hardly the action of an estsblishement excited at the prospect. 13/
There's a fringe group of Tory MPs who genuinely want 'no deal' but the correlation between those who have personal reason to fear imminent EU tax evasion laws is high. The maj of the PCP are avowed europhiles. This is because the EU is a right wing project. 14/
With austerity enabling budget caps & rules against state aid, it stifles socialist policy. Now the EU is lock step with Donald Fucking Trump in a brazen anti-left coup in Venezuala. The argument that the EU is progressive is quickly evaporating, yet the media try their best 15/
With this in mind, it's no wonder brexit has played out this way. May's BRINO was primarily designed to frustrate a future Lab gov. Perhaps she called the '17 GE cos she knew she'd need a huge maj to get such a con of a deal thru parliament, just to offset her own dissenters 16/
The EU pretends to mirror the egalitarian instincts of those who view politics thru a socially liberal lens but have little insight on class struggle or economics. Positive ideas of community & diversity r co-opted by this org that denied Catalonia a right to self determine 17/
Corbyn has been a critic of the EU for 30 years and his record has been proven right by history on every vote. But faced with the rigged snake pit of Parliament & an inherited fake-left PLP, he knew he'd never get his vision of Lexit thru the House. 18/
So he's found a position that can command a maj & give a realistic route to a GE, where new Lab rules make it easier for CLPs to have left candidates stand against the sabateurs. Till then he's had to keep them onside to achieve the multiple historic victories in recent weeks 19/
Biggest defeat of a gov in history. 1st defeat on finance for 40yrs. 1st gov ever to be held in contempt. The meaningful vote. 30+ Tory ministerial resignations. Biggest vote share increase since WW2. NEC left swing. Gov unable to pass legislation. & they say he's ineffectual 20/
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