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"they are .. they are enemy combatants in these houses ! in these houses are enemy combatants who want to kill you , maim you and destroy you".

"When did I ever preach hate"?

"The city of Cologne and the German people will never forgive Ms. Merkel for exposing their women to the barbarity and the violence from Muslims who follow the Prophet Mohammed."

"When did I ever preach hate?"

“We house them , we feed them , we clothe them, we give them health care, and they rape and attack our women. They are at war with your country , they are at war with my country , they are at war with the whole of Europe."

"When did I ever preach hate?"
"The more Muslims the greater they grow in confidence against us" !!

"When did I ever preach hate?" 🤔🙄
"For devout Muslims to follow their leader Muhammed , is to seek to dominate and to control the land of the non-Muslims by any means necessary and no matter how long it takes" !

"When did I ever preach hate?"
"Merkel is still in power and doing her bit to hand over your beautiful country to Muslim INVADERS"

"The Muslim INVADERS want your country for themselves"


"When did I ever preach hate?"
"Too many times , we are painted as the aggressors. We are not the aggressors
we are the victims, Denmark are victims , the Swedish are victims ,the NON-MUSLIM of Europe are the victims"

"When did I ever preach hate?"
"We come here to express our fears and concerns against the militant invasion of Europe"


"When did I ever preach hate?"
"Every single Muslims watching this video on Youtube, on 7/7 you got away with killing and maiming British citizens !! You got away with it ....... "

"When did I ever preach hate ?"
"3 or 4% is the population of Muslims in this town , look at the damage that they have caused with 3 or 4% "

"I am only criticising an ideology"
"Also , When did I ever preach hate?"
Ban on Immigration from Muslim countries
Ban on Building Mosques

"Why am I a Nazi ?"

"I don't see a solution. I have been searching for a solution for so long. There isn't any solution to this other than implementing strong tough laws & try to
DE-ISLAMIFY Europe & in doing so there will be huge conflict."

"Explain why I am a Nazi?"
"There is not any solution to this other than implementing strong & tough laws and try to DEISLAMIFY EUROPE"

The same propaganda that led to the Final Solution in the 1930s

And you wonder why we call #tommyRobinson a NAZI?
Question to #TommyRobinson:
would there be a civil war In France or would the French people continue to "Hug a Muslim and hope that everything will be ok"

Tommy responds in frustration "I don't think that is going to happen YET"
"They need to do something huge UNFORTUNATELY"
"Once the British public understand the reality of Islam & the agenda of what it is going to bring. Once they understand them, I believe we are gonna see a revolution"

To put it into context this was in response to the question
"are we going to see a civil war likely in France"?
" #TommyRobinson doesn't talk about all Muslims , he only talks about the extremists"

I like the smile though !!!!
"Merkel brought in one million young FIGHTING AGE MUSLIM MEN who are culturally different to us , morally , ethically , their belief system is opposite to ours"

"When did I ever preach hate ?"
"We are dealing with a pathetic 4% and look at the ciaos that they are bringing"

"When did I ever preach hate ?"
"They are not refugees they are INVADERS we know that"

"When did I ever preach hate?"

"Every single time.. I differentiate Muslims from Islam"
This whole (we are all in it together) no we are not all in it together !
Many MUSLIM COMMUNITIES accross Europe harbours , support and give sympathy to terrorism".

"I never preach hate and I always differentiate Muslims from Islam"
"I was asked the other day would the UK be a better country without any Muslim. I m sorry but the reality is it would ve been a better country if we didn't allow Islamic immigration into. it would ve been a much better & safer country"

"I always differentiate Muslims from Islam"
"Every single time I differentiate Muslims from Islam"
"I think if everyone knows the truth about Islam and the ideology and what lays ahead there would be a revolution tomorrow !"

"Explain why I am a Nazi?"
We must resist the threat of our precious heritage by people who have no interest in Arts , Music, Freedom of Speech etc"

"Every Single time I differentiate Muslims from Islam"
"we are not politically or morally obliged to destroy ourselves and the future we want for our children in order to accommodate our ideological and religious enemies"

"When did I ever preach hate ?"
"I always differentiate Muslims from Islam"
This comment is about the Syrian Refugees !!

"Islam is at war with Europe and is using Germany which is in the heart of Europe to take us over !"
"And I think if everyone knows the truth about Islam there will be a revolution tomorrow" !!

Revolution against whom Tommy ?
"One of your social media sites said you don't want Islam in the Czech Republic in England either ".
"I am not a fascist and I support freedom of thought"
"All Muslims are encouraged to work for the rule of Allah and the political suprimacy of Islam in every country"


"I don't talk about all Muslims"
"Since the time of Muhammed Islam has had Europe in its sight and now through the current REFUGEE INVASION THEY seek to CONQUER that which they can't build themselves"


When did he ever preach hate ?
"No solution to Islam"
"Civil War"
"When this CONFLICT arises"
"We need to take measures and put ourselves in position to De Islamify Europe"

Sounds much like Hitler , the Nazis and the Final Solution !!
"What I want achieve is I want to stop the islamisation of this country. No not to stop it , I want to de-islamify it "

Why is he a Nazi ?
"EDL is Far Right but #TommyRobinson left the EDL ! he is not FAR RIGHT"

Listen to what Tommy said about why he left the EDL
"I was forced to leave"
"I will close down all Islamic schools ........ Children need to be free from Islam"

"But I am not a Nazi"
#TommyRobinson : "I am asking you if you think that someone should have the freedom to think"

Interviewer :
"Tommy do you believe that there should be no more mosque building in this country ?"

Tommy Robinson :
"Yes I do yea"

who says he is a Nazi ?
#TommyRobinson Manifesto
Ban on Building mosques
Stop immigration from Muslim countries
close all Islamic school
close all Sharia courts because "Children need to be free from Islam"

Adolph Robinson
"there is gonna be a huge conflict"
"I always ask myself would people rise up?"
"that moment would be when every European leader gets elected tries to stop ISLAM"
"If everyone in the UK understand what future holds for us there ll be a revolut
ion tomorrow "
#TommyRobinson = Nazi
"Breaking moment" !
"Complete clash" !
"that is a clash that we have to win" !!

what the hell is this guy up to ?
"The 7 countries Trump stopped are failed states ! he hasn't stopped Muslim immigration..... I would"
"Look what befriending these invaders masquerading as refugees has achieved"
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