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I'll be honest, the idea of Tommy Robinson getting decked in prison by a 70 year old after squaring up to the pensioner to intimidate him is pretty funny to me
If this story is true, it tells us 3 things.

1. Tommy tried to bully a 70 year old, thinking that squaring up to a pensioner would guarantee a tough prison rep

2. Tommy can't take a 70 year old

3. Tommy has revealed to a prison full of inmates that he can't take a 70 year old
Imagine going to prison and during your first week revealing to your fellow inmates that a 70 year old pensioner in the shower can kick your ass #TommyRobinson
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For people who says he doesn't care about the victims. A lot of girls from his time in SCHOOL where groomed. 7 men where prosecuted a few years back for sex offences at his school and around that time. Something that we have been made aware of mainly.....
because tommy pushed them for the news to come out, rochdale,huddersfield,oldham, over 30 years of horrendous crimes, and its not just another pedo, its not just grooming.
These animals are sharing girls with each other dads,sons,brothers,uncles,grandads,brother in law's. Its rotten what kind of family would do that, and i dont believe none of their wives knew about it because over a 30 year plus period
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#FreeTommyRobinson is trending, because some people seem to think Stephen Yaxley-Lennon is a "hero" trying to bring child rape cases to light.
He tends to focus on other ethnicities though. So let's take a closer look at some of #TommyRobinson's fellow EDL members, shall we?
Meet Richard Price, former leader of the English Defence League. Convicted for possession of child pornography, and admitted making indecent images of children.
Tommy Robinson began a "Free Richard Price" campaign in 2011.
Meet Michael Coates, member of the English Defence League. Pleaded guilty to a total of eight charges of indecent assault and two of attempted rape in relation to a teenage girl, and a further four offences of indecent assault in relation to a second girl.
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Thread auf Deutsch : #TommyRobinson #TommyRobinsonBackToJail
In wenigen Minuten beginnt die Urteilsverkündung, man geht davon aus, dass Yaxley Lennon eine Verzögerung haben will um PTSD beweisen zu können.

Der Richter muss dies nicht akzeptieren.
cc @robertwagner198
Vor Ort erste Verhaftungen von Robinson Fans
Die "schweigende Mehrheit" von der Rechtsradikale immer erzählen, ist nicht da, es ist eher die kreischende ("shame on you" und "Tomeeeeeeh")Minderheit
mehr folgt im Verlauf der Ereignisse...
#TommyRobinson #TommyRobinsonBackToJail
Yaxley Lennon erscheint mit Hasspredigering Katie Hopkins mit einem T-shirt "Verurteilt für Journalismus" und auf dem Rücken "UK = Nord Korea", das wird ihm garantiert Nachsicht von den Richtern erwirken
#TommyRobinson #TommyRobinsonBackToJail
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Former #EDL leader Tommy Robinson greeted by supporters before retrial #London #UK
#TommyRobinson faces retrial over contempt of court charge #London

'I do love my job' - Warden slaps ticket on #TommyRobinson supporters' bus #London
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Hundreds of young Muslims from the ‘Muslim Defence League’ have attacked #TommyRobinson supporters in Oldham.

Car windows have been smashed & riot police have been forced to intervene.
Here is the large group of young Muslim men from the ‘Muslim defence league’ that have been throwing bricks at #TommyRobinson supporters,

How was a group this big allowed so close to Tommy & his supporters?

Members of the ‘Muslim Defence League’ can be seen carrying eggs, they have reportedly been throwing eggs & bricks at #TommyRobinson supporters.
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@Badgerflaps1 10 years and still same #fakenews on #TommyRobinon
EDL had black,asian,white,lesbian,gay,Jewish,sikh,etc... sections!
Their banners said "black and white unte"
Tommy was accused of punching his own, he wasn't! He was kicking a Nazi out of the #EDL!…
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So here is the tale about tiny Tommy’s trip to Warrington #TommyRobinson #TommyRobinsonMEP #tinytommy #Warrington
This was where he said he was gonna be....
At 12 this was market place...
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#TommyRobinson 's verdict on his case against #Cambridgeshire police at the #Peterborough court, is showing to the world the British system is totally corrupt. Watch here : 👉⏩ 👈⏪

#TommyFightBack #TommyTrial #FreeSpeech #freepress
#TommyRobinson challenges a #Belgium 🇧🇪 newspaper 🗞 for lying about him, for calling him a m*slims hater, which he is not. They repeat the lies spread by the #UK #MSM #FakeNews

Watch 👉⏩ ⏪👈

#FreeSpeech #freepress #policeState #Fascism #TommyFightBack
The #MSM #FakeNews media ambushed #TommyRobinson, trying to make the public believe he was linked to the #Christchurch massacre, although the murderer does not mention Tommy whatsoever and Tommy is against terrorism. 🔴⏩ ⏪🔴
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So after #TommyRobinson showed up at @MikeStuchbery_ 's house, harassing him, demanding a chat like he was entitled to one & ranting & banging like a psychopath, here's how a whole bunch of scumbag supporters responded to the video. #trfq
"Give it to them any address here in Manchester I could visit let me know"
"hope the locals break Stuchbery's legs for him"
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#draadje #kijktip #NowWatching #Panodrama

Hoe #TommyRobinson de @BBC ontmaskert als een #fakenews instituut.

@BBC Allereerst: n.a.v. deze docu werd journalist, islam-criticus en media-criticus #TommyRobinson van Facebook en Instagram gebanned…
@BBC De VVMU en internetvrijheid is de afgelopen jaren steeds verder onder druk te komen staan. Zie daarover vooral ook dit draadje van @teapot_backup 👇

#tommyrobinson #Panodrama
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"they are .. they are enemy combatants in these houses ! in these houses are enemy combatants who want to kill you , maim you and destroy you".

"When did I ever preach hate"?

"The city of Cologne and the German people will never forgive Ms. Merkel for exposing their women to the barbarity and the violence from Muslims who follow the Prophet Mohammed."

"When did I ever preach hate?"

“We house them , we feed them , we clothe them, we give them health care, and they rape and attack our women. They are at war with your country , they are at war with my country , they are at war with the whole of Europe."

"When did I ever preach hate?"
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Someone is wearing a 'Jo Cox false flag' sign at the ukip / Tommy Robinson March
Bizarre pro-Trump conspiracy QAnon being referenced here. 'Where we go one we go all' is their catchphrase
A guy addressing a small group outaide the Dorchester has a hat that reads 'I'd rather be waterboarding'
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I speak out against Tommy Robinson so much because 11 years ago I was attacked by two men, and raped by one of them.
I was taken off the street into a building site.
I’m one of the small statistic raped by strangers.
They were Asian and said words that lead me to believe they were Muslim.
Why did they attack and rape me? I don’t know.
Were they groomers? I don’t know.
They didn’t groom me.
But I don’t know what else they did.
I’ve journeyed many years recovering from what was done to me which totally dissolved my whole world into pieces. I never thought could re mend again.
But they did and have.
I found a voice.
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BREAKING: Huddersfield grooming gang jailed for total of 221 years. A THREAD.
The town joins at least a dozen towns and cities across England where hundreds – if not thousands – of girls and young people have been sexually exploited by #groominggangs over the last few decades. #CSE #CSA
20 men were convicted during three trials at #LeedsCrownCourt throughout 2018.
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Yaxley Lennon's prison complaint. The lack of a TV in his cell amounted to "mental torture." #TommyRobinson
Tommy Robinson literally spent his time in prison bleating about not having a tv
Notice also that Yaxley Lennon feels he's been racially discriminated against. This from a man who believes that racism has been so devalued that it doesn't mean anything any more
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1. Hilo sobre el extrañísimo combo Sharia, Feminismo, Diversidad Sexual y Derechos Humanos:


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To those who support #FreeTommy / #TommyRobinson, from someone with the actual qualifications to know what they’re talking about. A THREAD.
I’m a reporter who witnessed Tommy both live streaming in front of jurors outside #LeedsCrownCourt and him being sentenced inside the court.
For justified legal reasons, the press have been *temporarily* banned from reporting on a trial that is being heard in the court, but *will* report on it later this year. At the moment, we cannot even say which trial this is.
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Wow! The search results wiki page for #MindControl has a WEALTH of information:…
"Artichoke" and "Bluebird" are both trigger words for me. I believe I have been subjected to both of these.…
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1. I'm looking at both sides of the #TommyRobinson argument. I understand that there are reporting restrictions and that TR has ignored the terms of his bail. I just have a couple of thoughts on that...
2. I don't see that anything he did would be likely to prejudice an ongoing trial. All I see is a gobshite mouthing off in a public place. That, of itself, doesn't seem grounds for arrest. Breach of the peace is a bullshit offence that gives plod any excuse they need to arrest.
3. As to the terms of TR's bail, I happen to think that is bullshit too. Contempt of court rules are often used as a leash and creatively interpreted for that end. It's either a very brave or very stupid man who fails to heed it. But then these things do have to be tested.
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@Far_Right_Watch So basically #TommyRobinson's #lawyer is going to try and use #stupidity as a defence?

Who'd have thought it!
@Far_Right_Watch #Gammonfest #London today as #YaxleyLennon's cultist followers demonstrate their failure to grasp he pleaded "#guilty to #contemptofcourt" and is thus jailed

#TommyRobinson put his #racism before ensuring delivery of a fair trail, no hero, just a #muppet
@Far_Right_Watch Career criminal (assault, mortgage fraud, contempt etc.) #YaxleyLennon begs for #asylum on #Infowars (#Sandyhook conspirators)

#TinyTommeh wants to cut and run, surely a risk of skipping bail? Should be taken into custody

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