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Thread: Did philosophy, science & rational thought in Muslim societies REALLY go into “decline” after 12th century? .@neiltyson & .@SamHarrisOrg would have you believe so. But history shows us the opposite. Let’s see who first coined the story & test against data...stay tuned
Every peddler of decline narrative blames Ghazali, branding him as anti-philosophy & science. This narrative is used to explain present state of Muslim majority nations, never-mind destruction caused by European colonialism & post World War subjugation of populations by Allies
Decline story begins with 19th CE Orientalists: Solomon Munk, Ernest Renan, TJ De Boer. Munk read Ghazali’s treatise against Avicennan philosophy & interpreted Ghazali’s condemnation of 3of20 Avicennan beliefs as “fatal blow” to philosophy in Islamic society, without evidence.
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John, thank you for your service. Especially John Daniel Ashcraft

j OH N
Nun protects the house of God in the Lion's Den

Thank you for protecting me across the river Stix. John the Baptist. AE love you so much

King John the #CONQUEROR
#LoveIs #IzUs 🌞
Lori, Stephanie, Rebecca, Rose, Mary, Angela, Candace, Melanie and INANNA, thank you for your service.


#Sovereignty rules. #WWG1WGA #LoveIs #IzUs

#Covfefe means Eve is the Ark of God, and in the end, God wins 😁
Ashaka Ur Is Father
Ash see hand of RA at the crossroads
Ash Ki U raft
The Dark Arc of Ki's slingshot
Ash craft = black magic (fire)

As h C R A f +
When the house of the Arc of God's time see Ruth IS the sun, the hand returns. +

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A yr ago, @sabicakhan95 shared her story of being sexually assaulted in Makkah, #Islam’s holiest site in #Saudi Arabia. It was familiar bec I’d often shared my own story of being sexually assaulted there. To show solidarity w/her & inspired by @TaranaBurke, I started #MosqueMeToo
Here’s the thread where I started #MosqueMeToo - that includes an article about @sabicakhan95. Thank you to all the Muslim women who so bravely shared their stories of being sexually assaulted while on Hajj/at sacred sites and who continue to do so
Thank you to all the women who shared their #MosqueMeToo story knowing they would be attacked and called a liar. Those of us who can speak, must speak for our own sake and to give strength to those who - for now - are unable to. Love and solidarity ❤️✊🏽💜
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Shocking: in #Germany's elementary school there seems to be a creeping submissiveness (if not: submission) to #Islam. As machines still don't conveniently translate images yet, I did it for you. The letter on the left-hand side says:
'Elementary School
.. Letter to parents Dresden, 2019-01-23

Dear parents, as your child has told you already, in the coming week four imams are visiting our school in order to familiarize your child with the Quran and Islam. Please do not let your child take pork to school for breakfast ..
..The imams' visit is an honor for us, and in the following week we will organize [at our school] a theme-week in the spirit of the #Quran. The visit to the mosque is planned for mid-February. This is a compulsory activity for the children and they cannot be exempted on this day.
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Did you know 1 of the biggest contributions of #Islam is #Terrorism , the root cause of unrest in the world?
Contribution of one who shifted his loyalty to more than 7 rulers of Delhi Sultanate, as the court chronicler were, Miftah ul-Futuh, Khaza'in ul-Futuh Tughluqnama..
“Heroism of our holy warriors has saturated whole🇮🇳with blood flowing from sword of #Islam
Clouds of infidelity r dispersed
Mighty warriors of Hind’ve been trampled under foot
If Hanafi code hadn’t saved them by levying jizyah,they would’ve been finished root & branch”! A Khusro
Above was the contribution of your so called Sufis like Amīr Khusrow Dehlavī!
As far as Hindustani art, culture & music is concerned, here’s your answer!👇🏻
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All Jews should recall that in April of 2014, Investor's Business Daily described how the "radical #MuslimBrotherhood has built the framework for a political party in #America that seeks to turn Muslims into an Islamist voting bloc." (2)
Consequently, "'Muslim voters have the potential to be swing voters in 2016,' said Nihad Awad in launching the benign-sounding #USCouncilofMuslimOrganizations, (#USCMO) whose membership reads like a Who's Who of #Brotherhood front groups. (3)
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A few years ago when I was still #Muslim, my cousin asked me to be his best man on his wedding. The role of the best man in Islam is to advise the groom about marriage life and about the etiquettes of being intimate, including the need to perform ghusl, washing of oneself >
> after sexual intercourse. Both partners must wash themselves, including their hair. There were a few other pieces of advice as well that I was aware of, like having to ask his wife for permission before having sex, which was the advice I was given from my best man, but just >
> to be sure I wasn't missing anything important and confirm what I was about to advise him was Islamically sound, I called a local imam to get proper advice. I told the imam about the reason I was calling and he commended me for going to the effort to find out the actual >
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(1) .@AOC

Alexandria, what if all of the #Liberal #Socialist #Communist #Antifa women who r proponents of "#Sharia" #Islam #Burka #Hijab were to line up in accordance w/ #Islamic precepts to have their genitalia trimmed in2 a likeness of a topiary exhibition?

R u a Christian?
(2) Alexandria, the #Islam which they are importing is not of a Pre-Medina peaceful (mental) jihad - its ramifications have political consequences and part of the (non-internal but externalized) jihad is to force women into submission ....
(3) I would love to see u sit down with .@LoomerFanClub #LauraLoomer

Alexandria, you have the power to be an agent of change - or a great failure.

#Soros handlers can no longer guarantee the future.

Educate yourself.

Sit down with the "opposition" like an adult.
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A few words about the granting of asylum to Saudi citizen #Rahaf in #Canada I am proud that my country is consistent in standing up for religious freedom. That means the freedom to embrace any religion or to reject any religion.
Much is being made of #Rahaf's rejection of Saudi dress laws and the religion of her family, #Islam. A reminder that Saudi is not the leader of Muslims in interpreting what is or is not 'Islamic'. SA is also not the 'birthplace of Islam'. SA is a nation less than a century old.
Many modern Muslim scholars have demonstrated that pre-modern imperial & fundamentalist conflations between religious & political identity are not in accordance with the fundamental principles of the Quran & the Sunnah. People have the freedom to accept or reject Islam. #Rahaf
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I'm starting a new thread on the naẓar amulet for protection against the Evil Eye. Now, the Evil Eye and the symbolism surrounding it is a widely acknowledged and historically relevant phenomenon across many cultures, so I'm just going to focus on the blue-eyed glass talismans.
Our journey starts in ancient #Mesopotamia, where 100s of votive figures were found in the excavation of the temple of Tell Brak. The most exclusive feature of these idols were their eyes. These amulets go back to 3300 BC and are the oldest eye amulets discovered.
The Evil Eye is a common term to refer to a specific curse being cast, intentional or unintentional, by the jealous looks of others towards the success of the one they envy. The ocular amulet is than in fact the charm meant to ward off the true Evil Eye.
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Do the two new congresswomen believe that #Islam needs to be reformed to more closely reflect the values of the country that they now represent in Congress?…
@IlhanMN allegedly married and divorced her brother to help him illegally gain entry to the US, which would make her guilty of immigration/marriage fraud and bigamy……

Controversy Surrounding @IlhanMN Past - SHE IS A FRAUD!!! IMPEACH THIS!
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@ari_antoine @maitepagaza Claro, x eso se ensalza #NAZIonalismo #Razista #Supremacista #Egoista #Excluyente fundamentado en la DIFERENCIA con el VECINO y en producir TENSIONES y CONFLICTOS incluso BÉLICOS como en #Balkanes o #Ukrania o el q venimos padeciendo #ETA y a punto reventar en #España VERDAD?
@ari_antoine @maitepagaza Por eso quiénes están detrás son justamente #Rusia #China

#ISISRsEl y #USA verdad?
XQ quieren q seamos más fuertes contra ellos, no?

Claro.x eso nos empujan a #GuerraCivil y #Balkanizacion para estar tan UNIDOS como #ExYugoslavia o #Ukrania

Sois vendidos #Elite #NWO #Dugin
@ari_antoine @maitepagaza Vamos a ver sí te enteras un poquito, o mejor, a ver sí dejas de intentar engañar

#Salvini CERDO #Sionista #NazBol aliado d #Putin y #Trump pertenece al Club #Ambrossiano el pequeño #Bilderberg ITALIANO y es habitual d las fiestas/recepciones #Rothschild trabaja #Destruir #UE
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Popular Hindu Myths
1. Hindus more progressive than Muslims
2. Hindus more open to reforms
3. Hindu reformation took place under Nehru
4. Not burning widows alive is a major reform
5. Pakistan wiped out its Hindu population
#Hindutva #Atheist #atheists #Religious #Islam #Logic
Popular Hindu Myths
6. India is a secular country.
7. Indian institutions protect constitution.
8. Hindus are secular by nature.
9. Muslims live under tyranny of fatwas.
10. Muslim women need Hindu saviors.
#Hindutva #Atheist #atheists #Religious #Islam #Logic
Popular Hindu Myths
11. Tighten laws at social problem bring swift reform
12. Pak is d epitome of evil
13. India is d best place for a Muslim
14. There's nothing like Hindu terrorism
15. Hinduism not religion, is a way of life
#Hindutva #Atheist #atheists #Religious #Islam #Logic
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#SafariKebangsaan @PDI_Perjuangan di Propinsi Jawa Barat.

1. Provinsi Jawa Barat jadi perhatian khusus @PDI_Perjuangan untuk mendongkrak suara di Pileg dan Pilpres 2019.

#SafariPDIPJokowiTop @DPD_PDIP_JABAR #SafariKebangsaan
2. Selain sbg provinsi dgn jumlah pemilih terbesar di Indonesia, di Jabar: isu negatif ttg @PDI_Perjuangan dan Jokowi begitu mengakar.

#SafariPDIPJokowiTop @DPD_PDIP_JABAR #SafariKebangsaan
3. Fitnah dan kampanye hitam ttg PKI, @PDI_Perjuangan dan @Jokowi anti Islam, anti Ulama sdh kadung dipercaya sebagian besar Umat Islam di Jabar.

#SafariPDIPJokowiTop #SafariKebangsaan @DPD_PDIP_JABAR…
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On #CriticalTheory

On this day some eat turkey, I read dry scholarship on #liberalism and #postmodernism. Oh, yeah. And I eat turkey, too.
I’ve seen a number of debates — some quite heated! — going back and forth about the validity, soundness, and compatibility of #Islam with #criticaltheory scholarship. Some advocate that it’s entirely incompatible with so-called traditional Islamic thought.
I for one do not subscribe to this on a metaphysical level (as some advocate) though I do find several problems with its claims when taken too far or its scoped expanded too wide. In fact, I think a thing — or a philosophy — is not so much incompatible with Islam
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Envie de comprendre ce qu'un #juif comme moi fait dans la #Fachosphère ? C'est dans ce thread.

Mais d'abord, prenez vos PADAMALGAM et tenez-vous prêts à prévenir la @_LICRA_ si vous sentez que les heures les plus sombres de notre Histoire vous menacent !

Lisez ci-dessous ⬇️⬇️
Nul ne peut venir sur Twitter sans entendre parler de la #Fachosphère, et c'est normal car pour ceux qui emploient ce terme, il n'y a sur Twitter que 2 types d'inscrits:
- Les gentils généreux du camp du bien
-Les racistes antisémites homophobes et islamophobes de la Fachosphère
Les proverbes disent beaucoup de conneries, et pour moi, le pire de tous, c'est celui selon lequel "la curiosité est un vilain défaut".

C'est faux. En réalité, c'est la plus belle des qualités...

Et justement, je suis très curieux !

Alors je suis allé voir la #Fachosphère.
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Thread: The slippery slope of undercover atheists
I begin with the Name of Allaah, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful.
“Were they created by nothing? Or were they the creators (of themselves)?” Qur’an 52:35
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#Postmodernism and the Muslim Today

In discussing the topic of postmodernism today with a colleague we arrived at a conclusion that the main opposition to #polygyny in today's postmodern world - including from Muslims - is rooted in the notion that (a) polygyny is a right
that men exclusively enjoy and (b) that men may enjoy that right unabashedly (that is, having legitimate sexual relationships with another woman).

The reason we touched on polygyny, a marital practice very few Muslims enjoin, is because of its "controversial" status in the minds
of those who claim #Islam to be a misogynistic religion. A claim now held by many Muslims who've been infected with postmodern sensibilities and methods of interpretation.

Our challenge to this was thus: postmodernism would tell us in general, and women in particular,
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SCIF = #USMilitary Security.
Why would ppl like @JohnBrennan and those who scream the loudest at #Trump
need access to sesitive intel?

#securityclearance #Revoked
Good descission.

@Comey @BarackObama Lauretta Lynch @NancyPelosi @RepMaxineWaters + many more are so stupid they use GMAIL to communicate.
A central account used by all. Create drafts but do not send.

Play Station. X-box. Ham Radio.
They think their communications are not logged.
They killed Osama Bin Laden of course right before @BarackObama 2 election.

No pics were taken of his body. No dna. No finger prints and to top it off they dumped his body in the ocean.
@BarackObama didn't want to offend the #Muslims.

Yet Saddam Hussein it took 11 days.
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One of #Canada #Ottawa's largest mosques loses charity status for promoting ‘hate and intolerance’ via @StewartBellNP…
“Many of the views expressed by the organization’s speakers are misogynistic, homophobic, racist and/or promote violence,” the @CanRevAgency Charities Branch wrote in a letter sent to the mosque president.
It means the mosque no longer benefits from the #tax advantages enjoyed by government-registered charities. Foremost, it cannot issue receipts allowing donors to claim their contributions as income tax deductions.
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#Burkas are like wearing a crusifix&should b defended,said Scots leader liberal+lesbian,irresponsibly ignoring that a crusifix is a symbol of #Christianity,which holds t western civilisation,while #nijab is a symbol of oppression enforced recently in #Islam by the #Saudi #Wahhabi
#Liberals accusing #Iranian govt of"oppressing women" who must wear a lose scarf,but do not protest against the #Saudi #Wahhabi reactionary dogma,while it's creeping as political #Islam to combat western #civilisation at the end.If it's sounds like fiction,think Saudi investments
Serious problem wth "western civilisation"mental health.Giving up easily to full veil wearing wthout asking what the cover symbolises,wthout questioning why it came from archaic #Saudi #Wahhabi #Sharia #Regime by force,is👉rejection of progressive western values.Period
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Wieder einmal demonstriert ein feministischer #Betamale und #Alphakevin, wie dämlich linksgrüne #Gutmenschen wirklich sind und wie wenig sie davon verstehen, was #Rassismus wirklich ist. Ich werde das mal Punkt für Punkt abarbeiten. #metwo

Danke, ganz gut eigentlich. Ist in #Deutschland ja auch nicht so schwierig, wenn man einsieht, dass man die Stunden des Tages nur jeweils einmal nutzen kann und sich im Leben entscheiden muss, was einem wichtig ist.


Ich werde normalerweise einfach Alman / Kartoffel genannt, ohne vorher gefragt zu werden. Die Frage vor der rassistischen Beschimpfung wäre für mich schon ein echter #Fortschritt. Stört es Dich eigentlich, wenn ich Dich linksgrünen Naivling nenne?


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9/11 was my 25 yr wedding anniversary.

I was at home in MN instead of New York holding a conference call.

Most of my team was in NY. I was introducing another team to explore a joint effort.

My guys were mostly Soviet Era Jewish immigrants.
2- My guys came over as teens in the 1980s.

I started the call when I received a call from my wife. (Ex wife now). She asked if I knew the WTC tower was hit. I said no and turned on TV.

Shortly afterward the second plane hit the second tower
3- everyone except me was in NYC or nearby

I told everyone on the call what was happening.

A guy from the new group exclaimed his fiance worked in the WTC. He dropped off. One of my guys said his wife, a pharmacist, worked around there too. I told everyone to take day off and..
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