Thread. In Ukraine's state "National Army Academy" @ArmyAcademyUA a self-described "Pan-European nationalism" group "Centuria" apparently promoted far-right the Azov movement, "Natiocracy" to military cadets, future officers in a series of lectures /1 ImageImageImageImage
Pan-European nationalists of "Centuria" claim that in December' 18 they lectured cadets of Ukraine's National Army Academy on "Pride of the Nation", introduced them to "The Natiocracy" by Mykola Stsiborskyi, then led them in reading Ten Commandments of a Ukrainian Nationalist/2 ImageImageImageImage
During alleged Sep '18 lecture "Idea of the Nation" to Ukraine's National Army Academy cadets - Pan-European nationalists of "Centuria" group lectured audience on the Azov movement, including on the history of "Patriot of Ukraine", rep-ly a neo-Nazi org & Azov's predecessor /3 ImageImageImageImage
"Centuria" group of Pan-European Nationalists apparently proselytizing Ukrainian mil cadets can be linked to far-right the Azov movement. Azov Regiment-sponsored mag-n The National Defense wrote in Nov'18 that "Centuria" promoted that publication in the National Army Academy /4 Image
Pan-European Nationalists of "Centuria" group that lectured in Ukraine's National Army Academy were mentioned on Telegram as "a movement of young military officers that educate future military elite of the Ukrainian state" by Eduard Yurchenko, Azov Mov-t/Regiment ideologue /5 Image
Centuria's Telegram says it's a "community of European traditionalists aiming to consolidate nationally-oriented officers(...)that are aware of the catastrophic situation in Europe and Ukraine" /6 ImageImageImageImage
Likely an Azov-linked group "Centuria" says on Telegram that it sees the revival of Ukraine as an opportunity to "defend Europe's heroic past and conquer an even better future for descendants" /7 ImageImage
Pan-European Nationalist group "Centuria" app-ly proselytizing in Ukraine's Army Academy says its ideology is "Europe of Nations - a single civilization space, united by a sacred goal of protecting the identity of the European nations from any outside and domestic threats" /8 ImageImageImage
"We will raise the sacred flag of an impassioned, uncompromising fight for our [Western] heritage, and freedom" Pan-European Nationalists "Centuria" group says via its Telegram. The group app-ly lectured cadets of In Ukraine's state "National Army Academy" on several occasions /9 ImageImage
Some members of "Centuria", a self-described Pan-European Nationalist group aiming to "consolidate nationally-oriented officers", can be cadets in Ukraine's state National Army Academy. Telegram posts consistently feature events org-d by the group in the Academy etc /10 ImageImageImage
"Centuria" Pan-European Nationalist group that allegedly lectured cadets in Ukraine's National Army Academy says it aims to: get mem-s into mil org-s, propagandize Pan-European unity to officers, protect common European identity from "Brussels bureaucrats (...) and Kremlin"/END ImageImageImageImage
While “Centuria” group describes itself as “European traditionalists”, boasts “Pan-European Nationalism” agenda & its existence is confirmed by Azov-linked publication &ideologue, it is app-ly a small(!) group in🇺🇦. Yet it allegedly held events in Ukraine’s National Army Academy
For reference: The Hetman Petro Sahaidachnyi National Ground Forces/ Army Academy where “Centuria” apparently promoted “Pan-European Nationalism” is Ukraine’s leading military education body, plugged into Ukraine’s mil cooperation with the USA, NATO… ImageImage
In Ukraine's state "National Army Academy" @ArmyAcademyUA members of self-described Order of Pan-European traditionalists/nationalists "Centuria" pose with the group's flag. Centuria's aim is to "defend Europe,the holy ancestral land from all threats" incl. "Brussels bureaucrats" ImageImageImage

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9 Aug 20
Hoping for Lukashenko's win because his ensuing weak, delegitimized presidency may pave the way for "a national project" in Belarus: Sergei Korotkih, Belarusian/Russian neo-Nazi-come-leader of Ukraine's far-right Azov movement speaks on Belarus election. Thread
In a Telegram video, Korotkih theorizes that under weakened Lukashenko within 1-2 years "nationally-oriented people" with a "national project" may be able to "fight for Belarus' future". Korotkih says that he's ready to support such people NOW. Source:…
Korotkih who has come to be seen as the financier of the far-right Azov movement in Ukraine describes Svetlana Tikhanovskaya as "a Kremlin project" whose win will spell the end to "any Belarusian national projects, dreams".
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2 Aug 20
"Everything anti-Ukrainian will be annihilated". Ukraine's internationally active far-right Azov movement yesterday rolled out a new organization - the "Centuria" -  in a dramatic ceremony attended by what looked like (maybe) hundreds of masked men dressed in black. THREAD
"Disciplined, organized and resolute [...] ready to fight any enemy of Ukraine [...] everything anti-Ukrainian will be annihilated", - Ihor “Cherkass” Mykhailenko commander of the Azov's "National Militia" wrote online about the event he apparently led.
In recent months, far-right Azov has been making headlines in Ukraine with violent attacks (and seeming impunity for them) on activists of the anti-Maidan blogger Sharij party. Sharij alleged that attacks are coordinated with Ukraine's president Zelenskiy.
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9 Jul 20
Important: In an apparent testament to global ambitions of Ukraine-based far-right Azov movement Azov's spox and alleged financier, suggests that UKRAINE'S COLLAPSE would pave the way for conceiving/seeding "New European way of life". THREAD
“European civilization is in crisis globally [...]I believe that we have a sacred function to kick-start the whole series of events because we will collapse faster, seize to exist as a nation-state", Azov Spox Sergey Korotkih says in a recent interview
“Hence we can conceive (послужить зародышем) this new European way of life [...] A new project can be launched on Ukraine's territory in terms of culture, politics", Azov's Sergey Korotkih says. Full interview:
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1 Jul 20
In Ukraine, a photograph of a group of heavily armed men with a Nazi flag leads to the Azov movement-linked group "Avangard"/ "Students' Avangard" (ВПО Авангард/ ГО Студентський Авангард)and its successors that currently offer "tactical-special training" in downtown Kyiv. THREAD
In August 2019 Ukrainian "Tarrant's lads" Telegram -known for spreading printed copies of Christchurch shooter manifesto- shared this photo claiming that it showed "volunteers" (in the war against Russian aggression) from Russia, Belarus & was taken by "a volunteer from Ukraine"
"We're shaping the force that will change the future of Europe[...]Our decision is to strike with a united front against those who want to destroy our nations and to substitute them with hordes of foreigners", the text went, also calling on "all white brothers to take up arms".
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20 Jun 20
Russian emigre neo-Nazi Skachkov - arrested in Ukraine, held by the court over his suspected role in a network of admirers of the Christchurch shooter Tarrant - NETWORKED WITH EUROPEAN far right in Ukraine's Uzhhorod in 2019, and more: Photos posted on social media suggest.THREAD ImageImageImageImage
Photos place Skachkov at April 2019 far-right networking event Radical Alliance/ Sword of Europe in Uzhhorod. Per participants, the event brought together groups from Ukraine, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Serbia. In one photo Skachkov is next to "Legio Hungaria" activists. Image
Photos on social media also show Skachkov with: an activist of Ukraine's far-right National Corps party; leaders of Russian emigre far right in Ukraine; individual ostensibly linked to Russian neo-Nazi workout/MMA group "Father Frost Mode". ImageImageImage
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8 Jun 20
Thread. Has anyone in the USA claimed - re George Floyd Protests - that ANTIFA are tied to Moscow? Ukrainian fact-checker "Behind the News" has without proof:

"Modern ANTIFA hail from Russia and are a well-coordinated hierarchical organization[...]Hence Trump's extreme concern"
The claim that ANTIFA are tied to Moscow was made as part of a Facebook post that explained George Floyd protests in the USA by Ukrainian fact-checker "Behind the News". Source:… archived:
Ukrainian fact-checker added a link to
@ADL 's "Who are ANTIFA?" article… to its claim that ANTIFA are tied to Moscow and are hierarchical BUT ADL's article says ANTIFA are "not a unified group", doesn't mention Russia
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