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Werewolf/Shapeshifter Katsuki x Human Deku

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Katsuki knew he was going to die.

The young wolf tried to sense the Alpha and Luna—his parents, trying to smell them in the air if they were near. And fuck, they weren't.

He was definitely going to die.
He shouldn't have run to this side of the mountain, where the humans reside. But something had drawn him here, so much that everything in him tingle even though he was still young. And, as usual, Katsuki followed his instincts.
That was why he’d been distracted and like what his Luna thought of him, cocky. He smelled the hunters but ignored them because of that.

And now, he was being followed by those hunters. He could have outrun them long before now because he was still young, small and nimble
But with his left thigh wounded by a muzzleloader and with him still not yet reached the wolf maturity to transform in order to heal quickly, he was losing more blood, energy and slowing. And because of the trail of blood, he was leading them to him.
As Katsuki ran and tried to find a safe place, he sensed that smell and tingling feeling again. It was close, whatever it was and the pull of it was so strong, it made him momentarily lose focus. When he took a turn, he skidded to a painful halt.

He stared.
There was a kid standing in front of him, wearing a green woolen cloak fastened on his shoulder with the assistance of a circular brooch, matching his hair and eyes, and holding a lamp in his small hand.
His messy green hair was like the forest, while the freckles on his pretty little cheeks were like constellation in the night sky.

His green eyes were on Katsuki.

What the?
The kid couldn’t be more than seven, maybe eight, the same age as him in human years. And he was alone in the snow, in the goddamn mountain, in the dead of the night.

What the fuck?
So this was the thing he sensed and smell? Then the kid must have been lost and his need for rescue must be the reason why Katsuki couldn't shake the feeling he felt awhile ago. However, the young wolf couldn't smell any fear from him, not even afraid of him. His scent was so

The kid gazed at him with a wonderstruck expression, his green eyes were shining, as if he was amazed he saw Katsuki.
The sound of crashing of the snow and branches pulled him out of stupor, and knew that the hunters were getting closer. Without a second thought, Katsuki turned around and growled.

Instinct had told him not to leave the kid alone, or else, the hunters might hurt him.
He couldn’t allow that. He wouldn't allow that. The thought shocked him but it quickly flew away as he saw the hunters going into the clearing where he stood and leveled their muzzleloaders at him.
A warning growl came out of his mouth, before he could move forward the kid quickly run in front of him, put down the lamp, quickly wrappings his little arms around the young wolf's neck, pressing his freckled cheek into the thick fur and yelling "No!" at the hunters,
taking their attention away from Katsuki. The young wolf stared at the little boy in stunned expression. "Why did you hurt my doggy!?"

"Why the fuck is there a kid here?!" One of the hunters asked, gun aiming away from the kid.
"Wait…" The second hunter narrowed his eyes at the boy as he lowered his gun, and asked, "Isn't that the Village Chief''s grandson?"

“Fuck!” The first hunter hissed, lowering his own firearm. “You're right, man, it's Yagi Toshinori's grandson. Shit..."
Then to the little boy, he said in a soothing tone, “Uh, hey kid—"

It was cut off when the kid buried his face on the fur and wailed, as if crying out because someone was trying to get his precious thing from him, "Why did you hurt my doggy?! I'll tell this to my grandfather!"

The little boy ignored him and continued on crying, his body was shaking with false sobs. "What should I do now?! We were looking for him and you hurt him! Grandfather would be soooo mad that you shot my doggy!"
Katsuki blinked. Once. Twice. Then a few more times. What the fuck? How did the kid even… Holy shit, he was so brilliant… well, if the young wolf could laugh, he would have already. Instead, he pressed closer to the little guy.
The hunters hesitated, feet shuffling.  Then the first one whispered, "M-Maybe we could talk to the Village Chief and explain—"

“Oh yeah?” the second hunter asked sarcastically, "What are we going to say to him? That we stumbled in his territory, and we shot his grandson's dog?
You're gonna get us killed, man!"

After hearing that, the first hunter was even more scared, "Was it really his dog?"

The kid's head whipped up, his green eyes blazing, "You think I'm lying?! We can ask my grandpa and he'll tell you that he got this for my birthday! You two
hurt my doggy! What should we do now? I’m warning you, don’t think that just because you aren’t from this village you can bully me!"

“That, that, little boy ah…” the first hunter stuttered, “Let, let me fix your dog for you.”
After speaking, he actually crouch down and reach his hand, but Katsuki growled and snapped his teeth at the hunter. He got scared and stumbled on the ground. "W-Woah!"

The kid glare daggers at the hunters, "Repay me or else I'll tell grandpa!"
Katsuki's red eyes flashed. He noticed these two people seemed terrified of the word “grandpa”, so of course, the boy was making a good use of it.

A cunning little shit, the young wolf mused.

The hunters' faces immediately fell, but they didn’t dare to argue.
They could only look sideways at each other. The second hunter grumbled a bit unwillingly and took some money out of his pocket.

“Little guy, I’ll pay. See it as compensation for shooting your dog!”
The kid glanced at it and with a little trace of politeness, retorted, “Uncle, are you giving alms to a beggar? What can this small amount do to help my dog? Only a bandage? The weather is so cold, do you intend to let my bleed and die?”
When the second hunter heard that, his face got even darker. The kid wasn't scared of them, instead they were scared of him because of his grandpa. Grinding his teeth, another money made its way straight into the kid's hand. After that, he hugged the dog.

The first hunter made
a spitting noises and cursed under his breath. "We shouldn't have followed the dog."

"It ain't look like a dog." The second hunter mumbled, looking at the big "dog" being hugged by the little kid. "More like a wolf."
“Can you please just go away?!” The kid snapped, trying to sound impatient and polite at the same time, as if telling the two that their presence was highly annoying. It was adorable. His arms around Katsuki's neck tightened as he continued, “If you go away, I won't tell grandpa!
The hunters glanced at each other then to Katsuki and the boy, before taking a step back and throwing their hands up an indication of surrender, “Promise you won’t tell him that we shot your dog?”

When the kid nodded, they retreated. Katsuki watched them in silence as they
turned and made their way swiftly through the woods. A few minutes later, he let him go and giggled. "They didn't know I sneak out." The boy glanced at him, his green eyes moving from his head to the wound on his left leg. "Poor doggy." He sniffed, tears pooling under those eyes,
"Come. I'll help you."

The kid picked up his lamp and started walking away, but Katsuki remained still, watching him, uncertain, he didn't know how to deal with a child.

He turned back.
“It’s okay, you can trust me! I won't hurt you.” He patted his thigh with his little hand. “Come on, we’ll take good care of you.” Then he lifted his hand, palm facing the front, smiling an immensely adorable smile the sight of which he felt in his gut. “I promised.”
He turned again and marched away.

Katsuki followed. Not because of his promise that they would take care of him. But because there was something about the kid that was irresistibly magnetic and he couldn’t help but want him on his side.

Despite being human.
It wasn’t far, maybe a five minute trek, but annoyingly painful and lumbering for him, when they came upon a small set of houses Warm, welcoming lights flooded from their windows.

"That's home." He whispered, "I'm living with Momma and grandpa."
The kid turned to him and smiled a bright smile. “Come on!” Then he ran the rest of the way, throwing open the door and shouting, "Momma!"

Limping, the young wolf followed He entered the house and could see exactly why humans prefer this place to sleep.
It was small but homey, warm and friendly.

He could live his life there.

"Oh no, Grandpa and Momma are probably outside." The kid babbled on while busy rushing around the house, putting a bunch of clean sheets in front of the fireplace, and Katsuki stood in the door watching
him. "Here, this will get you all warm and you can rest." When the young wolf didn't move, he turned to him and patted his leg again. “Come on, doggy. It’s okay.” He cautiously limped to the sheets. The kid ran his fingers down on the blonde fur, and murmured, “Good doggy."
Katsuki collapsed with a groan to the sheets.

“There you go,” The kid whispered, crouching beside him to give him a rub. Then he ran to the door, closed it and pulled off his cloak, throwing it on the couch.
He took a fluffy throw pillow from a chair and brought it to him, tossing it on his body and arranging it carefully as he felt the healing in his thigh sharpen. Since he was no longer running, the wound would definitely be healed within half an hour.
Ths sat down behind him and whispered, “I’ll just lay here with you so I can keep you warm and safe.” Katsuki felt him settling and pressing his little body down his back. “Do you want a name? Maybe I could think a name for you. What about... hmm... All Might?"
Katsuki wanted to laugh and say he already has a name, but chose not to. He stayed silent, eyes closed. The kid continued on coming up with names, until he spoke, "Kacchan?"

His ears perked up, not because he liked it, but because it sounded so weird.
But the kid took it in a wrong way. He giggled, yawned and mumbled, his voice turning sleepy, "There, you are my Kacchan."

A sense of belonging. He should hate it, but his wolf self really liked it. He wanted to be a part of this human.
Regardless of the fact that he was a brilliant kid, like any child he was dead asleep within minutes.

And Katsuki lay beside him, letting the healing work and thinking how did a child manage to make a way to his pretty little heart.
He was whole again and he sensed the Alpha and Luna well before they arrived.

He carefully moved away so as not to waken him, but he couldn't help sniffing the kid, nudging it's neck with his snout, and that was when the door opened.
"Brat, you're scenting a human. You know well that humans and werewolves can't…"

A woman's voice behind him spoke. The young wolf started, surprised at this announcement and getting pretty fucking tired of surprises. He felt his body go solid before his red eyes slid down
the the sleeping boy. Then he looked at his parents who were in a human form.

Masaru took in a breath through his nose, hesitated, opened his mouth, closed it then opened it again to say, “They're mates."

"What?!" Mitsuki asked in a hushed tone.
"He felt it."

He watched his Luna glance at the Alpha. Then her gaze moved back to him with dawning realization. Kasuki, although still young, knew already what a mate meant. But the mate was a human, something he had never heard of.

He felt his body grow tight.
"But you have to come home," Masaru whispered, "Let's go." He said before shifting, Mitsuki followed suit.

He gave a one last long look at the sleeping kid, before turning away and running after his parents.
So idk if I should end it here or add the nsfw(it's aged up, they're basically in their 20s)
I mean, yes if nsfw or no nsfw 😂😆
Nothing good ever came of a knock at three o’clock in the morning, and as Izuku shuffled down the hallway to his front door, he had a very, very bad feeling.

The pounding became more urgent, every blow on the wood kicking his heart into a stuttered rhythm.
Breathe, Izuku. He needed to calm down because his anxiety was fucking him up. He shoved up the sleeve of his dress shirt, and stared at the chain, and the regular door lock. A flicker of dread skittered up his spine.
He’d always had a reliable sixth sense, and right now, he was sensing trouble. So would he be able to open his door without trembling like a frightened rabbit by now?

Or maybe he was just being paranoid.
Well, it was normal to have moments of panic especially if you were living in the middle of mountain, a dangerous place where you could think that there would be an ax murderer outside.

But if it was a killer, why would it knock?
"Who's there?" Izuku called out, because he couldn't still bring himself to work the locks.

But there wasn't any answer at all. The green-haired gulped, took the broomstick, readying himself, before flipping all the locks and then slowly opened it.
However, he didn't see anyone at all.

He was about to close the door when he caught a glimpse of something that almost knick him off back a step.

There was a big dog lying down on his front porch. It's cream-colored fur was matted with blood, and one hind leg was twisted
awkwardly, the broken end of a bone piercing the skin. The dog needed a real vet, not Izuku. Not someone who didn't get close to animals because they seemed to hate him. Always running away form him, or growling at him as if he was an enemy.
Sweat dampened his temples and palms as he stared down at the mutt, it looked like a husky wolf mix, but still his anxiety skyrocketed that it made him tremble. He wasn't good with animals at all.

Help the dog. Suck it up, Izuku, and help the dog.
"Damn it." He took a deep breath, calming himself. And when he did, he carefully picked up the big dog in his arms. Then he closed the door, awkwardly locking it, and carried the limp bundle of fur who weighed between 150-170 pounds to his room.

Luckily enough, his mom was still
past asleep. Because no matter how he tried to be brave, his hands still shook as he laid the dog and laid him down on his wooden table.

He then flipped on the light, when he turned back around, he was startled.
The big dog—at least, it had the rounded, cuteish features of a young puppy despite its size—was looking at him. And its eyes were… red.

Blood, it gotta be blood, right? Izuku asked himself. Because it didn’t explain the eerie black glow of the pupils.

“Um… hey?"
The dog’s lips peeled away from extremely sharp, extremely large, teeth.

Izuku gulped.

Those teeth. Those eyes.

They weren't... natural.
It shifted on the table, yelping in pain at the smallest movement, and suddenly, it didn’t matter to Izuku if it was scary or that he was not good with animals. He hated seeing an animal in pain, especially when there was so little he could do.
“Uhm... Hey, buddy,” he whispered, reaching out a trembling hand to calm the dog down, though it seemed like he was the one who needed it the moat.

The mutt regarded Izuku warily, but he allowed him to stroke his cheek. And yes, it was a male dog.
Izuku didn’t have to look to know what the gender was… he just knew. Like he sense that the dog was a male, like someone was telling him so. And even though the dog's vibes were odd… disjointed… he was still getting them.
Slowly, so as not to startle the dog, Izuku slid both hands down his body. Right now, the most he could do was to calm him down, sort him based on his need for immediate medical treatment, keep him alive until he could get him to the townsquare.
His fingers dipped into a puncture wound, and the dog whined in pain, his body trembling. “I’m sorry... I'm so sorry... Sorry...” He quickly soothed.

God, it was a bullet hole. Someone must have shot the dog before it came to Izuku's front door.
Whimpering, the dog writhed in misery, and Izuku felt his pain all the way to his marrow. Literally. He didn't know why but he felt it.

"Okay,” he murmured, “I’m going to try something. Just hold on.” He had to do it, no matter how hard his mind was screaming against it.
He didn't wanna see the dog suffering.

Closing his eyes, Izuku placed both hands over his body, his palms hovering an inch from the twisted leg. He forced herself to relax, to concentrate his emotions. He’d never been formally trained in twisting back a bone,
but this had always worked for him when he breaks his bones. Sometimes.

He couldn’t really fix broken bones or ruptured organs, but he could atleast twist it back and then he'd slow the bleeding by applying direct pressure on the wound with a clean cloth, tissue, or piece of
gauze or anything that could stop the bleeding. Something that couls manage pain, and this poor guy needed everything Izuku had.

“Sorry, buddy,” he rasped. “We’re going to have to do this."
As quickly as his shaking hands could manage, he held the broken leg carefully. The dog's breaths became even more labored than they’d been just moments before. In the area of the gunshot wound, the flesh seemed like it was swelling rapidly, and when he looked closer, he gasped.
Before his eyes, the muscle and skin was dying. If Izuku hadn’t seen the progression himself, he’d have estimated that the wound had festered for a week. The stench of dead flesh filled the room.

"W-What's going on?!"

And it looked like something was being pushed out
of the bullet hole. Afraid to waste even another second, Izuku quickly grabbed the forceps from his shelf and hoped the dog wouldn’t bite, because this was going to hurt.

The dog whimpered, but remained still as he mopped up pus and blood and then palmed the forceps. “Hold still

The green-haired held his breath and prayed for a steady hand, then he worked the forceps into the wound, cringing at the squishy sound of the metal passing through rotting flesh.

Don’t panic, Izuku.

Somehow, he kept it together until he felt the forceps bump against
into something metallic. Though the dog yelped when he clasped the thing, he didn’t move nor bite.

As gently as possible, he eased it free and found that it was a bullet—which, damn him, he had forgotten.

But the odd thing was… it was silver.
She placed the forceps on the table, grabbed some bandages from his shelf, and turned back to the dog.

And screeched.

The dog was standing on the table, head cocked and tongue lolling out as if he had been happily romping in a park and not minutes from death.
The only sign that he’d ever been injured was blood matted in his fur and pooled on the table.

Reeling from the impossibility of the situation, Izuku’s legs gave way beneath him, and his body met the cold floor.
His head hit the floor, and the next thing he knew, the dog was beside him, his crimson eyes glowing, sniffing Izuku's neck. Then his tongue slathered on it, and then across his face and mouth.

"Oh My God. What's going on—" He mumbled over and over again as he weakly
pushed him away, but he came back and slammed his heavy body down on him.

"Ugh.” He wheezed, covering his mouth with his hand to ward the dog off from licking it. “No, bad doggy! You don't lick someone you just met.” God, he was talking like this was real.
It wasn’t.

Couldn’t be.

Izuku was probably still sleeping, and this was a dream.

Suddenly, the dog was on his feet, crouching in front of the door of his room, a growl vibrating his deep chest.
Not a normal growl, either. It was smoky, serrated, something he’d expect to hear from a dragon. Or a demon.


Then he heard his mother's voice from the other side, "Izu-kun, are you alright? I heard you screaming?"

Oh shit.

It wasn't a dream.
It was my first time writing a werewolf au and something to do with scenting, so Idk if I'm doing right. But I'll try my best 😂😂 Also, its a long way before the fucking. Again. Damnit. 😂
Also pardon my grammar. I can't think straight 😂
Taking care of the dog—which he named Kacchan, was a blessing and a curse.

He always guarded the house, always helping them of some stuffs, warding off thieves or wild animals. However, the reason why Izuku thought it was a cursed was because
he had a bad temper, aside from Izuku and Inko, it would growl and bite anyone it saw. Even if it's the green-haired's friends. But the dog grew quickly in their hearts, not only to them though, to the villagers as well.
But Izuku felt that Kacchan was somewhat strange for a dog. Aside from that incident when he saved the dog a few months back—which he tried to forget—and that he didn't own any pet so he didn't know if dogs should act like that.
What he meant was, whenever he kissed, hugged and raised this heavy mutt in his arms.... Kacchan was horny.
"Mom... What about getting him neutered?" He suddenly asked out of nowhere while carrying the big baby.

The human and the dog were both surprised. The plate on Inko's hand slipped and fell on the floor, whereas Kacchan struggled to the point that his canine accidentally grazed
on Izuku's arm. It's just a small cut, so he didn't mind it and put the dog down.

"Are you sure, Izu-kun?" Inko asked worriedly. She picked up a broom and started sweeping the floor. Kacchan barked as if asking the same thing.
"Mom, just look at him." He pointed a finger at the mutt who was crouching down in front of him. "He also always tries to sniff my nape, then get... get..." His face flushed. "Maybe its the best idea."

Kacchan whimpered, like he knew he was getting his thing cut off.
Nervously, which Izuku couldn't quite put his finger on, Inko threw the broken plate and faced him. She glanced at the dog and then to Izuku, "Have you heard the story about a depressed dog committing suicide because it was neutered?"

"What?" He only heard this just now.
There was such a thing?

"So I don't think its a good idea, Izu-kun. Don't you feel worried that he would be very uncomfortable without balls and—"

Upon imagining it, Izuku couldn't help snorting out a laugh. "I'm so sorry... I... Fine, we can just find a female dog for him?"
Inko just threw him a glance, to the dog, then to him. One eyebrow arched up, and she just shrugged, before washing the other dishes.

Izuku was left confused.
The green-haired woke up aching the next morning. It feels like a flu or summer cold kind of ache, his arm and the back of his neck were hurting. And he could have sworn he tasted a mixture of spice and caramel on his lips.
His nape and lips were sensitive. He ran his tongue over his lips. They weren’t swollen, just sensitive enough for his to be very aware of them.

Then he remembered the night before. Izuku frowned, his brows snapping together in instant ire.

Did he get infected by a rabies
from that graze on Kacchan's canine? If so, then he needed to go to the townsquare, to a doctor.

He jerked to an upright position, then groaned roughly as his sore muscles protested the effort. Oh hell, now that just hurt. He definitely got infected.
"Mom..." He groaned out as he stood to his feet, but Inko didn't answer, so sick or not sick, he needed to go out of his room.

Glancing at the clock, he winced at the time. Late morning. He had definitely overslept. A shower and lunch first though, then he'd go to the townsquare
His door opened, interrupting his thoughts. Inko showed up with the dog, "Izu-kun, have you seen where I'd put my basket?"

Izuku didn't answer, he swayed on his feet as he felt the darkness edging his vision.

Upon realizing that her son looked pale, Inko asked, "What's wrong?"
But Izuku's knees collapsed and the darkness began to swell through him. He felt
himself falling, felt his face scrape the floor, and before he lost consciousness, he could have sworn he heard his mom calling his name, and another unknown voice shouting, "Deku!"
He was writhing, in pain, maybe? Izuku didn't know. But his body was aching. And when he opened his eyes, he saw someone... A man? Moving about bare-chested, muscles rippling as he moved inside his room.
Semi-conscious, he couldn’t exactly call him handsome, but instead pretty and definitely
unique. The man was at least six feet tall two inches tall, leanly muscled, with—what was those? Animal ears? And was that a tail? Izuku didn't know. He must have been hallucinating.
He watched the stranger, a low moan passed over his lips because of his aching body. That was when the other guy noticed him, his head whipped to Izuku, and crimson red eyes met his green.

He was really hallucinating, because no one could ever explain the way this man look.
And then he moved, watching Izuku closely as he eased down on the bed beside him, capping his green hair and laying against him heavily. The green-haired stared into those eyes such a deep, mysterious red that it could make a grown man shiver.
Shades of red and black collided in those eyes, tiny pinpoints of color that, up close were almost mesmerizing. They were squinted with... with—Izuku couldn't explain.

And there was a hard thing pressing down against his stomach.
"How do you feel?" A deep voice.

He blinked back at him in surprise. Did he just see fangs? He swore, he saw it when the guy spoke above him.

He opened his mouth, not a word escaped his mouth because the guy's nose flared and suddenly lowered his head and caught Izuku's lips.
Sweet Heaven, his lips were soft, tender, his mouth a warm, seductive cavern
beckoning him.
It taste like a burnt sugar and something more.

The man's hands gripped the pillow behind his head, claws forming from those slender fingers formed claws.
Izuku was in dazed as he was kissed by this stranger, staring into those red eyes, feeling the shock clear to the soles of his feet as the man's tongue licked at his lips, as if tasting something so delicate, something addictive.
A feeling of heated madness build in his brain as hunger
swelled inside him.

Hallucinating or not, he didn’t expect this. Never in his 27 years of living in this world did he ever kissed anyone, nor a man. Sure he had thought of liking guys, but he had never thought of
kissing them.

And kissing this guy... He liked it so much. He felt himself hardening.

Izuku moved his hands, burrowing it into those spiky blonde hair and he could feel it's softness and silkiness, holding him in place and delving deeper into his mouth at
the same time.
The man thrust his tongue sharply inside his mouth. God. He ached. His own tongue throbbed at the taste of the blonde as he watched those lashes drift lower.

Sweet. Sweet taste of caramel filled his senses, tempting his taste buds.

He tasted so good. Like summer.
Something he had never known or thought of until he was too old to fool himself into believing it could exist.

But this wasn't real. Oh God. He was just hallucinating.

"God, you taste so good." He muttered second before he lowered his head again, but instead diving into his
mouth again, he sharp canines sank on his freckled cheek, causing Izuku to yelp in pain and pleasure. He then sucked it into his mouth as a blast of brutal sensation ripped through Izuku. He twisted beneath him, his hips rising, demanding more, shocking him to his core.
But it didn't ease the horrible, mindless pleasure tearing through him. The stranger tugged on his hair, tilting his head to the side, as his teeth rasped his neck.

Oh God. It hurt with pleasure.
Izuku moaned, his hands gripping those blonde hair as the man's teeth grazed his neck, nipping at it.

His lips, teeth and tongue worked on his neck until it was so sensitive, he couldn't think of anything but more.

He needed more.

Needed him sucking it in deep and hard,
teeth sending that curious blend of
pleasure and pain streaking to his erection that was swelling and begging for attention.

"Shit. You like that, don't you?" The man raised his head, those not-so-human ears twitched.
Izuku couldn't stand the building pressure, the incredible sexual hunger that seemed to rise from a dark, hidden part of his soul.

"More." He moaned.

Oh God. What was wrong with him? Had that rabies flipped a sexual switch he couldn't have known existed?
The man bit down on his sensitive neck again and Izuku's gaze glazed over as he fought for breath.

Oh God. Yes. Just like that.

"Damn." The blonde was breathing hard too. His red eyes were bottomless pits of aroused lust.
"What do you want, baby?" He whispered, lips curving up into a wicked smile, his fangs were giving him a dangerous, dark look.

Izuku arched to him. "Please..."

"Son of a bitch." Before he could beg any further, his lips were immediately covered by the man, tongue forging into
his mouth.

That taste again. Caramel and spice. Their tongues twining. Izuku's lips sucked it into his mouth, feeling the taste intensify as the man's hands gripped his green hair, holding him to him, using his tongue to fuck his mouth with hot possessive stroke.
The green-haired whimpered against the need, thrashing against the bed as desperate mewling moans
tore from his throat. When the blonde raised his head, he stared up at the man imploringly.

“Make it stop,” Izuku gasped. “Please."
"What?" The blonde panted, his gaze was centered on his lips, "Make what stop, baby?"

He didn't know? He was turned into a mass of hunger so intense he was dying with it.

"Make it stop... now, I can’t stand it.”
The man's hand moved from his head, flattening on Izuku's waist before smoothing to his thigh. The green-haired stilled, his lips parting as he gasped for air. Green eyes locked with red eyes as he began to tug on his breeches.
Cool air whispered over his thighs, easing the brutal heat for just a second before returning in full force. Izuku twisted as it cleared his knees, arched as the fabric slid over his legs.

When his hand returned, Izuku stilled, cry tearing from his throat as the heat of his palm
cupping his hard on sent arcs of lightning flaring through his body. The blonde lifted his head slowly, his red eyes narrowed on him, watching him carefully as he moved lower on the bed, ripping Izuku's underwear with his sharp fingernails.
But before he could completely ripped it off, the man suddenly stood up. What happened next was little more than a hazy realization of a blanket being jerked over him. Then, "Oi, Katsuki, you're supposed to look after him, not fuck him."
Lips curling up in a snarl, the man who was called Katsuki let out a growl that sounded like an animal-like.

“Your timing sucks, Alpha and Luna." he snapped, but his gaze went to Izuku, who was staring up at him in daze, almost drugged.
"Did you bite him?" The other man asked, throwing a glance at Izuku.

The warning growl that came from Katsuki’s throat was accompanied by a snarl. Curved canines flashing at the side of his mouth as he moved quickly to block the green-haired from his father's view.
"It matters not."

"You're my son, and you're soon to be the alpha of the pack, so it matters."


"And then did you kiss him after?"

"Huh? What the fuck does that have to do with anything?"

“Shit!” The sizzling curse that came across from his father surprised him.
The Alpha didn’t get upset this easily. “Did you or did you not kiss him after the bite?"

“Yes,” He snarled back. “My teeth accidentally nicked his arm last night, and when he slept, I couldn't resist, I kissed him. Now what the hell does that have
to do with this shit?"
"Listen to me, you have a shit tons of problems here. And tonight, my son, the connection has begun."

“What do you mean?" Katsuki bit out.

"So his mate is really a human." Mitsuki mumbled from Masaru's behind.
"We need to talk to Inko."His father said before going outside of the room, his mother followed suit.

Katsuki was about to follow, however Izuku whimpered heatedly, arching beneath the blanket, his head twisting on the mattress.
The smell of him had his body on fire, his mouth watering for the taste of Izuku.

"I'm cold." The human whispered, lifting drowsy green eyes to his.

Fuck. He just couldn't leave his mate here, aching and hurting.
“I know, baby.” He kept his voice soft, as gentle as possible as he walked beside him and discreetly straightened his clothes and
wrapped Izuku snuggly in the blanket.

The human didn’t smell cold though. He smelled hot and sweet and ready to
take every inch of his throbbing

“What’s wrong with me.” Izuku's voice was slurred, hiz eyes so dilated that only a fragile ring of
color remained.

“You’re going to be fine, Deku,” he whispered against his forehead, laying a kiss on the damp flesh as he
trembled in his arms.
The door swung open, and Katsuki carried his hot little burden out the door and finally managed to sit down in front of the three who were in the loving room, Izuku on his lap.

"There was a case of this before... It occurred with human actually.” Masaru explained. Inko turned
worried eyes to Izuku. "It affects not your son, Inko, but also Katsuki as well. The two of them are in a mating heat."

"Mating heat?" The two female and Katsuki asked carefully.

"But they were only for werewolves."
"Not a lot of werewolves are aware of the exact nature of the mating process because our ancestor had imposed a strict code of silence on the few werewolves who had mated humans so far, hoping to secure a safer environment in the world before it leaked out." Masaru sighed.
Mitsuki grimaced, "So our little son is swimming in a frigid waters and his sweet, little mate is huddled in nothing more than a blanket. What do we do now?"

The Alpha shrugged, "Let him take a rest, give him what he needs. But no biting, specially on his nape."

"Its near Full Moon. If you bite him," he glanced down at the man before his eyes moved back to his son. "He'll turn into one of us. But if he wouldn't be able to take the transformation, he is going to die."

The two female gasped.

"Fuck." Katsuki muttered.
What was wrong with him? Izuku knew something was horribly wrong, that the heat and hunger that
kept his body so sensitized and filled with a painful arousal wasn’t natural.

It happened with that grazed. He remembered the cut on his arm, and he must really be infected with
the rabies. Because if not, he wouldn't hallucinate of a blonde guy with animal ears and tail. He wouldn't hallucinate about that stranger, Katsuki, who didn't look like a human at all, to lock their lips together, spreading the taste of sweet caramel through his senses.
God, this was so wrong. He shouldn’t feel like this. He needed to go to the hospital, get some medication and rest.

“Kiss me,” Izuku whispered, his head falling back, staring up at those red eyes in dazed wonder.
A rumbled growl vibrated in the man's chest behind him.



A rough chuckle, almost pain-filled, washed over his senses.

“We have company, Deku. You want me to make you scream in front of them?”
"I don’t care.”

Did he really say that? Oh he definitely did. But it was true. All of the villagers could be looking on at that moment and Izuku
wouldn’t care. “Kiss me.”
He repeated, because he needed his taste again.
He wiggled his hands from beneath the blanket, one moving to cup the hard erection behind him as Katsuki stiffened, a hiss
echoing in his ear.

The other worked at his jeans. He remembered that book he had read before, had read that all you had to do
was touch a man's cock
and they would be putty in your hands. Was it true?

The snap came undone, the zipper rasped down, and suddenly his hands were grabbed by that man. "Damn it, Izuku. Do you even know who I am?"

"Who?" He whispered again, staring up at him in the dim light of the living room.
His expression was tortured. "Kacchan."

"Ka...cchan?" The man nodded, "But Kacchan's a dog..."

"A werewolf."

A long silence stretched between them, and then, "what? This is not a good joke. I must be really hallucinating."

Instead of answering, Katsuki put him down, crouching
in front of him, declaring, "Watch." And then his skin darken, the nose turning into a snout, head becoming furry and limbs getting smaller.

Izuku's eyes widened and stared into that familiar animal and his red colored eyes. A gasp escaped his lips,
and then to his profound humiliation and distress, he felt darkness closing slowly over him again.

“I think I'm going to faint…” Darkness closed over him, soft and inviting as he slumped forward.
Kacchan was a human—no scratched that. Kacchan was a shapeshifter.

Izuku laid on his side, his back to his mother as he tried to curl up and hug his knees.

Cold hard reality had almost returned. Enough to realize what had happened earlier and to remember in bleak
clarity about the time when he saved him, the horniness and all.

Wow. His life had drastically changed he was certain he could never right it again.

Then Izuku shuddered at the memories of him kissing Katsuki. Not in distaste though.
He looked back to his mother and asked with extreme unease, “You know about Kacchan?"

Izuku watched Inko nod and anguish tore through him. Oh God, if the woman never knew, he'd have blonde cut his balls and then he'd be devastated.
"Since when?"

"Since the second night you adopted him."

Izuku was stunned, "What? How? Why didn't you tell me?"

"It was forbidden to change in front of a human who didn’t know about their secret culture, but Katsuki accidentally did so on the second night, and I saw it."
"Oh my God..." He breathed out.

"And you're both mated."

His head jerked up, "What, mom? What are you talking about?"

"You should talk to Katsuki-kun about it."

"Where is he?"

"He's running."

Izuku blinked back at his mother, more confusion sweeping over him. Then he
asked, "Running? In the middle of the night?"

"Transforming into a wolf and running. He always did it when you're asleep. He had to do it, compelled to by the wolf in him."

"B-But what if he was found out by the other villagers.. I.. I have to find him."
Tw: uh voyeur(?)
That was not a sight for virgin guy like him. Izuku closed his eyes then opened it again to train his vision towards the male on the creek, as naked as a man could be and more than a little aroused.

With the help of the moonlight, he could see that gorgeous, heavily veined
shaft of male flesh rose a good eight inches—no less, could be more—from the base below his flat abdomen. It was thick and long and mouth-wateringly tempting. Izuku blew out a hard breath, lying flat on the rock he had found near the creek where he saw Katsuki, taking a bath and

Izuki couldn’t take his eyes off him.

Katsuki was really tall. He has the most gorgeous broad chest he had ever seen, powerful thighs and narrow hipped. And those ears and tails that begged to be stroked.
This just wasn’t a sight that a nice, little virgin like him should be seeing. It was reminding him of the things they did earlier. Not to mention, it was making him imagine something. Something like how would it feel to lie next to him, rub over him,
kiss that chest and lick the nipples. Izuku shivered at the thought.

He should be calling him so they could talk, or be worried that villagers might see him. But what a sight. Cream-colored, muscular skin. Spiky, blonde hair,
a color that was so beautiful under the moonlight. A strong, bold face, gorgeous, almost savage in its planes and angle. And lips, full male lips with just a hint of a merciless curve. Izuku wanted to kiss those lips again.

And didn't he have fangs? Those sharp canines that
tormented his neck, and gave him pleasure/pain—which he still felt up until now.

God. How he wanted to feel it again. Wanted to kiss his lips and lick those fangs, lick his way down. Across that broad chest, the hard, flat stomach to the erection rising from between his thighs.
Izuku fought to breathe evenly as Katsuki's hand clasped the base of that thick cock and he began stroking all that firm, wonderful flesh.

Oh God. The guy was going to masturbate!!!

Incredulity flared through his system, especially his own thing, at the realization.
Right there before his eyes the shapeshifter was going to masturbate!!

Izuku couldn’t believe it.

Katsuki's hand barely circled the broad shaft, moving slow and easy, almost lazily from tip to base. The green-haired felt his breeches tightened.
Felt his ass clenched, his dick hardening, aching and moistened. A sensual heat speared his body something like an explosion. His body became so sensitive again as the breeze caressed his bare arms.

Oh God. Was this how some people felt when they watch someone
masturbate? No wonder, they liked it so well.

When he saw those long, broad fingers stroked over the erection from tip to base, massaging and stimulating it, Izuku almost overheat.
His green eyes followed that hand moving between his spread thighs. It must be sensitive, because when Katsuki stroke the broad head of his cock, he jerked with the pleasure, causing him to let out an animalistic growl.

Izuku was nearly insane with lust now. How he managed to
lie still and not rush to him or maybe run away from there, he didn't know.

All he knew was that, he wanted to taste Katsuki. Wishing he was there helping him.

Oh God. He was a doomed virgin.
Hunger and something more lit Katsuki's expression as he licked his lips and fangs, his hand pumping up and down. He was playing with his cock like a finely tuned instrument now.

The scene was so erotic. Sexier than anything he had ever known.
And Izuku could have sworn he saw the head pulse, throb. His hips arched, then a thick stream of creamy white fluid erupted from the tip, splattering on that hard abdomen and coating the hand.

"Oh God, that was hot..." He whispered, unable to take his eyes from the sight.
Then he stretched, his eyes opening. Izuku breathed in sharply as their gazes connected, a self-satisfied smile stretching across those wonderful lips, showing off his sharp canines.

Of course, he couldn’t know he was there, right? It just wasn’t possible. Was it?
It was the morning after and Izuku was curled on the couch, trying to concentrate on his book but couldn't. Because he knew that he needed to talk to Katsuki.

He’dactually woken alone, took a bath, dressed, had a quick breakfast
He had no idea why he had slept and woken alone, because Katsuki, in his wolf version, would always woke him up by licking his lips or nape—No! He didn't like it, he just got used to it!

Izuku didn't take that as a good sign.
When he head the front door opening and his mom saying, "Welcome home, Katsuki." Izuku's heart beat faster.

He heard a woof, paws hitting the floor, before he saw a bundle of blonde fur in front of him. Red eyes staring straight at Izuku, and the wolf looked like it was
smirking at him, telling him that he knew Izuku was there last night, watching him doing something.

But the green-haired averted his face—only looking at him in his peripheral vision. Especially when the big wolf padded to the kitchen which was an open one—transforming in the

And he was naked as the day he was born!

Izuku's lips parted in surprise as his eyes moved downward. God! Up close and in a broad daylight, he could say that Katsuki was an epitome of perfection!
"Good morning, Deku." The werewolf said, ears twitching and the tail wagging. Taking his time to wear his breeches.

His thick ash-blonde hair was thick and looked soft, and when he turned toward his, the stark, well-defined features of his face held his gaze.
No man could ever be this so attractive, Izuku assured himself.

But his sharp nose and well-arched brows
over deep red eyes were definitely worth looking at. And his lips....

He really didn’t want to look at his
lips. But he did. They made his mouth water at the thought
of the pleasure to be had there.

"By the way," Katsuki started after buttoning his pants, "It would help you to read that book if you turned it right side up. If you're just going to pretend to read it, then pretend with at least a show of decorum."
Izuku blushed, he put down the book and looked away.

“Like what you saw the other day?” His shocking question was delivered in a hot, rough voice.

His head whipped to Katsuki, eyes widening, he took a deep breath, his tongue running over his dry lips nervously.
He knew.

Oh God.

He knew.

And there was no use denying it, specially how the werewolf was smirking at him now. There was an amusement in his red eyes, and something more.

“You knew I was there?”
“Oh, I knew. Heh. I could feel your hot little eyes on me, Deku. Could even smell you from afar. We have heightened senses. Do you think I jack off for the hell of it? I’m a grown up, not a kid. I don’t get a hard-on with just any stiff breeze anymore.”
Izuku fought the little whimper that edged in his throat. “Why?” he whispered. “Why did you do that?”

“Because you were watching."


"Because I want to be with you. Because you are my mate." His breathing was rough, but so was his.
"I’m too old for this,” Izuku said, though his voice lacked conviction.

“Too old for sex? For voyeurism?”

“No. There’s no way we are mates. We are... You are—"

"An animal?" Katsuki's expression never changed.

Izuku shook his head, "And I don't even know
your last name..."

"Bakugou." He said. "Now that you know, we can do the mating."

"What? This wouldn't work at all! A werewolf and a human?!"

"It would. Nature had allowed it. Our pheromones and chemistry matched. You’re my mate, Deku.
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Bound to me
whether either of us likes it or not. I won’t let you go."

“I don’t know you, Kacchan,” Izuku said, suddenly afraid that the faults he knew he possessed would weaken what he saw in Katsuki's eyes. “I don’t know what you like.”
"Of course." Katsuki agreed softly. “You don’t know how I have to fight my possessiveness and my need to hold back to keep you safe. How dominant I get and how kinky I can get sexually. I have the same fears you do, Deku. But we can work through them.”
"How can you be so certain?"

Katsuki closed the distance between. His fingers slid over his freckled cheeks, his thumb smoothing against his lips.

“I don’t know how, Deku,” he said. “All I know is that the bond with you was stronger than with any other human or werewolves.
That I knew you in my dreams, in the darkest depths of soul. That I know I would kill anyone, without first considering his right to live, who attempted to harm so much as a hair on your head or try to claim you. You are mine, Deku. You complete something that has been missing
inside me. That’s all I know. I don’t ask for more. The rest will come in time.”

Izuku breathed in raggedly as he stared back at Katsuki, feeling the heat of his body enfolding him, the warmth wrapping around him like a cloud of comfort.
“I can smell your heat,” Katsuki whispered as his lips lowered to Izuku's, barely brushing against them as he stared back at him with drowsy sensuality. “Hot and sweet. Smelled like cinnamon. Do you know what that does to me, Deku?"
“What?” His breathing was rough now, heavy, as he fought to drag in air to combat the extreme excitement of his touch.

“It makes me very hungry,” The blonde revealed as his tail wagged behind him. “It makes me want to eat you slow and easy, drawing every drop of cum into my
mouth and making more flow. It makes me want to hear you scream, feel you shudder and pulse. I want to knot you, baby."

He should've protested his declaration. Should've told him to stop talking like that. But he'd be lying if he said that he didn't like.

It got him hard.
But before he could retaliate, a cough was heard from behind them, next to it was Inko's voice. "Maybe you guys can talk about it privately?"

Izuku's face reddened, he could feel his ears heating up as he pushed Katsuki aside. "Mom!"

Inko chuckled at them.
They were playing games. A cat and mouse game. More like, Izuku running away from him in every chances he got. And Katsuki letting him. Because he loved the chase. It ticked his competitive side.

And at the same time, he was confident that the human would soon surrender.
Specially how full moon was near. The mating heat was getting stronger, the pull between them would be too hard to ignore.

"Have you finished hiding from me?” Katsuki asked one night, when he saw Izuku suddenly approached him.
The green-haired man was standing at the shore, watching him with a frown as he took a bath on the creek where he had masturbated before. Heh. That memory still made him laugh.

The werewolf fought to get a handle on his self-control when the scent of him drifted on the breeze,
the scent of fresh, sweet cinnamon, the beginning heat of arousal. Those scents lay around Izuku now was tempting him, drawing him.

"I’m in plain sight. How’s that hiding?” The human said matter-of-factly. A warning growl came out of Katsuki's lips, irritation flashing over
his expression. Dammit. He was too tired and too horny right now.

"Mom sent me here, because the villagers might see you." It was a lie, Katsuki could smell it. But Izuku continued, "Besides didn't you get shot before you went to my house?"

The blonde shrugged,
"I was trying to look after you." His feature softened. In those twenty years, he'd always look after his Izuku, wanting to show himself, wanting to tell him how much he loves him and they were mates, but he couldn't. Until he got shot again and found himself going to him.
"And now I'm looking after you, Kacchan."

That did tug something in his heart. "Deku, you're pushing your luck right now."

"What? Are you going to spank me, Kacchan?"

A wicked smile tilted Katsuki's lips as he watched Izuku with dark lust. “I should tie you down
and fuck you slow,” he retorted. “Let you see the agony coming. That would serve you right.”

Those green eyes widened. And then right there and then, Izuku quickly shot off of the rock, running past a tree as fast as his feet would carry him.
But he wasn't fast enough, for Katsuki was behind him, hooking an arm across his waist and lifting him up, his back to a wet chest, his legs kicking out and his hands pushing at his arms.

"Let me go, Kacchan!" He yelped, but the blonde turned, took three long strides and tossed
him to the bed of dead leaves.

Izuku rolled and kept rolling until he stopped, a bit far away from the wolf. He got to his feet and glared at him standing opposite each other. Then he ran again, and Katsuki let him, smirking as he walked slowly after him.
"You're really going to ran and hide from me, Deku? I'm getting tired of this game."

There wasn’t a sound from Izuku. The crickets weren't even singing, and it felt as if the mountain was held in a suspended state of waiting as the land watched whatever new game was playing out.
Katsuki forced his heartbeat under control, breathing deeply as he calmed the heavy throb of his pulse in his ears and fought to listen closely to the sounds around him and smell. A breeze, a rustle to his right.


The smell of cinnamon.
He shifted, moving along the trunk of the tree silently, crouching along the base of the tree, peering around it carefully.

The blonde breathed in deeply, nostrils flaring as he watched Izuku. "Don't fuck with me, Deku. I could smell you, you can't win."
Silence filled the mountain for long moments. 

"Do you love me, Kacchan?" The question seemed to surprise them both. He stared at Izuku in amazement for all of five seconds before his brows snapped into a fierce frown. He grimaced then, shaking his head in disbelief.
"Why are you asking something so idiotic. For a smart human, that was one of your dumber questions.”

He saw how Izuku's lips thinned at the insult as he crossed his arms over his chest and stared at the dark.

He could smell his anger. Katsuki wanted to laugh.
"I don’t consider it a stupid question,” He informed him heatedly. “Seriously, Kacchan. I don't have any experience about this. Did you even know that I'm a virgin? Virgins shouldn't be this turned on. It should be bad for their health or something. We are an endangered species."
Katsuki bursted out laughing, it echoed in the moutain. Izuku hisses, "It's not even funny!"

"Well, it is for me. I don't know if I want to turn you over my knee and paddle your ass for asking me that question or just let you go."
Izuku ran again.

But it didn’t take Katsuki long before he was following him through, his steps light, silent. He could hear him breathing heavily, and found him sitting beside the creek, sweat dampened, his head lowered as he muttered weakly about how he couldn't run anymore.
“Mine.” He growled.

Green eyes widened as he saw, under the moonlight, how his cock was hard, jutting.

“I’m not yours,” Izuku bit out, his protest weak.

“Take your clothes off, Deku,” he said softly. “If I do it, I’ll tear them from your body."

"Take the fucking clothes off, Deku, before I rip them from you,” He threatened him again, his fists clenched as he fought the urge to do just that.

“I-I don’t want you...” But he did. Katsuki could smell lie, his want, feel it in the heat radiating from his body.
"Now.” The blonde made a move towards him, satisfaction filling every pore in his body as he pushed the green-haired to the grass, moving quickly between his thighs before he could strike out with his feet.

Katsuki gripped Izuku's fists in one hand, stretching his back,
anchoring their body, pressing his cock against the material of his breeches.

"K-Kacchan." The human breathed out.

His animalistic, savage side of his nature was too horny. Too intense. Too hungry for Izuku.
Then Katsuki ripped his breeches from his thighs, tearing them from him and leaving them in shreds.

“I warned you I would rip them from your body.” The dress shirt went next.

His furious struggles didn’t deter him in the least. The blonde held him still, watching his body
as he writhed against him.

Izuku's breath became hard as he felt Katsuki's finger at his rear, parting the curves and sliding into the narrow cleft to caress his entrance gently with the tip of his finger. It was erotic, an edge of something forbidden.
Bright, wicked shards of sensation whipped through Izuku's senses as he felt Katsuki's lips brush against his buttcheeks, as his hands lifting him to the caress.

There he rimmed the entrance with his tongue, flickered against it as he slid one hand back
while the
other caressed and played at the entrance there. The green-haired's dick hardened further, aching with such sharp need, his hips churning beneath each hungry swipe of his tongue over his ass hole.
Izuku's fingers were clenching some dead leaves as he felt the pleasure was streaking through him. It tore through his
senses, wiping away any thought but that of his pleasure.

Of the incredible feel of his fingers, his lips and
tongue, stretching his ass.
He was only distinctly aware of the fact that Katsuki was preparing his back entrance, lubricating it with his saliva, licking and spitting, repeating the process.

He knew what was coming. He knew what the blonde planned to do, and the conflict rising inside him in
regards to
it did nothing to halt his pleasure of it.

If Izuku decided that he didn’t really want it, then he would have done something about it the moment he decided it.

not right now. Not yet. Not until he saw where the pleasure was taking him, how extreme it could become,
and until he actually found the strength to make himself refuse Katsuki.

But he knew he couldn’t do it.
Because the pleasure was too wild and much too intense.

“Oh God, Kacchan.” His hips jerked as he felt the first finger press inside his, sliding past the tight ring
muscles that clenched almost violently, involuntarily, around his finger.

Izuku gasped for breath, the alternation of pleasure and pain sensations exploding through his body
with such quick progression that he couldn’t keep up.

“That’s it, baby,” Katsuki groaned behind him as
he laid another kiss over his buttcheek, “Just let me have
you. All of you, Deku. Give it all to me.”

His finger began to move slowly, pulling back, leaving Izuku's body, returning, slicker than before,
pressing back, and heating him further as the saliva prepared him.
The green-haired could feel himself climbing that edge of sensation so sharp, so intense, as rapture teased the
edges of his senses.

With each stroke of the wolf's fingers, he wanted more. Wanted to feel that sharper, more exacting
pleasure. He wanted each thrust to stretch
and burn to push every limit of pleasure that could exist.

"Kacchan... please..." He cried out as Katsuki's finger returned again with only the same thrust, though it was slicker,
wetter than before.

“More, Deku?” The blonde asked, his tone strained.
Izuku could only moan desperately as an answer. He couldn't think straight, and could only feel the desperation rising inside him. Sense it beginning to rise out if control.

His finger pulled back, but he added another, increasing the sensations with its return.
"O-Oh, God, yes!"

The thrust was followed by his fingers spreading, stretching the entrance, scissoring. The unique burn racing
through Izuku.

But still, it wasn’t enough.
His hips thrust back at him, writhing into the caress as he felt his own breathing becoming heavy, restricted.

Izuku could feel something wild and uncontrolled rising inside him with each thrust and stretch. It was
like being locked, imprisoned,
in a whirlwind of sensation so hot, so imperative, that fighting against it
was impossible.

Izuku felt on the verge of tears. He’d never been so desperate for a touch that he had no idea how to
gain. For a caress he had never had yet sensed was awaiting him.
Perspiration gathered on him, the hunger became so sharp, so intense, he felt on the verge of

When Katsuki pulled back, his caress, his fingers, abandoning Izuku, he reached for him from behind desperately, a cry parting his lips as confusion laced his senses.
A second later Katsuki flipped him around, eyes glowing red under the moonlight as he raised above him, pulling his legs over his, lifting his hips until he could
move into place.

Lifting his legs until his ankles lay against his shoulders, Izuku watched, panting for air as the
blonde gripped
the shaft of his cock, which was too hella big and Izuku didn't know it would fit!

He bent forward, and tucked the thick, engorged tip against that tender, unbreached
entrance with dominant demand. Then slowly, his hips began to press forward.
Izuku felt the flames erupt first. The burning sensation of his flesh beginning to stretch tore through him.
Untouched nerve endings were suddenly, shockingly revealed as the puckered entrance began to stretch to
accept the heavy impalement of his cock.
The green-haired man stared up at the wolf, biting his lower lip so that the moan wouldn't escape, his green gaze locking with his red eyes as Katsuki gripped his hips, held him still, and plunged his cock in two stroke.

A muffled whimper came out of his lips. A mixture
of pleasure and pain. Oh God. He was stretched. Katsuki was too big, and he could feel his belly bulging at the size of him.


Katsuki's nose flared, the hands on his hips tightened as he murmured, "Ah fuck, baby, you're so tight. So perfect for me."
A rough growl shuddered from him as his head lowered.

There was the taste. The heat Izuku needed. The human opened his lips for the wolf's tongue, clamping down on it and suckling it so eagerly.

He twisted against him, feeling Katsuki's cock throbbed inside him.
His eyes widened as he pressed deeper, a spurt of liquid feeling him inside, making him shake with the combination ofsensations. He could feel himself relaxing, yet the arousal was building.

Then he began to rock
against him. The small thrusting motions began to work his flesh
slowly inside his ass.

With his legs lifted and lying against Katsuki's shoulders, the angle of penetration enabled him to move
inside him as he watched his face, watched his green eyes glaze in mesmerizing pleasure.

The pre-cum leaking from the head of Katsuki's dick was
thick, slick, aiding the penetration as he split through the unused channel, burying inside him with every thrust.

Izuku was bucking against him in every thrust, fingers digging on to the dirt beside him, mewling sounds came out of his lips.
Katsuki's lips moved to his neck, curses and whisperered sweetnothings caressing Izuku's ear as he moved above him.

“Kacchan—nngh. Oh yes! Oh God—hyaaa!” The human let out a surprised yelp and an erotic cry when he felt the engorged crest hitting something inside.
Then the blonde did it again. Lightning was blazing through Izuku's body as the wolf kept hitting that certain spot. Hard, explosives streak of fire burning him on every stroke. Driving him higher as the pleasure and pain combined, causing his tears to spill from his eyes.
That wasn't enough for Katsuki's fingers moved between his thighs; wrapping it around Izuku's dick, burning the sensitized flesh there,
increasing the bursts of ecstatic pleasure as he began rocketing higher, reaching, crying out for that
ultimate release.
There was no control left for either them. Katsuki's hips were moving fiercely, fucking into him, his cock thrusting harder, faster, that had him crying out his name as he felt each hard thrust, stretching him, caressing him.

And at the same time, the wolf's hand
was tightening on his own dick, moving it up and down.

Each thrust, each burning stretch, each gasping moan increased the pleasure that became so much more
than pleasure that there was no way to understand it, no way to process it.
"Kacchan..." He was moaning his name again as he felt it building in him.

"You are mine, Deku. Mine." Katsuki groaned as it began happening, his voice fraught with unbearable pleasure.

"W-What was that? Oh God! What was that?!" Izuku asked as he felt Katsuki's flesh swell
There was something emerging, hardening and tightening at the head of his cock, slowly. Felt it extend.


But Katsuki couldn't hear him. Instead, he let out a sharp growl as he drove against him harder, deeper, one hand spanning his hips, the other let go of his dick
to grab his head, fingers tangling with his messy green hair, gripping it hard, arching his neck to his fangs.

Then all hell broke loose.

Katsuki slammed inside him as Izuku felt that thing extended fully, felt it rake across his walls, the area of his elusive prostate
glands. Pulsing as it locked there, causing his thrusts to become hard jerks, hurting Izuku.

He screamed at the pain and pleasure. His body arched, eyes widening, staring at the blonde in dazed second before his own orgasm hit.

He clenched around him, the action making him so
tight and hot, Katsuki could do nothing but follow him, spurting pulse after pulse of cum in the ultra sensitive muscles in the depths of Izuku's ass. He let out a guttural growl as his sharp fangs locked on the skin where the shoulder and the neck met, piercing the flesh.
When those fangs fierced his flesh, there wasn't any horrible pain, instead there was a blinding, mind-consuming please that had him crying out.

Izuku was breathing hard now, his head tossing with the extremity of his own orgasm as the swelling of the engorged knot held
Katsuki's cock in place, kept him anchored to him as the blasts of semen filled him.

It took them half an hour before the little protrusion began to recede, allowing the wolf to pull weakly. Cum dripped from his hole, pooling under him and onto the dirt.

It was too much.
Izuku trembled from the cold, and from the climax. His freckled cheeks were wet with sweat, dirt and tears as he gasped for breath.

His neck was swollen and red.

"Deku." Katsuki whispered his name gently, his ears dropping low as he eased the human into his arms,
lying beside him, his hand smoothing down on his damp back. "Don't cry, baby, I don't think I can handle it."

Izuku's breath hitched, one hand clutched on the wolf's back, the other around his neck.

"Did I hurt you?"

But the green-haired shook his head and whispered something
against his chest.

"What?" Katsuki moved back, staring into his dazed, distressed eyes.

"I need you again, Kacchan." A tear fell down his freckled cheek. Izuku needed more of him, but he was exhausted. And at the same time, he was shy, confused and frightened by the
overwhelming sensations that were controlling his body.

"Sssh. Don't cry, Izuku." Katsuki's thumb wiped the tears from under his eyes.

They were both tired and it worried the wolf, but he couldn't ignore the mating call not when they were in a mating heat.
Katsuki turned him to his side, bring his leg over his as he tucked his front against Izuku's back

"Will do this way, Deku." The human gasped and moaned when the thick length of him re-entered his back entrance, stretching him, sliding in deep. "Fuck... You feel so fucking
good." The wolf murmured at his ears as his hand went to Izuku's hard dick, gripping it gently, moving his hand up and down.


Katsuki nibbled at his ear, loving the sharp intake of his breath, the way he thrust back at him.

"Oh God..." Izuku groaned, tightening around him, shivering at the feel of his lips against his sensitive neck, licking the soft flesh just behind it, nipping at it.

Katsuki's strokes and thrusts became harder and deeper. He couldn't control it, his hips began to thrust faster.
"Fwa—aah!" Izuku cried out, his hand moved to grip his slamming hips. "Ah! More, Kacchan!"

The wolf pushed him to his stomach, moving behind him, instinct guiding him now, the pulse of pleasure
overtaking his mind.
Spreading his thighs wider, Katsuki slammed his hips into his butt, feeling his balls
tighten against the base of his cock as he drove deep and hard inside him. His head lowered, his sharp canines gripping the sensitive area on Izuku's nape as he screamed out in pleasure.
The knot re-emerged and lodged inside Izuku's tight channel again. Katsuki's growl rumbled from his chest as he felt the hard spurt of cum inside of Izuku and the burning grip of his muscles.
Izuku felt terrible all over. Not only did he feel as if his bones were about to fall apart, he was also extremely drowsy.

Through the haze of his confusion, he sensed a warm body pressing up against his back, and knew already that it was Katsuki.
How many days has it been since they did it near the creek? Izuku couldn't remember. But he remembered the things after.

The nonstop mating.

"Kacchan?" A soft murmur was all he could manage.

Katsuki who woke up the same time as Izuku, and seemed energetic and refreshed,
unlike how weak the human was, "Good afternoon, Deku."

"I think I've caught a cold." They haven't even wearing any clothes since the mating started, and they always fell asleep just like that… Luckily enough, Inko never tried to open his door.
Sorry. I'll put the rest on AO3. It's not really safe to write smut here in Twitter.
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