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Starting here cause I cannot figure out for the life of me how to untag Milky and i don't wanna bombard them ahhhhh twitter why are you this way

throat; he knew if it bit down it could easily take his head off.

Izuku shifts, hands twisting in the furs, trying to get his arms beneath him. The teeth /did/ bite down then, enough to hurt, enough that heat dripped round his throat, pattering in the fur between his hands.
He lowers himself slowly, stretching his arms out above his head, submitting. The lion follows him down, its fur soft against his back.

Its grip loosened and its tongue bathed the bite it had given him. He could feel it stepping backward, running its muzzle over his back,
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Werewolf/Shapeshifter Katsuki x Human Deku

#bkdk #bakudeku #katsudeku

Katsuki knew he was going to die.

The young wolf tried to sense the Alpha and Luna—his parents, trying to smell them in the air if they were near. And fuck, they weren't.

He was definitely going to die.
He shouldn't have run to this side of the mountain, where the humans reside. But something had drawn him here, so much that everything in him tingle even though he was still young. And, as usual, Katsuki followed his instincts.
That was why he’d been distracted and like what his Luna thought of him, cocky. He smelled the hunters but ignored them because of that.

And now, he was being followed by those hunters. He could have outrun them long before now because he was still young, small and nimble
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Alright this thread is all thanks to @pinwi6 for sending me that tweet yesterday about an Enigma in an ABO AU which is a step above an Alpha??? Because, YES PLEASE.

#bakudeku #bkdk AlphaDeku x EnigmaKacchan ABO

"Izuku, you won't believe who I saw at the supermarket yesterday."
"Uh-huh, who?" Izuku absentmindedly responded to his mother, cellphone pressed against his check with his shoulder. He was only half listening to the conversation at this point as his eyes devoured the mission report in front of him.
Don't get him wrong, he loved talking to his
mother; he made sure to call her at least once a week. But being the number 1 Hero in Japan, the new Symbol of Peace, meant he was a busy man. A bit too busy to hear about small-town gossip in the middle of the work day.

"Bakugo, Mitsuki!"

Izuku nearly dropped the phone.
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