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a small socmed #bkdk #bakudeku au where Class A decided to watch a horror movie and Izuku is hiding behind his phone

Until Katsuki notices that ImageImage
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[ #bkdk #bakudeku quirkless au where the boys still hate each other, so izuku midoriya comes up with a plan to stop the bullying ]

enjoy! 💕
1. the beginning
2. damn nerd
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#bkdk #bakudeku socmed au with CEO!BK and Singer!DK where they talk because of lies and rumors. what's some romance without its drama.

💚 = deku pov
🧡 = bakugou pov


some notes:

- i've never done a soc med au before so bare with me
- this is going to be a very lengthy thread so be prepared aha
- i am posting in chunks so there might be a 30-45 period of no immediate post bc im making as i go.
- if you have any questions feel free to qrt!🧡
2. Beginning
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#bkdk #bakudeku socmed au with royal bakugou katsuki and cosplayer izuku midoriya who desperately wants highness's attention 🥰
1. the beginning
2. g a y
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#bkdk #bakudeku #mha
This is going to be the start of something silly
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#bkdk #bakudeku #socmedau #noquirkau nurse!Izuku & cafeworker!Katsuki

Nurse Izuku has a crush
And it's on Katsuki, the guy who works in Mitsuki's cafe.
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#bkdk #bakudeku #socmedau #爆豪勝己生誕祭2022

Happy Bakugou day from Class 3-A to Katsuki🧡💥🧡💥🧡💥
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#bkdk #bakudeku #socmedau

A Dynamight Plush toy is much more better than the real thing, we all know.
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#bkdk #bakudeku

Izuku adored the lowerclassmen.

They were respectful. Hardworking. Nice. They rarely caused any trouble. It was nice not being the first years anymore, and he was excited when new students started walking into school.


But was it wrong that he
absolutely positively disliked a small percentage of them? They didn't offend him or anything, no not at all. In fact they were very polite, occasionally greeting him when they encountered each other in the hallway.

However, they didn't need to offend him to get on his bad side.
"Bakugou-senpai, I made lunch for you."

"Bakugou-senpai, I'm having a bit of trouble with math. I was wondering if we could set a time and date to hold a tutor session?"

"Bakugou-senpai, you have something caught in your hair."
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#bkdk #socmedau #bakudeku #bkdkwedding
A sequel to my last socmed au. This can be read as a standalone, though.

Get your suits, dresses or whatever the fuck you have 'cause Katsuki and Izuku are getting married !!!
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#bkdk #bakudeku #socmedau

Friendly reminder, if you want to post thirst tweets about your childhood friend turned rival turned friend turned crush, double check which account you're on before doing so.
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#Bakudeku #kacchaco
CW: mpreg, Omegaverse, angst, omega Deku, alpha Katsuki, cheating sort of.

I just thought of this the other day.
Bare with me. I promise not to abandon my other threads. (。ノω\。)

Izuku is pregnant to the love of his life. His childhood friend
since birth, an elite alpha Bakugou Katsuki.

Deku who is a poor omega, who had nothing to be boastful of, not even in his name sees two red lines on the pregnancy test kit. Five of them to be exact, he wanted to be sure.
He should be happy, he should be thrilled because a child with the one he had been in love with for so long is a dream come true. But could he, when he was in the verge of tears inside the comfort room, test kits on the sink, inside the church where Kacchan is getting married.
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#socmedau #bkdk #bakudeku

Just your daily dose of Todoroki sibling drama with a sprinkle of bakudeku
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#bkdk #bakudeku #socmedau

Izuku discovers a post on CBR, and his inner demon is released. ImageImageImageImage
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#bkdk #ktdk #bakudeku #krdk #kirideku angst au drabble

"I'm not gay! In fact, i was planning to ask Yuhiko out. I know she likes me, anyway." Katsuki said, smirking. Looking proud at what he said.
Izuku just looks at him, eyes full of hurt. He wanted to cry and scream at katsuki for being a coward and a thick faced. A coward who can't event tell his friends except kiri who happened to discover them so katsuki had no choice but to admit their relationship.
A thick faced for even having the audacity to spout that nonsense in front of Izuku. He held back his tears. He was about to excuse himself when Kirishima holds his hand tightly to stop him from leaving. He was smiling at Izuku like he is giving him
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#bkdk #ktdk #bakudeku #dbdk #dabideku a/b/o angst

Soon to be A!PH! Katsuki knocked up his O!QL! Childhood friend, Izuku. Their relationship was just for them to relieve each other’s heats and ruts even though Izuku feels different towards the blonde.
Katsuki told the Izuku to abort the baby as he does not want any child weighing him down.

Izuku didn’t want to though, because the child is now the only family he has and he can’t lose it, even if it means losing Katsuki who was never really his in the first place.
So Katsuki told him, "Do what you want with the child but don't think and expect that I would want anything to do with that brat. I'm close to being a pro hero, deku. Having a child at this age would just weigh me down, I know that you know that."
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Yandere #bakudeku short I had in my old notes.

Katsuki can see the red strings of fate, it was a secret second quirk. He can see everyone's strings that connected to their soulmate.

He sees how his parents strings are connected to each other, they are fated. He sees how auntie
Inko's string is long and stretch to someone far away. To her husband abroad.

He sees how lovers that have been together for so long got seperate because they found those whose strings attached to their pinky.
He looks at his own, dark blue that just floats in the air. It connects to no one. He knows until the person reaches a right time, the string won't connect. He always hoped it was Deku. Nerd Deku that always followed him with sparkles in his eyes and high praise in his tounge.
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|| #spicyxmas @rhinkphan @spicymacaron ||

day three: toys 🧸 👀 #bkdk #bakudeku

katsuki had been told that they were going to put up christmas lights tonight. it meant no more decorating, so it worked out.

what he didn’t know was the the lights would be used in…other ways.
|| tags: nsfw, object insertion, improper use of christmas lights, rimming, festive and flavored lube, coming untouched ||

it started off so innocent. katsuki came in from patrol, saw that izuku had already gotten the lights out and ready, so they quickly went to work.
they started in the main room of the apartment, izuku gathering all of the strings and handing the bundles over to katsuki as he used Float to get to the highest points and wrap the lights around. honestly it was easy work, with more than 3/4 of the lights done after 1.5hrs.
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#chubbydeku2021 #BKDK #BakuDeku #KTDK

CW: Low self-esteem, slight angst with a happy ending, binge/comfort eating, sad Izuku

Day 1: Hard Work
Izuku almost squeaked when he entered the break room and saw his hot coworker Katsuki there. Out of habit he pulled his shirt further down over his belly, trying to hide it as much as possible. Not that a gorgeous and most of all /ripped/ guy like Katsuki would ever pay him
enough attention to notice, but he felt self-conscious enough to do it anyway. They’d been working together for almost two months now and Izuku could vividly recall the first time he had laid eyes on Katsuki.
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#dkbk #misunderstandings #happyending implied NSFW

Fresh out of UA, a guaranteed job at Endeavor’s agency, & with his green-haired fiancé by his side, Katsuki felt on top of the world. Nothing could bring down this high. Until he committed the biggest mistake of his life.
It was Mina’s idea that all of class 1-A and class 1-B go out for celebratory drinks now that the majority of them are of legal age. She reserved a couple of rooms at a karaoke bar that recently opened.
She exclaimed how it had good reviews, but what really won her over was the bottomless margaritas. Katsuki wasn’t much of a party person. He actually had plans of his own that included his adorable fiancé and some handcuffs.
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#bkdk #misunderstandings #lightangst #mpreg

Deku and Katsuki are debuting as sidekicks in Endeavor’s agency when Deku announces he’s pregnant. He gives the shock-shelled blonde the pregnancy test before telling him that he’s the father.
Katsuki looks down at the pregnancy test and glared at the little plus sign verifying that his lover is indeed with child. Deku expects panic, maybe even terror, but never did he expect the blonde to snap the pregnancy test in half.
He also didn’t expect the utter look of anger and disgust. Deku gulps, his palms beginning to sweat.


“You…” Katsuki whispers lowly. “You fucking slut.”
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#bkdk #bakudeku au

🏷️: cheating (not bkdk); PH!katsuki; parent!katsuki; QL!preschool teacher izuku; angst(?); fluff

pro-hero dynamight didn't have plans on having a family, but as they all say, "life is full of surprises."
he was now 28, happily married to pro-hero maboromacamie, and had a 4-year-old daughter named shimizu.

they were the picture of a perfect family, and even katsuki believed it – he knew it.

that was until he had his first meeting with shimizu's pre-school teacher.
"dynamight-san! it's good to finally meet you," the green-haired teacher greeted him.

"i didn't catch you last night. i'm midoriya izuku," midoriya introduced himself. "did you enjoy your date with your wife last night?"

"date?" the pro-hero asked and midoriya nodded.
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#BakuDeku #KacChaco
Tittle: Mistress by Law

CW: Cheating, betrayal, angst, hurt.

I'd like to thank those who sent me Kofi to fund the start of this thread. I just know I'm going to hurt myself while writting this.


Izuku is by all means is a hopeless romantic. He believes in destiny, in fate, in soulmates and secretly the red string of faith.

He grew up sheltered in a good and rich family. His mother and father were the picture of a perfect romantic couple before his father
died in a tragic accident. He grew up reading books on fairytales along with his mother that showed a prince charming saving a princess.

Izuku believed in love and Izuku had fallen in love.

In the spring of his 5th birthday he met his prince with fair skin and
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#Bakudeku thought I hope to expand one day.

Izuku is a male omega who had long had feelings for his childhood friend, prime alpha Katsuki.

He never told anyone of his feelings and had never confessed because he was a virgin male omega who was pretty much useless in everything.
When they both turned 22, Katsuki was suceeding in his every endeavor. Top graduate at a top university in Japan, starting up a company with his friends and hundreds of experienced omegas and betas alike aiming for him.

Izuku on the other hand was
Working at a flower shop near the building Katsuki and his friends were starting up their company. Never the less he was happy just too see the blonde alpha every now and then coming in and out the building.

One day while preparing a bouquet of red and pink roses for a customer
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