Israel is looking at unmanned armoured vehicles through its Carmel program. Developments are likely to feed into other AFVs already in service and provide a marker for other nations to gauge progress. #armour #tank #AI
The key will be ensuring responsiveness. Russia has reportedly trialled UGVs in urban situations alongside conventional forces. The operators struggled to fully appraise the battlefield and respond to situations in time. Not quite as easy as call of duty it seems
Another consideration will be cyber security - while likely to be controlled via a secure network these vehicles will need main mission computers that could be accessed during routine maintenance or through USB-style attacks. Ie the attack carried out on Iran #cybersecurity
One final consideration would be some form of remote self-destruct. The tech is only good as long as it is secret - if a vehicle was captured and reverse engineered the unique qualities of the vehicles would be lost and a new development could become necessary.
I recently wrote a story for @JanesINTEL about technology from @AitechDefense on this type of technology and the considerations around it. #cyber looks to be a big defence issue on the near horizon.

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23 Aug
Camouflage Concealment and Deception (CCD) - a thread: Ever looked at these types of things and wondered if they are any good? Or what impact they would actually have on formation survivability? The following is from the @JanesINTEL archive:
"CCD involves several techniques designed to work together: hiding a target to conceal its presence, blending it into the background, disguising its identity, disrupting its outline by changing regular patterns or features in the scene, and using false targets as decoys."
So - first off, the inflatable tanks are part of a system, not a stand alone thing. What is their goal? Simply put, reduce the probability of a successful engagement/weapons grade target info being shared. But you already know how good are they?
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20 Aug
Right-oh, so a few details on the @USMC tests of NMESIS - that unmanned JLTV thing with some lovely anti-ship missiles on the back in this @JanesINTEL article by @ashroque13:… Image
What did they do? “During the exercise, forward-deployed forces on expeditionary advanced bases detected and, after joint command-and-control collaboration with other US forces, responded to a ship-based adversary...
simultaneous impacts from multiple, dispersed weapons systems and platforms across different US services, including NMESIS, engaged the threat.” This seems to be key to the whole concept, and the pivot of the USMC.
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16 Jul
A thread on shaped charges, building upon yesterday's theme of ATGMs, which you can find here: Shaped charges are essentially a type of hollow charge explosive, designed to magnify the explosive's effects on a target.
A hollow charge is an explosive with a hollow cavity facing the target - this section can be a cone, hemisphere, or a number of other shapes. The cavity causes gaseous products formed during detonation of the explosive to focus, concentrating the blast's energy.
This is known variously as the Munroe Effect (US/UK) and the Neuman Principle (Ger). Munroe showed that the cavity would increase penetration into steel by printing 'USN 1884' into a charge and detonating it against steel.
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15 Jul
A little thing on ATGMs based on a past conflict. So, in 2006 the Israeli Defence Forces deployed Merkavas to Lebanon as part of Operation 'Change of Direction'. There, they were subjected to a very high number of ATGM attacks by Hizbullah.
The key points (if you don't fancy reading further) are that modern MBTs can have high levels of survivability against HEAT missiles even when penetrated. And, that small packets of armour are not a good thing to use against dispersed infantry - but you already knew that right?
In total, 50 Merkavas were successfully hit by ATGM/RPGs, which included Kornet-E, Metis-M, RPG-29, Konkurs and the good old Fagot. The Merkavas included the Mk 2, 3, and 4 in service from 83, 90 and 2001 respectively.
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15 Jul
Some artillery related things for your Thursday morning tea/coffee/energy drink: First up, @BAESystemsInc has revealed details of UK trials of its extended range 155 mm artillery round that were conducted last year:…
It offers a range increase over the current suite of ammo available to the AS90, and also provided a range in excess of 40 km with an L52 firing stand, showing it will be compatible with MFP.
Next up, the @USArmy is conducting final assembly of its first four ERCA prototypes. To date the service has been test firing an early version of the weapon that it dubs the XM1299 prototype zero.
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13 May
A little thread on the PLA's Xinjiang Military District (MD). Affiliated with the Western Theatre Command (WTC) as this Jamestown image shows. Primary role is likely related to internal security, but also with responsibility for defending against India. Image
It is thought to actually host more troops than the Tibet MD, around 70k vs 40k according to the Belfer Center. It is presumed that Xinjiang would be one of the first responders to support Tibet in the event of conflict with India because of this, along with the WTC.
ORBAT: Mech Inf Div, Armour regt, 2 x Inf regt, Arty regt, GBAD regt, 3 x Motorized inf divs, Arty bde, "high powered" arty bde, SOF bde, 2 x independent regts, 2 x border def regts. There is also a PLARF formation with DF-21 missiles based near Korla. Image
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