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Got my ticket to see @stavridisj at @BrevardCollege. He’s discussing #Ukraine #Russia. Will livetweet on this thread. Starts at 6:30 PM Eastern US time. #ncpol #wncpol #wnc @granthaver @ccotnoir @djrothkopf @brooks_rosa Image
“21 Century Geopolitics and Leadership, Admiral Jim Stavridis” @stavridisj @BrevardCollege Image
Sizable turnout at @BrevardCollege’s Porter Center to see @stavridisj Image
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NEW: Threat from #Iran, it's proxies "increasingly sophisticated & multi-dimensional...increasingly brazen" @TheJusticeDept's Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco tells @UANI's #Iransummit2022
#Iran efforts to develop & exploit networks in the #UnitedStates "is most concerning" per @TheJusticeDept's Monaco

"This is a threat that has evolved & increased"
#Iran brazenness evidenced by "this year alone, the disruption of 2 plots against Americans on US soil..." per @TheJusticeDept's Monaco, referring to plots vs @AlinejadMasih & @AmbJohnBolton
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Day 4, Session 2 of the #SpaceThreatsOEWG.

Exchange of views by Member States: 🧵
Live video feed here:…
Finishing topic 3, space-to-space threats.
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#SpaceThreatsOEWG Day 3, Session 2, exchange among Member States.

Follow live with this 🧵 by @JessLuella_West
#France draws attention to FALSE perception that some irresponsible practices might provide more advantages than disadvantages. Must deconstruct through transparency, cooperation, and commitments such as that regarding destructive DA #ASAT tests.
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🇺🇸🇨🇳 "Les militaires veulent encore des tanks et des navires qui ne servent à rien."

Le Français @NicolasChaillan a été conseiller #cyber du secrétaire à la Défense US et Chief Software Officer pour l'US Air Force/US Space Force. Confidences !

🇺🇸 "Le niveau de protection [infrastructures critiques] contre les #cyberattaques est proche de zéro. D'abord les USA comptent 600/700 entreprises de service assurant la distribution d'électricité ou de l'eau ; elles sont impossibles à auditer" @NicolasChaillan
🇺🇸🇨🇳 "Je suis persuadé que des #malwares chinois sont d'ores et déjà implantés dans le système de distribution électrique et que les Chinois peuvent appuyer sur le bouton quand ils veulent pour tout faire planter" selon @NicolasChaillan. #cyber
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#Algeria: Must go hand in hand with PAROS discussions

Need transparency and more ambitious confidence building measures. Particular responsibility of states with advanced capabilities to prevent PAROS.
#Algeria: Promote full access to technology through cooperation and tech assistance and capacity building in developing countries

Need to strengthen legal regime in outer space for a common future.
#NewZealand: Should not be focused exclusively on kinetic threats. Non-kinetic including #cyber pose significant threats and possible irreversible loss and damage to infrastructure on earth
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New: #Ukraine bracing for new round of #Russia|n cyber attacks targeting its energy, financial sectors, Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation Georgii Dubynskyi tells reporters
"We saw this scenario before-before the winter they [#Russia] are trying to find a way how to undermine, how to defeat our energy system & how to make circumstances even more severe for Ukrainians" per Dubynskyi
#Russia also trying to employ "precision" #cyberattacks

"Using social engineering & using some it's also possible #hybrid attacks as well" per Dubynskyi
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#Russia-#Ukraine - "This is the world's 1st #cyber war" #Ukraine Minister of Digital Transformation @FedorovMykhailo tells @BillingtonCyber via prerecorded video

"We repel 99% of #Russia|n attacks on a daily basis" he says
#Ukraine has a vision for an "army of drones" - "Drones are a game-changer" per @FedorovMykhailo

Fedorov says future wars will be fought more with drones than w/people
"#Ukraine has proved to be one of the world's strongest #cyber states" per @FedorovMykhailo, while also asking for continued support in a prerecorded video presentation for @BillingtonCyber
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Risk environment in #cyber "complex & getting more complex" @DHS_Policy Rob Silvers tells @BillingtonCyber
State of private-public partnership on #cybersecurity "strong but a lot more work needed" per @DHS_Policy

Says gvt needs to keep showing private sector the value of working w/it & that gvt response on #Log4J & w/#Russia-#Ukraine has made a strong case
.@DHS_Policy says you rarely see a private sector company get burned in #cyber by being transparent & working w/the gvt

Argues companies more likely to get hurt by not collaborating
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The future US gvt #cyber workforce could be in trouble - "We have a dearth of talent in the US" @NSAGov Deputy Director George Barnes tells @BillingtonCyber
"Nations in the #FarEast - we need them, they need us" per @NSAGov's Barnes on partnerships w/other nations re #cybersecurity
#Election2022 - "We are preparing & we're not doing it alone" per @NSAGov's Deputy Dir George Barnes

"Each time we are refining our formula" across the US gvt, he says "...getting better"
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"vermeidet jede seelische verfassung, in der ihr nicht sterben möchtet." Image
er starb 1277

orden der prediger (dominikaner)
- mir nicht der wichigste

- menschliche bedürfnisse #bio und psychische nöte #psy wandeln sich seeeeeeeehr langsam. aber soziale #struktur und die sie ermöglichenden #formen munter. TLP 2.032

#sozialarbeit als arbeit am sozialen
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🇫🇷 "Il y a un avant et un après 24 février. La question de la résilience du pays, en cas de conflit ou de choc majeur, préoccupe les militaires."

👇 Petit #tHREAD de l'interview du ministre des Armées @SebLecornu (@Armees_Gouv) par @Le_Figaro.…
🇫🇷 "Ne sollicitons pas les armées pour compenser certaines défaillances de notre société : quand j’entends [des] maires appeler les militaires à conduire les bus scolaires car nous manquons de conducteurs, c’est perdre de vue le sens profond de la mission initiale du soldat."
"En cas de menace hybride ou de crise, les réserves peuvent jouer un rôle majeur pour permettre aux armées de monter en puissance, y compris en suppléant les militaires d’active appelés à d’autres tâches." @SebLecornu @sarahelhairy @snujemengage
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Photo 🧵 1/👇Some facts about the #cyber company NSO Group: the maker of #PegasusSpyware, from the research for our latest visual in partnership with @alhaq_org, @BisanResearch, and #MindTheGap Consortium.
2/NSO Group and #PegasusSpyware continued...
3/NSO Group and #PegasusSpyware continued...
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“How to Get a Job in IT/Cyber”

The votes are in!

Out of 128 Votes:
86.7% voted for Home Labs, Blogs & Certs
13.3 % voted for Degree + Certs and that’s it.

Now here are some key takeaways:

#Job #employment #IT #cyber
While having certs, home lab experience and a blog will get you noticed, a degree can be of value due to the following reasons:
1. It required you to show up, work with others, complete work/projects and it develops soft skills that you wouldn’t get working by yourself.
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Les #deepfakes sont de + en + faciles à utiliser, et les #cyber criminels ne s'en privent pas. Petit tour d'horizons des risques, et quelques conseils pour les repérer dans ce thread ! 🧵(1/12) Image
Les démos de #deepfake de "simples" internautes font dire à certains que "l'on ne peut plus croire en rien". 👊Nous verrons à la fin de ce thread pourquoi il ne faut pas baisser les bras si vite... 🧵(2/12)
Pourtant, les arnaques au #deepfake explosent et le #FBI alerte sur la recrudescence de faux candidats usurpant l'identité de vrais profils intéressants pour l'employeur lors d'entretiens en #visio
🧵(3/12) Image
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Happening now: "We continue observing...agression in #cyberspace" #Ukraine @dsszzi Deputy Chairman/CDTO @VZhora tells @thecipherbrief's Cyber Initiatives Group

"We are facing a hybrid war...cyberattacks from the #Russia|n side...running simultaneously" w/kinetic attacks
"We continue registering new #cyber incidents almost every day" - 1,600 major incidents since start of year, per #Ukraine @dsszzi's @VZhora

Says #Russia appears to be developing new cyber wipers & trying to deploy them
#Russia "busy w/protecting their own" #cyber vulnerabilities due to actions of volunteer #cyber actors from around the world who have been motivated to take action, per #Ukraine @dsszzi's @VZhora
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🇫🇷 "Les Chinois espionnent à tire-larigot et s’en donnent à cœur joie en matière d’entrisme, de pénétration et de tentatives de captations."

Retour sur l'audition, du 13 juillet 2022, Stéphane Bouillon, Secrétaire général du #SGDSN, devant l'@AN_Defense.

"La menace a changé.

Les crises ont changé de dimension. Auparavant localisées et courtes, dites 'à cinétique courte', les plans étaient faciles, cela ressemblait parfois à un film américain avec une happy end."
"La crise du #Covid a bouleversé ce schéma. Les crises sont devenues de longue durée, généralisées, leurs effets sont très étendus sur nos territoires et au-delà."
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🇫🇷 "La première mission de la #gendarmerie nationale n’est pas d’arrêter les voleurs, mais de faire en sorte qu’il n’y ait pas de voleur."

Retour sur l'audition, le 27 juillet 2022, du général d’armée @Ch_RGZ, directeur général de la @Gendarmerie.

THREAD 👇 Image
"Un #gendarme est agressé toutes les 2 heures, et un refus d’obtempérer est enregistré toutes les 30 minutes. Les gendarmes ont également affaire à un 'forcené' au moins toutes les 48 heures." @Ch_RGZ Image
"Un hélicoptère a été touché par une balle Brenneke, ce qui a conduit à surblinder le dessous de nos hélicoptères. On s’attend moins à se faire tirer dessus en métropole qu’en mission contre des orpailleurs illégaux en Guyane, mais cela arrive." @Ch_RGZ
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According to @USTreasury, @TornadoCash was used to launder more than $7 billion worth of virtual currency since its creation in 2019, including $455 million stolen by the #LazarusGroup, a #DPRK state-sponsored hacking group in the largest known virtual currency heist to date.
Despite public assurances, @TornadoCash "repeatedly failed to impose effective controls designed to stop it from laundering funds for malicious cyber actors on a regular basis and without basic measures to address its risks," says @USTreasury Undersecretary Brian Nelson.
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"We used to always talk about super powers & I think we now live in a world where we need to talk about cyber powers" @Microsoft President & Vice Chair @BradSmi tells #AspenSecurity

"2 of the great #cyber powers in the world are #Russia & #China..."
"The United States is the strongest #cyber power of all" per @Microsoft's @BradSmi

"But what we're fundamentally seeing is #Ukraine in particular is Russia use its very sophisticated cyber capabilities to do 3 things..."
"One is support an invasion, including w/destructive cyber attacks" per @Microsoft's @BradSmi

"The 2nd is do what the #Russian gvt does year-in, year-out, which is very broad-based espionage & hacking, both of gvt & pvt sector"
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#Drone threat to the US - "We [US] have to think abt whether or not humans will remain in the kill chain bcs some of our adversaries have decided they will not & that the targeting will be done much quicker" House Intel Comm.'s @RepJasonCrow tells #AspenSecurity
Threat to US from drones-"How do we stop those drones before they ever launch?" asks @USSOCOM Commander Gen. Richard Clarke tells #AspenSecurity

"The cost for very very low" he says, adding there also needs to be discussion of norms for use of drones
#Chemcial-#Biological threat to US significant, even from non-state actors - "It's pretty simple to do" per @USSOCOM's Gen Clarke
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#Russia #cyber as part of war in #Ukraine - "We learned a lot" Deputy National Security Advisor of Cyber & Emerging Technology, Anne Neuberger tells #AspenSecurity

"At 1st we've seen several different variants of destructive #malware used...closely aligned w/its invasion"
#Ukraine - "They expected the incidents & worked closely to prepare for it," per Deputy NSA Neuberger

"We had teams on the ground from various agencies, virtually, & on the ground as well helping out"
#Russia's use of #cyber - "There are any number of theories for what we saw & for what we didn't see" per Deputy NSA Neuberger

Notes they didn't see more attacks vs allies supporting #Ukraine or on their critical infrastructure
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"In my view there has been more space given than I can remember for hate & the overt expression of it, & I am deeply concerned that the overt expression of hate propagates more hate" @DHSgov @SecMayorkas tells @AspenSecurity
"The expression of white supremacy, however odious we might consider it to be, is an ability that individuals have to express under the 1st Amendment" per @SecMayorkas

"It is the connectivity btw the expression of an ideology & violence that prompts our involvement"
#January6th - "I remain in disbelief that this country does not unify in condemnation of what happened on January 6th" per @SecMayorkas "That speaks of the acuity of the divide & why I consider it to be a concern"
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US, #Netherlands - "Our countries share a thirst for liberty" Dutch @DefensieMin @KajsaOllongren tells #ACFrontPage

#Russia's Vladimir #Putin is "tsar-struck" she says, and fears liberty
"#Ukraine can prevail w/our help... #Russia cannot win this war" per Dutch @DefensieMin @KajsaOllongren
The #Netherlands will be spending 2% of GDP in 2024 as pledged, per Dutch @DefensieMin @KajsaOllongren
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