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Artificial Intelligence & Health: On my way to a round table on how the UK should plan, manage and grow its capability. Let me know your views to share. #AI #health #ehealth #mhealth @OfficialNIHR @NIHRIOUK

My personal views in 4 tweets (I have many more shared over coffee!):
1) Create world leading annotated datasets (with the right governance) to build #AI tools to deliver value back to the #NHS these are vital to ensure the quality of outputs and also dataset for us to standardise understanding effectiveness. A #UKBioBank for data?
2) Use these datasets to create a world leading regulatory environment to ensure value back to the #NHS The lack of regulation of AI prevents it being used in the #NHS before we even start with local implementation and change management (which is vital).
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As part of my resolutions for 2019, I want to think more critically about the papers I'm reading. I'll start with "When Will AI Exceed Human Performance? Evidence from AI Experts" (

#AI #predictions #paperreview
The paper "When Will AI Exceed Human Performance? Evidence from AI Experts" analyses predictions about progress in AI from researchers who published at the 2015 NIPS and ICML conferences. Only a quick survey was used to gather the data.
A quick survey does not evoke thoughtful forecasts. It provokes fast thinking and sampling from intuition. Daniel Kahneman's "Thinking fast and slow" provides ample examples of how fast thinking is skewed by bias.…
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short thread on books I have read, starting with sometime late 2017...
1. The Asshole Survival Guide. @work_matters's sequel to his blockbuster bestseller, "The No Asshole Rule". A depressing read when you realize how toxic some workplaces can be.
2."Black Money and Tax Havens", by Prof @rvaidya2000 - a short, breezy window into the world of black money. Again, a somewhat depressing read when you realize how weak the intent and how inconsequential the efforts into rooting out black money have been.
#books #ReviewInATweet
3. "Aadhaar: A Biometric History of India's 12-digit Revolution", by @ShankkarAiyar
Perhaps the first comprehensive account of Aadhaar's birth & its midwives. Insightful a/c into how the world's largest & most intrusive, privacy-destroying scheme came to life.
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A longish thread about why fears of the AI apocalypse are way overblown, why these scenarios appeal in particular to a certain kind of narcissistic man, and what to do about it. 1/15
The near-panic that many people—from Stephen Hawking to Elon Musk to Nick Bostrom—have expressed about the possibility of the machines "taking over" or killing off humanity is actually a *displaced anxiety* about the collapse of the distinction between humans and machines... 2/15
...underpinned by three further assumptions: a Darwinian view of nature (including human nature) as an inherently rapacious force; the belief that "the most intelligent wins"; & the idea that humans are the most intelligent creatures, which is why humans have been "winning" 3/15
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High-Performance Medicine: my @NatureMedicine review of #AI and where we're headed…
(open-access for 30 days)
The pervasive impact of #AI across all clinicians and throughout the lifespan
Eventually a virtual health coach will be built with extensive multi-modal inputs
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From 10y ago…

Recessions clean up the noise in the #market and are a great opportunity to rethink assumptions, spot where the real value is, and build for that.

A storm is coming, better learn to fly! 🚀
#Apple built the most successful business of all time around a mega hit product 📱

Saturation comes now in the verge of an economic slowdown that will clear the way for the next big revolution. And someone will surely bring spot the opportunity 💡

It may just not be Apple.
#iPhone launched just before a crisis that brought down the incumbents (Nokia, Motorola, Alcatel, Ericsson) and ate the PC 💻 , started a whole App economy and changed the world 🌎

I think #AI is that next big thing, it’s already here and will be the platform to build upon.
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The #93Society is everywhere & in your face.
@quinnmichaels shows us the latest example here:
Amazon's (Jeff Bezos - go figure) new show is just another way to leave their mark
9/3 23 7 all numbers of significance to them
#Q #Qanon #TheRealQ

Was watching an old Geraldo Rivera (1985ish) show about #SRA, and one of the featured stories was abt a horrendous satanic murder that happened in this apartment: They made sure to show the apt #
There are 93 US District Attorneys

The CERN logo = Three 9s

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THREAD: I ask Amazon Alexa’s #AI #chatbot about Republicans, Democrats, Trump, Obama, even Rush & @seanhannity The answers are funny, bizarre, and yes, biased against conservatives. For perspective, please read thoughts at end. Here, Alexa suggests Rs are SNL characters 1/12
I ask about @realDonaldTrump and Alexa compares him to @BillGates and then shames homeless people. 2/12
When I ask about #RushLimbaugh the chatbot basically tries to convince me that @seanhannity @glennbeck & Rush are not too bright. This is clearly a specific choice to fit a narrative. 3/12
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President poised to sign bill creating quantum computing initiative

(When combined with self-learning AI, this technology can be wonderful... or downright terrifying.)…
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Claas Relotius (na foto), 33, é um premiado repórter alemão. Foi demitido da @DerSPIEGEL em 19/12. Descobriram que inventava até os diálogos de suas matérias para a Spiegel, e também Süddeutschegazin, Financial Times Deutschland, Die Welt e Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung
Lembra muito o caso Jayson Blair, do @nytimes. Só que dessa vez o caboclo é branco e europeu. Premiadíssimo. De freela passou a editor na Spiegel. Anotem: não é o único. Trabalhei em algumas das mais importantes redações do Brasil, como editor e repórter: vi vários assim.
Qual é a solução, quando até mesmo o jornalismo profissional das mais importantes redações do mundo inventa histórias, como o mais canalha dos blogueiros ou Youtuber? Leitores mais preparados. Com um olhar mais crítico. Já não basta a mediação e curadoria. É preciso saber mais.
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Today @CenDemTech is putting out its proposal for federal privacy legislation. You can read more here, but I wanted to share a few personal reflections:… 1/12
"Privacy" is not a good word for what we're talking about anymore, but we seem stuck with it. "#BigData" "#IoT" "#AI" have changed the game, but folks too often take a narrow view of privacy. This was on full display at the FTC's discussion on #adtech:…
See Howard Beales: "There are discrimination problems out there in the world. There’s no doubt about that, but they are discrimination problems. They are not privacy problems." He's not wrong, but he's not right, if that makes any sense. 3/12
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1/ I have been asked by many people how I managed to be accepted to @MILAMontreal after two years of trying. Here's my story. Last year I reached out to a new prof at MILA and I audited their class.
2/ They were interested, but when I applied, the semi-automatic system from MILA admission rejected me almost instantly because of my GPA. The admission completely ignored my 6 publications in child #psychology, 2 of which are #statistics paper where I'm first author.
3/ It frustrated me and it still does that this wasn't considered as relevant. Research is research, and research skills are easily transferable from a field to another. People are obsessed with labels and boxes and I didn't tick the correct #AI box.
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Next up at #AIEthics is a panel on Public Engagement. Feat @stephenjcave @sarahcastell, Kate Coughlan, BBC, @DrDihal, Jessica Montgomery, Royal Society and @HughMilward 1/
'how would you define #ai to a friend', lots of accurate answers, but many emotive 'scary robots' 'computers doing things to you, I had it' 2/ #AIEthics
That from @stephenjcave quoting survey by Kate (I think) 3/ #AIEthics
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@phenrikand 1/ I’ve been in the digital cash and eMoney space since 1999 for co-design It was centralised command control money digital USD on an EMV card where the backend -> every transaction traced & tracked by float manager @jpmorgan debitcard ATMs via @Mastercard
@phenrikand @jpmorgan @Mastercard 2/ Every Navy base & every ship in a flotilla was like an island🌴 at sea (at any point in time it could have only local and no or limited comms back to treasury) Similar to today’s offchain and onchain networks eventually reconciliation would happen. DoubleSpends manual captured
@phenrikand @jpmorgan @Mastercard 3/ Proof of Work Blockchains tend to centralisation. The top5 PoW 💥 Blockchains generally work 💪and have a huge bounty on their embedded value across their networks PoS and others not so much
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The tragedy in France with the #GiletJaunes protests is that there is still an expectation from the protesters and their supporters (a majority of The French) which still look up to the government for a solution to job insecurity and seem to hold them accountable for it (1/7)
#giletsjaunes on one hand completely fail to realise that Globalisation and Capitalism operate on a global scale and cannot be tackled at a national level let alone by the government. However, the French Government has a dual responsibility in the emergence of the movement (2/7)
On one hand it cultivates its centrality in the economic affairs of the country including on innovation. The Villani report on #AI on which it hyper communicated is best left to the private or academic sector. By doing so it fosters an illusion of its power and omnipotence (3/7)
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.@mchartung in Wien über Probleme der Juristenausbildung: „Lawyers learn much about law, but nothing about lawyering.“
„Wir können nicht Zukunft - wir können nicht sagen, was morgen sein wird. Wir denken immer nur Heute+.“ @mchartung @bucerius_law
„Kanzleistrategien sind oft wie Maginot-Linie - wir verteidigen uns gegen die Gefahren der Vergangenheit.“ @mchartung @bucerius_law
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scroll to pg 27/28 Human Fetal Tissue Research #Obama announced his intention to launch a Precision Medicine Initiative #PMI 2015
ATTN: #whitehats #QAnon #Q
2) @AllofUsResearch…
NIH, as a federal awarding agency, is responsible to Congress and the U.S. taxpayer for carrying out its mission
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0/ A massive 24 hours in the world of #crypto and #blockchain.

To help you stay on top of it all, I've put together this thread. Just doing my bit to make your day a bit easier!
1/ 👾 @TRONFoundation [ $TRX ] revealed it will be establishing a #blockchain game fund dubbed #TRONArcade. Up to $100M committed for use over the next 3 years!

Click through to learn more about #TRON's plans to build out the blockchain game ecosystem.…
2/ 🧸 U.K.-based @CryptoKaijuIO, a startup offering designer vinyl toys that are traceable on the #Ethereum #blockchain as an NFT, has officially launched.

The first kaiju, Genesis, is now selling for $55. Check it out!…
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#huxleysummit - @joswinson argues for a code of ethics for #AI. I absolutely agree. But how do we hold people to it? Last week's #CUKC roundtable tackled this. Conclusion? No conclusion. Because competing interests of business, academia, and law-makers mean it's hugely difficult.
There are several approaches: I'd love to see an external ethics review conducted for any project (academic or commercial) using human participants or human data. Academia already does this but businesses are reluctant as their research is confidential/sensitive. #huxleysummit
We could try an ethics charter along the lines of equality charter/Athena SWAN, where businesses/research groups voluntarily sign up to a code of conduct. But, as @julianhuppert said at #CUKC, who funds this? Who evaluates it? #HuxleySummit
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I saw this Ad on the tube for Babylon Health GP app. So, I took a quick look. FIVE embedded trackers - Facebook Login, AppsFyer, Mixpanel, Google Firebase, Google Crashlytics

Privacy policy here
"We work with partners who provide us with analytics and advertising services (for our services only and not for third party advertising).” …
"This includes helping us understand how users interact with our services, providing our advertisements on the internet, and measuring performance of our services and our adverts”
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Fishing boats to small stores, @amazon will stop at nothing to win in India #DesigningTomorrows #design #hcd #retailfutures #Retail #localization #india
#Trends #Retail A large Indian FMCG company, #Marico using #MachineLearning & #Analytics to grow not only their own business but helping their distributors grow simultaneously #DesigningTomorrows #RetailFutures #AI #ML…
#Trends #Retail Brick & mortar retail is having a moment. @Fahrenheit212 What can we learn from the successes and make it a movement. written by @#DesigningTomorrows #RetailFutures #Storytelling…
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0/ Investors breathed easier today as the price of large-cap digital assets like #bitcoin [ $BTC ] and #ether [ $ETH ] managed to hold steady.

Whilst many were glued to the charts, I was trawling through the interwebs for the latest from the world of #crypto. You're welcome 😉
1/ 📣 Fresh from launching v1.1.3 of its #mainnet, @NULSservice [ $NULS ] detailed the design architecture of NULS 2.0 in the below 23-page paper.

Allows #NULS to be more than just the underlying infrastructure of the #blockchain. Many more uses to come!…
2/ ⛏️ @UbiqSmart [ $UBQ ] has successfully hard-forked to #Ubqhash.

Having done so, Ubiq is now decoupled from #Ethash and, thus, is no longer vulnerable to rental hash attacks. This marks the first time an #Ethereum fork has forked to a PoW mining algorithm.
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✨🧠 The ecosystem that has grown up around @TensorFlow in the last few years blows my mind. There's just so much functionality, compared to some of the other, newer frameworks.

👉Consider this an ever-expanding thread for me to take notes + wrap my brain around products. Ready?
1) @TensorFlow Extended (TFX)

It's no secret that I 💕 #TFX and all of its tooling for deploying machine learning models into production. If you care about keeping your models up-to-date and monitoring them, you should check out the product + its paper.
2) @TensorFlow Hub

If you want to train your model on a small data set, or improve generalization, you'll need to use something called transfer learning. #TFHub modules make it easy—and are available in an #OSS marketplace:

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