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1) Introducing Proof of Intelligence - a groundbreaking consensus mechanism used in the #Bittensor network that rewards valuable nodes contributing high-quality #MachineLearning models. It's designed to incentivize efficiency and collaboration within the network. #AI Image
2) Unlike traditional consensus mechanisms like #PoW & #PoS, #ProofOfIntelligence relies on nodes performing #MachineLearning tasks instead of solving complex math problems. This ensures more valuable participants are rewarded for their intelligence with $TAO tokens.
3) @bittensor_ network measures contributions by calculating individual scores, which are then used to assess the value & achievements of each participant. The goal? Encourage cooperation and discourage malicious activities.
$TAO #AI #blockchain
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Did you know you can use ChatGPT to summarize your (online) meetings?

With @LangChainAI, and a couple of lines of code, you can!

Let me show you how in 6 simple steps🧵

#AI Image
Before we dive in, this is day 2 of my '7 days of LangChain'.

Every day, I'll introduce you to a simple project that will guide you through the basics of LangChain.

Follow @JorisTechTalk to stay up-to-date.

If there's anything you'd like to see, let me know!

Let's dive in:
High level overview of what's happening:

1️⃣ Load your audio file
2️⃣ Speech-to-text with Whisper
3️⃣ Split the transcript into chunks
4️⃣ Summarize the transcript

Let's dive into the code ⬇️ Image
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There's no news of #Modi's visit to the #US when you turn on #CNN on TV in India.

So I looked up #NBC online.

I had to scroll past 11 screens to find any news of Modi's visit.

#XiJinping, on the other hand, was on the first screen.

These are the first six screens.

(1/) ImageImageImageImage
Things more important than #Modi to the #USA:

1. Missing #titanicsubmarine
2. #Biden calls #Xi a dictator
3. Two people killed in #Georgia
4. Charges against #HunterBiden
5. Sweltering heat in #Texas
6. Judge strikes down #Arkansas ban on transition care for minors

(2/) ImageImageImageImage
7. House vote on impeaching #Biden
8. Supreme Court #Alito
9. Limit #Chinese purchase of #US farmland
10. #Sanders to investigate #Amazon safety record
11. NH senator assaults employee
12. #Iowa building collapse
13. #Idaho man shoots 4
14. US ranks 43rd on #gender parity

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老外用以下8个 #AI 工具的免费模式,制作出油管30万的播放,预估单条收益:±300-900U💥

我们来看看他用的是哪些工具、AI变现方法论又是什么样的,以及5万粉的 AI 动画舞蹈UP主的流量。
1⃣ 从0制作AI舞蹈用到的8个工具:

1. D-ID
2. Fliki
3. Astria
4. Peech
5. HeyGen
6. Synthesia
7. Pollinations
8. Xpression Camera

2⃣ 做油管的思路很简单,就是想办法提高播放量;


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ChatGPT is great for creating plans.

But it can't use YouTube videos as a knowledge base.

With @LangChainAI, you can!

I've used the @thedankoe's YouTube video on '4-hour workdays' and let AI create a detailed plan.

Let me show you how you can do it too, in just 8 steps.

#AI Image
Before we dive in, this is day 1 of my '7 days of LangChain'.

Every day, I'll introduce you to a simple project that will guide you through the basics of LangChain.

Follow @JorisTechTalk to stay up-to-date.

If there's anything you'd like to see, let me know!

Let's dive in:
A high-level overview:

1️⃣ Load the YouTube transcript
2️⃣ Split the transcript into chunks
3️⃣ Use a summarization chain to create a strategy based on the content of the video
4️⃣ Use a simple LLM Chain to create a detailed plan based on the strategy.

And now for the code ⬇️ Image
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🚨 GPT-4 has outperformed human entrepreneurs in a pitch competition! Investors and business owners found GPT-4 generated pitch decks to be more compelling, convincing, and of higher quality than those created by humans. #GPT4 #pitchcompetition

A quick recap👇 Image
🤖🤯 This game-changing solution not only saves time in creating a pitch deck but also has the potential to be a highly lucrative option. Entrepreneurs should consider using GPT-4 to increase their chances of securing funding and impressing investors. #AI #investing #funding
💡The implications are clear: if you want to captivate investors, you should reconsider writing your own pitch decks. GPT-4 has unveiled a groundbreaking opportunity to disrupt the traditional approach to securing funding. #Pitching #Investment
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𝐅𝐑𝐄𝐄 𝐂𝐲𝐛𝐞𝐫𝐬𝐞𝐜𝐮𝐫𝐢𝐭𝐲 𝐂𝐞𝐫𝐭𝐢𝐟𝐢𝐜𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 𝐢𝐧 𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟑 :
𝐁𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐢𝐧𝐭𝐨 𝐜𝐲𝐛𝐞𝐫𝐬𝐞𝐜𝐮𝐫𝐢𝐭𝐲

#Infosec Thread
Cybersecurity is a rapidly growing field, and the demand for qualified professionals is high. A cybersecurity certificate can help you gain the skills and knowledge you need to start a career in this in-demand field.
Here are some of the benefits of getting a cybersecurity certificate:

1. Increased job opportunities
2. Higher salaries
3. More job security
4. Personal satisfaction
5. Addition To Your Knowledge
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Bessemer Venture Partners is investing $1 billion in #AI because they believe it will fundamentally change the way billions of people work, creating trillions of dollars in value. This is a seismic shift with enormous potential! @BessemerVP
1/4 Image
Sameer Dholakia, a partner at Bessemer, predicts that AI adoption will be mind-blowingly fast and easier to adopt than previous platform shifts like the cloud. They predict many winners in the AI landscape, with growth in verticalized LLMs specialized for specific tasks.
Bessemer's portfolio companies, Jasper and DeepL, are already using generative AI and scaling quickly. Other portfolio companies have adopted AI into their products, like Intercom's Fin using GPT-4, Ada's integrated chatbot, and Canva's five generative AI-based products.
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🚀 In the Age of AI, personalized customer experiences are crucial for competitive advantage. Companies like Home Depot, JPMorgan Chase, and Starbucks are leading the way. #CustomerExperience #AI #Personalization @HBR

A quick recap🍿👇 Image
📈 Competitive advantage is based on the ability to capture, analyze, and utilize personalized customer data at scale. AI is the key to understanding, shaping, customizing, and optimizing the customer journey. #Data #AI #CustomerJourney
💡 Brands like Sweetgreen and Stitch Fix have designed transformative first-party, data-driven experiences as well. Personalization is the design target for every touchpoint. #ChallengerBrands #Personalization #DataJustice2023
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RED ALERT: Buyers, armed with AI Agents, disrupt Marketers, Search, & Ecommerce.

Here's my key slide from my speech:
"How Marketers Can Win when AI Leads Buyers"

As AI matures and guides human buying decisions, it's will disrupt search and e-commerce.

#AI #marketing Image
2/ Don't take my word from it, here's what Bill Gates said in spring 2023:

"Whoever wins the personal agent, that's the big thing, because you will never go to a search site again, you will never go to a productivity site, you'll never go to Amazon again" Image
3/ Awareness Stage: In the near future, people will ask their AI to understand their needs. Further down the line, AI could even take the initiative to educate users. For instance, an AI might propose a health-conscious meal plan based on your individual data.
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🧵Nowe #AI badanie od @Capgemini na temat generatywnej sztucznej inteligencji:

- 73% osób ufa treściom napisanym przez AI
- 67% osób wierzy, że porady medyczne od AI mogą być pomocne
- 53% osób zaufa poradom finansowym od AI

Wysoki poziom znajomości AI i zaufania.

1/11👇 Image
Największy poziom zadowolenia dostarcza korzystanie z chatbotów (89%), generowanie zdjęć 60% Image
Poziom zaufania w różnych grupach wiekowych ten sam - wysoki Image
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现在币圈和 #AI 结合的大进展终于来了!#ChatGpt 能与 #DefiLlama 连接,所有相关数据,可以用中文直接查询并让AI帮你总结!🚀




→点击左下角头像旁的三个点→ Settings

→选择Beta features→勾选Plugins

→回到GPT-4页面→Plugins→Plugin store中下载DefiLlama后即可开始使用

(1/6) ImageImageImageImage

1/ 获取协议的详细信息并直接总结



(2/6) ImageImage
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🔥学会后,从此Excel在你手里就像玩具一样 #AI
1⃣ 登录,将你的数据拖放到CSV(如视频所示)

· Facebook Ads
· Google Sheets
· Mailchimp
· Twitter
· Snowflake
2⃣ 使用AI数据分析器, 它会以任何你想要的方式分析你的数据,比如:

· 趋势分析
· 创建任何图表
· 数据机构
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Have you heard about Otter: A Multi-Modal AI Model with In-Context Instruction Tuning? This cutting-edge model leverages a large-scale dataset called MIMIC-IT to achieve state-of-the-art performances in perception and reasoning benchmarks. @Microsoft @NTUsg #AI
🤖 Otter is not your average AI model. With 2.8 million multimodal instruction-response pairs, Otter demonstrates remarkable proficiency in multi-modal perception, reasoning, and in-context learning. It effectively aligns with the user's intentions. #MultiModal #AI Image
📈 The MIMIC-IT dataset, instruction-response collection pipeline, benchmarks, and the Otter model are all available for use. This means that Otter can be applied to a variety of industries, from healthcare to finance, to improve perception, reasoning, and planning. #DataScience
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🚨Google Shopping recently introduced a new feature that uses AI to model clothing on different body types! This virtual try-on experience allows you to see how an item of clothing will look on a diverse range of models with various skin tones, ethnicities, and body shapes!
According to Google's shopping data, 59% of online shoppers are disappointed with a clothing purchase because they expected it to look different on their bodies. 😞 But with this new feature, you can visualize what an item of clothing will look like before you buy it!
This feature can be a game-changer for online shopping. The AI model used is trained to realistically depict how an item of clothing would look on different models, regardless of what angle or pose they're in.
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Supply: 500 (1/1s)
Price: FREE MINT 🐸
Style: AI Colorized Tintype Photo

This collection depicts a world where Pepe lives in Ancient Rome at the epitome of classical civilization;

Like/Retweet For the Culture 🫡
Mint Details and Info 🧵👇…
1. "The Roman Empepire" is a collection of 500 unique (1/1) colorized tintype photographs of Pepe in Ancient Rome. This series offers a unique and intriguing glimpse into a possible past where Pepe existed and influenced every aspect of life in the Glorious Roman Empepire.
2. Each NFT has been generated using AI (Midjourney V5.1) using various photography styles and prompts. The use of AI allows for the creation of unique historic meme-art photography that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to produce.
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AI and Safety:

@owasp has released a list of the top 10 most critical vulnerabilities found in artificial intelligence applications based on large language models (LLMs).

These vulnerabilities include prompt injections, data leakage, and unauthorized code execution.

A 🧵

#AI Photo by Pixabay from Pexels
1. Prompt injections:

This involves bypassing filters or manipulating the LLM using carefully crafted prompts that make the model ignore previous instructions or perform unintended actions.
2. Data Leakage:

Data leakage occurs when an LLM accidentally reveals sensitive information through its responses. #cybersecurity
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【不用会后悔!超级好用的7个ChatGPT的Chorme插件】#AI #ChatGPT





🧵 Image

ChatGPT for Google:

通过此扩展功能,可以在谷歌搜索中快速整理多个网页的集成信息并回复你,提高搜索效率。 Image

Web ChatGPT:

解决ChatGPT只能使用2021年以前的数据的问题,让ChatGPT能够提供2021年后的信息,改善搜索能力。 Image
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5 Midjourney Pro Tips

I did me a lovely little poll and you all asked for general / technical tips, so here it is, lovies.

Some of these a quite basic but they are what help me the most for quality and workflow.

Do us a favor, like and RT this, my lovelies.

#ai #MidjourneyAI Image
1 - Get to Q5

You may notice that in other people's prompts they have --q 5 instead of --q 2, and further, that if you try to add this to your prompt, it will get overridden.

To fix this you can specify the higher quality with the "/prefer suffix new_value" command. Image
2 - Blend better

If you set your quality settings as seen on #1, this will also effect the quality of /blend command as well.

I didn't know what to put here as a picture, so enjoy this picture of a duck. (prompt in the alt) 🤷‍♂️ a happy cute pixar duck --v...
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Ahoy #oceaners 👋

I thought to make all of your weekend more fun and exciting , so, The 2nd part of the @oceanprotocol megathread is here !

Grab an espresso or cappuccino or whatever drink you prefer and enjoy the beauty of what $ocean has created .

#web3 #AI #DataScience Image
In the previous megathread , I explained why we need to actually share data as it will bring a lot of value to humanity and lead to an acceleration in advancement of #AI . I also explained the glorious $ocean data market and how beautifully the way it functions .
I solely don't believe in this, even the World economic forum praised the work of @oceanprotocol by awarding them with the World economic forum Technology pioneer award and we also have big organisations like German central bank, @Unilever , Daimler-Mercedes Benz Singapore ...
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🤖👨‍💻 The results are in! Github's survey of 500 U.S.-based developers at enterprise companies reveals the impact of AI on the developer experience. 92% of developers are already using AI coding tools both in and outside of work. #GithubSurvey #AI #DeveloperExperience Image
🛠️ Despite industry-wide investments in DevOps, waiting on builds and tests is still a problem. The most important thing for developers is the developer experience, which determines how efficiently and productively they can exceed standards and drive impact. #DevOps
💻 Developers want more collaboration and believe AI will help with this. 70% of developers believe that AI coding tools will offer them an advantage at work, with better code quality, completion time, and resolving incidents as some of the top anticipated benefits. #AI Image
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Yann LeCun, a true pioneer of AI, emphasizes the importance of Open Science in driving progress in AI. Let's dive into his insights on the Future of AI and why Open Science is crucial for its development. #YannLeCun #OpenScience #FutureOfAI Fireside Chat | Yann LeCun ...
🧐LeCun believes that the future of AI lies in developing systems that can learn from fewer examples and generalize better. This requires a deeper understanding of the underlying principles of intelligence. #AI #Generalization #Intelligence
🤝LeCun created FAIR @MetaAI, a research organization within Meta, to make long-term investments in AI research at scale. He emphasizes the importance of open science in AI research, where researchers share their data and findings openly to accelerate progress. #Fair #OpenScience
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1/11: The use of #AI & machine learning (#ML) in financial services brings benefits, but also novel challenges & amplified risks. The question of whether AI can be managed through existing regulations or requires a new approach is crucial in ensuring the interests of the markets.
2/11: Achieving regulatory excellence in #AI regulation involves clear & transparent regulations, a risk-based approach, stakeholder engagement, science-based decision-making, regulatory cooperation, continuous improvement, flexibility, efficient processes & accountability.
3/11: The heterogeneity & constant evolution of #AI algorithms require multiple specialised regulatory agencies to effectively regulate their use. These agencies must build data science capacity, employ flexible strategies & remain vigilant in their regulation.
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