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Things are starting to change. What future do we want?

The political left and alt-right will use technology (incl. #AI/#AGI) & near-certain runaway #climate change. How to turn threats into opportunities? An intro to #ExtinctionRebellion research: 1/n
This film introduces a political theory on necessary conditions for climate mitigation (a.k.a.: "saving the world"). Let's call this theory "carbon language" until we find a better term. Don't worry, this thread will be short and easy to understand. 2/n
Indeed, this thread is entirely unscientific because science can tell us only how to save the world, not why. Why preserve life on Earth? Why live good lives? These are ethical questions; their answers depend on our values, and if we want to mitigate climate change, we will 3/n
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I had the opportunity to attend the #NATO-Industry Forum in Berlin yesterday and the day before, and to moderate the session on autonomy in warfare. A few observations (thread)
EU-NATO relations were a big topic, with lots of discussion of the European Defence Fund, PESCO, etc. Everyone, including EU commissioner @EBienkowskaEU and Gen Sec Stoltenberg emphasised that Europe's defence efforts are complementary and not in competition with NATO...
...and yet, the fact that this needs to be continuously emphasised at least points to some worries somewhere.
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New @theRSAorg publication out today. Ideas for a 21st Century Enlightenment. It is accompanied by a survey that shows deep pessimism about the future and a strong desire to reach beyond #Brexit…
75% see #brexit as distracting from other pressing issues - both remain and leave supporters agree. People do trust experts. But they want a greater voice and say themselves. Only 21% think Britain will be better in 2030 than today. And yet, we don't despair.
We propose a new way forward on education - @JulianAstle and @LauraJPartridge explore what education for enlightenment looks like - mission-led by teachers, parents, and communities.… #edutwitter #education
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Got a seat right in the front at #CSPC2018 @sciencepolicy for the panel on #NextGenCanScience (science and the next generation) feat enablers of trainees getting involved in #scipol @ChiefSciCan @McGill_VPRI @katemoran Stacey Robinson and @DanWicklum
#CSPC2018 @ChiefSciCan mentions #Budget2018 reinvestments of 2.8B$ to create more collaborative infrastructure in govt labs and beyond. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get things right and elevate Canada in science leadership 🙌
📣 All major equipment in federal labs will be part of a registry and be accessible to everyone ➡️ democratizing the infrastructure of #cdnsci - @ChiefSciCan #CSPC2018 @sciencepolicy
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On my way to @Die_Gruenen-#BDK18! I'll be sharing impressions so mute me now. It sure has a very democratic feel when most of party leadership ends up hanging out on a train platform in Bitterfeld due to changed train schedules.
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You don't understand anything until you learn it more than one way.
-Marvin Lee Minsky, American scientist, co-founder of @MIT 's AI laboratory

#DeepMoji #ArtificialIntelligence #AI #MachineLearning #ML #bullying #racism #socialmedia
Visit to play with phrases and help turn words into emotion.
@threadreaderapp please unroll. Thanks!
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Feel so lucky to have snagged a seat in the totally packed room listening to powerhouse @safiyanoble talking about her work at @Harvard @HarvardHistSci Department #criticalracestudies #tech #ai #algorithmicbias
Starting out with her insights about the combined racialization and hypersexualization of searches for black girls on google, @safiyanoble ties it into a much longer historical narrative about racism, sexualization, and oppression of black women and girls in the US
She goes on to talk about how so many black women, people of color, & white women were leading charge to connect the actions of Google & other info behemoths to this history, showing how these platforms were not neutral & how critical they were becoming to our political landscape
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Panel 2, on granting agencies and #citizenscience w/ @mgfortin_rd @NSERC_CRSNG + Ted Hewitt @SSHRC_CRSH + Serge Marchand @FRQS1 + Louise Poissant @FRQSC + Michael Strong @CIHR_IRSC #CSPC2018
#CSPC2018 @mgfortin_rd says #citizenscience and participative science is incredibly important. This isn't only including public in research, it's engaging communities who have knowledge incl #indigenous traditional knowledge.
... Current project ongoing, is a northern community that wants to better document the status of their natural resources (air quality, water) and to analyze the impact of #climatechange & other human impacts on these. There is added value to including these communities. #CSPC2018
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Translation Director-General Rytis Martikonis kicks off #TEF2018 here in Brussels. You can follow along on YouTube and @Slidoapp; just use our hashtag.
I‘ll be representing @EUInterpreters, talking about how interpreters use data & technology. (Come say hi!) Hoping to add to the momentum of the upcoming launch of the Knowledge Center. @CathyPe1971 @jhsaseta #1nt #scickci
Our moderator is @AnaGuerberof - kudos and good luck trying to tame hundreds of curious translators over two days! 😉 #xl8
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#CSPC2018 panel on #scienceadvice starts!

@DLEKirkwood chief scientist of @NRCan says issue is not do much making sure science is valued in govt (seems it is) but to ensure evidence is used in policy. Plus, policy is inherently quicker than science.

#scipol #canpoli #cdnsci
... The challenge for new science advisors and chief scientists is to ensure that the need for #EBDM in policy is understood across the department, across govt. #CSPC2018
#CSPC2018 Sarah Gallagher @csa_asc says building relationships btw scientists and policymakers (#scicomm skills helpful here!) is key
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Next panel @sciencepolicy #CSPC2018 on international science and Canada, global agenda for 2030. Gordon McBean starts us off with background on international consortia and meetings on this important topic. Need to bring stakeholders together for a global program
#CSPC2018 @wwatsonwright @OceanFrontier stresses there is only one ocean, where distinct bodies are connected. If we treat them separately and let borders define policy, we limit the impact our policies can have
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Il cancro rappresenta il paradigma dell'immortalità. Se nelle cellule sane esiste un meccanismo 'salvifico' di apoptosi, le cellule cancerose non vogliono morire. Mai come adesso ricerca e nuove tecnologie sono in grado di combattere ad armi pari. Quattro esempi. #OneGiantLeap
Cancer-fighting nanorobots programmed to seek and destroy tumors.
Study shows first applications of DNA origami for nanomedicine.

#cancer #nanorobots #nanomedicine #DNA #origami…
Google’s Machine Learning Model can Detect Cancer in Real-Time.

#cancer #MachineLearning #ML #ArtificialIntelligence #AI…
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"Can we save Earth?" A thread. Fun interview of #Schellnhuber, the leading #climate scientist, with digital-utopia-creating philosopher @richprecht (#AI:…). Worth your time content- and framing-wise, if you… 1/n #ExtinctionRebellion
...if you know German (else here a translation of notes I made towards the end to update you on the climate-debates State of the art in German media:
– A key reform of the political system worth debating would be to limit politicians' terms to 8 years, to incentivize them to 2/n
care about our not their future (see #Monbiot 2017:…).

– We're experiencing the paradoxon of being unable to go on and unable to get off.
-- Wir erleben eine Unmöglichkeit des Weitermachens und eine Unmöglichkeit des Ausstiegs.

– We live in a society 3/n
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This week @BBCTwo aired a 1 hr program on #AI for #healthcare,…
produced @teamWingspan @ArchieBaron, moderated by @FryRsquared, & brought to my attention by @pearsekeane. It didn't show in the US, so I am going to review a few key points here
First, the #AI hype from @babylonhealth, a symptom checker, which is a major focus of the documentary. A quote from their CEO:
[No you're not.]
Remember the paper the company posted on their website claiming their #AI it outperformed 7 doctors (and other claims). Well apparently that was submitted to peer-review @TheLancet and here is the preview:
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Saturday Keynote at #ODSCWest Carrie Grimes Bostock - Data Science & Automated Decision Making. Automation has inputs, model(s) and potential outputs for action.
What is the goal of your models? Interpretability is important, but not the only thing. Other measures exist, but understanding your model is important to prevent outcomes, override recommendations, and to connect models to other systems - or stacks of models & systems. #ODSCWest
Example: placing racks in the Santa Clara data centre. Considerations, restrictions on space, power, future use of space, etc. Also: People install racks. They need to be able to intervene based on info that the placement model doesn't have. #ODSCWest
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Just about to kick off the keynotes at #ODSCWest - also to come today: job fair, hands-on workshops & networking. First speaker: @karpathy
Key element of #AI is that neural networks are code. It's just written by machines - #Code2point). Still need to be maintained, develop tests, refactoring and organization. #ODSC
Need to set up unit tests for #AI neural networks. How to meet tests, tune dataset, tune model, tune optimization. #ODSCWest
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Now up: Zachary Brown, Lead Data Scientist at S&P Global on #DataScience and #OpenEducation for the enterprise. Dayjob: #AI, Sidehustle: building #digital skills using #opensource #ODSCWest @School_GC
#DigitalLiteracy - Why? Effective work today requires a lot of associated learning. @linuxfoundation @github #VersionControl #Visualization -- continuous learning is critical. Optimal tools & processes are probably not the ones you are using now (Matlab vs. Scikit-Learn)
Need an evolving understanding for what tools are available today to get your work done. If you want your business people to work with your #datascience team, they need to understand what data is and what it can do. Also helps to avoid chasing buzzwords and bling.
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Next up: Effective & ethical #AI design needs #HumanCentric #design w/ @JamesGuszcza - Data Science: written by Bill Cleveland in 2001 - coined the term. @BellLabs . Greater Statistics as a concept and going beyond. #ODSCWest
Need to think about #tech with #users to avoid #artificalstupidity (remember #unintentedoutcomes?) #HumanCentricDesign (See Don Norman - Design Everyday Things).
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Thread: Building an ethical foundation for the AI-driven future @PeriscopeData
First question: What value do you bring to your org. as a data professional? #techskills #businessoutcomes -- likely responses. Then Facebook & #unintendedoutcomes #ODSCWest
Industry starting to confront #ethics in terms of daily applications of #AI algorithms. #Bias based on data - in the case of courts, potentially hundreds of years of biased decisions as part of the training set.
"I'm just an engineer" not an appropriate response. People using #AI products might not understand what or how decisions and predictions are being made, but will be making real world decisions based on them. YOU and your team might be the only ones who do.
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Kicking off day 1 of #ODSCWest. I'll be tweeting through the next few days and pinging #GCDigital folks for interest or potential follow-up. #opensource #DataScience #openeducation @School_GC
First up: @asuonline will be hosting an educational analytics conference in March 2019 focusing on what we can learn from learner data and how to structure learning to better meet learner needs. #ODSCWest
#AI differential - being able to tailor products to specific users == better able to predict value to and from users. E.g. cost to deliver value to user vs. cost to company to deliver that value. Allows ruthless competitive focus - @DataRobot #ODSCWest
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THREAD: There’s lots of talks about artificial intelligence and ethics these days — how to come up with principles for the use of #AI, whether there should be binding laws regulating it or whether broader guidelines could be enough etc pp.
2/ I’d like to point you to an — overlooked, as often — academic paper that came out earlier this month. There’s lots of op-eds and papers written on the topic. No one has the time to read them all (and to be frank, many aren’t worth it.) This one’s different:
3/ The paper’s titled “Constitutional democracy and technology in the age of artificial intelligence” and it’s written by @PaulNemitz , a high-ranking European Commission official who was one of the architects behind Europe’s sweeping privacy law, the GDPR…
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La conférence @guildedesplumes a bel et bien commencé. Je partagerais ici mes impressions. (Et si vous trouvez des erreurs linguistiques, vous pouvez les garder… 😜) #plumesparis
C’est Alexandra Fresse-Eliazord que commence le partage : Quand ton discours est beau, mais l’orateur ne l’a même pas lu… 😢
Très bon conseil d’Alexandra : Ne copiez pas simplement les chiffres, travaillez-les, faites-les raconter une histoire.
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#ProtestNIPS I am starting this new hashtag. Please retweet if you are in support of @NipsConference changing its name. Looking for ideas on how to wear protest on our sleeves/carry signs throughout the conference. Ideas? We can't let the board get away with this shoddy treatment
Members of NIPS board: #ProtestNIPS: NIPS acronym encourages sexism and is a slur. Change the name - Sign the Petition! via @Change PS: added @GoogleAI image search to show how common usage of the word is at odds with professionalism of @NipsConference
A woman told me that a gun toting bro physically threatened her on @mxlearn over @NipsConference name change. Can the board realize how terribly clueless they are on stresses we face. Sign the petition #ProtestNIPS
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