@_journaling_ @misskeelahrose @readingquietly @jack I guess it wouldn't be. I see Keelah is still at it. I'm really tired of this and I'm sure my followers are, too, so let's wrap this up.

I'll do the condensed version, adding links so that there is no leap of faith involved.
@_journaling_ @misskeelahrose @readingquietly @jack I'll add a little commentary to that, because Keelah has given us something to unpack. Manipulative people tend to do that.
@_journaling_ @misskeelahrose @readingquietly @jack Keelah wrote a piece of flash fiction.

Formulaic: girl thinks dress will make her beautiful, cruel comment dashes her hopes.
@_journaling_ @misskeelahrose @readingquietly @jack Simon Henry tried to turn this into a revenge fantasy

by having the girl punch out the man who made the cruel comment. Keelah, to date, hasn't voiced any objections to that addition.
@_journaling_ @misskeelahrose @readingquietly @jack But logically, in the context of the story, this puts us on the brink of trouble, because the character appear to be inconsistent.

Is he a bastard or isn't he?
@_journaling_ @misskeelahrose @readingquietly @jack In real life, running around getting into fistfights with men who are being cruel is a bad habit for a woman to be in, because cruel men tend to be sadistic men. They enjoy inflicting pain and usually, they have a lot more upper body strength.

This is reality.
@_journaling_ @misskeelahrose @readingquietly @jack The protagonist is out on the street, alone, presumably at night if she's putting on something "slinky." Our bad guy could clobber her and vanish into the night, never to be seen again.
@_journaling_ @misskeelahrose @readingquietly @jack So, why doesn't be? Because it would be wrong? In the first tweet, the narrative has established that he is a bastard. Is he going to suddenly turn around and become civilized?

Not going to happen in real life, so it shouldn't happen in the story.
@_journaling_ @misskeelahrose @readingquietly @jack I expanded on the story.

Instead of rejecting the "gift" given to us by the last line in Keelah's story, and mysteriously humanizing the guy, I decided to make him worse, into a blandly violent narcissist.
@_journaling_ @misskeelahrose @readingquietly @jack If one reads the story with an open mind, one can probably see what I'm satirizing without much difficulty.

But open minds were not to be found on that day.
@_journaling_ @misskeelahrose @readingquietly @jack Somebody named Cheyenne Bramwell assigned herself the right to tone police a piece of satirical horror fiction.

Let us add, as a continuation of a piece written by somebody who regularly writes horror, herself.
@_journaling_ @misskeelahrose @readingquietly @jack I told her why her position was an unreasonable one

I also gave names to the characters, and told her why the characters had those names.
@_journaling_ @misskeelahrose @readingquietly @jack Simon Henry had written the second tweet, in which the heroine punched the villain. He tagged Cheyenne Bramwell in that tweet, before she showed up and try to do the tone policing.
@_journaling_ @misskeelahrose @readingquietly @jack They seemed to be there together, as friends, joined together in their love of Political Correctness, something that has no place in any real writing, or much of anything else.

I decided to mock them both and announced that attention.
@_journaling_ @misskeelahrose @readingquietly @jack The imperiled heroine was named "Cheyenne Henry" - I took @PoemsByCheyenne's first name and appended it to her friend's last name.

The dangerous manic she encountered was "Simon Bramwell" - his first name, followed by her last name.
@_journaling_ @misskeelahrose @readingquietly @jack @PoemsbyCheyenne I spelled out what I was saying, carefully, because those two were not the first wokies I ever ran into.

I told Cheyenne that I was not threatening her, I was mocking her.
@_journaling_ @misskeelahrose @readingquietly @jack @PoemsbyCheyenne Get the joke? Cheyenne could see something of herself in both the heroine / victim and the villain and so could her friend, if only she'd look.
@_journaling_ @misskeelahrose @readingquietly @jack @PoemsbyCheyenne It's a way of hinting that while the wokies are psychotic, they're more of a danger to themselves than they are to anybody else.

That, and a suggestion that Cheyenne's ego needed deflating.
@_journaling_ @misskeelahrose @readingquietly @jack @PoemsbyCheyenne She tried to tell me what I could write about and where, in space that wasn't hers, to begin with. So I told her where to get off, as was my right.
@_journaling_ @misskeelahrose @readingquietly @jack @PoemsbyCheyenne Cheyenne Bramwell responded to this by blocking me and trying to get a Twitter mob going.

Go there and see for yourself. Yes, she did try to convince people I was threatening her.

Keelah said otherwise, but as usual, Keelah is lying.
@_journaling_ @misskeelahrose @readingquietly @jack @PoemsbyCheyenne Keelah also has no way to salvage her position, because while her woke friends were talking about filing false police reports, trying to get the police to go after me because I wrote a story, and other people were talking about hiring "mercenary hackers", I was archiving tweets.
@_journaling_ @misskeelahrose @readingquietly @jack @PoemsbyCheyenne Not just mine. Theirs, too. Including the ones about getting the writing community together to take part in an act of directed harassment, in direct violation of Twitter's TOS.
@_journaling_ @misskeelahrose @readingquietly @jack @PoemsbyCheyenne Just put archive dot is in front of the url for any tweet in the discussion, and you should find everything, including the tweets that have since been deleted.

I guess Cheyenne thought I wouldn't know what she was up to, because she had me blocked.
@_journaling_ @misskeelahrose @readingquietly @jack @PoemsbyCheyenne Keelah Rose has offered elaborate conspiracy theories about hidden accounts I've been using.

The reality was that I just used incognito mode, both to view and to archive. It's easy. No alts needed.
@_journaling_ @misskeelahrose @readingquietly @jack @PoemsbyCheyenne Keelah herself decided to get in on the backbiting, tossing in a little ableism (anti-disabled bigotry)

got a rebuttal

and is now whining about the fact that she got a rebuttal.
@_journaling_ @misskeelahrose @readingquietly @jack @PoemsbyCheyenne There's more to cover, including a deeply creepy moment in which she pretended to be there to help me, as she spoke to me by PM, while she was celebrating the backbiting elsewhere.
@_journaling_ @misskeelahrose @readingquietly @jack @PoemsbyCheyenne Caught being two faced, instead of having the decency to be embarrassed, she went on the attack.

Which might be why she didn't like the idea of a satire of narcissism, but that's her problem.
@_journaling_ @misskeelahrose @readingquietly @jack @PoemsbyCheyenne What kept coming out of what passes for a discussion in that mass of virtue signaling that Ms. Bramwell tried to start behind my back, was a refusal to distinguish between fiction and fan service, a refusal that Keelah pretends to support.
@_journaling_ @misskeelahrose @readingquietly @jack @PoemsbyCheyenne Her own initial story was mildly sad moment, not fan service at all, but one can see her here supporting the bizarre jump in logic that held that since a woman was being hurt in the story I wrote, that I must like the idea of women being hurt.
@_journaling_ @misskeelahrose @readingquietly @jack @PoemsbyCheyenne That is not how real fiction is written.

The author doesn't give the fans what they want or what he wants, he just follows the logic of the story to its natural conclusion, whether it's a happy one or not.
@_journaling_ @misskeelahrose @readingquietly @jack @PoemsbyCheyenne This is something that I shouldn't have to tell anybody, because this much is creative writing 101. But I have to keep saying it because Keelah Rose feels that she has the right to personally attack me, and not get a rebuttal.
@_journaling_ @misskeelahrose @readingquietly @jack @PoemsbyCheyenne As for why she's doing that - because Cheyenne has been kissing Keelah's enormous ass.

Just search under the names and see for yourself. It's true.
@_journaling_ @misskeelahrose @readingquietly @jack @PoemsbyCheyenne Keelah asked how I could have the time for the sort of thing, and the answer is "I don't."
@_journaling_ @misskeelahrose @readingquietly @jack @PoemsbyCheyenne Have you noticed how I stopped posting stories after that stupid drama? I spend maybe ... what ... 15 minutes writing the story? And how many days dealing the drama generated by Keelah and her fellow lunatics?
@_journaling_ @misskeelahrose @readingquietly @jack @PoemsbyCheyenne A drama generated by people who want to see self-expression controlled on Twitter in a way that even the old Soviet Union would have shied away from.

Even under Brezhnev, people were free to write stories.
@_journaling_ @misskeelahrose @readingquietly @jack @PoemsbyCheyenne But they really are not free to do so under Jack Dorsey.

If I have to go through all of this every time I post a piece of fiction, how much fiction do I have time to write? How much time should I want to take for that?
@_journaling_ @misskeelahrose @readingquietly @jack @PoemsbyCheyenne I dealt with the rumor mongering of Keelah and her psychotic friends, because it was there and I had to deal with it, but after that? No more fiction for Twitter. To Hell with that.
@_journaling_ @misskeelahrose @readingquietly @jack @PoemsbyCheyenne Which is exactly Keelah, et al., wanted, I think. These people want to get attention without doing much to earn it.
@_journaling_ @misskeelahrose @readingquietly @jack @PoemsbyCheyenne They could try to become better writers, but that would take work, thought and deeply altered assumptions. Or they could drive off others, and remain the big fish in a small, shrinking pond.

I think we can see which they chose.
@_journaling_ @misskeelahrose @readingquietly @jack @PoemsbyCheyenne Why fight it? In the short run, one ends up spending one's time with worthless people, doing that.

In the long run, people looking for fiction aren't going to be coming to Twitter. There will be no audience to lose.
@_journaling_ @misskeelahrose @readingquietly @jack @PoemsbyCheyenne Oh - I almost forgot. Keelah Rose's comedy routine ... I found this video

on her channel on Youtube. Starting at 4:40, you can hear her joke about her sexual successes with 6 year old boys.

I'm not making that up.
@_journaling_ @misskeelahrose @readingquietly @jack @PoemsbyCheyenne This, from the same woman who now wants to get self-righteous about the fact that in one of my stories, a woman suffered an injury that could probably be treated with a few stitches and a little scar gel.

Inflicted by a character who was portrayed negatively.
@_journaling_ @misskeelahrose @readingquietly @jack @PoemsbyCheyenne The best part? This is her actual defense of her jokes about sexually preying on children.

I'll quote, because this is a gem.
@_journaling_ @misskeelahrose @readingquietly @jack @PoemsbyCheyenne "But a guy like you who obviously has so much trouble distinguishing fact from fiction wouldn't get that."

This, from the same woman who insisted that I hated women, because one of my characters injured a woman. Look who's talking.
@_journaling_ @misskeelahrose @readingquietly @jack @PoemsbyCheyenne She just makes this stuff up, as she goes along.

Narcissists are like that.
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