My life has been so much more enjoyable and less stressful since I decided to really go hard at ignoring negative people and negative situations, only focusing on those with positive energy.

Try it!
I took some simple steps:

1. Don’t engage with negative comments, messages or news stories first thing in the morning - They start your day off the wrong way

2. Take a minimum of 24 hrs to reply to any person that has historically added negativity to your life. Slowly remove
3. Focus on positive people on social media and ignore those who discuss people, belittle others, complain too much or share too many negative stories

4. Ignore the haters

5. Don’t respond to every person in real life or social media - Attention-seekers like attention.
6. Share your truth and your experiences regardless of what negative comments will be made - Someone is going to benefit and be thankful.

That are who really matter. Pay it forward.

7. Make time to meditate each day with a quote that inspires you
8. Be mindful of the energy you inject into someone else’s day - Don’t be the rain cloud on their sunny day.

Don’t dump your problems on someone else if they haven’t agreed to play that role.

9. Be mindful of how you react to life happening to you
10. Use each negative experience as a learning experience and pretend like you fell off a bicycle - You wouldn’t stay down so figure out how to get back on and ride.

A glass half-full attitude goes a long way
11. Stop trying to coach people who don’t see you as a coach - It’s like banging your head against a wall.

Coach the ones who want to be coached and leave the others alone. They’ll find the right coach for themselves or join you later.

It’s like any product adoption curve
12. Accept that you can’t save everyone at the same time so focus on launching the first lifeboat. You can come back for more survivors on the second trip

13. Don’t feel bad for losing a “friend” now that you’re leveling up - They were never a true friend then
14. Project your self-worth and stop letting people walk all over you - Confidence matters

15. Say ‘No’ as a default answer until your stuff is running smoother

16. Be upfront about your current needs and work with people willing to help you accomplish the goals in the timeline
17. Unapologetically be you and don’t pretend to be anyone else - Authenticity always wins out and it’s easier to be yourself then pretend to be someone you aren’t because one day you’ll forget when to act the part
18. Be nice to strangers

19. Make more people smile, even at your own expense

20. Don’t hold unto past failures, grudges or hate - That eats at your soul so get rid of all of it fast after learning from the experiences

Hope this helps you

• • •

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