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25 Feb
I really look up to #SteveJobs and you can tell just by my bio and the quote I have in it.

He would have been 65 years old today so here are some of my favourite quotes from him that have helped guide my life and decision-making.
Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly, and get on with improving your other innovations - #SteveJobs
Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn't really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while. - #SteveJobs
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17 Nov 19
This session with an entrepreneur and his wife yesterday had my brain working ALL night and so I’ve decided to do a #thread without my super personal details.

This is a thread about #love and being an #entrepreneur
Once I had clarity of purpose and felt in my soul that I knew why I was on this planet at this particular time, I wrote a plan to achieve that ultimate objective.

I studied role models to understand how they managed to find love, especially paying attention to @richardbranson
Staying married seems to be extremely hard for ambitious people willing to take risks few people will take.

It is easy to be singularly-focused and seem selfish. Your business can seem all-consuming. You drop so many balls trying to juggle them.
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8 Nov 19
A #thread on the largest wealth transfer in history

This comes from the notes that I took in August when attending the Private Wealth Forum in Palm Beach this year

#wealthpreservation #wealthcreation #investing #familyoffice
- US$48 Trillion are going from Baby Boomers to Gen X and Millennials

“People worry more about not having enough money more than taxes” - Vincent Munno

- US$122+ Trillion in UNFUNDED liabilities (USA)

- 328 Million population (USA)
- 122 Million taxpayers
- 116 Million benefits recipients

This means that taxes MUST rise.
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29 Oct 19
Getting ready to announce my ticket giveaway for @EcomexSummit which will now be a virtual summit and allow more people to benefit...
The first company that I ever founded was called... Random Media LLC.

It was founded with my brother Robert to build and run the online platform Realvibes.net (renamed Realvibez TV).

The winner of the free ticket, picked randomly out of a hat is...

@facey_pg 🙌🏽
Thank you for all who entered via DM. It was fun to the research done.
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13 Oct 19
A #thread about the way you think about money and wealth
As a member of a family office association for the last 5 years, I get to spend a fair amount of time with ultra-wealthy people. Thankfully I was never raised to think of rich people as evil or mean nor did I feel entitled to their money.
A few years ago I attended the car show in Miami with my brother and we saw a really nice Nissan GTR. The owner was there and while other people fixated on how much it cost him or what mods he put on it, we asked him what he did for a living that allowed him to afford it.
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19 Sep 19
@CentralBankJA is starting their “Conversation On Improving Access To Finance For MSMEs”

#Jamaica #financialinclusion
This is the handout for attendees and it has some sobering statistics about #Jamaica but it also shows the opportunity for the unbanked and underbanked
Reliance on cash remains high

- 65% of wage earners receive their wages in cash

- 23% of account holders do not make any deposits of withdrawals into their accounts
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24 Aug 19
My life has been so much more enjoyable and less stressful since I decided to really go hard at ignoring negative people and negative situations, only focusing on those with positive energy.

Try it!
I took some simple steps:

1. Don’t engage with negative comments, messages or news stories first thing in the morning - They start your day off the wrong way

2. Take a minimum of 24 hrs to reply to any person that has historically added negativity to your life. Slowly remove
3. Focus on positive people on social media and ignore those who discuss people, belittle others, complain too much or share too many negative stories

4. Ignore the haters

5. Don’t respond to every person in real life or social media - Attention-seekers like attention.
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10 Jul 19
A good friend watched my video with @Michael_LeeChin and reached out this morning for some advice based on a simple question that many have:

“I have realized that the older I get.... The fear aspect gets louder in my head.....what do u do to quiet the inner noise?”
I will share my answers that I have to my friend since they are universal and not personally identifying
1. I literally focus on the regrets that I’m going to have if I DON’T pursue something while ensuring that it’s in my framework.

Create a framework for decision-making and use it.
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28 Feb 19
A #thread about what has and has not worked for me since launching my first startup in Feb 2002 with my brother, striking some big deals, raising capital, losing money and rebuilding.

I hope you find it thought-provoking
We built some hype around @realvibez with our branded car, sponsoring events like Stages, ATI, Blink and Reggae Sumfest but we also knew that we had to be authentic - the website actually had to have the content on it
We did not want sugar-coated B.S. interviews so we focused on cold, hard truths when I asked questions.

Hence why I asked Collie Buddz about racism in this interview -
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27 Feb 19
Here’s a little lesson in business registration for my US and Jamaican followers:

Most US companies are gusteres in Delaware because it has the most favourable laws for businesses AND “has a separate Court of Chancery to hear cases involving corporate law”

No corp taxes either
Just read this - delawareinc.com/blog/facebook-…

Jamaica is nothing like the USA.

I can register in a different state and do business across each state with certain registrations and/or licenses. The USA is a union of individual states.
Most entrepreneurs setup an S Corp or an LLC in their home state, mine is Florida (no personal income taxes so a pass-through entity is preferred and we have Homestead Exemption too).

But that is just at the startup phase to keep over head low.
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19 Feb 19
I enjoyed talking about my wife and marriage so here are some things I’ve done as an entrepreneur to try to minimize the risk of divorce.

So far it’s worked, 12 years in May, but anything can happen so take it with a grain of salt
I was VERY clear about the 15-year plan I had until I was 30 and it wasn’t changing because we got married because the marriage was factored in.

When I turned 30 I put together a 20-year plan broken into blocks of 5 years BUT this time it was less detailed and SHE helped
I shared my 5 business idols with her and which ones had marital issues.

We agreed to learn about their personal lives to understand what each spouse did and did not do in those that did work and those didn’t
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12 Feb 19
When Jamaicans abroad complain to me about Tivoli Gardens, Denham Town and other areas (which they have often never been to), I have to point out the parts of Miami and Orlando that I don’t feel safe going to after dark.

Every large city has zones of danger and exclusion
Focus on the solutions for those areas rather than pretending that those areas are unique in the world. Don’t stigmatize the residents and paint all with a broad brush.

Be part of the solution or be quiet.
Being “part of the solution” can be as simple as reading about successful pilot programmers in other cities...or better yet...learning about the successful ones in Jamaica itself.

Never heard of them? It’s called Google.

They exist.
They need PR.
They need funding.
Do either
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