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Stop trying to turn @MassGovernor into Trump, start focusing on his record… #mapoli
Stop trying to turn @MassGovernor into Trump. Focus on his record… #mapoli
Focus on the record (although this one is a clear blend of federal and state) #mapoli #SafeCommunitiesAct
Focus on the record ... “Governor Baker is basically proposing to reach into the pockets of these workers who are owed millions of dollars in overtime” @GlobeAbraham… #mapoli
Focus on the record ... no Governor has had the complete control @MassGovernor has had of the MA transit system. He should be judged on the results. #mapoli #mapoli
Focus on the record ... and the values that drive it. Saving on rents at the cost of adding a burden to already troubled families, while we allow the income tax to come down and disproportionately benefit the wealthy… #mapoli
Focus on the record ... you can’t accept the science of climate and continue to build fossil fuel infrastructure. We either accept the science and act with the urgency it demands or we don’t. #mapoli
Focus on the record ... you can't accept the science of climate change, then support and permit the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure. We either #actonclimate or we deny. Trying to find a middle ground is just another form of denial #mapoli
Focus on the record - no Governor /administration has had as much control of state transportation agencies as @MassGovernor #mapoli Image
Focus on the record - good management doesn’t ignore tough issues. It marshalls all the necessary resources to solve the problem. @MassGovernor has had 5 years to do that this is just another example of how he and his administration have not #mapoli
@MassGovernor Focus on the record - "leadership by delay" @wutrain description is, unfortunately, perfect #mapoli
“Pushed aside or neglected its public safety responsibilities” ... focus on the record #mapoli Image
Focus on the record - no administration has ever had this level of control over the entire transportation system. @MassGovernor has had it for 5 years. #mapoli
@MassGovernor "MBTA’s intense focus on tightening its budget while speeding the pace of capital projects has been “detrimental” to operations, and it’s helped foster a culture where safety is not the priority, a panel of experts found" - Focus On the Record #mapoli…
Focus on the record - short term decision making isn't good management and it costs more in the long run… #mapoli
Focus on the record - it's not leadership or good management to deflect responsibilities when trouble arises, esp when it threatens public safety… #mapoli
Worth pointing out, there is a consistent theme here - regulatory agencies stretched thin, failing to meet obligations. Those failures are putting public safety at risk whether it's the MBTA, RMV, DPL, or DoR.
Focus on the record - Being Governor isn’t just about solving single specific issues at agencies. But even by that limited measurement, @MassGovernor is coming up short #mapoli…
“Here we are five years into it and what do we have to show for it, it’s certainly disappointing.”… #mapoli Image
Focus on the record - No Governor has ever had the degree of control @MassGovernor has over the state’s transportation agencies. The status quo is his record. The status quo is failing to make MA stronger or fairer, it’s taking us backwards. #mapoli
Cheerleading tax cuts slanted to the wealthy then using it as justification to cut back support for the poor or investments that grow the middle class doesn’t make Massachusetts one iota stronger or fairer… #mapoli
Focus on the record ... I would love to think this meant we were approaching what the science demands to tackle climate change. That's not what the data shows. We can and should do better. #mapoli #ActOnClimate
Focus on the record - slow walking criminal justice reform doesn’t make Massachusetts safer or stronger ImageImageImage
Focus on the record - permitting fossil fuel infrastructure is denying climate change. Ignoring immediate public health concerns while building that infrastructure is doubly wrong. @nathanpboston is right and the DEP should meet his simple requests
Focus on the record @DARollins says it all here #mapoli
Focus on the record - cheerleading tax cuts that disproportionately benefit the wealthy, leaving limited resources for successful anti poverty, anti hunger programs that support local farms #mapoli #FocusOnTheRecord
Focus on the record - no administration has had the complete control over MA’s transpo system that @MassGovernor has had - focus on the results #mapoli
Focus on the record - no administration has had the complete control over MA's transpo system that @MassGovernor has had - focus on the results… #mapoli
Focus on the record
Focus on the record - “Little testing as cases hit 138”…
Focus on the record - cutting the income tax to benefit top 1% while dangerously understaffing the care of veterans #mapoli… ImageImageImageImage
"These are extraordinary times, and state and local leaders are navigating uncharted terrain w/out enough federal support; they will be imperfect. Yet it’s clear that state regulations should have been stricter from the start here in Massachusetts" #mapoli…
“The debt we owe to our veterans should include a determination to get to the bottom of such a tragic lapse in their care”…
Focus on the record - they are on the front line of the crisis, put them on the front line of crafting a response
Focus on the record -
Focus on the record - “In this case, however, accountability should extend all the way to the governor’s office.”
Focus on the record - "In 2016, the Legislature decided the Holyoke & Chelsea Soldiers’ Homes should be overseen by someone with at least 5 yrs of health care management experience ... 4 years later, that position remains unfilled."…
Focus on the record ...
Focus on the record - "Pearlstein & team paint a portrait of a long-term care facility for veterans that was managed poorly, overseen improperly, and largely overlooked by the higher-ups in state government, up to and including Gov. Baker"… #mapoli
Focus on the record - personnel is policy…
Focus on the record - better than bad isn’t good enough. We could have been more prepared and stronger before the virus hit, we could have more aggressively responded to warning signs.
Focus on the record - the science doesn’t care if we are better than many other states, it demands we do better. #ActOnClimate #mapoli
Focus on the record - @MassGovernor "has failed to act on the state’s environmental justice executive order ... the EJ director position sat vacant for more than three years" #mapoli #EJ4MA…
Focus on the record - "In the end, this (Holyoke Soliders Home) is a story of a flawed and entrenched political system set up to let that tragedy happen. Then, the governor who oversees it was able to isolate blame, and hope we would all forget"
Focus on the record - better planning and effective management kept California’s Veterans residential facilities to 2 COVID cases out of 2100. Holyoke had 76 deaths out of ~250 residents
Focus on the record - constantly say decisions are driven by data, but then keeping that data from the public and the childcare centers who need it to implement best practices risks the safety of kids, providers and the public
Focus on the record - exploiting loopholes and weakening requirements instead of support minority and women owned businesses here in Massachusetts…
Focus on the record - While other states practice transparency, trust and inform the public to help all keep up their guard; @MassGovernor & team hold tight to info. Far better to empower local gov't and citizens to help avoid social spread.
Focus on the record - whether our courts can handle it or not, our communities cannot handkle mass evictions in the midst of recession and pandemic #mapoli
Focus on the record - withholding key data the public and policy makers need to help bring to an end the pandemic #mapoli
Focus on the record - if you accept the science of climate, you need to use every lever of power to eliminate fossil fuels. Permitting the Weymouth Compressor station makes solving climate more difficult and threatens public safety.
Focus on the record - "It’s frustrating for me that the governor has been able to issue guidance around restaurants, gyms and nail salons and not provide more state level leadership for education" said Superintendent Cameron…
Focus on the record - "If the investigation ... were truly independent, Pearlstein shouldn’t need Baker’s permission to talk. He should be free to discuss his findings ... to earn trust from families and the public"…
Focus on the record - no one should be evicted during a pandemic. And it’s adding insult to injury that the stop gap solution is inaccessible for too many. Resilience is far more efficient than stop gap “solutions” #mapoli
Focus on the record - “Appeals for help were met w/either apathy or flat-out derision,” Paradis said ... Barabani was once reprimanded for talking about budget + staffing woes at a legislative breakfast #mapoli
Focus on the record - using the same financial gimmicks that got our transportation system in its current mess #mapoli…
Focus on the record - cutting transit service, worsening inequality, hampering our efforts to fight climate change and restart our economy #mapoli
Focus on the record - failing to lead on climate change #mapoli
Focus on the record - putting short term budgets ahead of climate goals is another form of climate denial. It also misses a great opportunity to reduce emissions in EJ communities. #mapoli #ActOnClimate
Focus on the record - letting two tough budget years reverse a decade of work towards sustainable development #mapoli #ActOnClimate
Focus on the record - removing tenant protections at the height of the pandemic. It's not enough to have testing and hospital beds, we need to stem the tide of vulnerable populations being exposed to conditons where COVID flourishes. #mapoli
Focus on the record (and focus on this thread) #mapoli
Focus on the record - threatening to veto a compromise policing reform bill in the face of decades of data showing racial injustice #mapoli
Focus on the record - removing common sense provisions that protect reproductive health in the face of threats from federal courts #mapoli
Focus on the record - advocating for fossil fuel infrastructure, ignoring environmental justice and public health concerns #mapoli #ActOnClimate
Focus on the record - failing to make key investments in early education and public health as those systems are under unrelenting pressure #mapoli
Focus on the record - rejecting a simple, innovative way to help poor families in Holyoke instead of going to fight for them #mapoli
Focus on the record - trailing in distributing the vaccine, holding back our economic recovery #mapoli
Focus on the record - cutting public transit, despite federal resources specifically aimed to avoid that #mapoli
Focus on the record - subsidizing Biomass plants in the asthma capital of the country. "If there’s anything that’s going to make or break ... any future biomass plants in the region ... It’s the DOER regulations" #mapoli
Focus on the record - failing to support day care and childcare workers.… #mapoli
Focus on the record - leaving local public health in the dark about re-opening and vaccine rollouts (and missing the opportunity to better coordinate the system regionally) #mapoli
Focus on the record - leaving local school districts to make the difficult decisions around re-opening, with little support. #mapoli
Focus on the record - vetoing climate change legislation, tenant protections, and key transportation policies over special interest opposition #mapoli ImageImageImage
Focus on the record - vetoing proposals that would break MA out of our failed transportation status quo
Focus on the record - "small minded and shortsighted" justification for transit cuts that make it tougher to reduce emissions, harm those in need and hold back our recovery #mapoli
Focus on the record - an unemployment insurance system that fails workers, right when they need it most #mapoli…
Focus on the record - "In MA, Black people, make up 9% of the pop & 14% of health care workers, account for only 3% of people who are fully vaccinated. Latinos account for less than 4%, despite constituting 12% of state pop & 10% of health care workers"…
Focus on the record - MA vaccine report card “on three of the four key performance measures, Massachusetts is currently earning an F”… #mapoli
Focus on the record - fractured vaccine response, putting seniors at risk… #mapoli
Focus on the record - a vaccine rollout that ignores the unique challenges each region of the state faces. #mapoli
Focus on the record - a vaccine rollout that ignores the unique challenges each region of the state faces (again) #mapoli
Focus on the record - a roll out that ignores health care inequities, reinforces disparities, harming our Black, Brown and low income neighbors #mapoli
Focus on the record - more resources in recovery for Corrections & the State Police than for school reopening.… #mapoli
Focus on the record - failing to partner with local communities to develop clear standards/process for school reopening and working together to safely achieve them. #mapoli
Focus on the record - a vaccine rollout that worsened and amplified racial and economic inequities #mapoli Image
Focus on the record -reopening restaurants and live music venues, without protections for workers, putting at risk the ability to open schools safely #mapoli
Focus on the record - failing to ensure access to family planning medication #mapoli…
Focus on the record - discarding 20 years of public health planning to privatize pandemic response. #mapoli
Focus on the record - a vaccine rollout that fails to address health and economic inequities #mapoli
Focus on the record - shrinking our investment in transit, right at the time it is needed to support economic recovery, help solve climate change and begin to reduce economic inequality. #mapoli
Focus on the record - Automated Fare Collection, AFC 2.0 - conceived of/by @MassGovernor behind schedule and over budget by $212M
Focus on the record - misguided transit service cuts despite federal support, as we work to end the pandemic and re-open the economy. Adding to the burdens of essential workers and harming our ability to address climate change #mapoli

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Almost 17 years ago, my Dad passed away. I think of him every Election Day. But this year, its a little different. Most Sundays, after my Dad passed, I would call my Grandma. She lived one street over from us. Growing up we went over to 28 Howard Street most Sundays after church
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This is a great look into how utilities wield their power on Beacon Hill, especially when they aren't being pushed to do more by @MassGovernor - I have a few additional thoughts I am going to add below #mapoli
It's a small thing, but key. The major MA utilities will generally register their opposition at Committee hearings to aggressive climate measures, then make their substantive arguments in one on one meetings with legislators, regulators and staff. Outside of the public's view. Image
Advocates, other committee members and the public aren't there to refute claims. There is already a power imbalance in these debates as utilities are seen as experts, but what is too often lost is that expertise does not come without bias.
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