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I'm covering the League of Women Voters #MA04 Candidate Forum, happening right now. They have all the candidates, Republicans and Democrats. I will be skipping intros because they're basically the same each time. Follow along! #mapoli ⬇️
Q. Recent events have resulted in an increased awareness of racial justice. How do you think Congress should address this issue? #ma04 #mapoli
.@DavidFCavell: time to recognize that Black Lives Matter, legalized marijuana, end felony disenfranchisement, cash bail, touts support for teaching Black history.

@AlanKhazei: Truth, Justice & Reconciliation Committee to reform crim justice, educ, pub health, econ justice.
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1. If you think that the @ColumbiaGasMa (CMA) Settlement Agreement announced 7/2 is solely about settling the score for the 2018 Merrimack Valley gas explosions, you’re mistaken.

You’re off by $1.1 billion.

2. This will require a trip in the WABAC machine. First stop? 9/13/18; 4:15 p.m.


CMA workers over-pressurize low pressure gas distribution lines in S. Lawrence causing multiple fires & explosions in Lawrence, Andover, & N. Andover. The toll is horrific.
3. 18 y.o. Leonel Rondon is killed, 23 people are injured—one is severely disabled—& ~ 130 homes & commercial buildings are damaged.

Personal injury & property damage claims, infrastructure damage, & mutual aid payments to other utilities come to $1B.
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It's dangerously hot out. Here's a quick THREAD🧵 on how overbuilding our 🚗🚗🚗 infrastructure makes our hot days hotter...and harmful for our most vulnerable residents. It's been on my mind since seeing this tweet by @WxManAJB of @WCVB: #mapoli (1/x)
Asphalt roads soak-in and retain heat, reaching temperatures that are 25°+ hotter than they would otherwise be. These thermometer-busting temps can be deadly for seniors or those with pre-existing conditions like asthma or heart disease. (2/x)…
Narrow roads and shade from trees can mitigate temps, but in too many neighborhoods in MA we spent decades making roads wider (sometimes sacrificing trees in the process) to accommodate more cars. Now many of these n'hoods are "heat island" hotspots. (3/x)…
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The #MA legislature is considering a critical bill that would protect & empower communities disproportionately impacted by air pollution & environmental hazards. Specifically, An Act Relative to Environmental Justice in the Commonwealth will:
➡️ Protect communities from more pollution by expanding the requirements for state government environmental review to include potential for equitable outcomes when deciding whether to prohibit polluting projects and approve benefits, such as expanded green spaces and resources.
➡️ Reduce public health inequities in overburdened communities by requiring the identification of adverse short- and long-term health consequences of a proposed project and measures to minimize public health damage.
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1/ A #thread on the status of the @MA_Senate debate on the #ReformShiftBuildMA Act to advance #racialjustice in Massachusetts

Here's the bill:…

Here's related news coverage:…

HT @SoniaChangDiaz
2/ On Monday 7/6, the @MA_Senate Racial Justice Working Group unveiled the #ReformShiftBuildMA Act, a comprehensive bill that aims to reform police standards, shift resources from policing/corrections to community investments, and build a more just and equitable Commonwealth.
3/ The bill reflects what so many people have clearly stated they want in this moment of change: increased education around racism and implicit bias for our law enforcement, reduced violence in policing, and shifting the focus toward assistance/healing rather than punishment.
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On my mind. A #thread about public schools on a theme: we told schools to be everything and do everything and solve everything (but, big secret: we never actually wanted them to), and now that this house of cards is crumbling and shame on us. #mapoli #melrosePS
Over many, many years, we looked at every challenge we face and told public schools to solve them. To make sure they did (or tried), we leveraged the threat of pulling back (already limited) funding.
Example: kids are hungry in America. Schools can fix that. Lunch? Yes, but also add breakfast. Then send them home with little backpacks of food. And, side note, if there is a pandemic, keep feeding them. OK got it.
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So as to the reopen schools. It turns out there are three Waltons of Arkansas representatives on @massgovernor's Return to Schools Working Group. Aguiar of @massparents, Megie-Maddrie tied to @DFERmass, and Quezada of MPU. Waltons underwrite both MPU and DFER.
5 parent members, 3 of whom are members of the Walton family political organization.…
2 members representing Massachusetts teachers, no custodians, cafeteria workers, bus drivers. Those schlumps. #maedu #mapoli cc: @mta
@ebergteacher @bmadeloni @senjasonlewis
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chapter 6 is "A New Center"
it opens with George McGovern speaking to the Association of Technical Professionals at Bentley in April 1972, just before the Democratic primary
(he won in Massachusetts in the primary, which won't surprise those who know where this election ended up)
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soooo I've spent the past 3 days combing through the @bostonpolice budget for @ACLU_Mass and FOLKS.

just published a blog & report on this (below), but I need to put the worst parts of this publicly on blast. Strap in. (1/10)
#DefundPolice #mapoli #bospoli
At $414 mil, @bostonpolice is the 2nd largest line item in the whole city budget. That means:
- 7x larger than the Cabinet of Health & Human Services (inc 9 depts)
- 4x larger than the Public Health Commission @HealthyBoston
- 182x larger than the Office of Arts & Culture (2/10)
Within their monumental $414 million budget, they are somehow reducing funding for personnel in the professional development & standards bureaus (which includes their Anti-Corruption Division!!!), while increasing personnel in the field (= more #boscops) (3/10)
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Reading the court decision vacating, for now, the air quality permit for the Weymouth Compressor station. If you look at court's treatment of environmental justice it is CLEAR action by the legislature is needed to ensure EJ is written into statute #mapoli @davabel
The court essentially affirms @MassDEP can set its own standards. If those standards are bad, don't consider ambient air quality or disparate burdens on legally protected classes – too bad! And yes, those standards are bad.
There's a great bill to codify environmental justice pending in House Ways and Means. All it does it give the administration a modest amount of direction around racial, economic and language equity in environmental policy.
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Friends: Joe Kennedy III didn’t mention climate change *at all* when he had the biggest platform available to any Democrat, the State of the Union response in 2018. You can look that up.

Without exaggeration, Kennedy is running a Rovian campaign. #mapoli
Rovian, a la Karl Rove: Misleading about your opponent’s strengths, to make them a liability; Swift-Boating.

Kennedy’s campaign is doing it with Markey’s relentless, rock-solid 37-year record on choice, too. 2/
Why is Kennedy’s campaign doing this?

Because Joe has no particularly strong reason for running — certainly not against a progressive hero and *legislator* like Markey.

nb @whyisjoerunning 3/
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Lawrence Mayor Dan Rivera speaking before Gov. Charlie Baker delivers COVID-19 updates.
"We've had community spread in this community since the beginning," Rivera said.

Lawrence has 2729 COVID-19 cases, and 109 residents have died.
Rivera announced an executive order with the board of health canceling all public events through December 2020.
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Last night an elected official assaulted someone while directing a tactical team which pepper-sprayed a crowd protesting a decision which would have recklessly spread #covid19.

Does it matter to you that this happened in a jail? Because it shouldn't

#RecallHodgson #mapoli
Hodgson is a living example of why county sheriffs should *never* be elected. He has disgraced the office since 1997, running unopposed many times and, thanks to MA's vestigial county system, there is no easy way to uninstall him.

#RecallHodgson #mapoli
Hodgson ran unopposed (as usual) in 2016 and received more than 98% of the vote.

A lot of that missing 2%?

Immigrant communities like #FallRiver and #NewBedford.

@MassGovernor, the people are speaking--if you're listening.

#mapoli #RecallHodgson
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Gov. Charlie holding his Friday press briefing. Baker announces a drive-thru testing center for first responders @ Gillette Stadium parking lot. Opens Sunday and will test 200 first responders a day in partnership with state agencies, the Patriots & Quest Diagnostics. #mapoli
Baker announces a “Covid-19 Community Tracing Collaborative” that the state is aiming to staff by the end of the month. “There is tracing happening now but this program that we’re talking about launching today is a much more robust targeted approach,” Baker says.
More on tracing collab: "What we're doing here today is the beginning of breaking of new ground in the fight against Covid-19. Mass. will be the only state in the country putting together this kind of programming. There's no nationwide tracking that's currently being done."
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Gov. Baker's daily press briefing is underway. He says 10,000 new tests were conducted over the weekend, bringing the state's total to almost 40,000. Shipment of PPE from national stockpile also arrived, and feds approved request for 1,000 ventilators #mapoli
Baker also discussing preparations for the "surge," including the effort to move nursing home patients to free up beds for COVID-19 and the need for blood donations. Governor and First Lady Lauren Baker donated at @RedCrossMA on Saturday #mapoli
"I think the quick turnaround we got on out ventilator request...was a big positive step forward in the right direction," Baker says when asked if federal support for states was improving. The governor has been highly critical of feds big-footing states trying to buy PPE #mapoli
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How is it that I haven’t read this til now? #mapoli must read! Green book cover with white...
(Okay, I always intended to tweet about this!) #amreading
What’s it about? Route 128
“...demonstrates the reorientation of modern liberalism and the Democratic Party away from their roots in the labor union halls of northern cities, and towards white-collar suburbanites in the postindustrial metropolitan periphery.”
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Criminal not to protect workers. Reporters PLEASE look into Baker's motivations. In terms of Enbridge compressor construction, Baker's scant orders aren't even being followed. Initial "essential" biz even included LSPs & nebulous "strategic" projects, likely written by lobbyists
LSP = licensed site professional. The kind of ppl employed by Baker's very good friends at @TRC_Companies. An LSP is in charge of the compressor site right now. Now that I think about it, I bet TRC, @MLStrategies @Mintz_Law wrote parts to protect their/@CharlieBakerMA's interests
Nebulous yet specific…
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Massachusetts Dept of Ed has published a good set of recommendations for remote learning in #COVID19. Unions, school committees, supts, and charters signed on. It's got three big ideas...… 1/ #mapoli
First, care for students. Prioritize keeping students fed and sheltered, supporting emotional needs and mental health, and attending to the most vulnerable students. 2/
Second, create opportunities for projects and enrichment. Schools should focus on student interests, family projects, and reinforcing previously taught skills over addressing new material or learning objectives. 3/
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1/ BREAKING: 51 #ICE detainees in the Bristol county jail have just jointly signed a letter detailing the circumstances of their detention and their fears of #covid19 while trapped in unsafe, unsanitary, unfit conditions.

They must be heard.

#FreeThemAll #mapoli
2/ Even during this crisis attorney Ira Alkalay is still doing incredible work on behalf of detainees in Bristol, who can still meet with him behind glass. He was given this letter (already sent to authorities) this morning.

It is, to say the least, alarming.
3/ The sheer inhumanity at work in this paragraph caught my breath.

Just sit with it for a few seconds before you keep reading.
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Why were we still bringing detainees IN PERSON from ICE custody into a crowded courtroom in the heart of downtown Boston?

#bospoli #mapoli #covid19
CORRECTION: Why *are* we still doing this, because apparently we are
We should be doing absolutely everything humanly possible to keep #covid19 out of ICE facilities, and this would seem to be doing the opposite of that
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Ok I need the trusted news sources I lean on to tell me how real this is:
A website that has up-to-date extensive data indicating Dem #electionfraud based on actual vote total differentials to exit polls in almost every state WAY outside accepted range
It indicates the potential for vote flipping, plus is always in Biden’s favor and shows a lower percentage for Bernie - almost across the board. There is no state in which it works in Bernie’s favor (ie Bernie outperformed the exit poll by the acceptable range.
MI - where Biden won, but not by nearly as big a margin. If you believe the Buzzfeed “glitch” was really a glitch.…
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"It's a real public health issue," [Cameron] said.

#mapoli #bospoli #covid19…

-release all (yes, all) ICE detainees

-suspend all USCIS interviews & naturalization ceremonies

-total moratorium on all deportations

Boston is a major nexus for this pandemic. Stop making people come here, and stop sending them out.

None of this is worth it.
As noted in the story, the Boston #immigrationcourt is where non-citizens from RI, NH, VT, ME, and eastern MA are required to report for removal hearings upon pain of automatic deportation if they fail to appear. It's a perfect vector for spreading this all over New England.
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We're really excited about #RegionalRail Phase 1 being included in this bond bill. This is a transformative project that reimagines what our Commuter Rail network can do for commuters, students, and residents across the region! 👩🏾‍💼🧕🏻👨🏻‍🦼👴🏿👨‍💻
#RegionalRail is about more capacity and more service, it's about #equity, and it's about economic development and more. Thanks to #mapoli for listening. With a few more amendments we can make this a reality.
#RegionalRail Phase 1 is about more trains during peak to relieve congestion 😟on the 🚞 rails and the 🚙🚗 road. In some cases the number of train during the peak (6:30-9:30 or 4-8) will increase by 50%!!! That's thousands of seats on nearly every corridor in and out of Boston!
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1. Last Friday & Saturday @CommonWealthMag published dueling opinion pieces on natural gas infrastructure—one by BU Prof. @nathanpboston, and the other by Marcy Reed, President of @nationalgridus here in MA.

The two pieces could not have been more starkly different.

2. Prof. Phillips summed up what he accomplished and failed to accomplish during his recent two-week(!) hunger strike to compel @MassGovernor and @MassDEP to satisfy the Commonwealth’s obligation to enforce environmental & safety standards at...
3. ...the construction site of the @Enbridge natural gas compressor station in Weymouth.

Marcy Reed, OTOH, wrote about the 1 in 5(!) NGrid MA customers who qualify for MA’s Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). Those 1 in 5, Reed wrote, ...
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