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looks like we've got a Rome/Ravenna situation going here
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Michael Cox of @BlackAndPinkMA (I think - sorry if that's the wrong tag!) and now Cynthia Goldberg of @CJPC_Boston speaking now.…
"Somebody once asked me what prison smells like and I said it smells like despair. It smells like people screaming, it smells like unhealthy food... They will remember the sound of the keys, the sound of the shackles.." Cynthia Goldberg @CJPC_Boston
"The heat was broken once -- it wasn't off, it was ON in 90-degree weather. Everything I had in my canteen melted. ... You go in there with trauma, and now you're stripped and cavity-searched. That only exacerbates it."
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Ahead of tomorrow's #mapoli hearing on bill S.2030, "An Act Establishing a Jail and Prison Construction Moratorium," I'm sharing the website for an effort I'm helping with re: a proposal for a new women's prison in Massachusetts. #nonewwomensprison
It is true that MCI Framingham is in a miserable state and is not fit for habitation - agreed! But the construction of a new prison is not the answer, no matter how "trauma-informed" the design.
Instead, we could work harder to reduce the use of pretrial detention...
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NEW tonight: Tom Mountain's resigned as MassGOP vice chair to "focus on an effort to clear my name" after a "blog post" he called "scurrilous" & "demeaning"

He's "retained legal counsel" & says matter's "rendered me incapable of serving as an effective officer" of party #mapoli
Tom Mountain's resignation comes the night before the MassGOP Executive Committee was planning to meeting to discuss "allegations involving the Vice Chairman" and "recommendations of actions to be taken," according to an agenda obtained by POLITICO #mapoli
Mountain statement: "During the past few months of turmoil at the MassGOP, I've consistently said that incapable officers should step aside. Regardless of the truth about what happened, this blog post, and the conspiracy behind it, has rendered me incapable of serving" #mapoli
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“Massachusetts' historically racialized home mortgage market and resulting racial wealth inequalities indicate a need for programs like STASH, which creates equitable homeownership opportunities for families of color,” said @jittygurl /1 #bospoli #mapoli…
MAHA today announced that the developers of Dorchester Bay City, a joint venture of Accordia Partners, LLC and the Real Estate Group of Ares Management Corporation, have committed $10 million to fund its STASH program for first generation homebuyers. #bospoli #mapoli /2
STASH provides homebuyer ed and matched savings for a down payment on a house in MA. Launched in 2019, the program is the 1st of its kind in the country and serves a population, first-generation buyers that is not widely recognized by policymakers or public. #bospoli #mapoli /3
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I can obviously think of many more valuable investments in the future than a sales tax holiday, but even putting my beliefs aside- if you're an anti-tax conservative, literally 100% of economic evidence says tax holidays are useless compared to just cutting the rate permanently.
Here's the center-right Tax Foundation's take, but google it & find similar research from left, right and center: "Such political gimmicks distract from genuine relief. If policymakers want to [help consumers], they should cut the sales tax year-round."…
Even the MA two-day sales tax holiday is nothing more than a useless gimmick that contributes zero to long-run economic growth. It's everything wrong with #MApoli- focusing on a nice headline in tomorrow's paper and getting re-elected rather than the long-run future of the state.
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“My homeownership journey started with just a thought in 2012 because after paying rent since 2006 I realized that paying someone else’s mortgage was not helping me progress financially for my future. /1 #bospoli #mapoli #firstgenhome #firstgenfriday #blackwomenimpact
Since being on my own financially at 17,I’ve been very conscious of how to spend $ and living on a budget.Once I started paying rent, other…bills I started a spreadsheet and would record my net income and subtract my bills for each pay period./2 #blackwomenimpact #firstgenfriday
In 2013 I came across MAHA’s website and took the first-time home buyer classes, got educated on the process and realized I had to work on my financial situation first. /3 #firstgenfriday #blackwomenimpact #firstgenhome
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MA's breakthrough climate law takes legal effect soon, on June 25, 90 days after its signing by Gov. Baker. It means new roles and new responsibilities, say the State Senate's two leads on climate policy, and a transformation of the fight against global warming. (1/27) #mapoli
TY @cindycreem: "As an aid to grassroots citizen monitoring, legislative branch oversight, and executive branch implementation, the Senate has broken out the effective dates, duties and deadlines associated with the Climate Act... (2/27)
... The Legislature is asking the Executive branch to shoulder a lot of responsibility. We acknowledge this, and we want to be good-faith partners. This is why the Senate version of the state budget proposes additional staffing for the agencies involved." (3/27)
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This could happen to the Enbridge compressor... and *might have* last year but we'll never know because Enbridge is tight-lipped & @PHMSA_DOT (& @MassGovernor, & our Mayor) aren't equal to the task of digging the info out to protect us. #mapoli 1/
Not like this isn't the biggest, easiest terrorist target in MA or anything. What could go wrong with all of this surrounding the compressor site? We had Gov Baker's pretend attention for maybe a week on this issue back in Oct 2018. Read more here:…
Gov Baker made promises of safety studies and never did them, got re-elected and subsequently let UnderSec of Homeland Sec McMurray go. @MassGovernor @CharlieBakerMA NEVER picked this issue back up. #mapoli Gov Baker has never lifted an eyebrow abt the system failures PLEASE NOTE: Former Undersecretary McMurray had promised to McMurray: this’d be another site security would have to wo
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Join us today at 1pm for a Conversation For Progress on moving municipal elections on-cycle with national experts Professor @SarahAnzia from UC Berkeley & @ProfJonCollins from Brown, and Alex Psilakis from @MassVOTE (1/) #mapoli #bospoli
As seen in today's @BostonGlobe, Boston voters in a newly released @MassINCPolling survey support this change 2:1

Last year, this study from @bostonfdn @TischCollege & @MassINC @Benkforman showed the significant disparities in representation

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A lot going on rn but N.B.: these extremely damning 25-yr-old BPD records were released at pretty much the exact point at which we knew the #DerekChauvinTrial verdict was imminent

#bospoli #mapoli
(And sorry for being all lawyerly here, fyi N.B. is Latin for 🧐🧐🧐)
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Samuel Maverick was one of the first slave-owners in MA, and it's past time #EastBoston disowned him. I've been proposing for yrs that we re-dedicate the square to a different Maverick: the youngest victim of the Boston Massacre.

Keep the name, lose the legacy

#mapoli #bospoli
Or to this guy, whatever, literally any other Maverick
Samuel Maverick:

-owned all of what is now #EastBoston and #Chelsea

-purchased, tortured, and experimented in crude forced eugenics on humans

-does not deserve to have his name on an entire square, a T station, a street, a court, etc

#mapoli #bospoli
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#mapoli @LibertyMutual held a SEVEN MINUTE Annual Policyholder Meeting to avoid @IENearth action against them for insuring destructive fossil fuel projects that impact indigenous lands. RIGHT NOW live on FB:…
my god the tar sands in Canada omg the toxicity
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I am not a “hate read” sharer, but I believe, as Dr. Angelou held, that when someone tells you who they are, you should believe them.
Thus I think it important to note that this piece is written by a member of the Massachusetts Board of Elementary and Secondary Education.…
It neatly encapsulates a chosen ignorance of both the pandemic’s actual impacts and the true responses of district leadership, while demonstrating a marked callousness to the pandemic’s deadly effects. #MAEdu
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1/ With the #ukvariant taking over in MA, easing restrictions will backfire. Positive test rates are now rising for all age groups. #mapoli
@masslivenews @tracynovick @MarjorieDecker
2/ First column is 3/14-3/19, second column is 3/16-3/22. Previously, positivity for 70+ was declining, but it has just risen despite vaccination.
3/ Lowell case data: case count rose 26% in 1 week, with second week ending on 3/21.
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David Scott never really knew his older brother, John. John was born disabled and sent to the #fernaldSchool in Waltham. And with the Scott Family being in Roslindale, and poor, and not having a car, getting to Waltham wasn't easy.
John died at the age of 7, and was buried in a grave marked only with a number, and with a letter: C or P, meaning either #Catholic or #Protestant. Those were the options. He was buried here.
It's difficult to keep track of records. Advocates have been trying.
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#charliebaker opens with touting the Commonwealth's hitting the one-million-people vaccinated milestone.
"We did learn through various media reports the committee was particularly interested in mass vaccination sites." says @MassGovernor. Did no one ask each other what they were interested in?
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"#prepmod failed miserably" says Curtis Wood, the Commonwealth's Director of Chief Information Officer. #mapoli @wbznewsradio
The state did not do a load test, Wood says, it expected PrepMod to do so.
"There was no indication this would fail," Wood says.
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After a minor technical difficulty that overdubbed classical music, the Legislature's oversight hearing on the COVID-19 crisis response and vaccine rollout is now starting. #mapoli @bostonherald…
Sen. @Jo_Comerford said last month's initial oversight hearing "uncovered a number of concerning issues that have left us with more questions than answers." #mapoli @bostonherald
Comerford lists issues with equity, noting just 4% of Latino residents are fully vaccinated in Chelsea compared to 24% of white residents in other hard-hit communities.
#mapoli @bostonherald
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What hubris lurks deep in the minds of odds makers & bean counters that makes them think their children are immune? #B.1.1.7 Infections in kids are not without consequences; and you are risking possible long-term physical damage. #maedu #mapoli #TBATs…
Children are suffering from #LongCOVID, and others have vascular, cardiac, lung & neurological damage. Why do officials only talk about emotional damage? #mapoli #maedu…
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We are deeply disappointed to see the Sen Republicans & @MassGovernor block the Next-Gen Roadmap climate bill from passing today.

The only changes made to the bill were technical clarifications, including those suggested by Baker.


This is pure political posturing.

If the Senate Republicans disagree with the bill, they should vote against it. Instead, they chose to delay a wildly popular bill to placate Gov Baker and the Republican base.
Massachusetts, we must remember this when Gov Baker, or any Republican, runs for office. They are not for a livable climate. They are pro-extinction. They know climate change is real and still choose to delay much-needed action to keep their campaign coffers full of fossil fuel $
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The landmark climate bill in Massachusetts looks like it could be sent back to @MassGovernor as soon as next week, according to several lawmakers. A thread ... #mapoli
After Baker vetoed the initial bill and then returned a new one to the Legislature with amendments, the Senate is likely to approve the amended bill as soon as tomorrow. The House is likely to vote on it as soon as next Wednesday. #mapoli
If the House approves the same bill as the Senate, it goes directly to the governor. #mapoli
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Let me make sure I understand - with data (below) showing that #COVID19 is no longer declining in MA, with the more infectious variant increasing, and the goal to open schools in April, we are opening restaurants on Monday at full capacity with musical performances? #mapoli
Here are some recent studies (graphics borrowed from @EricTopol) which reinforce risks associated with in-person dining 👇
At least we prioritized vaccinating food service workers to make sure we protected this vulnerable population before reopening.

Oh, wait...
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In 2014, I was a clerk for the ME legislature's enviro committee and I'm flabbergasted by the arguments by progressive Reps (many of whom I respect) against making committee votes and testimony public. /1 #mapoli @act_on_mass @byChrisVan @statehousenews…
@reptricia & @skpeake said that offices do not have the "technical capacity" to post testimony publicly. As a 23 year-old committee clerk in ME, I did this. Sometimes after a big hearing I'd have to scan 100+ pages, but it's not hard! I'd post it all online within 24-48 hours. /2
In the rare cases (~1% of the time) where a constituent shared a book or another document that would have been logistically challenging to post online, I'd either ask them for an electronic version or simply not post it. /3
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