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🧵 1/7 Big new MBTA opinion piece in @CommonWealthMag from me. (1750 words!) All about the state of the agency, safety problems, your first serious read on how MBTA has *really* been managed, what the tradeoffs are, and why the politics broke. #mapoli…
2/7 A big point: the hearings today are not about the state of the MBTA, but about politics. This is not to dismiss them! Politics matter, the media has turned against the administration (the Globe is foaming at the mouth), and some in public have lost confidence due to safety.
3/7 But *why* did this happen? I wrote about that, and what crucial role COVID played in why the narrative broke. Also. I wrote about something else: how MBTA was managed.
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If towns in Massachusetts refuse to open their beaches to the general public, the state should not subsidize the cost of managing and restoring these beaches. If a town wants to privatize the coast, they should have to pay for it alone. #mapoli…
There's a *huge* disconnect between Massachusetts' identity as a liberal state and the more conservative ground reality, and I can't think of a more on-the-nose example of this than our mostly-privatized coastline and how hard it is for the public to access beaches in this state.
IMO, the most feasible way to improve public access to Massachusetts beaches in the near term would be for the state to cut off beach upkeep funding for any towns that continue to ban non-residents from accessing their *public* beaches via parking restrictions or permitting rules
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Good news: @MassAGO has asked the Department of Public Utilities to dismiss Liberty Gas’ request for approval to receive so-called “renewable” natural gas (aka biomethane, yet another dangerous, polluting fuel) for the next 20 years. A thread: 1/6 #MAPoli
Right now, the DPU is considering what the role of gas companies will be in our clean energy future, which requires utility companies to present plans for their energy supply. (Spoiler: an ideal plan doesn’t include any climate-damaging, polluting fuels: just clean energy). 2/6
Much to no one’s surprise, utility companies presented plans that were fancy pretenses for business as usual. Liberty Gas was one of these companies, and like others, its plan relied heavily on using biomethane in its fuel mix. 3/6
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I'm running against an Anti-Choice Dem here in MA. People are always surprised when we say this at the doors, so let’s set the record straight. Here is a thread on how he voted when the main provisions of ROE were introduced in MA in 2020. 🧵#mapoli
Here is the initial vote on the amendment with the articles of ROE. You can see his name highlighted in the top left and the Republican votes in the bottom right.…
Then when governor baker introduced harmful amendments which put patients at risk and limited access, my opponent voted for each one while most other democrats stood against them.…
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🚨Crimes committed by cops!🚨

@bostonpolice has an officer UNLAWFULLY recording peaceful protesters at @MayorWu’s Coffee event in Dorchester. 🍩

BPD why are you harassing moms w/ kids in strollers? 👀

Resources best spent elsewhere! 📸

#shameonwu #bospoli #boston #mapoli
UPDATE: The citizen who recorded this video, SHAWN NELSON, was just arrested @MayorWu’s Coffee Hours in Ronan Park, Dorchester while peacefully protesting.

#boston #bospoli #mapoli #shameonwu #civilrights #blacklivesmatter
Link to video credit of @bostonpolice profiling Shawn Nelson while he peacefully protested:…
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One week later, I'm back with an update for my map of "News Deserts in Massachusetts", based on data collected by @dankennedy_nu. The new map takes into account non-Gannett/Alden owned chain orgs., and displays regional orgs. in a transparent overlay. #mapoli "News Deserts in Massachusetts." Areas completely
Several independent and chain orgs. cover multiple municipalities, instead of counties or regions like the Merrimack Valley. Impressive to me is the coverage on the North Shore and in Western MA, as well as the news deserts in Central MA and inside 495. #mapoli
Inspired by some old articles in CommonWealth, I thought I'd explore some of the connections between independent news organizations and other areas of civil society.…
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In @MassGovernor’s veto letter of the bill allowing Mass residents, regardless of immigration status, to obtain driver’s licenses, he said the RMV “does not have the expertise or ability to verify the validity of many types of documents from other countries.” #mapoli
He then says the bill fails to distinguish between a state driver’s license for people with permission to be in the US and those without. He claims “this bill significantly increases the risk that non-citizens will be registered to vote.” #mapoli
Meanwhile, the RMV does accept consular docs and foreign passports as a form of ID for non-citizens who have permission to be here, from green card holders to DACA and TPS recipients.
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NEW: Governor Charlie Baker vetos drivers license bill that would allow those without legal documentation to obtain said license. Baker expressed his concerns about the bill in the past. House and Senate have the votes to override the veto. #mapoli
In a letter, baker says that the RMV “does not have the expertise or ability to verify the validity of many types of documents from other countries.” And says he worries about how it could it could lead people to be erroneously registered to vote in Massachusetts.
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NEW: After a report found that the Boston Asylum Office approved 15.5% of asylum apps from 2015-2020, far below the national average of 28%, @SenMarkey and six other lawmakers are calling for @DHSOIG to investigate the office. #mapoli
The report states that high denial and referral rates likely tied to "oversized role" of supervisory asylum officer, bias, burnout and compassion fatigue, time constraints and other issues.…
Report: “Asylum seekers may ultimately have to wait years for their cases to be resolved. During this time, they are separated from their family members abroad who often remain in danger. All of this compounds stress and trauma on individuals who have already fled persecution.”
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The Massachusetts House approved the latest version of a bill that allows residents, regardless of immigration status, to apply for driver's licenses. The bill passed, 118 to 36. Now it goes to the Senate for final passage and, if approved, to @MassGovernor.
Here's the latest bill, known as the "conference report" among legislators:
Forgot to mention there's the final vote to enact the bill after the vote on accepting the "conference report" or that version of the bill. Technically two votes from both sides before it goes to Baker.
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AG debate, hosted by Boston @Ward4Dems @bostonward5dems, getting underway. @AndreaForAG @ShannonForAG @qpalfrey all here, a few hours after Campbell picked up some new endorsements in Revere while Palfrey/Liss-Riordan knocked her for not signing "People's Pledge" w/ them #mapoli
What sets the candidates for AG apart? They all say experience.
AG candidates asked what's the biggest single challenge facing Massachusetts?
@AndreaForAG: Mental health and housing
@ShannonForAG: "The high cost of everything."
@qpalfrey: Structural racism and economic and wealth inequality #mapoli
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At the MassGOP convention in Springfield, a breakfast battle: @DiehlForMA had a breakfast inside and @chrisforma’s eldest son is handing out breakfast sandwiches outside the parking garage #mapoli
On the way into the convention hall, @DiehlForMA @LeahColeAllen supporters are handing out swag bags that include water, a bumper sticker, lit and an American flag #mapoli Image
Chair Jim Lyons is staunchly antiabortion in MA, where abortion is codified. @massgop handing out “Protect the Unborn” pins at convention & Lyons says onstage “We don't get our rights from Beacon Hill. We don't get our rights from Washington. We get our rights from God.” #mapoli Image
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It's been a long and hard week with the leaked SCOTUS draft, which if final, would push abortion care further out of reach. That said, we are continuing to fight for #AbortionJustice for our communities. Here's a 🧵 of some BOLD actions from this past week. 1/12
The Massachusetts House added $500,000 for abortion access & infrastructure in their budget last week! The funds would go to MA's three abortion funds and help people get the abortions they need #mapoli 2/12
Massachusetts Senate President was like, I see that, and I raise you $1.5M. Next week the Senate plans to unveil their budget which includes $2 MILLION for abortion access. LFG! #mapoli 3/12
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Ok, #MAEdu, account by account FY23 spreadsheet for the K-12 #mabudget accounts now updated here:…

I'm going to pull together a blog post, and then I'll tweet them out if you like. #mapoli
right, let's go for a thread here (mute me if you don't want this taking over your timeline for a bit):
#MAEdu K-12 #mabudget House Ways and Means.
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1. With the BA.2 wave here in MA, it is worth asking what the @CDCgov "community levels" tells us to do, when it will tell us to do something different, and what this means. I'll look at Suffolk County, which includes Boston. 🧵
2. Right now Suffolk County is "medium", because cases are > 200 per 100K. At that level, CDC says to talk to your health care provider if you are "at high risk for severe illness" to ask about wearing a mask. So, do nothing. It would be "high" using the old scheme.
3. What triggers "high" in the new scheme? Hospital admissions >10 per 100K. It's 5 now. So once admissions double, we enter the red zone.

Will that happen? Probably. When? Hard to say. But hospitalizations up 30% in the past week on CDC website. 3 more weeks of 30% gets there.
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🧵 #mapoli

Who will speak for the bees, for the bees have no tongues?

🌸🌾🍃💐🌸 🌺 🌷🌼🌹🌿
At the south end of town where the Grickle-grass grows between tracks, & the wind smells sour after trains disgorge commuters & belch the stench of diesel-kvetch, and no birds…
…ever sing excepting pustulating the Street of the Ex Parte’d Non-Parties.

And deep in the Grickle-grass, some people say, if you look deep enough you can see, today, where the Non-Parties once stood just as long as they could before somebody Ex Parte’d them away.
Who were the Non-Parties? And why were they there? And why were they Ex Parte’d and booted from there at the south end of town where the Grickle-grass grows? The DPU-ler live there.

Ask them, they know.

The DPU-ler won’t see you. Don't knock at their door. They stay in…
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@massdems... we had lower expenses last year. I know 1 place we could've / should've spent. #DisabilityAccess including ASL & human live captioning instead of #craptions (if anything at all). Also an actually interactive virtual convention.
watching the January Mass Dem state committee meeting. Just got to the DEI part. 🤞 that #disability is part of this.....
#CripTheVote #mapoli
Yes! Mentioned. "Disability issues... A learning curve for me" say the DEI consultant. Around the 1 hour mark.
Yes, I would also like my state party to be unified.

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Today the MA House is about to debate the #VOTESAct and I added an extremely wonky amendment regarding the designation of votes as “inactive” #MAPoli #MALeg
A voter is determined to be “inactive” if they fail to respond to a municipal census. You can be someone who votes in every election but still considered “inactive” because you missed a mailing #MAPoli #MALeg
“Inactive” voters can still vote but they have to show proof of residency and fill out an affidavit. It’s confusing and unnecessary #MAPoli #MALeg
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#MAEdu, it’s a BIG week this week!

Know why?

Governor Baker* proposes his FY23 budget to the House on Wednesday!
*for the last time
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With the appearance of the Enbridge gas transmission compressor station on the Jan 20th FERC docket, I figured I would go thru the @FRRACS_MA response to FERC's request for a paper briefing. 🧵of notes below so everyone can get a handle on what's truly at question here. #mapoli
Per @FRRACS_MA, the crime(s) here are the negligence in NOT addressing EJ communities/climate change in the initial @ferc review.

This compressor was never needed. It was a Trojan Horse to support the now defunct Access Northeast project & Goldboro LNG export facility
3/ The inept construction & dangerous operation of the station by Enbridge is just par for the course. A scary reality of instability/pollution.

++Gratitude to City of Quincy & @foodandwater Watch. Partial gratitude & *full ire* to Weymouth's Mayor who sold us out to Enbridge UNITED STATES OF AMERICA BEFORE THE FEDERAL ENERGY REGULATOR
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The Enbridge gas transmission compressor in Weymouth is back on @FERC's Jan 20th (10AM est) mtg agenda. Is it go-time? Is it going to be a whole lot of nothing? A mix of both? Context in thread below.

Link to agenda, confusingly named "sunshine notice"… (under the heading Certificates) C-2 CP16-9-011 CP16-9-012 A
@FERC Back in 2-18-2021, FERC surprised everyone and alarmed the gas industry by asking for this paper briefing regarding 5 key issues re: the station.… The Commission asks for briefing to address the following ma
May 2021 comments on the Enbridge gas transmission compressor in Weymouth from @RichGlickFERC
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One thing I very much appreciate about @AvashiaNeema is the pieces she puts together.

To read:
“The core premise of restorative justice is that it is OK to make mistakes. We learn from mistakes. But if our mistakes render harm, then it is also our responsibility to acknowledge the harm we’ve caused, and to make it right.”
And to read with that; if you’re involved in #MAEdu, use one of your Globe articles here:…
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Government leaders have failed to put the health, well-being & dignity of every resident at the center of our #COVID19 response. Many of us are suffering unnecessarily and every sector is impacted by preventable challenges. 🧵 1/…
This all could have been avoided. Our government leaders could have prioritized the needs of residents rather than protecting special interests and getting lulled into believing that a privatized response would save us. 2/ #mapoli #bospoli
We know how stressed our community members feel, how our nurses & doctors are #burntout, how much our teachers & students want to safely return to the classroom & how worried our parents are for their children and their aging parents, never mind themselves. 3/

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Here is what my son's #Boston-area private K-8 school is doing after break to minimize #COVID19 risk.
Monday students and staff come to school only long enough to receive free PCR tests at pre-scheduled times (or a PCR test obtained elsewhere on or after Sunday is ok). 1/
Tuesday, there's no school for students, and faculty have a virtual professional development day while waiting for the PCR test results. 2/
Wednesday school is open for anyone whose PCR test was negative. After that, weekly pooled PCR testing of all students and staff will continue.
Full vaccination (including boosters for students who are eligible) are required for all students and staff. 3/
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