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THREAD: Chair @RepRaulGrijalva and @RepHuffman just published an op-ed on today’s @IPCC_CH report on #ClimateChange destroying our oceans.

It tells us our planet won’t support human life the way it does now if we don’t make serious changes.…
The @IPCC_CH report has to be read to be understood. 👇
The #ClimateCrisis is a national emergency.

We need to transition to a clean energy economy and end reliance on fossil fuels.

This isn’t about politics. This is about saving our own lives. 97 percent of Earth’s water comes from our oceans.

There’s no backup.
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A game-changing new campaign envisioned by ⁦@billmckibben⁩, so obvious and powerful now that he’s seen it: TARGET THE BANKS FUNDING THE FOSSIL FUEL INDUSTRY.

“So what would happen if, tomorrow, Chase [the biggest funder] announced that it was going to phase out lending to the fossil-fuel industry?” asks McKibben.

“‘Wells Fargo and Citi would follow within days,’according to Tim Buckley, a former managing director at Citi.”


“In fact [Buckley continued], ‘they’d look to go one step further, so as to pretend they weren’t really sheep. And this would have global ramifications—the music would stop, very suddenly.’”



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My Copenhagen adventures have begun. @Fly_Norwegian left Seattle a bit late, mad dash to catch connecting flight at Gatwick. One more leg and I'm there. Hope that checked bag makes this plane too....
Obligatory pictures of just a few of the thousands of bicycles parked everywhere, ridden everywhere, in Copenhagen. And to end the the suspense yes, the checked bag made it despite the very tight connection at Gatwick. Whew.
A few bike images from Copenhagen: Golden statue of a lady on a bike atop a tower; bike shop sign that reads "hop on a bike/ feel like a local"; a mobile coffee stand that's a cargo bike; bike counter with a display of over 4 million trips.
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HAPPENING NOW 📣 @RepJoeNeguse is over on our Twitter handle to discuss how clean energy wins in his home state of Colorado can serve as a model for policies at the national level.
Hi! This is @RepNeguse 👋 tweeting with LCV to talk about #CleanEnergyForAll in Colorado and across the country.

This is a core issue for me: before taking office, I co-founded the non-profit New Era Colorado to engage youth efforts to #ActOnClimate using clean energy solutions.
In Congress, I am proud to serve on the Select Committee on the @ClimateCrisis and be a member of the climate action based caucus @SEEC. We listen to people across the country who are affected by climate change and develop legislative solutions to tackle the climate crisis.
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Climate change deserves serious time during the #DemDebate in Detroit. We face an urgent crisis and candidates must tell us how they plan to #ActOnClimate.

Read up on on why climate affects nearly every issue facing the country, from healthcare to immigration (1/x)
Last month, 74 medical and public health groups came together to call climate change “a health emergency.”

They've asked candidates to “meet and strengthen US commitments” under the 2015 UN climate agreement from which Trump has vowed to withdraw.…
The WHO has called climate change "the greatest health challenge of the 21st century.”

It affects healthcare on a personal level.

Doctors now explain to patients why breathing problems may be linked to longer allergy seasons associated w/ climate change…
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THREAD: Are you ready for this week’s heat? Are you ready for it to be the norm? Check out how this week’s forecast stacks up against this century’s #ExtremeHeat projection for your town and learn what’s at stake without climate action with our heat tool:
According to our new study, #KillerHeat is only going to get worse. We are projecting how the heat index, or “feels like” temperature, will likely change in your town by the middle of the century with no action to reduce global warming emissions.
By late century, our #KillerHeat report projects that with no action, some areas will endure four months a year when the “feels like” temp will exceed 105°F. BUT, rapid bold action can drastically curb these extreme heat days. #ActOnClimate
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I’ve observed Colorado @SenCoryGardner since his election. What I’ve seen has left me dismayed. Rather than building bipartisan bridges to get things done, Cory became a supine Trump yes-man. There are 1000s reasons he shouldn’t be re-elected. Here are 101: #VoteCoryOut #COsen
#1: Even though he was elected by the narrowest of margins in 2014 in a state that has since voted for Hillary in 2016 & a democratic state govt trifecta in 2018, Cory continues to act as if he has a mandate from the white nationalist alt-right. #VoteCoryOut #cosen
#2: Cory Gardner has consistently voted for the extreme Trump agenda. During the 2019-2020 Congress, he’s voted with Trump over 90% of the time. During Trump’s 1st two years, Cory’s voting record was over 95% in line with Trump. #VoteCoryOut #cosen
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What do the @USChamber and @ShopFloorNAM have in common? They’re 2 of corporate America’s top lobbying groups. And they’re both leading the charge to stop Congress from combatting the climate crisis and saving our planet.…
The @USChamber has supported Trump Admin efforts to roll back the Clean Power Plan and funded a misleading study that @realDonaldTrump used to justify withdrawing from the Paris Agreement. It might as well change its name to the #ChamberOfCarbon.…
.@ShopFloorNAM has repeatedly opposed federal action on the climate crisis – and worked to protect Big Oil by supporting Arctic and offshore oil drilling and fighting the transition to a clean energy economy. #ManufacturedFacts.…
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Apple may want governments to move faster on #climate, but its presence here in Congress doesn’t contribute to that result.

A thread ⬇️…
Leaving @USChamber was a good first step, but until recently, its other trade group @TechNetUpdate didn’t even name climate or clean energy as priorities.

Many other leading companies still support muscle-bound lobbying groups like the @USChamber and @ShopFloorNAM, which are inveterate opponents in Congress of climate action, often contrary to their members’ views.
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HAPPENING NOW: our Water, Oceans, and Wildlife Subcommittee is listening to voices from the 7 different states that make up the #ColoradoRiver basin this morning. After a 19-year drought, we’re working together to prevent water shortages. Join us LIVE ➡️
“The Colorado River basin is in danger. We are currently experiencing its worst drought in recorded history.” - Brenda Burman, Commissioner @usbr

Climate change is making this worse. We need to work together and take this seriously.
Early next week, Chair @RepRaulGrijalva will introduce a bill with support from all 7 Colorado River Basin states & regional tribes that authorizes the Colorado River Drought Contingency Plan. It will preserve water for the Southwest and the 40 million Americans who live there.
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1/ BREAKING: Our Children's Trust at @youthvgov represents a group of young people led by Kelsey Juliana in a lawsuit against the Trump administration. The lawsuit seeks to force government to act to stop climate change. The Juliana plaintiffs just filed a motion (con't)
2/ with the Ninth Circuit to STOP 100 fossil fuel projects that the Trump administration would push out in the next couple of months - projects that collectively could send us over 1.5 C. For this motion to succeed, the Juliana plaintiffs need hundreds of thousands of (con't)
3/ young people to sign an "amicus brief." An amicus brief is a "friend of the court" brief & carries much weight with a judge. To sign the brief & support the Juliana plaintiffs fight the Trump administration simply go to this website: Save our planet!
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“Information is not enough for people to act.” #climate psychology, activism and anxiety by @FridaHylander at @SkaneXr @LUCSUS_LU
What's needed for people to #ActOnClimate? @FridaHylander uses "Model of helping" to understand #climate psychology.
To motivate action, people need to:
1. notice an event
2. interpret the problem as an emergency
3. feel personal responsibility.
1. Notice event- barriers to notice #climatechange include:
Humans perceive emotionally, not rationally
Slow gradual threats seen as risky as fast, vivid ones
"villains" are easier to blame than nature
Living in cities, far from nature
fragmented knowledge
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@rawphonegirl @POTUS So I’ve read it.

It’s “Progressive” flavored but could be worse. I don’t like the references to NGOs and Unions and I shudder at what could be hidden in the box labeled “front line communities”.

Other than that it seems good - if it were #MAGA flavored.…
@rawphonegirl @POTUS Couple of things about it are curious to me.

1. In the preamble it criticizes forty years of Pre-Trump policy, correctly. Although doubtless this is intended either as a straw man versus Trump or simply pretending Trump doesn’t exist - seen that before with regard to Tesla.
@rawphonegirl @POTUS 2. Surprisingly it doesn’t go for a Carbon Tax. Not overtly. This must never happen i.e. be entrusted to Progressives.

3. It directly addresses the BIG LIE in every prior (e.g. Obama) initiative. “ stop the transfer of jobs and pollution overseas”. This is remarkably #MAGA.
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This is not what #ActOnClimate means.Stop pretending that fracking under any regulatory framework is consistent with IPCC findings. It’s not. This is the wrong ask.
Let’s be clear:

• From drilling to flaring to venting to condensing to compressing to pipeline, fracking is inherently leaky. Methane leaks are built into the engineering.

• Even if ALL the leaks were fixed, the CO2 emissions alone + ever-increasing # of wells =climate fail
• Fracking wells leak methane long after they are decommissioned. Plugging doesn’t stop the emissions bc methane seeps into the atmosphere from around the outside of the well casing as cement shrinks and crumbles with age. There is no #CutMethane fix for this problem.
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After chatting about climate w putatively progressive parents at 3 different kids' birthday parties this weekend 😐, I will report anecdotally that even folks who think they accept the science sometimes don't want to take action on climate change.

Why not?

2 reasons:

First, it seems to me, they have no faith that collective action--people rising up en masse and using techniques like civil disobedience, general strikes, public critique, "consumer voting," etc--will do anything to influence government policy.

They seem completely convinced that the political process is so corrupted by money--and that "power" in general is so unimpeachable (thank you, Foucault)--that Democracy is essentially a sham that allows the rich to run the world as they wish.

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While there is certainly nothing wrong with making individual low-carbon choices, I am increasingly concerned with how the #actonclimate movement is emphasizing individual lifestyle over collective action. There are two problems with this (thread).
One is that framing the issue in terms of lifestyle carries with it the race/class/health/wealth point of view of the framer. But not everyone's relationship with #climatechange is the same. This was the major critique of late 20th century environmentalism…
The second is that individual choices are small in terms of cutting carbon. Aside from having a kid (high impact b/c another carbon footprint is added), aviation, the second most carbon-intensive individual activity, is only 4-5% of human radiative forcing…
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Yesterday I wrote this thread documenting climate-related changes I’ve observed on the East End of LI.

It was swarmed by deniers.

Today the local paper, the @EHStar, put an article about these changes on their front page.

And now I’m going to double down...

Here’s the front page, top story entitled “Waking Up to the Reality of Climate Change.”🔥🔥🔥
Here is the East Hampton Town Supervisor @PeterVanScoyoc noting that his trees have been devastated by the systemic pine beetle infestation of the region.

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IYMI @OregonGovBrown on @OPBTOL: I am intentionally putting Ore. on a new path. The Ore. Dept. of Energy was created in 70s in response to the energy crisis in Ore. Today as you know we face a very different challenge & that is global climate change. (1/3)…
.@OregonGovBrown added: I think that by aligning state programs and expertise and implementing our new cap and invest program in the new (Oregon Climate Authority), Oregon will better be able to achieve our climate goals. #ORleg #CleanEnergyJobs (2/3)
We wholeheartedly agree @OregonGovBrown. Thank you for your leadership. #ORleg #CleanEnergyJobs #ActOnClimate Here's our response to a new OCA (3/3):…
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In its latest attempt to diminish science, the Trump admin released the Fourth National Climate Assessment on a holiday weekend when they thought no one was paying attention. But make no mistake - we noticed, and will not let them stand in the way of real climate action. #NCA4
The National Climate Assessment is too important to ignore. Every day until @HouseDemocrats take back the Majority, I will be sharing findings from #NCA4. Please like and RT to amplify the significance of #ClimateChange and how it affects us all. #ClimateCrisisCountdown
As the top Democrat on the @SciCmteDems Environment Subcommittee, I take my responsibility seriously to #DefendScience and protect our environment. To start the #ClimateCrisisCountdown, I am going to share a few of the most staggering facts from the #NCA4
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With Democrats back in control, it's time for the House Science Committee to start up the #ExxonKnew investigation again! Let's review this wild saga of lawsuits, subpoenas, and climate denial in this thread —>
1/ Back in 2015, reporting at @InsideClimateNews and the @LATimes revealed that Exxon and other oil companies knew about the threat of climate change decades ago, but lied about it to the public and did everything they could to stop efforts to address it.
2/ Just as Big Tobacco lied about the risks of addiction and cancer, Exxon orchestrated a campaign of doubt and deception, making hundreds of billions at the cost of people's lives — now it's time for them to face the consequences.…
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For Our Present & #Future, for Ourselves & Our #Children, We Must #ActOnClimate Now!
#Renewables #Carbon
@gvalan @ActDontReact @ShiCooks @Totalrecoverys1 @09Clive
@SaleemulHuq @johnlundin @TomRaftery
#Science Says:
#ClimateChangeIsReal Detrimental & Irreversible

But #Trump Knows
"IDK If It's Manmade..."
"It Will Change Back"

There are No #Jobs on a Dead #Planet!

@ProfRayWills @MichaelEMann @NancySinatra @Jackthelad1947 @NNUS @cberrl

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Can we talk about the global "we"?

"We" is a big word in climate discourse. Just today I've seen a number of responses to #SR15 that use it, as in "we're fucking this up."

I'm here to say that this "we" is a fictional construct: ideological, obfuscatory, and dangerous.

Who is this "we"? Does it include the nearly one billion people who live on less than 2 dollars a day?…

Does it include the +/- 5.5 billion people who live on between 2-10 dollars a day?…

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✅ American democracy is on the ballot
✅ Basic human decency is on the ballot
✅ The health of our planet is on the ballot
✅ Equality & justice are on the ballot
HERE ARE 10 MORE REASONS TO #VoteBlueToSaveAmerica:
1) Donald Trump thinks there are "very fine people" who march with neo-Nazis and the KKK.
2) Donald Trump & the Republicans instituted a Muslim ban in a country whose founding is defined by freedom of religion. #VoteBlue2018 #NoBanNoWall
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