1/ In this thread, I'd like to introduce the XRP community on CT to Kendra Hill, another alleged XRP insider. Note that it's NOT her real name, and I will be providing NO doxxing info on her in this thread (or ever). @HamEggsnSam has referred to her as "1 million XRP girl"
@HamEggsnSam 2/ KH launched her blog on the Steemit platform in July 2018. She posted on many topics including self-improvement, her theosophic worldview, and music, but mainly her knowledge of cryptocurrency/XRP. She also posts regularly about her own crypto projects.
@HamEggsnSam 3/ Kendra Hill’s main focus was the role XRP and XLM would play in the future, but she also mentioned other cryptocurrencies, including Stratis, Elastos, ETH, and IOTA. She also posted frequently in the comments sections of XRP-related YouTube videos.
@HamEggsnSam 4/ KH claimed she’s from a family of investment bankers, and in 2016 she was given a birthday present of 1 million XRP by her family ($10k then). She didn’t understand it and wanted to sell it, but to stop her her grandfather gave her insider information on Ripple’s agenda
@HamEggsnSam 5/ This may surprise many in the XRP community: KH states that there will one day be a single world currency, but it won’t be XRP. It will actually be the Lumen
@HamEggsnSam 6/ Note that XLM as the world currency one day isn’t that crazy. Stellar being “non-profit” & about helping the poor, could easily donate all 80 billion of their XLM holdings to the World Bank (or some other global governance body) in a crisis
@HamEggsnSam 7/ So what role will XRP play in the new system? Kendra stated that XRP would be used with Codius to run the $1.4 quadrillion derivatives market. She predicted this before @Fame21Moore did, "before it was cool" (and taken as a given by the XRP community)
@HamEggsnSam @Fame21Moore 8/ XRP indexed to (or backed by) gold or “Digital Gold” is a popular topic this year. KH referenced it in the summer of 2018, as you can see in the screenshots below. In her post “The Currency of Time Travelers”, she spoke of gold’s timeless utility.
@HamEggsnSam @Fame21Moore 9/ Kendra Hill claimed a Ripple & Amazon partnership before Asheesh Birla’s famous cough. According to her, a 2015 deal gave Amazon a stake in 5 billion XRP. This partnership was to be announced by March 2019
@HamEggsnSam @Fame21Moore 10/ In late 2018, she predicted that XRP would rise to $50 in 24 hours, similar to @kichirofukui’s prediction. When asked about this by one of her readers though she felt that it wouldn’t happen in 2018, under a post predicting an early 2019 crypto bull run
@HamEggsnSam @Fame21Moore @kichirofukui 11/ Early in the new year she put up a post titled “BearableGuy Is Not Wrong”, explaining that everything had just been delayed for a few months. Weeks later she posted the date August 22/2019 with a smiley face. When nothing happened on that date readers asked her about it:
@HamEggsnSam @Fame21Moore @kichirofukui 12/ Kendra’s later posts became pretty dark. In “Money 2023” she hinted that private keys would be stored inside everyone’s body ("non-optional"). In a reply on another post she claimed that 5G would kill billions of people (“microwave cities will do their job”).
@HamEggsnSam @Fame21Moore @kichirofukui 13/ She predicted a battle ahead for humanity in the first half of the 2020s, but believed in an optimistic outcome. With her prediction that humanity would be “chipped” by 2023 one can assume this battle would be against a totalitarian world government
@HamEggsnSam @Fame21Moore @kichirofukui 14/ Note that back in July of 2018, Kendra Hill explained how BTC could be taken down and controlled by governments through central control of mining pools. This is a common talking point by Ripple employees today
@HamEggsnSam @Fame21Moore @kichirofukui 15/ Kendra Hill abruptly took down every single one of her above posts and comments on Steemit. Every post about XRP is gone. Her blog is still active, as she develops a project called MIOS.io. The white paper drops Oct 31st. steemit.com/@kendrahill /THREAD

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Aug 7, 2020

So it's finally here: Our emergence from the bear market! Or is it?

With the OCC now giving banks the green light to hold crypto, it's a given that regulations are coming very soon. This is both good and bad. THREAD:
2) The good: Retail investors and financial institutions will soon be legally protected from the manipulation and shenanigans that whales and exchanges routinely engage in at the moment.
3) The bad: These whales and exchanges now have a very narrow window to engage in this manipulation and shenanigans without facing heavy fines, or having someone go to jail. They need to act fast to squeeze as much money as they can out while there's still a legal grey area.
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WHAT IS PLAN B? In late 2018, things were looking up for the XRP price. The insiders and riddlers were all predicting huge things for EOY. What happened? (Warning: Wild speculation ahead). THREAD: ImageImageImageImage
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2) "Hexagon" refers to Twitter user @Hexagon75367509. In late 2018 they posted several threads and tweets suggesting insider info on the workings of the future XRP marketplace, and some insight into what some have speculated will be the fabled "xPool".
3) Hexagon tweeted that early retail adopters of XRP are the experiment for the coming institutional market.
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Mar 23, 2020
1) With many new followers lately, I'll clarify my opinion on riddlers. Despite my account name, I am NOT a "true believer". I find riddlers & insiders interesting and a curiosity to study, and I set up an archive of their videos to preserve them as they often get deleted.
2) Although skeptical, I allow for the possibility there are folks out there in the know about big things who actually care about the little guy, and will give us commoners info with a genuine desire to help. Why can't this be the case with behind-the-scenes happenings with XRP?
3) I enjoy connecting dots, and using riddler/alleged insider hints as starting points for research and further study. I keep an open mind, but not so open that my brains fall out, as the space is full of proven phonies like zizi, @fefe01101100 , and sneaky bastards like @CyPhlux
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Feb 8, 2020
1) IN DEFENCE OF BABA CUGS? @BabaCugs has taken a LOT of heat over the past week, since his prediction of a $2k XRP didn't happen. But is it all deserved? I've been asked my opinion lots in DMs and want to post my 2 cents here. THREAD:
@BabaCugs 2) Although he does a lot of dot-connecting, it's important to remember that in most cases @BabaCugs is but a messenger. The sources for his predictions are alleged insiders - mainly @Ross_Vandermeer AKA @MarvinGaye0526, @YoYo76242706, and @321yugelbaraeb AKA @bearableguy123
3) @Ross_Vandermeer is the source of the famous $2000 XRP claim (predicted for January 1st by the way, not January 31st). Ross was wrong in his prediction, and recently moved the goalposts himself - from Jan 1, 2020 to "2020"
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Jan 21, 2020

1) XRP Twitter is abuzz with speculation about the 50th edition of the World Economic Forum, and what the US President will announce during a special address tomorrow, on January 21st, 2020. Allow me to add some wild speculation of my own. THREAD:
2) The Amero concept has been floating around both the academic as well as conspiracy theorist communities for almost 2 decades. In short, similar to the Euro, the Amero would be a common currency for the 3 countries in North America (US, Mexico, Canada).
3) Since 9/11, the concept of a common North American currency has gone hand in hand with the concept of "Fortress America", a joint security arrangement between the three countries. wsws.org/en/articles/20…
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