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Our Ram Lalla Wins!

Hope the Modi government now takes it to logical conclusion by building a Grand Temple in Ayodhya at the earliest. #AYODHYAVERDICT 1/n
It is time for celebration & rightfully so. But, let us pause for a moment & reflect. It has taken us almost 500 years of wait & decades of political & court battle just to come to this stage that we can legally build a temple to Ram Lalla on his birthplace. #AYODHYAVERDICT 2/n
Just imagine, this is Karmabhoomi of Hindus; this is the land of our Devas, of Tirthas. And here, it has taken us this long and painful fight to invite back Ram Lalla embodiment of Dharma into his home. This only goes to show deep mess Hindus society is in. #AyodhyaJudgment 3/n
Let's celebrate today, but let's not lose sight of the civilization war that we are waging and which is far from over. 4/4 #AyodhyaHearing

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May 16
1. Pursuit of Artha causes one to acquire wealth, resources, and prosperity.

Pursuit of Kama causes one to acquire pleasure derived from enjoyment of worldly objects.
2. Pursuit of Moksha causes one to acquire Knowledge of reality leading to freedom from all limitations, suffering, and cluthches of Samsara.

What does pursuit of Dharma lead to? What does an individual acquire by pursuing Dharma?

One word answer: Punya.
3. Punya means 'Karmic merit'. It is a special for it is what determines your future-your journey post death & your future lives. More the Punya, better the future, happier the future. The opposite Papa-Karmic demerit leads to opposite result of Punya, namely sorrow & suffering.
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Jan 1
1. In Manusmriti chapter 9, there is discussion about what the texts call Mahapatakas- great crimes that brings upon great Paapam (karmic demerit) to the performer and causes injury to society. These include murder, stealing, adultery, etc.
2. In this context Manu says that the perpetrators if they refuse to perform expiation, they must be banished after confiscating all their property. 

In this context, the text adds following verses:
3. King shall not appropriate property of man guilty of heinous crime; if, through greed he takes it, he becomes tainted with that guilt—9.243
He shall deposit such property in water & offer it to Varuṇa or bestow it on a Brāhmaṇa endowed with Vedic learning and character—9.244
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Nov 14, 2023
1. Here is a thought:

Equality & Egalitarianism in all dimensions of socio-cultural life as ultimate ideal to strive for is particularly an idea of modernity that has its origins in the West. You don't find such ideas in ancient civilizations, especially in Hindu civilization .
2. This egalitarianism is different from Vedantic notion of oneness/nonduality which is a recognition of oneness (& not equality) of every jivatma as the ultimate reality all the while also accepting diversity and differences at worldly (Vyavahara) level.
3. In the Vedantic vision of Brahman, there is no effort to erase diversity here at Vyavahara level, only working through them.
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Oct 10, 2023
My previous thread of #Manusmriti generated some interesting questions/observations. Here I list some with my response to it. 1/n
Q1. Authentic version of Manusmriti is not available. What is available is interpolated by British.
A. This is not true. There is a native tradition of 1200 of commentarial tradition with as many as 9 commentaries on Manusmriti.+ 2/n
+ Manusmriti is also widely quoted by different Dharmashastra authors and important Acharyas (such as Kumarila Bhatta,Shankaracharya etc.) through out last 1500+ years. Quotations and parallels with Manusmriti are found in Mahabharata as well. We even have a Critical Edition+ 3/n
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Aug 7, 2023
Very interesting thread. Some observations.

a. The verse conceptualization of 'Dharmic Modernity' is misnomer. Dharma is that which perpetual, but also eternal. It emphasis continuity. Modernity by conception is a complete breakaway from the past. 1/n
b. Even by keeping aside the conceptual issues associated with the phrase Dharmic Modernity, there is nothing really 'Dharmic' about the category 'Dharmic Modernists', many of whom are atheists or agnostics, have zero shraddha to Devata or Shastra, and often reject + 2/n
+reject Hindu epistemology and ontology and instead uncritically subscribe to enlightenment values. They are at best a nominal Hindus & at worst are inimical to Hindu traditions whose political ideology & commitment to party trumps any apparent affinity to Hindu Dharma. 3/n
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May 29, 2023
1. One of the biggest threat to Hindu practices in contemporary times is the so called 'Scientific Temper' which by its very definition and its ideological underpinnings is deeply problematic. Image
2. There is a big fad among contemporary Hindu society to tout Hinduism as being Scientific and this they believe is what differentiates Hindu dharma from Abrahamics.

Of course, it goes without saying this is a gullible position & will only end in dismantling of Hindu practice.
3. It is true that there are elements of Science in some branches of Hinduism. It is also true that Hindu philosophy is not anti-physical science.
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