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CAN Foundation hosts Webinar on "Ensuring an Independent Judiciary under our Constitution: Confronting the Contemporary Challenges.”

The Keynote Speaker is former CJI, Justice (Retd.) Ranjan Gogoi.

ASG Aman Lekhi is co-speaker.

CEO of CAN Foundation renders welcome address.
ASG Aman Lekhi begins his address.

Lekhi on independence on judiciary:
1. Adjudication must be open on the whole.
2. There should be a minimum standard of fairness.
3. Independence of the Judges is critical. And it has to be intelligent independence.
ASG Aman Lekhi (on what is necessary for the independence of the judiciary):

... 4. Institutional coherence - the judiciary should speak in one voice.
5. It has to be fiduciary - the benefit has to go to the public. The fiduciary nature of power must never be forgotten.
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Always remember this: it's not about #CAA or #NRC or #AyodhyaVerdict or #Article370. It's about the solid Sanatana civilization slowly reasserting itself.
The greatest hope that the Indian National Congress (Pakistan) party banked on was a repeat of 2004 in 2019 - a shock loss of the BJP at the elections.
The manner in which @narendramodi overturned it and resoundingly pounded a desperate coalition of 20+ parties is what has led them to incite a civil war right in Delhi.
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It is unfortunate that AIMPLB is speaking in such strident and confrontationist tone. Despite their claims to the contrary before the judgement, it is clear that they do not want any amicable solution nor do they want the country to move forward. #AYODHYAVERDICT 1/3
The SC #AyodhaVerdict was unanimous. Imagine the strength of the case of Hindu side that both the High court as well as a unanimous bench of SC found evidence in favour of claims for Ram Temple. Yet, AIMPLB is insistent on reviving a structure in honour of an invader. 2/3
Ram Temple devotees won the Ayodhya case after an almost 500 years struggle. In between they endured character assassinations & abuses.Yet when verdict came, there was no celebration,just silent satisfaction.Moving on was the spirit. AIMPLB conduct is thus even more appalling.3/3
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#AyodhyaJudgment குறித்து மே 17 இயக்கம் நடத்திய பத்திரிக்கையாளர் சந்திப்பு.

ராமர் பிறந்த நிலம் என்கிற கோரிக்கை 1949க்கு முன்பு இல்லவே இல்லை. ராமாயணத்தை வெகுமக்களிடம் கொண்டு சென்ற அயோத்தியை சார்ந்த துளசிதாசரே வைக்காத...

முழு காணொளி:

விடயத்தை, பாபர் மசூதியை இடித்த சமூக விரோத அமைப்பு வைத்திருக்கிறது. பிரம்ம சமாஜ்யமோ, ஆரிய சமாஜ்யமோ, விவேகானந்தரோ, ராமகிருஷ்ண பரமஹம்சரோ கூட இது போன்ற கோரிக்கை வைக்கவில்லை. எனவே இந்து மக்களுக்கும், ராமர் பிறந்த நிலம் என சொல்லும் இந்துத்துவ அமைப்புகளுக்கும் எந்த தொடர்பும் இல்லை.

பாதிக்கப்பட்ட மக்களுக்கு எந்த தொடர்பும் இல்லாமல், அவர்களது நிலத்தினை வன்முறையின் மூலமாக பிடுங்கிவிட முடியும் என்ற நிலை ஏற்றுக் கொள்ளப்படப் போகிறதா என்ற கவலை எங்களுக்கு இருக்கிறது. இதே போன்று சிறுபான்மையினரின் பிற நிலங்களும் பிடுங்கப்படாது என்பதற்கு...

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I have been analysing TV news coverage on #Ayodhya for a while now.

Here I detail how some TV news anchors abjured all journalistic values to build a majoritarian consensus on the Ayodhya dispute. #AYODHYAVERDICT…
All debates had studio sets replete with Hindu imagery – the proposed temple, sounding of the conch shell by men dressed in saffron, Lord Ram in various poses.
Swamis or so-called Hindu spiritual leaders were brought on and allowed to go on unhinged rants against Babur and his supporters (read Muslims) that were treated as spiritual pravachan — and you could only stop it at the risk of hurting the sentiments of a man of god.
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Today is a day of not just historic but civilizational proportions. Bhagwaan Ram represents the very soul of India. All values that we hold dear and uniquely Indian, are all embodied in the personality of one man - Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram. 1/5 #AYODHYAVERDICT #RamMandir
It is a testimony to the values ingrained in us through the life of Maryada Purushottam, that a battle for a temple at his Janamsthan has finally been settled in constitutional India in exactly the way the life of Shri Ram preaches - belief in rule of law. 2/5 #AYODHYAVERDICT
SC judgement is categorical in accepting ASI findings. SC is also emphatic in concluding that who prayed at the site and at what period - Hindus since 1528 and before 1856 AT THE ENTIRE COMPOSITE SITE. After 1856, both communities, but site was NOT divided. 3/5 #AYODHYAVERDICT ImageImageImage
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Shall post a thread of some of my all time favourite icons, sculptures, images of Lord Rama to celebrate the #AYODHYAVERDICT! ☺🙏


This is my all time favourite Lord Rama of Vaduvoor. 😍😍😍
The lord of Bhadrachalam to whom Bhaktha Ramadasu composed all his songs!

Lord Rama with Sita Devi on his lap, his brother Lakshmana standing by them.


The beautiful original silver idol of Rama and Sita that Tyagaraja worshiped.Notice little Hanuman on the side, near Rama's feet. All Tyagaraja's compositions were dedicated to THIS Rama. If you are in Thanjavur, you can have darshan in his descendant's home.
#JaiShriRam 🙏
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#AYODHYAVERDICT : Judgment is published, runs into 1045 pages. @barandbench Image
#Ayodhya: Judgment does not mention which judge is the author of the judgment. Image
#Ayodhya: Ram Janmasthan is the birth place of Lord Ram, concludes Supreme Court.

One significant conclusion arrived at by Supreme Court is that the faith and belief of Hindus that Ram Janmasthan is the birth place of Lord Ram has been proved by oral and documentary evidence. Image
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Our Ram Lalla Wins!

Hope the Modi government now takes it to logical conclusion by building a Grand Temple in Ayodhya at the earliest. #AYODHYAVERDICT 1/n
It is time for celebration & rightfully so. But, let us pause for a moment & reflect. It has taken us almost 500 years of wait & decades of political & court battle just to come to this stage that we can legally build a temple to Ram Lalla on his birthplace. #AYODHYAVERDICT 2/n
Just imagine, this is Karmabhoomi of Hindus; this is the land of our Devas, of Tirthas. And here, it has taken us this long and painful fight to invite back Ram Lalla embodiment of Dharma into his home. This only goes to show deep mess Hindus society is in. #AyodhyaJudgment 3/n
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The #AYODHYAVERDICT is an institutional judicial stamp on a decades long sanghi campaign to relegate Muslims to inferior status in India. It condones and thus legitimizes majoritarian mob violence as a way to do achieve goals. Worse horrors coming next.
If ghosts exist, the ghost of Jinnah is saying today, see, I told you so! #AYODHYAVERDICT
The most ironic hypocrisy here is that those hindutva supporters who claim to hang their hats on the sanctity of property rights and rule of law, are now celebrating state-sanctioned mob-violence-enabled annexation of private property.
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For millennials, #AYODHYAVERDICT is Shah Bano moment of this generation. A landmark verdict, a nation-shaking event, coming from the SC.
With the SC effectively granting nearly the entire Ayodhya land to Ram Janmabhoomi movement, LK Advani's blood-spitting war-cry 'Mandir Wahi Banayenga' finally comes true. Instead of celebration, we can introspect the prospect of becoming a nation full of grievance collectors.
Mukul Kesavan's words from 2010: " extemporized temple has replaced the mosque. To accept that arrangement would be to concede that majoritarian grievance backed by massive, illegal violence is above the laws of the republic."
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#AyodhyaCase: A Supreme Court Bench of Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi and Justices SA Bobde, DY Chandrachud, Ashok Bhushan and S Abdul Nazeer will pronounce verdict at 10.30 am today

Track this thread for live updates

#RamMandir #BabriMasjid #AYODHYAVERDICT #AyodhyaHearing
Heavy security deployment in and around court premises.

Here are the 5 Judges who will deliver the #AYODHYAVERDICT today.
#AyodhyaHearing #BabriMasjid #AyodhyaJudgment

CJI Ranjan Gogoi
Next CJI Justice SA Bobde
Justice Ashok Bhushan
Justice DY Chandrachud
Justice Abdul Nazeer
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1. जैसा कि मैंने गंगोत्री से रवाना होते समय ही तय किया था कि जब भी पार्टी की महत्वपूर्ण बैठक होगी, मैं यात्रा के उसे पड़ाव पर गंगा जी को आसीन कर के बैठक में भाग लेकर वापर लौटूँगी तथा अपना प्रवास जारी रखूँगी। @BJP4India
2. पार्टी का कार्य भी राष्ट्रीय कार्य है, गंगा राष्ट्र की प्राण धारा है, पार्टी के अधिष्ठान से ही मुझे इस कार्य में संबल मिला है।
3. कल रात को मुझे सूचना मिली थी कि माननीय सुप्रीम कोर्ट का अयोध्या पर आज निर्णय आने की संभावना है। मीडिया के ख़बरों से लगता है, जैसे इस विषय पर समाज में तनाव है एवं बहुत सारी वर्जनाएँ हैं।

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•In 1528AD around 491 years from today,
On the orders of Babur his Commander Mir Baqi demolished the Pious Lord Shri Ram temple & built the Babri structure on it.
•After being defeated by Rana Sanga, Twice Babur attacked the birthplace of Sri Ram, the prominent of Hindu culture, and emerged victorious.
On the advise of Muslim fakir disciples Khwaja Abbas Musa and Jalalshah, Babur destroyed Temple of Shri Ram in Ayodhya.
•Babur ruled India from 1526 to 1530, but he continued to target the shrine of Indian faith and this jihadi terrorist continuously betrayed Hindu’s.
Hindu’s back then tried resisting and protect all their heritage sites!
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The Ayodhya case has 50 parties⁠— but here's what you might want to understand.
More than a century-old religious dispute⁠— the first case was filed in 1885⁠— became a land title suit is awaiting the final word from India’s Supreme Court, which is expected to give its verdict in the Ram Temple-Babri Masjid dispute in Ayodhya very soon.

The Hindu sides contend there should be a temple for Lord Rama in a 2.7 acre land in Ayodhya, where the Babri Masjid has stood since the 16th century.

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THREAD on #Ramjanmbhoomi #AyodhyaVerdict
1n Make no mistake this “mediation panel” are a bunch of duffers. They’re falling in the trap of of circumventing the legal process, to later twist a narrative that any temple will be illegitimate & offering compensation for a title
2n claim that doesn’t exist. Why? For starters if they agree to “give up” what they never had in the first place, they create a whole body of speculative literature that will claim that waqf did in fact have a claim. This leads to two sets of narratives a) a Hindu land grab and
3n b) that the temple (if and when built) was legally untenable and based on extortion. Essentially it delegitimises the entire litigation process. What’s worse is they are now demanding public funds for mosque upkeep as part of this settlement. This has two further disastrous..
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#RamMandir - #BabriMasjid: Constitution Bench assembles on Day 40 of the hearing.
#RamMandir - #BabriMasjid: Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi declares that at 5 PM today the hearing in the case will have concluded.

"We have already asked all the intervenors to apportion the time accordingly"
#RamMandir - #BabriMasjid: Senior Counsel CS Vaidyanathan concludes his rejoinder arguments.

Senior Advocate Ranjit Kumar begins his rejoinder submissions
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Justice Ranjan Gogoi was sworn in as the 46th Chief Justice of India at 10:50 am IST on 3rd October 2018.
“I am what I am and I cannot change myself,” the Chief Justice of India said while referring to Supreme Court Bar Association President Mr Vikas Singh’s remarks that Justice Ranjan Gogoi is “strict and perfectionist”.…
Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi held a rare video conference with all high court chief justices on 5th October 2018 and told them he would do a review in three weeks!…
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