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In this thread i am going to debunk all the scientific miracles of Quran .This thread can be used as a one stop reference thread to clarify everything about scientific miracles of Quran.

Cc: @Aabhas24 @Sanjay_Dixit @sankrant @mariawirth1 @ShefVaidya @TarekFatah @SanjeevSanskrit
I am starting with debunking of 3 major scientific miracles of Quran after that i will add 3 -4 scientific inaccuracies of Quran every Friday . Please save this thread so that no one near you falls in the trap of muslim apologists.
The subject of scientific miracles in Quran is not a new thing . I never wanted to address it again [ i previously debunked this miracles on my id @apostatesofindia but unfortunately it got suspended ] . unfortunately many non Muslims still gets trapped by Muslims due
to these scientific miracles of Quran . I recently talked to some new Muslim converts and asked them why they converted to Islam .The first reason they gave was the scientific miracles of quran . So i have decided to address this issue one last time . This time on twitter
CLAIM 1 : The theory of Big Bang is mentioned in quran , quran 21:30 mentions about big bang{ref : pic}

REFUTATIONS : The simple refutation to this is that Ms don't understand the scientific theory of Big Bang. The verse 21:30 says that the earth and heaven were together
and then seperated . Since the earth began existing 9 Billions years after the big bang , this verse clearly doesn't refer to the big bang . The truth is that this verse waas borrowed by Islam from the ancient religion of Sumerians . In their faith the heavens and earth were
together but then separated by a god named Enlil . Incidentally this Enlil god also ordered a global flood when he was fed up with humans .

reference : Enlil - the Sumerian God who split the heavens and the Earth and ordered a global flood
CLAIM 2 : The quran mentions 1400 years ago in Sura Furqan chapter number 25 verse number 61 , that the moon don't have its own light but it have reflected light . They say that the arabic word "noor" or "muneer" means reflected light or borrowed light

Aristarchus of Samos knew the moon reflecting the sun's light nearly a thousand years before muhammad was even born . But my point is that the moon reflecting sun's light is again not mentioned in Quran. "noor" means light , plain or simple . The word "noor" or "muneer" appears
39 times in the quran [ ref : 2:17, 2:257, 3:184, 4:174 , 5:15 , 5:16, 5:44 , 5:46 , 6:1 , 6:91 , 6:122 , 7:157 , 9:32 , 10:5 , 13:16 , 14:1 , 14:5 , 22:8 , 24:35 , 24:40, 25:61 , 31:20 , 33:43 , 33:46 , 35:20 , 35:25 , 39:22 , 39:69 , 42:52 , 57:9 , 57:12 , 57:13 , 57:19 , 57:28
, 61:8, 64:8, 65:11 , 66:8 , 71:16 . I challenge anyone to find a verse using the word "noor" to clearly mean "reflected light" . Nowhere at all does it appear to be talking about reflected light . Let's read a couple of verses having word "noor" in it and see whether
the definition of word "noor" that Muslims gives make sense ;

2:257 : Allah is the guardian of those who believe . he brings them out of the darkness into (REFLECTED) light .

9:32 : They desire to put out (REFLECTED) light of Allah with their mouths.

24:35 : Allah is
the (REFLECTED) light of the heavens and the earth .

Chapter 24 of the quran is also called SURAT AN NOOR . Show me any quran which calls this chapter ' The chapter of reflected light' .

In quran we have this verse in SURAT AL QIYAMA , chapter 75 , verse 8 (ref pic) telling
us the moon will loose its own light on judgement day .

ps : Aristarchus of Samos on reflected light
I've looked at all the major Sunni exegeses - Ibn Kathir , Jalalayn , tabari , tanwir al miqbas all all of them say clearly that the moon has its own light extinguished . No reference at all to the reflected Light .
CLAIM 3 : The quran says 1400 years ago in 79:30 that the earth is geospherical in shape . The arabic word 'dahaha' in this verse is derived from duhya which means the egg of an Ostrich

REFUTATIONS : Again , our friend Aristarchus of Samos knew the earth was spherical
nearly a thousand years before Muhammad was born but he wasn't the first . Aristotle knew Earth's shape before him and there are indications that Pythagoras , who died over a thousand years before , Muhammad existed was the first to understand the earth's shape . Aristarchus
observed the Earth's shape by looking at number of lunar eclipses and seeing earth's round shadow cast onto the moon's surface but another Greek scientist Eratosthenes who lived around 950 years before muhammad existed not only knew the earth was spherical but measured the
circumference of earth by using the Sun shadow at Noon in two nearby Egyptian cities and then calculated the distance between them . He was accurate to the figure we know today to roughly 1% which is astonishing , I'd say that is far more impressive than someone 800 years later
saying it was egg shaped . But again did Muhammad actually say the earth was egg shaped . Well the quran clearly states the earth is flat , like a carpet or wide expanse in 18 quranic verses . [ ref: 2:22,2:36,4:97 , 7:24 , 13:3 , 15:19 , 20:53 , 27:61 , 40:64 , 43:10 , 50:7 ,
51:48 , 71:19 , 77:25 , 78:6 , 84:3 , 88:20 , 91:6] .

Muslims ignore all these verses and then goes to one verse , pick one word from that verse and then claim that the meaning of that word is ostrich egg . Let's see if Dahaha actually means what muslims claim . AT TABARI
exegesis , one of the most thorough in Islamic history cites 18 different hadiths relating to an explanation of this verse . Not a single hadith says it means that the earth is spherical . If muslims actually understood arabic , they would know dahaha means extending .
It isn't even the name for an ostrich egg . The only reason it's mildly associated is because an ostrich produces an expanse , with a small bit of the ground , where it lays its eggs . So even with this meaning the word is referring to the place where an ostrich egg is laid ,
and has nothing to do with egg itself .

reference : Tabari source on dahaaha altafsir.com/Tafasir.asp?t...
CLAIM 4 : Quran says in chapter 21 verse 33 , that besides the sun revolving , it even rotates about its own axis .

REFUTATIONS : The verse 21:33 makes absolutely no mention of the sun spinning on its own axis . Not a single exegesis in Islam makes this claim either .
The quran is clearly geocentric . Idiotic yet honest clerics who don't try to change the meaning of the verse in the quran agree . {refer : }
CLAIM 5 : The expanding of the universe is mentioned in the quran 1400 years ago in SURA DHARIYAT , chapter number 51 verse number 47 .

REFUTATIONS : The way Muslims make this claim is by changing the Arabic word in the quran to mean something entirely different to the original
This is evident once again if u look at all translations pre 1920s and when Hubble and science made this discovery and not the Muslims for some reasons which would be surprise if they genuinely had this in their book to give them such a big clue , however what occurs here
is a subtle change to the Arabic word "MOUSI'UN" into "MUASI'UN".

The original says : God created the heavens and he is surely capable of doing so . When it's changed to mean wide expanse or extending . It's a subtle change to the original word ,but it conveniently changes
its meaning to try and deceive
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