Flynn prosecutor Brandon Van Grack should be in trouble.

How Van Grack's misrepresentations about the Flynn investigation and evidence led Judge Sullivan to issue an inaccurate opinion.

Why a show-cause hearing is appropriate.

Recall -

Van Grack told Judge Sullivan that the Flynn “lies” "impeded" and "had a material impact on" the Trump/Russia investigation. Image
Van Grack also told Judge Sullivan that he had provided all Brady evidence – and all “information that could reasonably be construed as favorable and material to sentencing.” Image
Van Grack to Judge Sullivan:

The govt has provided all Brady Evidence.

The government has not "suppressed evidence."

[All this turned out to be false.] Image
Based on these misrepresentations -

Judge Sullivan concluded that the Flynn interview was based on Trump/Russia (it wasn't) and thus his "lies" were material.

New evidence shows Sullivan's conclusion was incorrect. ImageImage
Relying on Van Grack’s claims -

Judge Sullivan wrongly held that FBI and DOJ communications “are not favorable and material to sentencing.”

New evidence shows that the FBI/DOJ conspired to use the Logan Act against Flynn.

The evidence is material and favorable. ImageImage
Judge Sullivan also wrongly found – based on promises from Van Grack – that the govt had already provided Flynn with favorable/material info on "pre-interview discussions"

This was not the case - as discovered when the govt provided the Strzok messages and Priestap notes. ImageImageImage
Van Grack influences Sullivan into another faulty conclusion.

Sullivan: Flynn’s argument that his statements “were not related to the investigation into Russia’s efforts to interfere in the election – is unavailing.”

Compare to DOJ motion to dismiss. ImageImage
Sullivan: “Mr. Flynn’s false statements to the FBI about his conversations with the Russian Ambassador were relevant to the FBI’s [Russian interference] inquiry.”

Again, evidence now shows this to be false – it was a Logan Act inquiry led by FBI leadership. ImageImage
Sullivan: The evidence proves that this was not a perjury trap.

New evidence: FBI discussions of a perjury trap. ImageImage
AG Barr explains in greater detail:

They kept the Flynn investigation open "for the express purpose of trying to catch, lay a perjury trap for General Flynn."

HT @JohnWHuber Image
Van Grack's misrepresentations are serious and should be dealt with.

Not only violate Sullivan's Brady order and deny Flynn what was due...

But he induced Judge Sullivan to reach conclusions now contradicted by the evidence.
In 2017, Judge Sullivan wrote in the WSJ that "Judges have a responsibility to take action against unethical prosecutors."

We hope this remains to be true.

/end Image

• • •

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"It would raise the issue of whether [Carter Page] had those interactions with the intent to assist the US gov't."

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Clinesmith knew FISC needed to be informed.

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DOJ produces new Flynn evidence - 1/25/17 Notes FBI OGC lawyer notes.

Logan Act: "no reasonable prosecutor" would proceed.

Flynn call w/ Kislyak similar to "other transition teams"

"First time to use [Logan Act]"

Thread. Image
TOP FBI lawyer James Baker:

"How do you assess § 1001 (false statements) when you wouldn't prosecute the underlying crime?"

Big concession that this wasn't about the broader Crossfile Hurricane investigation. Image
Assessment of whether Flynn is in a "covert relationship w/ Russia":

"No, probably not based on facts to date and interview."

Will be necessary to compare this to the Flynn NSLs handled by Clinesmith. Possible predication issues. (See pic) ImageImage
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🚨Flynn update - Interview 302 from FBI Agent William Barnett

"BARNETT believed the prosecution of FLYNN by SCO (Team Mueller) was used as a means to 'get Trump'"

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Agent Barnett was assigned to Crossfire Razor (the Flynn counter-intel investigation).

Barnett was later assigned to the Special Counsel team.

Barnett: the predication for the Flynn investigation was "not great" Image
Crossfire Hurricane source (likely Halper) accused Flynn of leaving a 2014 event with an undisclosed person.

Perhaps @RealSLokhova

FBI assessed this information to be not accurate Image
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2 Sep 20
Whoa - the Joseph Mifsud 302 is out.

Mifsud said he had no advance knowledge Russia had DNC emails and did not make any offer to Papadopoulos

And there is a post-interview email from Mifsud to FBI yet to be released 🤔

A very short interview for a purported "Russian agent" ImageImage
Mueller's Report played-up Mifsud's "connections to Russia."

At the interview, the FBI didn't bother to ask many questions about those "connections."

No follow-up questions about emails.

Now we can see why there were zero references to the Mifsud 302 in Mueller's Report. ImageImage
Mueller allegation:

@GeorgePapa19 "lies" about if he was w/ Trump campaign during Mifsud meeting impeded their ability to question Mifsud.

The problem: Mifsud himself told the FBI that George was w/ Trump campaign when they met. ImageImageImage
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