Why would anyone want the riots to be MORE chaotic?

This is a classic tactic - using "Agents Provocateurs".

These are fake protesters (sometimes they're even actual police officers, acting with or without orders)

who deliberately add chaos & criminality to a situation because
...creating images of chaos, or symbols like burning police property, makes great news footage.

These images are a quick way to make a peaceful protest look violent.

And that means the leaders can justify using greater force.

The property that's being damaged or stolen...
... is all insured, and will all be replaced and repaired.

The real damage is that violent force will be used to subdue protesters who might otherwise have stayed peaceful!

And random people at home will see broken or burning property on TV, and think the force was justified.
The Agent Provocateur strategy has been in use since the 1800s.


If you are at a protest and you see people acting strangely, take note and take pics...
Agents Provocateurs are often heavily masked.

They damage property rapidly, efficiently, and methodically, without emotion (#UmbrellaMan).

And they're NOT from the demographic who's protesting.

Get pics of their faces & full body including shoes: maybe they can be ID'd later.
Here's a Minnesota Agent Provocateur: #UmbrellaMan.

White man at a Black protest.
Heavily masked.
Methodically causing damage.

He was also videotaped walking around with the pink shirted guy; they were acting together & their conflict was fake.
The @umbrellaman smashing the AutoZone shop in Minnesota is tentatively identified as an alleged police officer.

(unconfirmed, but pretty compelling- there's a text thread of his ex-wife saying it was him before being told the context.)

When you see protest footage:

Remember there's a story behind what you're seeing.

If you have an impulse to complain about property damage:

Property is insured.
Buildings & items can be repaired & replaced.

George Floyd was murdered.
He will never exist again.
Here's another: A pallet of bricks was neatly placed outside a high-end store in Dallas, right before the protests.

No nearby construction. Just bricks, conveniently placed.

Hmm, who wanted those windows smashed?
Hmm, who has vehicles to haul bricks?

An old police car with no lights on roof (hmm) was abandoned on Los Angeles’ peaceful protest route.

Masked white men quickly vandalized it, then lit it on fire.

Protests are being inflamed & property is being destroyed...

by white agent provocateurs.

Pittsburgh: Here's a masked white man smashing a police car left abandoned on a protest route (hmm).

Black man begs him to stop.

The white man is efficient & emotionless.
Almost... military.
Does he look like he's protesting for Black Civil Rights?

Portland: Here's a #CapitalOne bank being smashed and vandalized.

In this case, the majority of people don't look well-organized, seems more like random people being opportunistic.

Notice that every single person breaking those windows...

is white.

In my first tweet in this thread, I called these gatherings "riots".

I firmly believe that they are PROTESTS.

It's really hard not to be swayed by news coverage.

Stay awake...

make sure what you speak is what you actually believe.

• • •

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