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May 31, 2020 12 tweets 3 min read Read on X
If u are in debt few advise which all give but still i m giving -
1) never ever ever take a loan which comes with monthly repayment schedule, like most of u take from local individual(byaj) and think u will cover from stock market.
Reason - if u r so skillful u wouldn't have been
Debt. It's overconfidence and young blood which forces u to think, market is halua u can do it.
It took me 12 years to think I m now best in trading and then March 2020 came and it shook whole world(though March has been highly profitable for me).
But point is betting at uncertain place for a certain outflow is highly risky.
2) be bold and face situation - talk to ur parents take their help, yes it will hurt them badly but if u delay it, It won't only hurt it can be deadly.
Giving u one example - someone whom I know
had a debt of 16lakh in 2013, family wise he was rich but a pride or say fear that how will family react he hide his debt, 16lakh was at 5%pm, he kept on making mistakes and always thinked now i will cover debt, went in debt cycle now debt is 4 cr.
Now which could have easily ended in 16lakh is won't end even in 4cr.
Lost whole 6 years, lost huge money, lost health, lost trust in friends family, lost relation... Everydamn thing now life is suicidal.
How 4 cr happened -iski topi uske sar, a common mistake which all of us did
3) never borrow money by giving a false hope - this is very very imp

We often think of present - Abhi le ke problem short out kar leta hoo, ur this attitude Sirf Abhi ki sochna - life is not like rocky handsome - Sirf Abhi ki sochta hoo, u r creating a grave for urself
Suppose u borrowed 10 lakh from someone by Giving him false hope to solve your problem, may be temporarily u solved ur problem but u never know what kind of person he is or say what problem is going in that person life, may be he is in more sever condition than urs and
He trusted u and gave money and when he needed u failed to fulfill promise, its not only u, he will suffer badly. It's a chain none of us know who is In what condition.
I have n number of real examples but tweet will become lengthy.
4) it's always good to sell assets which is
Unproductive (like gold or say real estate) to close debt.
If u have talent u can buy them anytime, if not - ye waise bhi jana hai as compounding on ur debt is working very fast to take all from u.

There are many and many examples which I have seen experienced in my life
A successful life journey of any person is never easy, there are two types of success - overnight and slow and steady... Believe me overnight doesn't last long - it breaks law of nature, u have to go through a process sooner or later, accept it move on.
Also it's not necessary to learn always from own mistake - a wise man learn from others mistake, in MBA we are being taught case studies - why? Cause we don't have that much time to commit mistakes to learn something.
At the end - u cannot end a debt by taking another debt (especially higher rates)
Its like u cannot come out of pit by digging another pit.

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Jun 8, 2023
classical charting with 0 mix of any indicator and combination of #fibbonaci is deadly.
yakeen nhi aata to dekho

61.8% pe doji

trend up
one could have entered early

chalo u missed early move and wanted to catch momentum -- check chart 2
above 61.8% momentum ImageImage
now people say -- day trading kaise karein?
go check the retracement both day
Both day were easy to hit long
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both day have suggested long in #innercircle same.
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Jun 6, 2023
let me post some 100 #fibbonaci number wonders on long term chart.
Post your chart too with #fibbonaci, make sure chart is clean.
this is number 1 in list
in 2021 it was one of the hot stock - Infact I was also excited took entry at top despite I was seeing Golden ratio rejection.
what happened next is history. Image
the very same stock took eyeball again few months back -- people went gaga
even we went long -- but exited sharp at 61.8%

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Nov 21, 2022
Can u judge who is the best person of these 3?:

Mr A - He had friendship with bad politicians, consults astrologers,
Two wives,
Chain smoker,
Drinks eight to 10 times a day..🤨

Mr B - He was kicked out of office twice,
Sleeps till noon,
Chain smoker,
Used opium in college &
Drinks whiskey every evening..😟

Mr C - He is a decorated war hero, a vegetarian, doesn't smoke, doesn't drink and never cheated on his wife..😁
You would say Mr.C


Mr. A was Franklin Roosevelt!
( 32nd President of the USA)

Mr. B was Winston Churchill!!
(Former British Prime Minister)

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Nov 12, 2022
Most of young boys who came to me for Job are-
1)Not even Graduate
2) Think for stock market related Job - degree doesn't matter*
3) No communication skill
4) No Financial Backing
5) Highly motivated from social media.
6) Know how to plot Trendline on name of skill.
We are seriously rotting down our youth - One through excessive use of CC another by Encouraging a lot to Take Trading as profession( its not bad though but not easy though)
Majority of youth build their initial capital either by taking loan from family or from friends or bank
and start trading, majority of them are in Debt as they are highly motivated to Build cap big and hence take Insane leverage and fuck up...
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Nov 6, 2022
this tweet might hurt some of my friends but if u want to bring change - better start putting more effort to educate(paid or unpaid ur choice)
Bring a Rating mechanism /feedback mechanism rather than day night trolling.
Focus on building product If you are visionary.
However I always say-- If you really want to show that u trade or have make money out of trading to put faith in people that yes trading me paise bante hai--
Login your account in front of people - show them everything...
be it loss or be it profit
PNL shd be a base to put faith
The purpose of Mtm Should not be to flex - I am Bigger than you but to put faith in non believer that yes money can be made through trading, at same time u should be able to explain proper logics and you should be on other interested in learning logic rather than praising for mtm
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Nov 6, 2022
Last week CFA and CMT results came out.
Two of my focussed group member cleared third level.

Youngsters if u want to uplift your career - keep adding these degree and remain focussed.
This is the gateway to real world.
Also harsh cleared level 1 and best of luck to him for next 2 levels.
Some of student are appearing for upcoming level 1 exam and level 2 - CFA , best of luck to them too.
If u feel u need any help before your exam you can connect with me.
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