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classical charting with 0 mix of any indicator and combination of #fibbonaci is deadly.
yakeen nhi aata to dekho

61.8% pe doji

trend up
one could have entered early

chalo u missed early move and wanted to catch momentum -- check chart 2
above 61.8% momentum ImageImage
now people say -- day trading kaise karein?
go check the retracement both day
Both day were easy to hit long
u needed to understand trend and where to exit.
both day have suggested long in #innercircle same.
#bnf Image
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#PreMarketCapsule |26th September, Monday | Edition: 43

In the document ⬇️
1. #Nifty Range and Breadth
2. #Banknifty range and Breadth
3. #Sector Breadth
4. #FII Derivative Activity
5. #Summary of the analysis Image
1. Demand Zone 17415 to 17250
2. Initiate short below 17250 only
3. Price trading below TMA is bearish
4. Pullback towards TMA and getting red brick is a good place to go short
#Nifty #nifty50 #NIFTYFUT Image
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#PreMarketCapsule | 6th September, Tuesday | Edition: 35

In the thread⬇️
1. #Nifty Range and Breadth
2. #Banknifty range and Breadth
3. #Sector Breadth
4. #FII Derivative Activity
5. #Summary of the analysis
1. Price trading above TMA is bullish
2. Broke out of recent consolidation
3. Near resistance is 18000
4. Support is 17500
#Nifty #nifty50 #NIFTYFUT
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#PreMarketCapsule | 5th September, Monday | Edition: 34

In the document ⬇️
1. #Nifty Range and Breadth
2. #Banknifty range and Breadth
3. #Sector Breadth
4. #FII Derivative Activity
5. #Summary of the analysis
1. The marked zone in 'Green' is Demand Zone for Nifty
2. Price has traded there for more time than expected near the Demand Zone
3. Price trading near the demand zone is a negative sign and may have weakened the zone

#Nifty #nifty50 #NIFTYFUT
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Bonjour à tous, je m’appelle @gallicagram. J’épluche les archives de la @bnf pour créer des graphiques. En un instant, je peux ratisser les 3 millions de numéros de presse numérisés par @GallicaBnF. Regardez, c’est la naissance du #PereNoel (années 20) ! Image
Deux points sortent de la tendance : les pics de 1858 et 1941. Heureusement, les archives sont ouvertes. En cliquant sur un point du graphe, on retrouve tous ces documents dans Gallica.
En 1858, le Journal de Toulouse publie un feuilleton sur “La vocation d’Urbain Lefort” dont le héros est un certain Père Noël sans aucun rapport avec le pourvoyeur de cadeaux à barbe blanche.
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#35500 call #dukaan

sl at 185 tgt 310
265 bookd half
#BNF #Orderflow was clean and long from the open.

My long view from 09.30 am
The entire trading room was long and no one picked shorts as #process was clean for us Image
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@AutusInvestment With your permission sir ji, for learning, Based on your SG levels, making thread for April expiry, copying the levels from your daily tweets. Will cover Day candle, positional and intraday. Will keep updating everytime when there is a change in SG levels. 🙏💐
#positional "Live SG Level":- SPOT
#BANKNIFTY SSG level is 33156,SG Level is 33447 & Resis level is 33466
#Nifty SSG level is 14458 SG level is 14558 &Resis level is 14555
110% rollover in #BNF 21.28Lakh with 275 points & #Nifty with 125 points premium
Diff in SSG/SG increasing
Day Candle "Live SG Level":- SPOT
#BANKNIFTY SSG level is 34327,SG Level is 34580 & Resis level is 35940
#Nifty SSG level is 14745 SG level is 14782 &Resis level is 15281
Proper crossover of SSG/SG is DONE
In #Nifty, it is 1st time after 26Feb 2020 @ 11733 breakdown of big fall
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It was a short day and still weakness is there and trading at Breakdown zone- both nifty and bnf.
#nifty #bnf
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Se detectó que las empresas de Messer operaban sin patente comercial, no se inscribieron ante Seprelad, Darío ni siquiera dio datos de su conyugue y hasta tenía resistencia para actualizar los datos de su domicilio particular, aun así, el #BNF le aumentó los límites para operar.
ROS durante el mandato de Carlos Pereira como titular del BNF fueron duramente cuestionados por el BCP, pues no respondieron los requerimientos sobre origen del dinero. En los medios dijo una media verdad, se hicieron ROS, pero no lo que BCP requerió.…
Sobre las dudas de la actualidad del reporte, todos los datos que se están dando a conocer son nuevos. El informe de la Unidad Jurídica del BCP salió el pasado 28 de enero de 2021. @SepreladUIF recibió ROS de Messer, pero sin cumplir los requerimientos que hizo el regulador.
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#MyTDPlan (24/09/20) ... #BANKNIFTY futures .. waiting for the opportunity.
#Nifty & #BankNifty F both in tandem.. let the right moment come.
Moment is here for #NIFTY. Shorted at
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#MyTDPlan (23/09/20) - #BANKNIFTY has touched low of 21000 and will trade sideways to UPSIDE till 22360 zone. Fresh longs only closing above 22370.
Entry/Exit - P.Trade
Exit #BNF. Falling started...
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#BANKNIFTY Future bar by bar commentary for today's move for learning purpose.


After a powerful reversal with massive volume & wide range bar yesterday #BNF closed above EMA21 & has made higher higher on 15M candles & didnt break the low of any previous candle.

This shows the strength in the move & shows the strong momentum upside. After so many days of downfall, bears were shorting on every rise & this was a perfect "Bear Trap" setup (yesterday it broke the day low only to reverse).

At yesterday close selling profit booking was witnessed but today's open didn't break the low of that candle as well. It shows we still have some steam left for upside.

Points below are aligned with the numbers marked on the chart for easy understanding -
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#BNF #myview Trading Plan(12-Feb-2019) BNF CMP - 27227 View - Bearish but VIX (15.84)<16 which is dicey. BNF could not hold 350/400 zone and came back to 27227. If first 1 hr, BNF breach the 27165 level then 27000 break is possible then 26759 - 26573. (SELL ON RISE)
If 27275 is broken Then 27321 - 27421 level can be reached. (BUY ON DIPS)
BNF opened low. at 27166 and breached 27000 level. SELL on RISE was the trading plan which worked just fine. Image
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#Bnf #tradelog #myview. expecting a down move , Image
this kind of pattern shows move to either side, but since the trend is on down side and 200 ema still not broken, with a strong resistance at 26800 , expecting a down from here
Its having break out - exiting position Image
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#BNF #mytradelog #learning- 28Jan19
If BNF spot holds 27050 , doji with big red candle shows continuation downtrend. If 27050 breaks and 26945 does not support, a big fall to 26706-26416 -26393 is possible
In upside - 27185 - 27509 can be zone. Image
The fall as stated- reached 26686 so far Image
Bad Bad day .. Made mistake as usual which happens for novice traders. Analysis was downtrend which I posted but went long and got trapped.

To save face, bought a 27800 CE till expiry to recover (if). Need to gain patience and manage Risk..

Risk management is everything!!
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#bnf #myview - BnF was able to hold the 27446 level last week . expecting a gapup opening on monday to 27625 strong support zone around 27350 Image
If gap up then wait for dips and go long#
if gap down then sell on rise only if 27446 level is breached and comfortable close below 27340 levels

If flat - buy at dips
#bnf is H&S in weekly charts- pattern is at final state for big downfall Image
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Today there were few intraday opportunities to long and short in #BankNifty. Did you catch any? Plenty to learn from the charts today to catch both side moves. Analyze and let me know and I will help clarify your doubts.

Sharing my analysis for 9th Jan #BNF possible trades on #PriceAction:
1) Day started with a weak candle closing near the lows so 1st short was below the low of it. Target EMA21.
2) Price took little support & bounced back. You can scalp for quick profits here as well.
3) After that price couldnt sustain the upmove & closes below EMA21. Exit longs but no shorts yet until the recent low breaks convincingly.
4) It tried to break the low but not convincingly & we see a Doji shows weak selling & good buying pressure. Watch for next 1-2 candles.
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Be careful in #BNF shorts now.
27410 is 1st TGT for #BNF. SL below DL
Over and out in this quick trade.. Bought #BNF at 27345 & exited at 27430.15

Done for the day!

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1st signs of reversals at seen on lower TF in BNF. Let's wait to see if the retest happens at lower volumes. Post that if #PriceAction confirmation happens, one can go long. Till then wait patiently & enjoy your popcorn :)!
#BNF behaved 100% inline with #priceaction attributes. Did a couple of low volume tests and moved up smartly trapping bears who are selling on rise. Don't think like everyone, Think outside the box ;)
Here is the full analysis of this early reversal pick trade. Its important to know the context & background to understand what happened today in BNF. With RBI governor resignation & exit poll results (mostly not in favor of BJP) there was enough bad news in the market.
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Will try to put a small thread on a well known Open High Low Strategy
lets call it "OHL"
(1/n) #OHL
1st condition to be met is
(a) Open = High
(b) Open = High = Previous Close


(a) Open = Low
(b) (b) Open = Low = Previous Close

Different time frames have different interpretations Higher the TF higher the accuracy for eg a qtrly OHL will be more powerfull singal then monthly or smaller TF daily signal would be much relevant then an hourly signal !!

swill talk only about daily / weekly / monthly

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3 out of 4 major Indices are #Bullish on short term timeframe on daily chart. #Nifty Image
3 out of 4 Indices "may" confirm fresh #Bullish signal at close today in their 75min charts. #Nifty #Nifty500 #NiftyMidcap100 #Banknifty Image
It is 2-2 till now. lets see when all market indices align today. Will have to wait till that happens. #Nifty #Nifty500 #NiftyMidcap100 #BNF Image
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