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There is no denying that the rising earnings is the main reason why the price of a stock goes up. And, that's why many retailers trade/invest basis quarterly earnings announcement.

But does it really help? Read on
#PrakashInd went up 6 times between Jan-17 & Jan- 18. During the same period, QoQ EPS grew exponentially. Way more than its historical average.
6 months later, #PrakashInd is down 50% from the peak trading at 120. But while the price was coming down, QoQ EPS of these quarters continued to grow way more than its historical average.
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Quick question.

Would you trade this VCP pattern in the making? Yes/No? And, why?
To all those who are saying No because the current market ain't right for upside breakout trades, please look at the timeline of the picture. It is from 2016/17 when almost every stock exploded.
The majority answered Yes but for me, it's a NO. I'd pass this 2T VCP/CnH because even though the 2nd U shape is smaller in size by 70% but this U formed at a huge distance away from the 50 DMA line a.k.a EXTENDED.

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#PGHL (Earlier known as #MERCK)

Recent Low volume rally from 4000 to 5000 then failing just around the top after the stock had already made more than 3 bases in stage 2 a.k.a late-stage base fail = Fall is inevitable now.

Don't buy on dips. #BroTip

It is a classic stage 3 example. Taking longer to go into stage 4 but every failed attempt in stage 3 is making it a certain case to move to stage 4 sharply.

6% gap down opening. It could just be the beginning of stage 4 crash.
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Nifty down over 1% again. Small cap Index just made a new 52w low. But I'm not losing sleep over it as my system of trading only 52w high stocks & strict risk management got me out of this mess way before.

Sitting on 90% cash & making a list of leaders of the next bull market.
A leader does not necessarily mean some familiar BIG name like Reliance or the likes of it.

Find the next big thing growing at an exponential rate studying its price action alone.

How to make a list of the next probable leaders. Read on:

Mar'15 to Feb'16
Nifty down 23%
SmallCap down 23%

Nifty made a low of 6825 on 29th Feb 2016 & then never looked back. So, let's study stocks which were trading around their 50dma 2 months before this bottom was made.
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How to differentiate between a good weekly inside bar set up from an average/bad one. Read on

After being in a strong uptrend, it went sideways for a few weeks. It then formed 3 weekly inside bars A, B & C. C was within B & B was within A. Technically, it fits the definition perfectly so there is a trade opportunity. Right? NO!
Week C is as wide(Volatile) as week B & week B is as wide(Volatile) as week A showing presence of an almost equal number of buyers & sellers. No group has emerged as a clear winner yet. This is not an ideal situation to go long when you don't have a strong push of buying force.
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Save yourself some money by not waiting for the stop loss to get hit if you see these signs.

Nice Cup & Handle formation on daily along with the rising 50DMA and price moving along with it. It offered a new trade opportunity above the high of 25th June at 533.8 & above.
The trade got triggered on 1st July as #KALPATPOWR made a high of 554.5. But by the closing, it couldn't sustain & closed in the lower half of the day's range with one of the highest volume of the last many months. Weakness on the breakout day itself is a major RED FLAG.
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With just 20% move in the stock, you can make 3-6% on your portfolio in only a few days. Here is how:
My 1-on-1 coaching student from NewYork, @AnthonyGiaconia, bought this NASDAQ stock #RUN. At the time of purchase, the stock was meeting all our requirements & was resting around a rising 50DMA.

On 17th June, it broke out from 2T VCP formation & he got in at 17.05 with 1R risk
2 days later, on 19th June, #RUN fell 7.5% from days high only to close in the upper 80% range of the entire day. A drop like that must have shaken out many weak holders.

That strong closing, after the shakeout, only increased the confidence in the trade & led to his 2nd entry
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#NewPosition - Long in #BRIGADE at 255

Shakeout on weekly last week


Resting on/around 50 DMA
2nd long entry @ 265

3rd day and has been acting right since the first entry @ 255


New 52w high 282. 10% up from the first entry @ 255

Moving money from #LTTS to #BRIGADE is paying off.
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#NewPosition - Long in #BANKNIFTY May future at 31430

Small position.
Added more at 31450,

Full position now.


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When I bought #IBVENTURES, #BEPL, #GOACARBON, #GRAPHITE, #SUNFLAG etc. before they all delivered monster returns, all of them had NO overhead supply to the left in the last 1 yr period

This is one sign of a probable multi-bagger. Use this trick to DISCARD stupid names
To clear the confusion, the tweet basically meant these stocks were bought when there was no resistance to the left in the last one year period.

No resistance means fewer trapped investors willing to sell. Fewer selling means up trend will face less hurdle

#BroTip #CommonSense
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#BAJFINAINCE Highly extended in the short term. Do not chase it or buy on dips. Good short term buy point is gone.

#NewPosition - Short in #BAJFINANCE at 3285

Testing water with low exposure

(Spot chart)
Correction: Short #Bajfinance May Future at 3285
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Next 2-4 weeks are crucial for #HEG. If it does not hold up the current level plus minus 5%, there will be an 80% chance of a 20% drop which could extend to up to 50% drop.

News based rally on a low volume could turn into a classic case of late stage base fail.
Why am I worried for #HEG?

2nd last bar is the biggest weekly bar in HEG’s history w/o the biggest surge in volume & then we see a breakout failure immediately after that.

Says what? 5-7 days old half hearted rally fizzled in no time at a very crucial point. Simple analysis.
#HEG update

Clean 10% drop already.
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