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1] Some of us who come from the ghetto will always say:

"if you can't say it to my face, i don't believe you".

The presser by #MaKhupe and co was just empty rhetoric.

Everyone looks brave when they feel safe.

It's only a matter of time when this charade will be exposed. Image
2] Its embarrassing desperation for #MaKhupe to claim Leadership over 103 MPs when she has 2.

Even stupid people know that the MDC-T was rejected by voters.

That rejection cannot be cured by legal technicalities.

It's even embarrassing for #Mwonzora to be part of this madness.
3] #MaKhupe continues to expose her naivety & #Leadership deficiency.

To argue that she is to the #MDC-T what #JohnStenheisen is to the #DA after the exit of #MusiMaimane is a joke that's not funny.

There was an undisputed #Leadership succession in the #DA.
4] #Mwonzora exhibits dangerous desperation by saying the voters that #Khupe has inherited where institutional.

Which institution?

The Khupe #MDC-T got more votes than hers.

There were more spoiled votes than #MaKhupe's 45000

#Chamisa got more votes that both #MDC-T & #MDC-A!
5] Its total hogwash to say by virtue of the #SCJudgement, #MaKhupe is now Leader of 103 MPs.

How many votes did the MDC get inside the ALLIANCE?

How do you conclude that the ALLIANCE votes belong to the MDC-T?

The people who voted for the MDC-A are being taken for a ride.
6] #Mwonzora's pathological lies camouflaged as political bravado should be exposed.

Forget about making a 40 year old who allegedly almost burnt you in #Humanikwa in 2018 #YouthChair, who made up the 2014 #MDC-T #StandingCommittee meeting quorum?

7] MDC-A supporters should organize & challenge this madness.

They cant be given a Leader they rejected.

They cant be taken to POLAD by that same Leader.

She equally can't preside over MDC-A in whatever form.

These embarrassing contradictions can't be tolerated for 2 seconds.
8] But back to the fake bravado, the lockdown won't last forever.

Its a matter of historic fact that #Mwonzora last won any sort of election in 2008.

So did #Mudzuri, #Khupe, #Komichi etc.

Noone is underestimating them.

They are just overestimating themselves.
9] Hon #Mashakada, don't patronize people.

Former #StudentsUnion Leaders didn't hijack the MDC.

How can they hijack their own party?

This "chinhu chedu" mgodoyi revisionist narrative of pushing #StudentUnions to the periphery, over the formation of the MDC in 1990 is pathetic.
10] The MDC,historically known as Labour backed party has never belonged to Labour Unions.

It was formed by an ALLIANCE of bodies which included Labour, Students, Women, Churches, Civil Society, Farmers, Lawyers etc.

No one group can ever steal it.

The MOVEMENT belongs to all.
11] But it is to be expected that when individuals begin exhibiting political fatigue, they see colleagues as enemies.

Those who have nothing more to offer except seniority should retire & leave the #Leadership to a new #generation.

The #MOVEMENT can't belong to one generation.
12] The MDC of Chamisa should multi-task.

Push back whilst pushing forward.

The supporters cannot leave their battles to courts & boardroom meetings.

They have been left quite for too long.

Political dwarfs in long robs have made enough noise.

Organize & Respond.


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Dec 3
1. Some interesting revelations from the Tshabangu interview by Mhlanga.

It's better to keep people guessing than to come out & publicly expose yourself beyond doubt

On his own admission, he was skeptical about this interview, & he was right.

Agreeing to it was stupid bravery. Image
2. One must applaud Mhlanga for his confrontational approach to interview.

He seldom tolerates long winding responses, unrelated to the asked question(s), in the name of "giving the guest time to respond."

In fact it was his grilling style that saw hats flying in all directions Image
3. There are also a lot of ridiculous contradictions.

Clearly, Tshabangu & his handlers are using the very same "strategic ambiguity" and "structureless structure" approach.

For now, save for a few mentioned names, Tshabangu claims to have the backing of unnamed "42 others."
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Dec 1
1. We need to accept that we've seen enough to conclude we've no justice system in Zimbabwe.

Perhaps it's time to totally (temporarily) abandon seeking judicial recourse, particularly around political issues

Why continue subjecting ourselves to the wig wearing ZanuPF activists!
2. Let me rationalize this personal view:

Firstly, we are simply patronizing the generality of the citizens by arguing that going to these "captured courts" is an important academic exercise that exposes judicial capture.

What has been the consequence of exposing this capture?
3. ZanuPF's reaction to the damning SADC Observer Mission report is evidence enough that they don't react to "embarrassment" by showing restraint.

ZanuPF chose rather to burn SADC through an unprecedented propaganda offensive and direct confrontation with the Zambia government.
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Nov 14

For a while now, I've hinted on sharing a substantive submission on the Tshabangu debacle & what the envisioned end game is

Unending commitments has made it impossible to write on my blog.
Will do a thread instead Image

In early October, the nation woke up to what initially read like an extremely random joke.

A man whom some of us had previously only seen at the nomination court in Bulawayo, visibly angry at the handling of CCC candidates registration, woke up having taken over CCC
3. For days & weeks that ensued, the man in question, one Sengezo Tshabangu, has continued to make headlines, leaving behind a trail of destruction, as self-styled CCC "Interim SG."

The consequence of this position he claims to hold has solely been to recall CCC representatives.
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Oct 28
1. I maintain that there's no way you'll say Bulawayo voters voted for "imposed candidates" simply because they couldn't vote for ZanuPF.

You can't be an activist for the Mthwakazi interests, whilst parroting a narrative that tragically insults your fellow citizens in Bulawayo.
2. Much of this noise about imposition is sadly fronted by factionalists inside CCC and those who preferred certain candidates, especially in councils, for business reasons.

One doesn't miss that there hasn't been much effort to actually identify the so-called imposed candidates
3. Interestingly, Tshabangu was involved in signing paper for CCC double candidates, whom we were made to believe they were the preferred candidates.

Unsurprisingly, they all performed dismally, as voters chose all those we were supposed to believe had been imposed by Chamisa.
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Oct 23
1. Apparently, they're people who claim that everyone who supports Chamisa does so because of "personality politics" and not "principles" or "ideas"!

You want to honestly claim that Chamisa is just a "personality" who doesn't represent any principle or idea worth supporting?
2. You're going to patronize and insult every Zimbabwean who chooses to support Chamisa of failing to apply their mind to decision-making without emotion?

The man is NOT a saint and makes blunders like the rest of us.

But please, not all of us are actually stupid & irrational.
3. It's amazing that many years after reducing Chamisa to a post-tsvangirai euphoria, a flavor of the month, those who are dumbfounded by how he has retained majority support, choose now to reduce those supporting him, to brain washed zombies.

Zimbabweans are NOT stupid at all.
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Oct 12
1. Seems likes there's a nauseating attempt to both legitimize the theatrics of one Tshabangu, and absolving ZanuPF of any involvement, using all sorts of theories.

Even those who accused CCC of being structureless, are now giving it structures, for the sake of this imposter. Image
2. One wonders the relationship between taking pictures with Nelson Chamisa, or even attending CCC rallies, between either being "known" by the same Chamisa, or thus having a post in the party.

I guess I can post pictures with Chamisa (if I have any), & become CCC Interim VP?
3. There's more than enough evidence to suggest Tshabangu isn't fronting any genuine grievance & that he and his co-conspirators are working against democratic gains.

Fact that his co-conspirators remain faceless, yet pretending to be fighting for constitutionalism, is exposing
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