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Distinguished friends & listeners of #navigatewithidy,how are you today? We trust you are keeping well & gearing up for the festive season.

On Tuesday,@IdyEnang continued with the conversation on #servantleadership. Here are the excerpts from the Tuesday edition.
Leadership is something that permeates every strata of society right from our homes to our communities, to our offices, to our places of work, to where we play and to whatever we do.

#navigatewithidy #Leadership @IdyEnang @LagosTalks913
Leadership is something or a subject, art and science that is very necessary to bring things to bear.

#navigatewithidy #Leadership @IdyEnang @LagosTalks913
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This mornings rant is dedicated to all the folks doing #community designed policy. I see MANY ppl talk about this in #copolitics & very FEW tangibly do it successfully.

Join me in yesterdays presentation to @DePaulU students & some good local examples - a 🧵
Whether it’s small p or big P #policy how we design initiatives, how we write bills, how we engage testifiers, how we build coalitions & organize - can perpetuate inequities we’re trying to disrupt. #copilitics

white supremacy cultural characteristics love policy & advocacy
We’ve got incredible #leaders that stray away from white supremacy cultural characteristics in advocacy & lead with #integrity

Like the @ColoradoSPC @elephant_circle @S2SSisters @9to5Colorado @DenverTaskForce#community designed #leadership & #policy [great CO give list]
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Dear friends & listeners of #navigatewithidy, we trust you are keeping well & ready to join us for today's conversation on 91.3FM @LagosTalks913. Before today's edition, here are some excerpts from last week Thursday's program.

#navigatewithidy #leadership @IdyEnang
Leadership is a baffling subject, one that people will always grope to understand its nature. It is one of the most observed and least understood phenomena.

#navigatewithidy #leadership @IdyEnang @LagosTalks913
“You never know how far you can go until you ask.” - Colin Powell

#navigatewithidy #leadership @IdyEnang @LagosTalks913
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In the wake of the Ukrainian victory in western #Kherson, and in the midst of Russia’s ongoing terror bombing campaign against Ukrainian civil infrastructure, we should look at the man in charge of Russia's campaign. A thread on General #Surovikin. 1/25 🧵
2/ CAVEAT: This thread is NOT about admiring an enemy military commander who has previously demonstrated brutality towards Syrian civilians, his own soldiers, and now against the Ukrainians. It is designed to provide insights into how to defeat him.…
3/ Much of the reporting about the Russians in #Ukraine focusses on ‘the Russians’ as some amorphous mass. The reality is, even in barely adequate military institutions, there is organization, control, and command from the top. Military commanders matter.
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I am blessed to live in a "time of noobs" ❤
I am an impostor and a noob.

There is so much I do not know.

Why am I blessed? Because I can openly share my path of learning all that stuff.

This way I can show that it is normal to struggle while learning.

What if we all "suffer" from impostor syndrome?

What if...
What if impostor syndrome is something that makes us human?

#impostor #noob #blessed
How to apply it to yourself?

Learn openly, whatever matters to you and your community most.

We, the friendly army of noob friends, need you.
We need you to be yourself.
We need your streams of learning & doing stuff.

You are so much better than any "code ninja".
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#neurodiversity #leadership #Empowerment
🧵1/12 Today was my work business area's conference. I was asked to speak about #ADHD and empowerment and how my boss and I work to create a good environment for me. Below is a little of what I covered.
2/12 I realised that usually if I talk about my adhd it's from the perspective of the people I'm addressing, the symptoms they see, and that I'm basically justifying and trying to apologise for my adhd symptoms, like interrupting or being loud.
I didn't do that this time.
3/12 I talked about how lucky I am to work for an employer who cares about inclusion and removing barriers. About how that wasn't the norm for most ND people. I told them that even in this environment, the behaviours of individuals can undo the good work an organisation might do.
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Dear friends, we continued our conversation on servant-leadership yesterday while taking references from Robert Neuschel's book titled: "The Servant Leader: Unleashing the Power of Your People."

It was indeed an interesting episode & here are the excerpts.

There are no simple formulas that can guarantee success as a leader. Leadership is a skill that requires capacity

#navigatewithidy #leadership #LeadershipDevelopment @IdyEnang @LagosTalks913
You cannot live in the past. Great as the past might be, it isn't significant when you are looking at the present. It does not create a sense for the future because it is the NOW that creates the future

#navigatewithidy #leadership #LeadershipDevelopment @IdyEnang @LagosTalks913
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Friends, we trust you are keeping well & the week has started off on a great note. Last week Tuesday, we started an interesting topic titled "Servant Leadership."

#navigatewithidy #leadership #LeadershipDevelopment @IdyEnang @LagosTalks913
This discuss was based on the wealth of Mr. @IdyEnang's experiences & also from a book by Robert P. Neuschel titled: The Servant Leader: Unleashing the Power of Your People.

Enjoy these excerpts & if you have questions, please send an email to
We started the program by look at what Mr. @IdyEnang termed the Neuschel’s nuggets:
1. It is not the lot of the leader to be served but rather it is his/her privilege to serve: this is a fundamental truth that most people fail to internalize.

#navigatewithidy #Leadership
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#CM22 will be a time for critical decisions. ESA’s Member States, Associate States and Cooperating States must work together to strengthen Europe’s space sector and ensure it continues to serve European citizens.

👉… Opening image of CM22 accel...
It is our ambition for Europe to become a global space power and for space to contribute to a green, digital, safe and inclusive Europe and world as a whole. Creating a broader coalition of partners and ensuring that users are at the heart of this endeavour, is fundamental. A graphic showing ESA's mil...
Three initiatives, called ‘Accelerators’, were proposed to speed up the use of space to solve today’s biggest challenges: Space for a Green Future, Rapid and Resilient Crisis Response, Protection of Space . Image
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How many years of experience does one need to be an engineering manager in the tech industry? #engineeringmanager #management #techlead #leadership #cto #techleadership
There are always edge cases, but generally speaking, it takes about 5 - 7 years for a software developer to become an engineering manager.

Once they become an engineering manager, it then takes about 2 - 3 years before they become effective in their roles.
The first year is usually about learning on the job as being an engineering manager is a completely different role to being a software developer.
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“Professional knowledge has to be acquired the hard way. Without professional knowledge you can never have competence. And if you don’t have professional competence you cannot be a leader”. Sam Manekshaw, Chief of Indian Army 1969-73.

#Leadership #MedTwitter
Video in thread.
Medicine is hard work. It takes a lot of effort, reading, and practice to become competent. A lot more to gain expertise in the field. #MedTwitter

What Mr. Manekshaw said decades ago applies to all fields. Especially medicine. In his own words.
In medicine, the lives of people are at stake. Competence is critical.

Apply yourself to be the best. Work harder than the prescribed requirements. Because that’s what it takes.
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Chara, the Pnictogen Wing's sibyl and guardian angel, who has been pouring their energies over the last few years into Twitter commentary on politics and society, has written ably on the subject of #fear and how it's been exploited in political propaganda.

I would like to spend some tweets talking about #fear from a different angle, and comment on the physiological and emotional experience of fear.

fear is a natural human emotion, one that humans share with a broad range of living creatures. it's like a biochemical *alert*.

living creatures, especially creatures as complex and far-ranging as human beings, face an enormous array of different perceptions and circumstances. animals need some method of discriminating between these perceptions and deciding how to act upon them.

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Episode 73 is out!

@jstanier gives valuable advice on how to manage your energy, not your time.

Check out the full interview:…

Hosted by @FancyKarolina, powered by @codingsans

#EngineeringManagement #leadership
Here are a few takeaways:

1. Optimize for output

Set realistic goals for yourself at the beginning of each week. Instead of trying to make every second productive, focus on the output you want to achieve, and leave enough breaks and prep time between your activities.
2. Don't overbook yourself

Unexpected changes will inevitably happen. You might need to drop everything to help a colleague or prioritize an urgent task. Fill your calendar 75-80% at max to make sure you leave time for such cases.
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It’s annual planning time again!

Unfortunately, most annual plans are ignored or discarded almost as soon as they are done.

Why is that?

The process companies use for planning is flawed. By creating plans by committee, you ensure the most uncontroversial, boring plan possible.

No innovation, no ambition.

All of the best ideas don’t even make it into the planning process for fear of being shot down! Those are the ideas you need to win in your market.

There is a better way…

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What do @Apple, @Google, and @Intuit have in common?
Bill Campbell, "The Trillion-Dollar Coach."

Top 6 lessons from the legendary coach of Silicon Valley stars: 🧵

#leadership Image
1. Remove "tension in the machine"

Working with individuals is not enough. To achieve great outcomes, you need to work with the entire team. Eliminate internal competition, egos, and conflicts. Make sure everyone is aligned around shared values and goals.
2. Leadership can only be earned
Your top priority is coaching people and helping them grow. Listen and pay attention. Carry about their well-being and support them when they need it.

"If 'you're a great manager, your people will make you a leader. They acclaim that, not you"
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1 soutien inattendu et majeur dans la course pour devenir leader Tory et PM en Grande Bretagne: Kemi Badenoch, étoile montante du conservatisme culturel droitier, issue de l'immigration nigériane, vote Rishi #Sunak. L'ébauche d'un tout sauf #BorisJohnson?…
2. Le ralliement de #Badenoch à #Sunak semble indiquer qu'1 éventuel duel avec #BorisJohnson- toujours pas candidat- ne se fera pas sur 1 clivage modérés/radicaux chez les conservateurs mais bien plus sur le degré d'adhésion ou de rejet de la personnalité et du style de l'ex PM.
3. #Badenoch, qui a étonnamment brillé lors de 1a précédente course au #leadership en juillet sans se prononcer alors entre #Sunak et #Truss, joue aussi clairement le coup d'après #BorisJohnson s'il est écarté. Très jeune (42 ans), elle peut mener l'aile droite Tory à l'avenir...
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1/ Welcome to Edition 119 of West’s Well-Being Wednesday! Today: a review of threads and content from October 2021. #wellbeingwednesday #wellbeing #burnout #medtwitter #meded
2/ From October 6, a brief thread on speakers at the #ACPH21 meeting, including @PresCoreyDLBHF @Surgeon_General @vivek_murthy @JillianHortonMD. Quite prescient for current impact, no?
3/ Look for more excellent speakers on the vanguard of physician #wellbeing at #ACPH23 in Palm Desert, California October 11-13, 2023. Bookmark this link and add to your calendars because this meeting fills up fast once registration opens!
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10 ans après les fameuses vidéos sur le modèle Spotify, @duboisrachel revient sur les ingrédients clés auxquels on n’a pas forcément fait très attention. À tort, car lorsqu’on parle de #culture #produit, les Squads, Chapters, Tribes et Guildes n’importent que peu.

#flowcon Image
Fun fact : 6% de l’humanité écoute Spotify (et 2% paie pour cela).
En 2012 le “modèle Spotify” s’est popularisé alors que la boîte était composée d’une centaine de personnes. Probablement l’un des messages les moins compris au sujet de l’Agilité.
La structure est la dernière chose à regarder quand on veut instaurer une culture produit. ImageImageImageImage
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Is that what we really want?

It is one of the 3 things that motivate us indeed, but often autonomy can lead to isolation.

So how can we balance the individual needs while staying connected to the team/organisation to stay autonomous?

@kenny_baas on stage #flowcon
Autonomy is the urge to direct one’s own life. Without the ability to control what/when/how we work we can’t stay motivated, Daniel Pink writes.

#coaching #flowcon #management
Autonomy doesn’t mean you can do whenever you want to.

Different levels of autonomy are needed depending on context.

Autonomy is just a means to an end: why do we need autonomy?

#flowcon Uniqueness, Isolation, Connectedness, Sameness quadrant
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Yes, millions of #Russians will die, alas, but the world as a whole will be saved.

Next, all of #NATO's conventional power would come crashing down on Russia.

Carpet bombing of army positions, Global Prompt Strike on decision-making centers, anti-radar long-range missiles Image
on air defense.

The Russian #AirForce will be destroyed in the first minutes for the most part, and those fleets that get in the air will be destroyed by F-22s and F-35s.

The B2s will fly to the #Urals and launch bunker strikes on #Yamantau and other safe havens.
All Russian #leadership bunkers will be destroyed in the first 5 hours.

Next, the B52s will carpet bomb the Russian army in #Ukraine and #Russia. Hundreds of thousands of bombs will scorch the entire Russian army left unprotected by air defense and air forces.
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1/ I took the banana out of the freezer, and my 6-year-old daughter
wrote this to me.
Can you read it? Image
2/ "Never ever took a banana from the freezer! It is for banana swirl".

This is her first year of school, and she did not attend preschool because of the COVID situation. She is left-handed and misspelled many words.
3/ I was concerned about it and asked her teacher during the open house. The teacher said: It is totally fine; I told them to listen with their ears and then spell with the letters. They will make mistakes, but that's how learning works. In 6 months, she will be perfectly fine
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L’elezione a presidente del Senato di @LaRussaFCIM sembra rispondere alla necessità di garantire a #Meloni un adeguato presidio della Camera numericamente più vulnerabile per la coalizione, segnalando contestualmente una rinnovata considerazione per le forze armate.
L'elezione a presidente della Camera di Lorenzo Fontana sembra rappresentare invece un investimento sul discorso pubblico. Si tratta cioè di usare quella postazione istituzionale per svolgere un ruolo simmetrico e opposto a quello che fu di #Boldrini.
Fontana come risposta al progressismo #liberal, nella misura in cui all’interno della #Lega rappresenta più di ogni altro la congiunzione con l’#altright statunitense.
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#selfdevelopment #marketing

Apa sih rahasianya Kopi Tuku, dari cuma sebuah outlet kecil di Cipete sampai sekarang bisa punya puluhan outlet di Indonesia?

A Thread 🧵

(Sambil ngopi2 santai di Tuku Blok M pagi2 ☕️☕️☕️)
#1 Authentic Taste

Jujurly, gue gak pernah ketemu rasa taste kopi Tuku di tempat kopi manapun.

Manis + After taste nya itu khas banget. Dan rasanya ini KONSISTEN di setiap outlet.

Mau itu yg di Gading Serpong, Alam Sutera, BSD. Semuanya sama.
Ini susah banget menurut gue, karena kopi itu kan beans nya beda2, pengolahan nya juga beda2 di tangan tiap barista.

Tapi rasanya bisa konsisten banget. Tiap outlet ya beda2 tipis lah rasanya.

Ini yang menurut gue susah untuk dicapai. Produk utamanya oke banget.
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Episode 71 is finally out!

@AlvaroRMoya talks about building and leading high-performance tech teams.

Check out the full interview:…

Hosted by @FancyKarolina, powered by @codingsans

#EngineeringManagement #leadership #HighPerformance
Here are a few takeaways:

1. Know your metrics

If you want to measure high performance, don't focus exclusively on the delivery. Make sure employee satisfaction is high, and your team understands the business goals, so they know how to plan their tasks effectively.
2. Do it one step at a time

Building a high-performance team takes time. First, define which areas you want to work on with your team based on your company's key values. Then, set action items with them to improve those areas one by one.
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