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1) Here's what my whiteboard indicates on the Papdopoulos / Mifsud / Erica Thompson / Downer / and eventually Tawil stuff....

It's not what most have ever looked at; but the Whiteboard hasn't changed (disproved itself) over 3+ yrs.

2) This is Cliff Notes version; and I highly recommend everyone do your own review. Apply scientific method to disprove.

I'll cite where possible.
3) The *official* origin of crossfire hurricane surrounds George Papdopopulos. He's the centerpiece of the electronic communication, the "EC" that starts everything from an 'official' perspective.…
4) Obama admin (Obama FBI/CIA etc.) had extensive connection to allied political interests in Israel. This is not in question; the OFA organization was used to assist anti-Netanyahu political elements the same way it was used to organize anti-Brexit.
5) Bottom line. [Again, Cliff notes] Deep, very deep, connective tissue between totality of Obama govt and those elements within Israel that lean far-left. Very deep ties.
6) We know the target (BIG PICTURE) of Obama central concern was Trump's hastily assembled foreign policy advisory group during the campaign.

With Walid Phares latest discovery [Target 5] now it's demonstrable that every central member of that group was targeted in 2016.
7) The review for targeting of Papadopulos would originate from GP's viewpoints/work on Israel/Greece energy development etc.

GP's whitepaper on exploration, development, gas pipelines etc. [It's a rough work by an understudy looking to make a name and $$$] But it's enough.
8) From that perspective, Obama-Allied contact origination from interests doing larger intel work would trigger from the Papadopoulos footprint.... that footprint was Israel.

Targets divided.
Manafort = Ukraine/Russia
Phares = Egypt
Flynn = Turkey
GP = Israel

9) Background of all above connected to Iran.

All foreign interests in/around the *region connect to bigger geopolitical background Iran deal.

*Make Iran strong -vs- keep Iran in check.

Obviously Obama is former; all in latter considered adverse to foreign policy interests.
10) Allied Israel elements conduct the Papadopoulos operation on behalf of Obama IC.

The method = London Center for International Law Practice. A total IC front. The asset = Mifsud.

Mid March, 2016, Papdopoulos travels to Rome as part of LCILP role.
11) Mifsud as allied Western Intel seems like a rabbit hole...

...unless you consider Mifsud (free agent) activated by Israel.

Then stuff reconciles.
12) March 21, 2016, President Trump names Papadopoulos amid list of foreign policy advisors, with focus on energy sector.
13) March 24, 2016, Papadopoulos meets Mifsud in London. Mifsud accompanied by Olgya Polonskya who Mifsud introduced as former student/Putin niece.
14) March 31, 2016, Trump campaign foreign policy team meeting, Washington DC. Trump International Hotel. [famous table photograph with Papadopoulos, Sessions, Trump]
15) Early April, 2016, Mifsud continues contact w/ Papadopoulos via email. Ms. Polonskya also emailing Papadopoulos; however, later discovered Mifsud actually writing Polonskya emails. Papadopoulos returns to London, U.K.
16) April 11, 2016, Mifsud emails Papadopoulos about his own upcoming travel to Russia. Suggests meeting for following day, April 12.
17) April 12, 2016, Papadopoulos and Mifsud meet at Andaz Hotel in London, U.K. This meeting is in advance of Mifsud traveling to Russia.
18) April 18, 2016, Mifsud emails Papadopoulos from Russia. Introduces Ivan Timofeev.
19) April 25, 2016, Mifsud returns to London after stopover in Rome.
20) April 26, 2016, Papadopoulos and Mifsud meet again at Andaz Hotel in London, U.K. During meeting Mifsud claims Russians “have dirt” on Hillary Clinton; “emails of Clinton”; and “thousands of emails”.
21) How do we know Mifsud was actually in Russia? We don't.

How do we know Mifsud wasn't simply organizing details of next step in operation? We don't.

The week of April 18th to 25th. What was function of Mifsud? Unknown. We know nothing = all supposition.
22) May 6, 2016, Papadopoulos gets call from Christian Cantor, who coincidentally works at the Israeli Embassy.

Cantor wants to introduce his ‘girlfriend’ Erika Thompson

(Thompson is Australian Embassy aide to Amb. Alexander Downer).
23) See, if you originate Mifsud with Israeli operation then everything starts to reconcile; including contact by Cantor.

All earmarks of an Israeli intelligence operation
24) May 6, 2016, Following initial meeting, Papadopoulos gets email from Erika Thompson suggesting meeting with her boss, Australian Ambassador Alexander Downer.
25) May 10, 2016, Papadopoulos meets Ambassador Downer at the Kensington Wine Rooms in London, England.
26) Both Papadopoulos and Downer refute their May 10th meeting discussed Clinton emails.

[Papadopoulos notes that Ambassador Downer is recording their conversation. Transcripts]
27) This means Downer's information, which originated the Peter Strzok EC actually came from Erika Thompson; and not a conversation with Papadopoulos.

Which is why the Mueller report is intentionally obtuse on the origination claim. [Pg #89]…
28) Downer is a relay from Thompson.

Mifsud = Israel
Cantor = Israel
Thompson = Bridge
Downer = Australian

Ergo intel comes from Australia. But did it really?
29) Cable communique from Ambassador Downer to Canberra, AU office (post May 10th meeting):…
30) SIDEBAR - Notice Downer says "we understand George Papadopoulos to be one of five foreign policy advisors to Trump".

Again, lots of focus on what would later be identified as "five targets".
31) Alexander Downer decided to inform the United States Embassy in London, England about his conversation with Papadopoulos, upon the release of the Democratic National Committee’s e-mails by WikiLeaks on July 22, 2016.
32) On July 23, 2016, the Australian Government contacted Elizabeth Dibble at the United States Embassy to inform her about Downer and Papadopoulos’s conversation.
33) Somehow the information was transmitted to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Crossfire Hurricane was then opened on July 31, 2016 by FBI Agent Peter Strzok.

[READ 4-page EC]
34) There's more. But just to summarize so far: if Mifsud was activated by Israeli intelligence then all odd details reconcile.

Mifsud = Israel
Cantor = Israel
Thompson = Bridge (and source)
Downer = Communicates.
35) Fast forward to Mueller investigation.

In July 2017 an Israeli named George Tawil flew to Greek island of Mykonos to meet Papadopoulos and his now-wife, Simona Mangiante Papadopoulos.
36) Tawil said he wanted to present a business opportunity to George Papadopoulos and invited the pair to Israel.

George went but Simona Papadopoulos stayed behind.
37) When George arrived in Israel, Charles Tawil made him an offer he couldn't refuse and handed him $10,000 in cash for future work.
38) Released WikiLeaks cables identified Charles Tawil as a western intelligence asset (CIA/FBI) going back to 2006.

[Operation in Africa]…
39) The cash payment was in July 2017 (remember that).

Following the trip, federal agents were waiting for Papadopoulos at the customs port of Dulles airport upon his re-entry into the U.S.
40) When Papadopooulos was stopped at the airport, federal agents had no warrant for him, no indictment or criminal complaint. They had nothing; they were looking for something

The complaint would be filed the following morning and approved by Judge Beryl Howell in Washington.
41) On August 2, 2017, Robert Mueller asked Rod Rosenstein for a specific scope memo authorizing the continued investigation.

Rosenstein recently testified he was clueless, didn't ask any questions, and signed what they gave him.

42) Now look at it again, while contemplating Mifsud as Israeli intelligence.

Mifsud = Israel
Cantor = Israel
Thompson = Bridge (to source)
Downer = Source
Tawil = Israel
Mueller Scope = Israel
43) Like I said at the beginning. The whiteboard reconciles if you break down the IC team activity.

Obama foreign policy interests, the Iran deal, were paramount.

The targets were assigned based on footprint.
Allied intel was activated.
Papadopoulos was an Israeli op.

44) The reason Mifsud went into hiding (easily) is because the Netanyahu side of intelligence apparatus didn't want President Trump finding out about Israeli participation in the 2016/2017 removal effort.

They too thought Hillary would win.
45) /END
46) Addendum. To answer some questions:
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