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Every man has a limit. Every man has a limit.

This was mine. Something inside me went "click" and I realized this is not a matter of persuasion, or evolution or cultural change.

This is a matter of survival, and not just for black Americans. For every human being on this plane.
If you'd like some music to go with what I'm about to say, try this it's a super cheerful folk ditty, and you should most certainly read the lyrics to make sure you understand what is being said.

It's quite a good song. I like it a lot.
If you don't know me or my work, try this video from 10 years ago and this web site for a general overview.

Sometimes I tweet out long and complex things at unpredictable hours, when there is stuff I have to get off my chest. Now.
Let's get down to real talk

In 1945 white people went insane. August 6 and 9 1945, the United States dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The death tolls were insignificant in the war, about the same number as the number of US citizens who have died of covid. 135000.
Why were these 135000 people special? In a war that killed 85 million people all told, 3% of the humans on earth, why does it matter that 135000 people died in a new way?

Hiroshima hit like 15,000 tons of TNT. It was "Hello, world!"

A single Trident sub has >1000x this payload.
Just one of these Extreme Danger Toobs carries a couple of dozen missiles, with a handful of warheads each 6x+ the load of Hiroshima.

The UK has four of these. That's just the ones we know about. These aren't even *the big bombs*.

The big hitters are about 60x Hiroshimas *each*
Right now, there are about 14,000 nuclear bombs in the world. That we know about.

There have been some very, very big bombs. 100 megaton. Drop on London, devastate *Cambridge* type bombs.

It's hard to think about this clearly.…
Now, what does the US nuclear stockpile have to do with why it's such a bad thing that the police in America think nothing of murdering black kids.

*Because the people with the most nuclear weapons on earth do not see black people as humans*

And these people, they have nukes.
The simplest explanation for American police protecting white mass murderers during arrest, and casually murdering black children during arrests, is that white American police simply do not see black Americans as human.

See also intermarriage was illegal.…
Now, as a non-white person, ask me how I feel about a regime which does 50% of the world's total military spending being dominated by a culture which sees non-white people as non-human.

If they'd do *that* to their own black citizens, what would they do to *us* with the Bomb?
Well, of course, it turns out there's quite a history, not of using the bomb, but of using equally advanced military hardware for Very Bad Things. just counts deaths from violence. If you look for excess mortality it's a million easily.

Cops & black kids
Now let's add climate change.

Climate change is going to kill mostly black people. How do I know this? White people live in cold climates. That's why they're white: snow camo*, like polar bears.

But nearly no white people will die of climate change. A few might drown.

But something very different will happen in the countries where it is so hot or so dry that in summer living is hard.

If summer is *much* warmer (London was 38C last year, 100F) in places which are already *too hot* many people will die.

But nothing compared to crop failure.
Remember: we're still talking about American police killing black children but now we're talking about American industry and the military.

Industry changes the climate. The military shoots the refugees.

Climate change *is* genocide. It's indirect, but bigger than the Holocaust.
And the same mindset which says that white mass murderers are people, but black children are animals to be put down because dragging them to the police station is too much work?

That mindset has 50% of global defense spending, and infinite nuclear bombs.

It's the same people.
Now, ask me this.

If American police murder black American children pretty-much consequence-free, and climate change is fixing to destroy the world's agriculture and coastal cities...

Do you think white people are going to help black/brown people to survive this crisis?

This George Floyd thing, there's a million of those. Well, not a million, maybe a few hundred.

It lit because people were stir crazy from quarantine, and ?Russian? social media manipulation.

It wasn't a sudden shift of white awareness. It might become such a shift, given time.
Now, I'm a peace-and-love guy. I'm a Hindu. I wanted to spend my life translating Sanskrit. Then I wound up building refugee housing (@hexayurt). Then years in the defense world, trying to find steering. Now tech.

I was just trying to stabilize the planet. It doesn't work.
Hexayurts: patent-free, anybody can build them, 10% or less the per-year cost of refugee tents.

Demo'd to DoD, Red Cross, IFRC, UNHCR, and 50 other groups. Great test unit in Haiti.

Nobody gives a shit: agencies won't build them. Why?

I could never understand: "you are the UN HCR, I have a shelter which is so much better than a tent! let's team up and help people, it's for free!"

I gave it away. They didn't want it. Not because it didn't work, but because it did. They actively sabotaged the hexayurt 3+ times.
We tried it bottom-up, let's just house some people.…

Burned down, likely by the police, the night before the hexayurt construction was going to begin.

Not because the hexayurt doesn't work, but because it does.

Do you see the pattern now?
So then let's think about the "let's do it for ourselves" approaches. We're just gonna fix this, bottom up.

Like the Black Panthers feeding children in the ghettos. Like Fidel Castro's amazing poverty eradication efforts (yes, I know, human rights.) Like Salvador Allende & Beer.
Stafford Beer is a personal hero of mine, a British cybernetics professor who build a "socialist internet" for the government of Chile in the 1970s, before the CIA kicked it over and sent in the death squads.

e-Government was destroyed by the CIA. Uhhuh.…
Now, what I want to show you is this.

There is a _single contour of power_ between the heart of a cop on the neck of a black American, the boys back at DoD provisioning the nukes, the people subsidising fossil fuels, and the White House delaying action on climate change.

We can detour down some minor blind alleys - MK ULTRA, Jeffrey Epstein, smallpox blankets, the slaughter of the buffalo, agent orange, what have you. It's little fractal whorls of evil.

The sheep fear the wolf, but get eaten by the shepherd.

"Is this going to be OK?" you ask?

It is not going to be OK.

We know that because Obama held power for 8 years, and did not succeed in closing Guantanamo Bay.…

So pick

1) he never tried
2) he tried and failed

Either way, it doesn't matter who you vote for, it won't close.

Get me?
So can it with that liberalism stuff.

Yes, you want to do community organizing. Turns out the kill you for that if you're any good at it… right into the present…

Remember: the same hands, same minds are on the big nuclear red button
Now, I am not a normal man. I'm just not. I fake it as best I can, and it's not very good. I renounced everything to follow my guru, a little old lady, in 1996. The full thing: follow the path wherever it leads, do or die, enlightenment or bust. Some of it I picked back up.
After I got enlightened I got re-inserted into The Matrix: I got a job. But in that few years of a gap, I was out.

I came back as a worst case guy: nuclear bombs and pandemics and civil wars. Scenario planner: stare at the abyss until it blinks

A special kind of a mind. Bad one
The traditions of Asia have names for people like me. Siddhas, say. The weird shit that falls out of the reactor.

I did *so much work* around 2010 trying to ready the world for a worst-case viral pandemic.

Two billion dead in two years, "worst case" yes?
I don't expect people to be able to follow dark trains of thought without psychological self-defense mechanisms kicking in and putting their attention on something, *ANYTHING* else, than the actual nature of THE PROBLEM.

Greta gets it, maybe because she's autistic. She looks.
To survive, most of the 8 billion of us, we are going to need to rip the core out of our civilization, smash it with a mallet, reassemble something simpler *that actually works* and watch it like a keen hawk for 200 years.

Zero tolerance for corruption, or festering militarism.
This vague sense we have that everything is going to be ok, that if we can just hold it together, get the new job, whatever it is. That it's not *time* to get radical?

That's the Jews who chose to wait before leaving Germany, because it was going to settle back down.

No. Didn't
You need to remove the safety catch from your mind, with the same directed intensity and focus appropriate to a firearm in a critical situation.

You are in danger. The world is in danger. Your kids are in danger, of growing up on a parched desert planet. DUNE! no worm. Bad world
Just reach inside of your head, and flip that little secret switch from "safe" to "dangerous."

Then look around you, remembering Hitler and Stalin and Pol Pot and all the rest, and reintegrate your world model with *you* as the prey in the next round of global genocides.
This does not mean "they" are coming for you, but it means that you can no longer be sure that "they" are not.

Particularly in America. If you said "defund the police" you better be ready. Like, clean house or move state or something, before the Fergusson Effect kicks in, right?
Once you can *see* - once your brain lets you actually see The Bad Things and overcomes the Let's All Be Excited Primates Together obsessions with cars and sportsball and holidays - world gets much simpler.

Terrible secret bureaucracies, with terrible secret weapons. Big fights.
While you felt those bureaucracies were there to protect you, maybe this world was alright.

Once you realise those bureaucracies are *not* on your side, they’re giving ultra high tech new weaponry to the same people murdering black children. What’s next?…
You are not in the world you think you are in.

You are in a beaten, poor, starved, abused world, filled with terrified people being dominated by fascist aliens with superweapons

The alien invasion already happened: they are called White Americans

Next they attack White America
When the CIA developed the pattern we now cal "Banana Republic" or the US invaded Hawaii for some fruit company and a place to park boats (careful there!) White America knew this was happening.

It's not until you stand beside Black America you see the OTHER face of White America
Our position is this: Superman exists, and Superman is a serial killer.

He occasionally listens to strange radio frequencies from Krypton, then scorches entire nations off the face of the earth.

He's also taken to enslaving people and killing black children.

This is America.
Does America need therapy?

Does America need kryptonite?

The Chinese government are shitting their pants. They know what climate change is going to do. The Americans keep the pedal to the metal, keep subsidising those fossil fuels.

America, this Sick Superman, is made of Americans.

It's made of the hearts and minds of 360 million people, brought together into an imperfect union, with an "immune system" which has turned *not only on the world* but also upon America itself.

A deadly auto-immune disorder.
America must change, and that means Americans must change.

"all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights"

Imagine if America *actually worked this way*

And that is the challenge I leave you with tonight.
America is Superman with a severe psychological disorder.

Slavery was part of it. Civil war, nukes, Vietnam, 9/11 all added to it. The Big Wins, Moon Landing, Internet, just weren't enough to heal him.

What do you do when Superman goes mad?

You, Americans, are this Superman.
America is made of you. Your minds, your tax dollars, your defense budgets. Your schools, your hospitals, your morgues

America is the closest thing this planet has to a god, all cornucopian wealth and nuclear hellfire. Made entirely of your minds, your souls, your lives

Fix it.
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