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Hello and welcomento day 4 of Johnny Depp's libel action against The Sun newspaper (or Depp v NGN and Wootton to be precise. The Royal Courts of Justice look amazing but it's a very tricky building to photograph as it's so huge.
We have the usual snappers here. Not camera-ready as I'm half an hour early today.
I'm early because I'm still trying to work out how to get daily transcripts. At the beginning of the trial the judge said they would be available. Actually getting them put in my hands or even finding out how much they might cost is another matter.
I don’t want to add any jeopardy to the proceedings but I am currently outside the main court, court 13, having made an various representations to the parties re transcripts. That means I haven’t established a place in court 38 to tweet from.
I’ve asked an usher if they would be so kind as to save me one. And she said she’d try. However the longer I stay here, the less chance I’ve got of getting in and tweeting what’s going on.
But I need to stay here in case the judge wants me to make any oral representations to back up my written note. But I’m not allowed in court 13 because it’s reserved for the lawyers.
So I might be live tweeting from a corridor at this rate.

Or I might be told I’m not required and the nice usher has reserved a place for me in the reporters’ court. Which of course is on the other side of this massive building.
I’m sure we’ll be okay, but I might miss the first five or ten minutes.
Tense, huh?
Johnny Depp has just walked past holding a coffee cup and smiling. He’s got a little pocket kerchief in his breast pocket this morning and looks very dapper. He handed his coffee cup to his security, bowed at the usher who held the door open for him and walked inside.
The show is about to begin and I am still sitting in a corridor wondering if I will be needed. I suspect I won’t as they are already behind with the evidence, so I am preparing to high-tail it over to court 38.
Back in court 38!

Live-tweets to follow...
Sasha Wass QC for NGN (QC) is cross examining Johnny Depp (JD)

[we are talking about Amber Heard (AH) turning 30 on 22 April 2016]
QC a big day for her a bit day for you too as you had a meeting with a new business management company - it started at 0730?
JD yes something like
[oh hang on - first mistake - could be 7.30pm]
QC and you were given bad news in that meeting about your financial affairs
JD yes ma’am
QC and after that meeting did ou take any drugs
JD v likely marijuana to calm myself
QC so when you arrived at 10.15pm at AH’s birthfday party were you under the influence of cannabis?
JD maybe it [mumbles]
Judge - sorry could you say that again your voice has been strong and loud but it dipped then
JD: Sorry - it’s starting to die [he chuckles]
Judge - would..
.. . you like some water?
JD no I”m good thank you
QC so when you arrived what was your state of mind
JD i was in a low state given what I’d been through
QC there was wine and you drank some wine and the were magnums of wine, weren’t there?
JD yes
QC most people stick to 75cl but you had magnums
JD: well when you have a group of 12 or more magnums make more sense
QC of. Course. and after the party you were reading in bed - then what
JD AH was very upset I was so late for dinner and everyone was talking about my
… bad behaviour and then she started ramping up
QC and you were just reading throughout this
JD I was trying to avoid any confrontation
QC and you were just reading, were you, on her 30th birthday party as she was talking to you about turning up to her event 2 hours late
JD I sent texts telling her I would be late
QC yes we know and also you might have had a very good reason to but I am challenging your reading of a book whilst she was expressing her sadness and upset that you were late for her 30t birthfday party. Why? What were you reading?
JD I don’t recall what book or whether it was a book or whether it was one of my journals, I thought it was the best way of avoiding the conversation or the fight
QC did you tell her why you were late?
JD yes several times in the texts
QC not the texts - why didn’t you...
… just say to her - sorry I was late - this was the reason
JD I’,m sure I did at first. But anything I said was not getting us anywhere, but as I said, she was ramping up and she’d drunk quite a bit of wine, as had everyone
QC including you
JD yes
QC okay this is the alternative
QC she was upset you were late for her birthday and you took it as criticism
JD; It was criticism
QC and you don’t like being criticised
JD I don’t mind being criticised, but this was beyond that. She was lighting me up
QC you were criticised and you were angry and you...
… got out of bed to argue at her. And the argument escalated and you picked up a magnum bottle of champagne and you threw it at her and it smashed.
JD: no ma’am
QC after the bottle smashed you pushed her onto the bed
JD no ma’am
QC she tried to leave and you grabbed her by the hair and pushed her to the ground
JD: no ma’am
QC then she ran off, you chased her around and you chest bumped her
JD: no ma’am
QC so you called security
QC to tell them to take you away and before you left you wrote a note saying “happy fucking birthday”
JD: it’s possible
QC and the two dogs were in the flat, Boo and Pistol - and Boo has toilet troubles doesn’t he
JD: no
QC he has toilet accidents all over the flat, including
one on you?
JD reckons Boo’s toilet problems aren’t that bad but accepts he has accidents
QC you didn;’t sleep in the your and AH’s bed, but AH did and the next day and it came to your attention that the cleaner Ms Vargas found faeces in the bed. She was not happy about this...
… and sent a photograph of it and messages to Kevin your security.
At first you thought this was hilarious.
JD: yes
QC and there were jokes like Amber Turd Amber in the Dumps going round.
JD it was so absurd so initially I did laugh it was so strange
QC and later you tried to suggest it was one of AH’s friends
JD: I was convinced it was either AH herself or one of her cohorts for defecating in the bed
QC well you said it was iO
JD well only iO was crass enough to have done something like that.
[just noticed JD isn’t wearing his glasses today - he’s only taken them off v briefly when not looking at documents over the last three days. Dark suit, white shirt, pocket kerchief, dark tie btw today. We’ve moved on from the poop incident, we’re on to the state of...
… their relationship after when they were estranged and who was able to contact whom. Glasses are back on as JD is being asked to look at a file]
QC It is a text sent on 4 May to Christian Carino - who is this?
JD AH’s commercial agent at CAA
QC and he wanted to be yours to
JD poss
QC and at this stage he was courting your favour?
JD courting my favour? An agent in Hollywood? Sure.
QC and in this text you say to her that if she needs you she knows where to find you - in a way that suggests you were upset that she hadn’t contacted you?
JD: I was upset because everything that we hoped for and tried desperately to make work was dead
QC yes but...
… remember I suggested your statement appeared to suggest that she was pestering you for contact. That is not the case and in fact the evidence is that she had not contacted you.
JD: based on one line here… that was about a question in terms of Ms Heard’s attitude
[we go to another text]


QC theses are texts between you and AH and you say “call me when you get this, goodnight”
then she says “sorry I missed you - shooting - are you still in Europe” you say “London” and you’re in a meeting and say you’ll be out in half an hour...
… “good for you” and in a long text you end by saying “all my love and congrats, I wish you nothing but good, Johnny”
a text from you to her
JD: yes ma’am
QC so you were talking in a civilised way nothing to suggest she was pestering you
JD I never said she was pestering you
QC yes it was my own word but you could get the impression of this from your statement
JD what I wrote then is how I felt
QC sadly your mother lapsed into a coma on or around the 17 May and you flew to see her - your mother was called...
… Betty Sue… and you sent a text warning AH that it looked like the end and thanking her for for the kind words. And AH had been very kind to your mother, hadn’t she
JD: yes ma’am
QC and sadly your mother passed away. did you deal with the stress and pain of losing your...
… mother in the usual way?
JD: no ma’am - there was a lot going on - business, relationship with Amber
QC: yes I suggest you hit the controlled drugs and you hit the alcohol
JD: no I could not as there was too much going on. I did not inebriate myself to the point of numbness.
… I had too much to deal with and I had to be on the ball. Pardon my expression.
[we move to another moment when Johnny goes to AH’s apartment to collect some “sensitive” things. JD confirms he asked security to wait outside the door rather than in their usual security shack and to come in if they heard any screaming]
QC in your statement you say...
… when you arrived was the first conversation re the poop incident?
JD: no ma’am
QC when did it come up?
JD I wasn’t there for very long. 30 mins
QC so in that 30 min you thought it was appropriate to bring it up
JD she brought it up and I said let’s call Kevin and ask him...
… so she called him and he confirmed he thought it was a harmless prank.
QC you used this conversatoin to provoke her - you went there to cause trouble
JD: no I didn’t
QC you were there for 30 minutes and spent most of the time having a conversation about who had...
… defecated in the bed.
JD: Ms Heard was very keen to clear it up and say it was the dogs, which is physically impossible, which is why I suggested calling Mr Murphy. In terms of what I was going through, this was not something I thought was important which is why I got..
… Kevin on the phone.
QC you arrived under the influence of drugs and drink. you were angry and you brought it up.
JD a human being had defecated on the bed, and that was in question
QC you broiught the subject up
JD: no ma’am
QC you were there 90 mins, you were ranting
… and raving
JD: i was there a short period of time
QC are you sure?
JD: yes
QC at 8.06pm AH asks Roxy to come over to the flat immediately can you think of why?
JD: I can
QC all part of the hoax?
JD: yes
QC: AH also called iO T-W and put him on speakerphone and repeated the suggestions that he had defecated on the bed
JD: yes and no - she said he thinks you did it
QC okay. and Mr T-W was laughing at your suggestion and laughing at you
JD: i heard laughing
QC: at you
QC you took the phone. you said “you’ve got what you want. you can have her, it’s over.”
JD yes
QC so you were angry
JD peeved… yes angry
QC: and you were screaming abuse at Mr T-W
JD: I had very little conversation with Mr T-W
QC and then you threw the phone onto the sofa
JD: yes
QC: AH retrieved the phone and Mr T-W still on speakerphone told her to get out of the flat.
JD: I don’t recall.
QC you grabbed the phone from AH for a second time
JD: no ma’am
QC and you threw it not it at the sofa and you threw it like a baseball at AH’s face and...
… it made contact with her face.
JD no ma’am
QC and then you demanded she show you were it hit her face
JD: no ma’am
QC: and T-W who was still on the call told her to call 911
JD: yes he did
QC: and he sent texts saying call 911
JD: I don’t know about these
QC these texts say “JD attacking amber - I’m going to call 911”. These are all part of the hoax?
JD: yes all part of the hoax
QC Roxy arrived and tried to get inbetween you and AH?
JD: no
QC: and you pushed Roxy out of the way and AH collapsed on the sofa and then was being...
… comforted by RP.
JD says no to pushing, no to AH collapsing and yes to AH being comforted by RP
QC and then you started swinging a bottle of champagne and when security came in she said “if she hits me one more time I’m calling the police”
JD she was screaming “stop...
… hitting me Johnny, stop hitting me Johnny” and I was 20 feet away from her, and then when she saw security had come in the room she changed it to the past tense and my security said “come on boss, let’s go”
QC that last part is agreed. and you left your apartment
[we go to photos of AH. we see one with a red mark on her cheek]
QC you caused that
JD: I’m sorry, no ma’am
QC she has a mark on her cheek
JD: yes
QC the date is 21 May. can you explain the reddening on AH’s cheek?
JD: no I cannot
QC and when she went to apply for a restraining order against you the mark had come up - it had swollen
JD she had a different mark, yes
[we go through photos which QC says shows the mark becoming more pronounced]
JD I can’t see it becoming more pronounced
QC but you see a mark
JD yes ma’am
[we are going through a series of photographs all taken on 27 May all showing a red mark on her cheek]
QC you accept there is a red mark on her cheek
JD: yes ma’am
QC you caused that when you threw the phone at her
JD: no ma’am that’s not true.
QC After the incident you left the apartments with you security you went to another of your apartments in the same block
[and then we see some cctv footage of johnny pacing up and down in a lift]
QC you were angry
JD: yes I was upset - I was angry and upset
QC and then you...
… [after he realised he’d left his phone in the apartment and had to send security back to get it]… sent a text to AH which is very angry an declaring it is all completely over.
JD: yes
[I’ll try to get the text of that text]
[we are now seeing another text sent two days later]
[to AH in which JD apologises for his behaviour]
QC why do that. you didnt need to
JD it was a sincere apology
QC it was a sincere apology for hitting her in the face with your phone
JD no it was an apology for not being able to make it work
QC by 4 June you were feelling..
… quite bitter towards Ms Heard, weren’t you?
JD yes
QC text “I want her replaced on that WB film” a message about the film Aquaman - and there was going to be a film about the next Aquaman film which was going to have her in it.
JD: I was aware of that film
QC and there was a
… petition which got 400,000 signatures trying to get her off the film.
JD that was many years later
QC Which you orchestrated. No
JD At the time I sent that text I did find myself without a voice. I had gone, if you’ll pardon the expression from Cinderella to Quasimodo...
… I had lost my voice. She had made she the news media news what was going on
[QC then reads another text out which he sent to Christian Carino at CAA. JD calls her a "pointless dangling flappy fishmarket” among other epithets. I’ll get the full text asap.
Here is one of the photos we have been sent which was apparently shown to Mr Depp re the phone incident
Here the text JD sent to CC:

"She's begging for total global humiliation... She's gonna get it. I'm gonna need your texts about
San Francisco, brother... I'm even sorry to ask...
… But, she sucked Mollusk's crooked dick and he
gave her some shitty lawyers... I have no mercy, no fear and not an ounce of emotion, or what I
once thought was love for this gold digging...
…. , low level, dime a dozen, mushy, pointless dangling
overused flappy fish market... I'm so fucking happy she wants to go to fight this out!!! She will hit
the wall hard!!!...
… And I cannot wait to have this waste of a cum guzzler out of my life!!! I met a
fucking sublime little Russian here... Which made me realize the time I blew on that 50 cent
stripper... I wouldn't touch her with a goddam glove. ...
… I can only hope that karma kicks in and
takes the gift of breath from her...
Sorry, man... But, NOW, I will stop at nothing !!! Let's see if mollusk has a pair...
… Come see me
face to face.... I'll show him things he's never seen before... Like, the other side of his dick when
I slice it off…

[QC has asked for 5 minutes in private hearing. It is more evidence being put to JD, but by NGN's request on AH’s behalf it is being heard in private. This was agreed by the parties and the judge in advance of the trial starting. I suspect it will be longer than 5 minutes…]
After that we’ll get Mr Depp’s re-examination by David Sherborne who is Mr Depp's barrister. I’ll call him DS.

This should last an hour and then that will be JD. Still no word on who among the 5 listed witnesses today as to who will be giving evidence this afternoon.
JD’s private xe has not started yet as the link it still up to our courtroom and they are keen to get it down before this starts.

Technicals. I think it;ll be another late finish today.
This is the text after the alleged phone throwing incident from JD to AH:

"That was it. The last encounter forever. You were already ready to strike!!! Why did I even come
there in the 1st place??
… To be yelled at by you!!! I'm an idiot. ph5 [ph5 is one of JD’s apartments in a block in LA - they are named PH 3, 5 7 etc] is Rocky's studio?? You are shameless... I tried to make it work and you just turned more and more into a spoiled brat. All
you wanted was to make me...
… fucking miserable. Well, I'm finally there. I'll never be able to
understand how I fell in love with you... You're not her. I loved you more than anything... I did
everything that I could. But, you never fuckin' loved me... I was merely convenient for you...
… I
hope our divorce goes as quickly as possible and that it is as painless as possible. So sorry you
were as unhappy with me, as you were..., obviously, the purity of whatever was, has been gone
for a long time...
… I will miss the moments of beauty and truth... goodbye, Amber... What the fuck
was I thinking??
I wish you all you merit...
The Former Him”

[we’re having a break before re-examination

JD - Johnny Depp
DS - David Sherborne - his barrister

This scheduled for an hour tops.]
So just to fill you in on what happened this morning didn’t get asked into court, but I did get to make some representations re transcripts which I hope will be resolved at some stage today. Everyone was very polite and helpful and the judge is now aware. I’ll get...
… an email if he wants me in court, but hopefully that won’t need to happen.

Still no word on which of today's five scheduled witnesses will be giving evidence this afternoon. The five are:
Sean Bett (London)
Kevin Murphy (video link - Chicago)
Travis McGivern (video link) Officer Tyler Hadden (video link) Officer Melissa Saenz (video link)
[we’re back in session]

The court is discussing my application for transcripts and the parties are agreed they will be supplied and the judge has said therfore they will be supplied when made available.

And I’ve just had his clerk email to confirm that. Nearly there.
There is now some legal argument about showing JD a video clip which hasn’t yet been disclosed to NGN. DS wants it to happen. NGN doesn’t. Judge rules it can be.
DS is badly off mic and very difficult to hear over the video feed.
DS is going to ask JD some questions.

DS you xe started with the idea the people you employed were yes-men/women. Is that true?
JD: no it’s not an accurated description of the people around me
DS if you were being violent to a woman would you express your team to turn a blind..
… eye or let you get away with it?
JD Never
DS Ms W. brought up some press clippings and reports to suggest you were a violent man. The first was in 1989 where you were arrested for assaulting a security guard. Where there any charges?
JD he took me to court, we went to trial
… and then the guard arrived wearing a neck brace and the case was essentially thrown out.
DS and you remember when you’d allegedly “trashed” a hotel room and you were shown an article which suggested there was $10K damage done and it was suggested you deliberately...
…. underplayed the damage done, given the bill
JD: I do
DS: let’s have a look at another press report about this hotel room incident and you’ll see here do you see the final para?
JD: yes
DS: Depp’s lawyer said the damage to the hotel room only amounted to $2000
… but the remainder was to make up for leaving the hotel before the booking was up. Does this help you remember the actual damage done
JD: I was pretty sure the damages was far less than suggested
DS: did you ttry to avoid paying?
JD: no sir - I told security I would pay
DS: so you volunteered to cover any damages. And the reason for the damage was that a friend had screwed you over and you were with Ms Moss at the time Kate Moss. And where was Ms Moss at the time of the incident?
JD: asleep in bed
DS in a documentary you are asked by Elizabeth Vargas if you were a bad boy and then you said no I’m not not really, I don’t think so -ask my mother and then the doc talks about you trashing a hotel room after an argument with Kate Moss and she asks you what that was about. Where
[sorry DS is confusing both me and JD]
DS Were you going along with the suggestion that you trashed the hotel room after an argument with Kate Moss?
JD: I was going along with her, I was going along with the truth. Kate Moss was not involved it had nothing to do with Kate Moss.
[we see the interview clip - it is edited in with VO as per the transcript]
DS how long did you go out for Kate Moss for
JD 3.5 years
DS did you ever in that time hit Kate Moss?
JD: no I didn't
[we now move on to the piece of wood distraction plan against paparazzi]
DS it was put to you they were just doing their job of taking a photo of you in a public place
JD yes they wanted the novelty of a photograph of me and my pregnant girlfriend and the baby bump
DS you described the loading bay in which 15 or so photographers were trying to get into you the loading bay - were they on public or private property? Yes or No
JD describes the property
DS has another go
JD describes the space
DS how were they behaving?
JD they were ...
aggressive and snotty - screaming obscenities in trying to get a photo of me… they were ravenous and also quite upset I’d ruined their oppo for the photo as I was at the loading bay and I had distracted them and Ms Paradis and the godparents were safely in the car.
[we now go to 2018]
DS so we fast forward 20 years to 2018 where you allegedly punched someone. you said you had not in any way physically touched Mr Brooks on the set of the film City of Lies and because of this man’s behaviour towards a lady, an African American...
… woman. I wasn’y sure if she was an extra or a homeless person.
DS what did he say
JD he was hurling around what he thought was his power as location manager in an incredibly disrespectful way
DS what did you say to him
JD: in essence I said what gives you the right to be ...
… so disrespectful to this woman in this way. But never did I touch him.
DS Could I ask you to look at a file?
[we go to the bundle]
[there is some discussion about being at the right place in the bundle, the photo and the text that should or shouldn’t be accompanying it]
DS who is in that photograph of you and Mr Brooks who brought a claim against you for assault. Was this photo taken before or after the incident after which you allegedly assaulted you.
JD after, at the end of the night when I was wrapped I asked my assistants to grab...
… a bottle of wine and I grabbed two plastic cups and I didn’t want there to be any more bad blood and we toasted each other with the wine and he asked if he could have a selfied with me
DS so he asked you
JD yes
DS Ms Wass says you’re the sort of person who becomes very...
… angry. Is that true?
JD no it’s just her suggestion
Have you ever hit a woman?
No sir, never. Sorry.
Judge - you said no
JD I said no
DS has any woman ever accused you of hitting them in your 57 years?
JD no sir
[we go to a new file. Johnny gets it out of the bundle]
DS is that box file about to collapse?
JD: not sure. no it’s okay
DS: I’ll let you know if it looks like it is
JD: if it starts to teeter
[back on track]
[we are discussing a nurse taking a medication history from AH]
DS and you’ll see in the in the third para - this is in 2014 - “her history of substance abuse… including an addiction to cocaine and liquor” - you’ll recall Ms W saying to you that she said you were lying when you said AH took cocaine and that AH hadn’t taken cocaine since...
… she was a teenager.
JD: yes sir
DS lists eating disorder, bipolar disorder, insomnia and prone to “several outbursts of anger and rage” “both her and and her fiancé reporting verbal disagreements… nervous about feeling alone whilst husband was working… feelings of...
…jealousy when not with her husband…” - does this accord with your experience of AH?
JD: yes it does
DS was there any violence in your relationship with Ms Berkeley?
JD: no not at all
[Barkin sorry]
[DS is reading from an interview with Ellen Barkin in which she says he never put hands on her]
[We’re into the champagne bottle throwing incident and the same interview which says there was an air of violence around him. I think. It’s really difficult to hear what DS is saying. We’re getting to the bit where EB threw a bottle of champagne. He said that’s not true…]
[… and that she bore a grudge and Ms Wass said what for 20 years]

[Right I’m getting hopelessly confused. DS read from an interview where EB said JD was no violent. Then we go to the deposition to the American courts in which EB said there was an air of violence about him]
[which JD said was not true and was said because EB holds a grudge and earlier in the week Ms Wass asked “what - for 20 years?” and JD agreed. DS then asked (just now) what was the grudge about and JD said it was because they were in a relationship and she wanted more...
… but he didn’t want more and so they split up. Hope that’s clear. DS is like listening to a man shouting inside a closed shipping container]
[We are talking about the times AH recorded him without his knowledge]
DS was AH someone who used her phone a lot?
JD: yes constantly all the time -
DS did she take photos and videos of herself
JD: lots. Quite a lot.
DS thank you Mr Depp
JD: thank you
[we’re on to the Monster]
DS you once said the word Monster can mean many things. When it came to arguments with AH and you would argue back with and as a result you would get heated and say things to each other which were quite unpleasant . What would set off this kind of...
… argument?
JD" it could be anything. this is an odd example, but its representative of the whole. AH was in the habit when I would get back from work that she would come over to me and take my boots off which was a beautiful ...
… gesture - very kind and loving gesture.e at one point I came home and sat on the couch and she was doeing something so I took my boots off and put them to once side and she said what did you do? - that’s my job? and I said you were busy so I took 'em off so ...
.. she became very upset and it became and escalated argument. Taking off ones boots is a very small and minor issue so if anything were about that you could imagine were it would go."
DS what was that like?
JD “It’s almost as if she had rules - if the routine was not met to her standard… an argument would ensue and all hell would break loose."
DS where did the monster come from
JD the monster story came from AH and she rather liked the idea that I was the monster, and if you’re having an argument adn you’re trying to explain your position and things would escalate and that was what she called the monster...
… and the monster grew to whatever she wanted it to be.
DS in this context lets go to an email
[can’t hear DS when he reads from emails/texts]
[the upshot is that in an exchange between Mr Dueters and JD, Mr D says “watch out for Mike Tyson” which JD says is a reference to AH]
[they keep going through these exchanges… asks if he was being serious in what he said]

JD it was ludicrous exchanges
[they’re going to have to get the microphones sorted for DS's xe of Amber Heard and NGN’s other witnesses next week or this is going to be excruciating]
[we are going to another file - the last before lunch. I’m so sorry about this - it’s hard enough to work out what’s going on when the acoustics are good]
[more texts]
DS who is Jack
JD Jack is my son
DS your son with…?
JD: oh sorry my son with Vanessa Paradis
DS: yes sorry it’ just that the court needs to know
[Jack is mentioned in a text between a Marino and Mr Dueters]
DS who is Marino in this text?
JD it is Vanessa Paradis, the mother
… of my children.
[DS and the judge are discussing further re-examination of JD after lunch. DS wants another hour. There is discussion about moving the overseas video links ]
[the two police officers are now the only people giving evidence this afternoon]
[Officer Tyler Hadden (video link) Officer Melissa Saenz (video link)]

Okay that’s it we’ve risen for lunch. We’re back at 1405BST to have one more hour of Mr Depp. then the two above-named. I’m going to see if the court tech people can sort DS’s mic. It’s awful.
Had a quick chat with the assembled hacks, none of whom can hear DS properly. Representations made to ushers (all of whom have been incredibly helpful and accommodating so far) to request their colleagues in court 13 try to sort it. We’ll see.
Or hear, if things are successful.

Got a proper lunch today. Avocado and sun-dried tomato baguette. Yum.
Okay heading back in. If you do think it’s worth supporting this live-tweeting venture and my nearly successful attempts to winkle transcripts out of our byzantine court system, please do put a minuscule donation in the tip jar.
We’re on.

Johnny Depp (JD) is in the witness box being re-examined about his evidence over the past three days by his own barrister DS.
DS is asking about a text on 6 Aug 2014 in Bahamas for detox
DS notes discussion between Rocky Pennington and AH re texts about cooking mushrooms whilst on the island. This is confused slightly by DS contending AH is using JD’s phone.
JD confirms AH is using his phone to ask Rocky to bring mushrooms to the Bahamas.
Sasha QC stands up to say the detox trip in the Bahamas started on 8 Aug
DS so this is two days before - RP and AH are making plans to take mushrooms to the Bahamas.
JD confirms.
DS we turn to the alleged incident when you are supposed to have been physically violent towards AH.
First time is apparently re your tattoo. You had all your alleged violent incidents read out to you and you were supposed to deny and confirm and you denied them all...
… but let’s go to the tattoo which she supposedly made fun of [this is the Wino Forever tattoo]
DS when did you get it changed from Winona to Wino
JD: in about 1993
DS: so throught yor relationship up to the incident in 2013 - 18 months - it has always said Wino Forever…?
JD yes sir
DS was it the first time she’d seen it?
JD no sir
DS now it’s suggested when she teased you about the tattoo you got so cross you hit her three times so her “eye almost popped out”. How many times by that point would she have seen that tattoo?
JD: countless...
… times…. my tattoos are… not going anywhere.
DS let’s go to the argument about the painting by AH’s former wife which you got so angry about you bust her lip on the day you were meant to be on set with Keith Richard, but they are separate incidents. It is said to you...
… that you were so angry with the painting hanging in AH’s flat by her former wife that you tried to set fire to it. Can we go to it.
Sasha Wass QC interrupts - the painting you’re about to be shown is not the painting Mr Depp tried to set fire to.
DS welll
Judge - DS - you just
… put the question.
[of course, we can’t see this painting]
DS looking at this painting - did you at any stage set fire to this painting
JD no sir it’s suggested I tried to light a wooden frame glass with a lighter, but I didn’t
DS why make reference to this wooden frame...
JD because I thought it was ridiculous I would try to set light to a wooden fram with glass
DS now it was suggested that you upset AH when you insulted her former wife and you said actually AH had some bad things to say about her herself?
JD yes when they split up...
… she told me that Ms van Ree changed the locks and shipped her pictures out
[we move on to a text between JD and AH’s sister Whitney]
DS it says “I love you precious” - who wrote that?
JD isn’t sure
DS who sent the photos - you to Whitney or her to you
JD I sent the photos
JD I sent the photos to Whitney beause she had had problems with Ms van Ree over the years. She hated her.
DS that’s a photo of something you did - wrote a P on the glass and sent it to Whitney
[jesus this is confusing. basically JD took a photo of (something by?) van Ree which involved him changing something to a P and Whitney asks if AH found it funny and JD says “oh yes - she laughed her ass off”]
DS it was put to you that there had been some argument between you and AH about someone called Marie De Villepin and you said the argument was not about her, but you weren’t asked what it was about. [we go to JD’s witness statement]
[his third witness statement]
[DS reading from the WS far too fast but it’s about the Keith Richards incident]
DS what was the nature of the. Argument when you were meant to be on set for the Keith Richards documentary
JD there was a dinner the night before. there was a hispanic girl and she spoke of...
… a mutual friend of theirs in Spain called Raphael and Ms Heard explained to me that she was going to visit him in Spain and he was just a friend, but that nothing had ever happened between them. She stayed with him for 10 days - 2 weeks and the night before the KR doc day...
… she had told me that she also thought of him as a very nice guy and she stays with him and she put it to me that AH had had an affair with him before, so I had to all intents and purposes found Ms H to be lying about the situation and her relationship with this man.
DS did that give rise to a confrontation between you and AH
JD yes because I broiught the truth up AH was very upset, the young lady was very upset and I thought we should have a discussion and she was reluctant to do so and I thought it was important to stay to talk about it.
DS did you have any contact with the film set
JD I did I called my 1AD and my DOP and the focus-puller and as it was a not a day I had to interview Keith Richards [he retells the story that he was not needed on set cos KR and Tom Waits were being filmed playing in his studio]
DS so that’s the nasty argument you were talking about. you said during this argument AH poured you a drink and cut lines of coke. is that true?
JD she definitely poured me a whiskey - the lines of cocaine early in our relationship…
… at that time, like the boots, she would chop the cocaine for me and rub it on her gums
DS is that an example of her being supportive in your relationship with drink or drugs?
JD well... she was getting me a drink.
DS why would she do this
JD does not know
DS it was suggested..
… you would not go to the set unless they came with you/took you
JD that’s not true
DS did you make them come with you or did you take them
JD they just came along
[we have a photo of this them on set]
[It is of Whitney, Keith Richards, JD and AH]
DS now the allegation is that the night before you hit her lip so hard it bust and blood was left on the wall. Looking at that photo were you aware of any mark on her lip
JD no sir, there’s no mark there
DS AH says everyone was so annyoed the shooting of the doc was held up...
…"but they were too scared to say anything to you".
JD "that’s not correct, I was not necessarily needed that day"
DS "if KR was annoyed with you for messing him around, would he be worried about telling you?"
JD no he would not
[We got to another file. Should have mentioned, someone has positioned DS in front of a microphone or vice versa and we can hear him very clearly]
DS this is an email from AH to the organisers of your wedding in Feb 2015 cc’d to RockyP and Whitney Heard and it’s the schedule. "7pm rehearsal dinner” after that “dance party, and drugs, and music”
Judge - 7.15 sit for dinner should I be above there?
DS yes
Judge I see...
DS so this is AH wanting to arrange drugs for her friends as part of the wedding celebrations. Correct?
JD I didn’t see this at the time, but that seems to be hte plan
DS were there drugs at the dinner?
JD yes
DS shall we break off?
Judge is it realistic to get to the ...
… witnesses via videolink
DS i was going to suggest we break off to go to the witnesses
Judge - wouldn’t it be better to let Mr Depp finish his re-examination and postpone the video link witnesses
[they confer]
Sasha Wass QC - the officers are attending under subpoena under the US court of california for this time and they require 48 hours notice. If the link was formally set up and they were sworn the matter could be adjourned without further legal docs to be prepared
Judge - I’m not enthusiastic about calling, swearing and adjourning. These are people who attended under subpoena but there is an element of cooperation the court ought to give. If they are called for 3pm we ought to try to accommodate them. We will rise for 5 mins...
… whilst we establish the link to California and then we will resum with the officers’ attendance. Mr Depp is still being re-examined by you… what I’ve said about not speaking about the evidence still applies
[we rise]
[so - the officers who are giving evidence under subpoena are going to be sworn in, cross-examined by Wass, potentially re-examined by DS and then JD will get back in the witness box. I did think this might overrun…]
I have to leave court at 4pm my time. It’s currently 3.06pm
I have, of course, been promised today’s transcript by agreement of the court so I can get that tonight hopefully if I miss the final part of JD’s re-ex.
Though as yet I have yet to receive transcripts of days 1 - 3… I am told they are coming...
Judge is now talking to the officer in California - thanking her for coming in at such an early hour and asking her to swear in…
This is Officer Melissa Saenz. Officer Saenz is wearing a mask, speaking via videolink to court 13 where it is being picked up and rebroadcast to court 38.
Sasha Wass QC is questioning:
QC you are LAPD specialising in domestic violence
JD: yes
QC - domestic violence is a specialist area because the relationship between perp and victim is very complex
JD correct
QC a victim mauy be in fear of the perp and love him at the sam time
JD correct
QC and it is not unusual a victim may refuse to engage with police...
… even if the victim called the police
Officer: yes that is common
QC so the police have to tread a difficult path between assisting the victim and respecting the complex nuances of the situation
Officer: correct

[agh ignore the JD above it’s the Officer in the last two tweets]
[going slowly mad]
[QC comes to this case]
[Officer Saenz gives an answer that is unintelligible. This is going to be hard going.]
QC the info on the material we have been provided that on 21 May 2016 somebody said a firend of hers was being assaulted by her husband
… and had been hit by a phone and she screamed and dialled 911. were you told this?
OS no
QC what were you told.
OS that a third party had called out of state and reported an assault and gave the address of the apartment in LA
QC did you make a note of what happened?
OS I gave my card to AH
QC anything else
OS there would be an automatic record
QC a computerised document called Incident Recall
OS yes ma'am
QC we have this incident report. is it the only document that was generated by you on 21 May 2016
OS yes it did
QC you have given a deposition about this on 18 July 2016 - 8 weeks after
OS yes ma’am
QC and in that you told the court in America by a "generic white male"
… who took you up to the penthouse
OS yes
QC did you ask his name
OS no
QC so no record of his name
OS no
QC there was another woman in that complex - did you ask her name?
OS no I did not
QC when you got to the penthouse you were met by the Generic White Male ...
… and you told him his gf was AH. had you heard of AH
OS correct
QC you had heard of JD, but you didn’t know he was involved with the incident
OS correct
QC you met AH in her apartment
OS she was in his apartment
QC you’re right. And she was crying and not giving
… you eye contact?
OS correct
QC and it was quite clear she did not want to speak to police
OS yes
QC and you have come across this many times in a domestic violence occurrence
OS yes
QC you offered to speak to her in private
OS I did
QC and she asked to have her...
… female friend with her. And you went with her to her apartment in the block. Her face was red from crying?
OS her face was red, but it didn’t appear there was injury on her face
QC she was not making eye contact with you. you didn’t see her full face on at any time, did you?
OS there were times when she made eye contact. I did get a good look at her
QC did you examine her face?
OS I was in the hallway before we entered her home and in the hallway which had the brightest light and I was comfortable she had no injuries on her face..
QC you walked from one apartment to another. you didn’t stop
OS we did we stopped and talked, she refused to answer any questions so I suggested we go to her apartment
QC how thorough was your examination of her face was?
OS extremely thorough
QC she had no cuts or serious injuries, but would you agree bruises take some time to come up
OS on some instances - yes
QC did you see reddening on her cheek which could have been the genesis of a bruise
OS I observed reddenning to the face
QC which you attributed to being...
… flushed from crying
OS correct
QC and it was in the hallway that you established she wasn’t interested in talking to you
OS there was a lot of back and forth the whole time
QC she was fully clothed
OS correct
QC so you couldn’t see if she was injured elsewhere?
OS correct
QC did you say to her if she were to give you the name and ID of the perp you would be able to arrest him
OS I don’t recall saying that
QC would that be something you would routinely say?
OS yes it’s something I’ve said before
QC you were first asked about this two months after it happened
OS yes
QC and you have no notes of your visit to the Eastern Columbia Building, and the only thing you gave is a visiting card to AH
OS correct
QC did you tell anyone else in the buidling your ID other than AH?
OS no I did not
QC so other than knowing there was a visit by police no one eexcept AH and the people with her knew Melissa Saenz was with her
OS correct
QC is there a protocol with regard to allegations of DV in the US
OS yes
QC do all allegations of DV have to be recorded?
OS when we arrive we determine after interviews whether a report is sufficient or not
QC in this case you did not produce a report but you gave your card to the victim. Why give your card with AH unless you believed...
… she might want to give you at a later date.
OS I give my card to everyone I meet on calls.
QC in this case the case was closed at 9.22pm that night, so when you came to give your evidence in the US, this was a non-crime?
OS correct
QC because had there been any allegation of criminality you would be duty bound to make a report
OS correct
QC but it was obvious to you and your colleague that this was going nowhere
OS correct
QC AH didnt’ want to talk and you did not have the ID of the perp
QC so it wasn’t going anywhere
OS correct she was uncooperative
QC did the Generic White Male show you broken items around the apartment
OS no he did not
QC he did and you still decided the case was going nowhere
OS that’s not correct
QC how long were you in that building Ms Saenz
OS 30 - 60 minutes
QC we have CCTV evidence you arrived at 9.04pm and left 9.14pm. do you remember shaking the GWM’s hand?
OS no
QC what I am suggesting is that you did not give the care to this case that it deserved
OS I do not agree with that statement
QC but AH had a mark to her right cheek, but whether you saw it and missed what it was or didn’t see it at all, you missed it
OS I did
QC and you missed the damage to the flat
OS I searched the entire flat and there was no damage.
QC now - how did your ID as the attending officer become public
OS I don’t know
QC Does the name Sean Betts, a former LAPD officer mean anything to you?
OS no. never heard of Sean Betts.
Cross-examination ends
DS for Depp on his feet for re-examination of OS
DS did you or did you not get a clear look at AH’s face on the occasion that you spoke to her in the hallway
OS I did get a clear look at AH’s face
DS any marks of any kind suggesting any injury to her face
OS no I did not
DS in your deposition you say you had a second look at AH’s face. Any injury on her face of any kind then?
OS no I did not observe any injuries
DS Thank you officer Saenz
Judge thanks Officer Saenz.
Sasha Wass stands up and says she no longer has any need for the other LAPD officer as the first officer was the DV specialist, the other attending officer was just a probation officer.
Judge sounds surprised.

He rises for 5 mins. We’re going to get the last of JD. I will stay as long as I can, but I really should go at 4pm. Other commitments. Sorry.
JD back in the box DS re-ex
“We are back in Hicksville”
DS you were asked about cocaine and you said you didn’t do it that time and you don’t do MDMA was a waste of time
JD: it doesn’t affect me much
DS: doesn’t get you high and that sort of thing
JD: no not really...
DS and mushrooms not really for you
JD; not really
DS but you take marijuana? Why
JD it calms me
DS does it turn you into a paranoid tailspin
JD no
DS does cocaine make you hyped up and paranoid?
JD no it is a replacement…
Judge just a minte…
JD hacving been addicted to the...
… Roxycodin and Aderol I wasn’t looking forward to them. Cocaine is less addictice
DS so it’s a serotonin replacement? sorry to cut in. there was a girl there called Kerry Sue and she had her hands on AH and she didn’t really know what she was doing. and the argument started...
…. back in the cabin and you agreed you damaged a light fitting in the bathroom. Why were you in the bathroom?
JD [he just explains where the bathroom was in relation to the trailer]
DS did you admit the damage you caused?
JD yes
DS did you try to play it down
JD not at all
[on to the Boston - LA private plane flight]
DS at that point in July 2013 you said you were suspicious of AH because she had told you one thing and was doing him another. Before you said she described him unflattering terms.
JD yes as “creepy and rapey” and “sexually aggressive"
DS now the flight from Boston to LA is what?
JD: depending on headwinds 6hrs, maybe, tops
DS it was suggested that you didn’t sit there drawing at all and you made that up
JD she suggested that, but I was drawing in my journal.
DS: why did you go to the bathroom on the plane?
JD: to escape AH’s onslaught
DS was that the only time
JD I’ve slept on many bathroom floors to escape her
DS we were shown a photo of you next to a bed. Do you often sleep in beds
JD: I prefer to sleep on couches
DS: that recording of that moaning noise. heard that before?
JD no
DS it was suggested it came to you from the Boston flight. we asked for the metadata and we wer told we already have it. we asked for the raw file and didn’t get it. this is all we have [hands JD a file] all we have in the metadata is just a year… you did say...
… you weren’t sure when it was. If it wasn’t the Boston flight when was it in 2014.
JD mine says 2019
DS That’s interesting
Judge mine says 2014
[and at that exciting juncture I am going to have to leave the court. Apologies. I’ll post today’s transcript, somewhere, when I get it]
if you have any questions about the case (other than “why did you leave court you idiot?”) please DM me and I’ll answer tonight.
I also think I’ve been emailed the first three days transcripts so I’ll find somewhere to post them up for you to read and/or download.

Amber Heard's people carrier (containing AH i was assured) leaving court at around 5.15pm BST (Johnny Depp had already left by 5pm). The more i think about the name people carrier the more I realise what a ridiculous name it is. Sorry but that's what we call those types of cars.
Thank you all so much for the very kind words about the tweeting this week. It is amazingly encouraging feedback and I am grateful for it.
And thanks for the contributions to the tip jar. They mean I will definitely be in court on Monday to resume a (this time)...
… uninterrupted service for you. I will try to get through all your questions via DM tonight, but I am assigned at another place of work, so apologies if I don’t get through them all until tomorrow.

I can also confirm I have the transcripts for Days 1 - 3, which is great...
… I will ensure that they are put somewhere they can be accessed for the ages (your recommendations as to where are welcome). Again - your funding gave me the time and energy to dedicate to extricating those transcripts.
So thank you.

When they go up you can have fun checking them against the live tweets.

Have a great weekend, and if you haven’t already, please do consider a small (please - small and only if you can afford it) donation to the tip jar.
Which can be found here

Those of you who have already donated can feel proud you have made what I think is a major contribution to open justice. So thanks again. And have a great weekend.
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