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1) There is so much to unpack here I'm going to share a short thread.
2) First, note the perspective of Rod Rosenstein as he shares this op-ed *written by Robert Mueller.

[*Authorship is tenuous at best, and more likely written by Weissman or Zelby (Lawfare) on behalf of Mueller]

But for now, focus on Rosenstein.
3) Notice how Rosenstein positions his advocacy as part of the Mueller team. This is critical; and unfortunately everyone keeps missing it.

Rosenstein did the same thing in his Senate Judiciary Committee hearing.
4) When you stand back it becomes clear, Rosenstein viewed his role with the special counsel as participatory. He was DAG not only as DAG, but also there to facilitate the needs of the special counsel investigation.
5) This outlook; this inherent definition of his role and responsibility; is why the special counsel was able to essentially take over Main Justice during the two year investigation.

Rosenstein took NO ACTION that was not approved by his teammates. This becomes key.
6) This becomes key because Rosenstein was an enabler for the plots and ploys being executed by Mueller's assembled team.

[Mueller was a useful idiot "outside my purview" etc.]
7) That's how the Lawfare resistance group was able to set up shop and essentially run amok.

Jeff Sessions was firewalled, and Rod Rosenstein was a willing co-dependent enable. The special counsel team was running main justice.
8) Repeat this as many times as needed to absorb.

The special counsel team was running the DOJ.
9) When congress was getting stonewalled, blocked, and impeded from inquiry it was the special counsel doing the blocking. It was also the special counsel that did every release.

Strategic release!
10) The team convinced Rosenstein that part of his role to help them was to block any inquiry into material they did not want released.

If they defined it as adverse to their interests they controlled it. Rosenstein allowed this. Rosenstein facilitated this approach.
11) That approach included Rosenstein telling President Trump that he could not declassify any material that touched on anything to do with the Mueller team investigation. [Example Sept. 2018]
12) By aligning with the team of usurpers, Rosenstein blocked declassification of documents and helped the special counsel control the media narrative.

It would be obtuse and intellectually dishonest to think Rosenstein was hoodwinked. He's not stupid.
13) Rosenstein knew what was going on behind the closed doors even if he was not physically in the room.
14) Another critical element to understand.

Every release from the DOJ during the Special Counsel tenure, was only possible with the special counsel directing and approving the release.
15) Again, it's critical to repeat because this is a cornerstone understanding. This is another paradigm shift.

Nothing was released from the DOJ without a purposeful intent by the special counsel to allow its release.
16) This includes the Lisa Page and Peter Strazok text messages, and the information about Bruce Ohr which was released within days.

This includes the redactions to all documents. The special counsel controlled all this stuff.
17) Immediately after Van Grack pressured Flynn into signing the plea agreement, literally the next day, December 1st and 2nd, the Page/Strzok texts were released.

The special counsel was gaming this out. Controlling everything.
18) Rosenstein was the facilitator.

The special counsel did all the redactions; the special counsel removed texts from releases; it was the special counsel who were selectively releasing and selectively hiding information for two years.

Rosenstein was the facilitator.
19) It was the special counsel who decided to release the FISA application under the guise of a FOIA request.

Again, a purposeful release. [Go look at it]

Everything was being managed from the operation center controlled by special counsel lawyers. Rosenstein was their shield.
20) Second Aspect to this:
21) Notice how the cornerstone of Mueller's position is that Russia hacked the DNC emails and gave them to Wikileaks.

Again, in this article today -critical of Stone's commutation- the fulcrum is the Russia-Wikileaks angle.
22) This has been the fulcrum position of the special counsel all along. That's why it must be defended *AT ALL COSTS*.

Take away the Russia hacked the dnc email aspect, and suddenly the entire premise of the special counsel collapses on itself.
23) THAT is why the day after the special counsel provided the original report to Bill Barr, the very next day they grabbed Julian Assange and threw a bag over him.

[Again, go look at the timing]
24) Assange grand jury receiving evidence in 2017
25) Assange indictment sealed March 6, 2018.
26) Assange indictment stays sealed over a year until special counsel terminates their operation due to AG Barr.

As soon as special counsel gives Barr their report. Assange is grabbed April 11, 2019.…
27) The background is key: (As told by former congressman Dana Rohrabacher)

28) Summary:
*The special counsel was running Main Justice.
*DAG Rosenstein was enabling/facilitating.
*Everything from DOJ came from special counsel.
*It was a network design and strategy.

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