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The people who need to do the most work in decolonization are white Europeans and their diaspora. It is because they have swallowed the Roman Empire kool aid of their aristocrats that the entire world is on fire. #decolonize
After the Roman Empire collapsed, Europeans were like the rest of the world. Ethnic groups, folk art, women as custodians of medicine and spirituality, and land in the commons.

The feudal lords grabbed the commons, and Europe massacred women in name of witch hunts #decolonize
Localized art, spirituality and knowledge in Europe were decimated to create a centralized state, religion and knowledge system controlled by the European aristocracy. The law forced disempowered Europeans into employment. Aristocrats aspired to be new Roman empires. #decolonize
The state-church enforced its state religion through murder, eg inquisitions, witch hunts or outright massacre.
By the 16th century, Europe was so toxic. Just inventing a printing press or pointing out the corruption of the church would get you a death sentence. #decolonize
Ordinary Europeans were either shipped to or run away to the Americas. But instead of exorcising their demons, they were obeyed their aristocrats and set up colonies. The European pattern continued: massacres, genocide, slavery and land expropriation #decolonize
And even though places like US fought not to be colonies of Britain, their so called founding fathers still imagined themselves as the landed elites they had left in Europe. So they kidnapped and enslaved Africans to afford that lifestyle #decolonize
Living with non-Europeans whom they enslaved meant that Europeans would refine the Roman fiction of barbarians that had been used on them. Now they called non-Europeans "savages" who them said were saved by contact with white people, however violent #decolonize
Having lost the Americas and seen how their European cousins had got rich their, the aristocrats in Europe looked to Asia and Africa for more colonies to repeat the American dream.

This time, they made sure to empower an African elite who would reinforce the dream #decolonize
That is why Africa's aristocrats are modeled on European ones. The most belligerent examples are Idi Akin who named himself king of Scotland, or Bokassa who crowned himself emperor like Napoleon, Napoleon who was imitating Rome itself.

The disease is deep. #decolonize
Others are now grooming their kids to be Duchesses to start foundations for philanthropy and give us lectures on employment when they never need to be employed.
We need an end to the Roman imperial aristocracy. But it remains firmly in place because a core of the Europeans whose ancestors were colonized and dispossed have bought into the lie that they too are emperors because they share same skin color with their aristocrats. #decolonize
In the global empire, Europeans are the house slaves. They will defend the monarchy even when it exploits them. If the queen gets sick, they say "we's sick." Poor whites would rather die from lack of healthcare than billionaires who make them sick losing their wealth #decolonize
When the American aristocrat families want to increase or control oil wealth, they declare war on the Middle East in the name of God. But who enthusiastically goes there to kill and die for them? Whites who can barely afford to get by. #decolonize
When the same Euro-American aristocrats want to pacify us against revolt, which rats do they send to blow on where empire bites us? White middle class: scholars, missionaries, consultants, charity workers who sing to us the gospel or human rights or entrepreneurship #decolonize
Europeans and their diaspora need to restore their cultural roots. Find their witches, druids, bards, gargoyles and ethnic languages suppressed by latinization and nationalization. The rest of the world is tired of carrying the burden of European alienation #decolonize
And Kenyans preaching to me that Europeans need to learn their history are missing the point. The point isn't that ordinary Europeans don't know what their ancestors did. It's that ordinary Europeans play the same role kumira kumira plays for the Kenyattas here #decolonize
Ordinary Europeans and whites are a "middleman minority." They are dispossessed, alienated and pacified by the aristocratic class, but like uthamakistan, they support imperialism abroad and then bear the brunt of our anger while their aristocrats smell of flowers. #decolonize
This is how the con worked in the American south, and which is the one way it works today. Power is defended by poor people who swallow the lie that their shared ethnicity or gender with those in power makes them powerful as well. #decolonize
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