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I was not expecting to see this given the armored vehicles, helicopters, and men in fatigues from earlier, and I don't want to jump the gun, but I just saw a video from someone on the ground and they said that Mi'gmaq fishermen were able to successfully harvest lobsters today!
Here's a quote from the video description: "RCMP so far have been supportive, and have been telling non-native fishermen that the Mi’kmaq have rights to fish. Two non-Indigenous fishermen have been charged with assault and are awaiting court." Surprising.

One thing that worries me though, are the words of DFO official ​Bernadette Jordan, who stated “Until an agreement is reached with DFO, there cannot be a commercial fishery outside the commercial season."

DFO, as usual, insists on asserting its jurisdiction above ours. Worrisome
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The situation in Mi'gma'gi is escalating.
Nova Scotia has issued a total of 985 licenses to settlers to fish for lobster. A boat fishing under one of those licenses can have up to 375 or 400 lobster pots, or traps.

Even by the most conservative estimate, settlers are working with roughly 367,125 lobster traps.
Conversely, Mi'gmaq have issued a total of 5 - that's right FIVE - licenses to Lnu fishermen. Each of those licenses allow fishermen to have up to 50 lobster traps.

Even by the most conservative estimate, Mi'gmaq are working with roughly 250 lobster traps.
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Haudenosaunee Land Defenders from Six Nations at #1492LandBackLane have written an open letter to update their own community. 1/

#Decolonize #cdnpoli #onpoli #Caledonia
Quick facts about Mackenzie Meadows. #1492LandBackLane 2/
Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) is a specific right that pertains to indigenous peoples and is recognised in UNDRIP. It allows them to give or withhold consent to a project that may affect them or their territories. #1492LandBackLane 3/
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Assalam o Alaikum
Eid Mubarak.
Me and my child are both sick. The other day I reported mistreatment here which led to a person connecting me to a journalist whose offer of help I didn't take up bc first I had to explain that I indeed wasn't making it up. (Got to do a drill.)
Then the journalist was approached by the macabre hound @bernardGrua who is working harder than #Epstein to protect a pedophile named #AlamJanDario who runs the guesthouse #PamirSerai and tour company #PamirTrails in #Chapursan. You can obtain info on him from intel.
This had nothing to do with @BernardGrua and I wasn't about to tell the journalist about this terrifying battle I'm too exhausted, I cannot stand heat since a near-fatal illness in 2012 which is what brought me to mountains. You can check that in my post-mortem. Go for the chest.
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The people who need to do the most work in decolonization are white Europeans and their diaspora. It is because they have swallowed the Roman Empire kool aid of their aristocrats that the entire world is on fire. #decolonize
After the Roman Empire collapsed, Europeans were like the rest of the world. Ethnic groups, folk art, women as custodians of medicine and spirituality, and land in the commons.

The feudal lords grabbed the commons, and Europe massacred women in name of witch hunts #decolonize
Localized art, spirituality and knowledge in Europe were decimated to create a centralized state, religion and knowledge system controlled by the European aristocracy. The law forced disempowered Europeans into employment. Aristocrats aspired to be new Roman empires. #decolonize
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Excited to share a new paper on Decolonisation and AI. With the amazing @png_marie @wsisaac 🤩 we explore why Decolonial theory matters for our field, and tactics to decolonise and reshape our field into a Decolonial AI. Feedback please 🙏🏾 Thread 👇🏾
We see AI and ML having 2 sides: when seen as an Object our field is about technical methods and applications; as a Subject it is about systems, incentives and institutions. In both views, AI has been brought into question, especially on harms to vulnerable people. 🐾
These concerns centre around values and power in AI. Computer system embody values. And to build a deeper understanding of values and power is why we turn to the critical thoery and especially Decolonial theories. 🐾
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CW: Rassismus

Vor ca. 2 Jahren habe ich zugestimmt bei einer Produktion von @SPIEGELTV und @ZDF zum Thema Rassismus in Deutschland mitzuwirken. Morgen wird der Film ausgestrahlt, gerade habe ich ihn das erste Mal gesehen. Mir fehlen grade echt die Worte.

Ein Thread.

In den ersten Minuten des Films fällt mehrmals das N-Wort. Abgesehen von @HadijaHaruna kommen ausschließlich Expert*Innen die ich als weiß lese zu Wort. Rassismus wird reproduziert, Westerzählungen darüber dass Rassismus im Osten ausgeprägter ist als im Westen auch.

Asian PoC kommen im Film nur als Beispiele für "gelungene Integration" vor.

Und. Das. Wort. Kolonialismus. Fällt. Kein. Einziges Mal.

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Ein Thread

1 #BlackTwitterGermany: Alle wissen wie wichtig Demos sind. Wie werden Forderungen der Demos umgesetzt? @EOTOBerlin @GomisSaraya @KMTaylorBerlin @JeffKwasiKlein und viele mehr arbeiten kontinuierlich an einer #BlackPolicyAgenda #SchwarzePolitischeAgenda; learnings:
2 #SchwarzePolitischeAgenda = WER (politische Akteur:in) muss WAS GENAU (politische Maßnahmen) bis WANN (greifbar!) mit wie viel BUDGET (make them pay!) für welche institutionelle und strukturelle Veränderungen machen? Wir müssen die Politiker:innen zur Verantwortung ziehen!
3 Anerkennung: @BMFSFJ Min. Giffey und @IntegrationBund @AWidmannMauz müssen sich im #Antirassismusausschuss dafür einsetzen, dass #AntiSchwarzerRassismus #ASR #RassismusGegenPAD und intersektionale spezifische Wirkungen mehr als lediglich auf die Agenda kommen.
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There is a mythology that the Western Civilization has created about itself, a product of its specific history.

This mythos traces its story from the Greeks (from where Science, Math, Philosophy, Rhetoric, emanate) to the Romans, to the "Dark Ages" to "Enlightenment."

Add to it "feminism", modernism, post-modernism, and such.

In this mythos, the West is the center of the world, of innovation, of progress. Others are at best a supporting role, a side act. Ancient Egypt , a little math from Arabs (who only "preserved" Greek text).

Ancient Egypt, because of how it figures in Judeo-Christianity, Arabs only as they now discover "Orientalism." But Arabs were relegated to "preserving" Greeks and Egyptians.

Never mind that Arabs got a lot of their learning from China and India. And China from India.

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I'm a few years behind the curve; y'all still do follow trains?

Well, I'm starting one. Let's do one about #equitydesign.

@albanvillamil asked if I knew people, places, and tools for equity and design, and I wanted everyone to know everyone.

Spread the word! (1/million)
That being said, like equity work, this isn't (and arguably can't be) the definitive

Equity is a verb, like @_ChristineOrtiz says, so my hope is this is only the beginning.
I tried to get everyone's resources and descriptions correctly, but if there's anything wrong, feel free to correct me! (Crit's in our blood, right?)

Feel free to add, amend, include, and let's get to know each other. Cool? Cool.
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