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I said it before and I will say it again. Put all the cast of The Good Place in Star Trek uniforms and give them another show together.
Number one.
Head of security
Science officer
Android built by Data.
Engineering chief
Chief of security is a Trill who has a habit of talking to an imagined projection of her former host.
Romulan ambassador
Betazoid bartender
Captain's house husband
Astronavigation. Andorian.
Retired admiral, father to captain. Recovering from being borg, convalescing on his daughters ship. Warm, moral soundingboard.
Redshirt badass bodyguard assigned to ambassador who wants to be chief of security.
Just to clarify, trill security chief (Kristen) is a Trill. Kirby was her former host, and she has an usual relationship in that her persona is split from the whole, so she accesses her memories through hallucinating her.
Show takes place after Next Gen in the timeline, with the DS9 style uniforms as basis.

Deals with the aftermath of opening up a system in a critical strategic position that has gone warp and must be welcomed into the federation... with any luck.
As such it has politicians descending on it, whilst a newly assembled crew have to learn to get along and stop the whole shitshow exploding.
The planet is studied to some degree, but their first contact was only a year ago.
I should work in TV. *sigh*
"Ambassador, I am guessing by your tone that you cannot read Federation rank pips yet. Allow me to help. I am Lt. Commander Aubney Veth. Head of Security. I am the person who is suppose to stop people from strangling you. I can see I am going to be a very busy woman."
Making the comms badges edges glow, change color and flash when folks are talking is something I now want.
A smart ass security officer having to secure a planet and babysit an arrogant ambassador who may have an ulterior motive?

Strong dislike to enemies to lovers arc?

You're forking right.
Ahh, Aubney Veth, formerly Sazal Veth. I have read your studies into trans-warp fol...

Veth: Yeah, yeah, look buddy, my last joining didn't exactly go smoothly thanks to a mosquito. I am less trans-warp thing science-y and more- shoot-y, punch-y, at least until my next joining
Ambassador: Do you like women, Veth?

Veth: I don't like anyone. But if you mean sexually, and you mean for yourself, shouldn't you question my attraction to vipers?

Ambassador: You think me a viper?

Veth: Surprise you?

Ambassador: *smirks*

Veth: Or a complete asp
I am shipping hard here. Clearly a star ship.
Ambassador: Now who could be disrupting my meditation... of course, it's the troll.

Veth: Trill.

Ambassador: That also.
Okay, Ted Danson as the chief medical officer. And his species has four arms.

"Well, six to eight at any given time depending on when I shed, but half of those are small, frail and practically useless until they mature... unless I have an itch that general area,of course."
Also it will be amazing how many times the science officer (Willam Jackson Harper) takes his shirt off.
"You let a Betazoid run a bar? Are you out of your mind? One dose of Zanthi Fever and you get the bloodiest bar brawl in federation history."
"Or one heck of an orgy"
"Shields up. Take us to red alert." Says the commander, his jaw set, commandingly.
Noon is Data's second daughter (D'Arcy Cardin)

Noon: "I would be delighted to assist you doctor! However I have been forbidden experimenting of sentient beings again."

Doc: "This is surgery, not an experiment."

Noon "Nonethless, the temptation would be far too great."
Veth: a mosquito bite ruined my joining, insect venom is highly problematic to Trill.

Noon: I enjoyed eviscerating insects. If that helps.

Veth: Is it weird that I am fine with that? *sips synthahol* yeah, I think maybe so.
Captain Ramos at your service. No, not the legendary Captain Ramos you were expecting. I am his daughter.
I know I have some rather large shoes to fill.
Look, I may not have been the greatest strategist to qualify Star Fleet Academy, but my job here is to represent the federation by drinking cocktails in a dress uniform, so I think my lack of combat time balances out with a childhood of surviving endless millitary soirees.
*shit hits the fan* turns out she IS a bloody good strategist.
"She's short for a human"

"The Captain? Well yes, I suppose she is. But it is astounding how tall she looks standing over you after she fells you."
Lerek "This is all highly logical. Which I find confusing as it is... well... you."

Ramos: You're funny, for a Vulcan.

Lerek: I am also a politician. A career that requires either no humor or great deal. The former, in my opinion, is dangerous.
Veth: that was a savage burn, Captain. I was pondering if I should have him beamed to med bay. Your own material?

Ramos: believe it or not, that joke was all Lerek. I've never meet a Vulcan with a sense of humor before.

Veth: clearly Vulcan hairdressers have one.
Ramos: where is the body?

Veth: I have a team securing it until transports are back up.

Ramos: good... Noon was eyeing it up for... who knows what. Does her ban on experimentation cover those already dead?
Like my shitposting? You can replicate me a coffee here:

Make it so-y
-Lt. Commander Beaumont. Head of studying the peoples of the first contact planet.

"ah I hear you are quite ladies man."

"then you have heard incorrect."

"Oh, my apologie I didn't m"

"Why would I limit my horizons to just ladies?"
Jzeda Dax- new host of the Dax symbiote that was Jadzia Dax and, most recently, Ezri Dax.
Mitch "Donkey Dug" Natito... tell me this dude doesn't have a mo and eyebrows just screaming for a return to classic next gen era Klingon makeup.
The ruthless, efficient, controlling Admiral Salamanca.
*Narito. My typo.
"I want them in the Federation or at least permission to park my Starships in their space so I can hold back the (insert alien threat of the season) and I want it yesterday."

"Its chaos here... Finding aliens existed crashed their economy... and made fools of their religions."
"Aubigny, you are sleeping with Beaumont?"

"Well, yeah... I mean... everyone else is, I felt I was missing out on something."

"Doesn't that... cheapen it?"

"Pfft, well worth the money if you ask me."

"He asks for currency in exchange?"

*whistfully* "He could."
Klingon and bonus Klingon... I would have to pull in guest star @iamstephbeatz. Qapla’
I would do the show not focusing on one main character like Discovery, but as an ensemble work with each story focusing on different characters whilst the main arcs continue. Spend time with everyone, from the lowest rank through.
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