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A thread from @marcmcg

Seems to be a lot of demand for this, so here are some GDD Writing tips I've picked up over the years (Thread) #gamedev #gdd #gamedesign 1/ GDDs should be as long or as short as they need to be to describe the features of the game 2/ If you're workin…

  #gamedev #gdd #gamedesign

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A thread from @PoodleTime

I've been conducting a lot of interviews lately and want to share some feedback/advice for anyone going into an interview soon. #gamedev 1. Check your ego at the door. Its better to be humble & introspective about your past work than to flaunt wh…


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A thread from @nylon_blonde

A lot to unpack in this gif so of course I am gonna post it in the middle of the night. Details in thread #wolfganggame #indiedev #gamedev 1. There's actually been a major gameplay mechanic change, changing stance manually heals you now. This allows …

  #wolfganggame #indiedev #gamedev

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A thread from @Brica6rac

THREAD Let me tell you about the history of #rpgmaker, the underdog of game engines, and how it got its bad reputation. #indiedev #gamedev Rpgmaker has been around for over 20 years, and it had been baby's first engine for many young devs. This wasn'…

  #rpgmaker #indiedev #gamedev

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A thread from @WhitePaperGames

The Occupation will be playable @EGX! To celebrate, we’ll be posting 14 fun things we’ve been working on super hard, starting next Tuesday! Right! Small behind the scenes updates of our WIP inbound! If anyone has any questions about anything we're sh…

  #gamedev #UE4 #screenshotsaturday #JanitorAI #Pigeons

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A thread from @Gaohmee

Hey #gamedev, tell me about some brilliant mechanics in games that are hidden from the player to get across a certain feeling. Example: Assassin's Creed and Doom value the last bit of health as more hit points than the rest of it to encourage a feeli…


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