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Meet the Luminaries from, a card game created with

#NeuroTwitter #gamedev #histmed

Luminary #5: Isabelle Rapin (1927-2017)
1/🪑 Image
Isabelle Rapin is the perfect Luminary to discuss today, because she was born December 4🎂and was a founding member of the @ChildNeuroSoc in 1973 in #Nashville (where everyone is going for #AES2022).
Peds neurologists know why she has a pinwheel on her card - do you? 2/🪑 Image
Born in Lausanne, Switzerland - where Augusta Déjerine-Klumpke studied - Rapin went to medical school locally. Like ADK, she worked at the Salpétrière - and like ADK, she wrote a brief autobiography (please write one, send to @JChildNeurol)… 3/🪑 Image
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Meet the Luminaries from, a card game created with @zach_london

#NeuroTwitter #gamedev #histmed @somedocs

Luminary #4: Dorothy Russell (1895-1983)
1/🪑 Image
Hands up if you used this textbook! The 7th edition of "R&R" was published in 2007.
You may have known that this was written by eminent neuropathologist Dorothy Russell, but did you know she had epilepsy? 2/🪑 Image
Russell was born in Australia, but after both her parents died (her mother from measles), Dorothy and her sister Petronella went to live in England with an aunt. 3/🪑 Image
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#gamedev students, we need to talk. You need to understand that your school grade does not matter. If you can get a grade that passes so you get your degree and at the same time focus solely on what you want to do, do that.
What I mean is, courses will pile on requirements for final projects. Like requiring animated characters for example. But what if you don't have an animator? Will you still pass if you don't do that? Unless you want to be an animator this is a waste of your time and stress.
Universities want you to create projects they can show off to promote their course for following years. After you graduate, the school is done with you, you are on your own. Don't be pressured to help promote the school, instead focus on YOU.
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If you have less than 1000 followers and work in #GameDev, introduce yourself, what you do, and what you Tweet about!

Making the effort to expand your network is important and could make the difference in the future when looking for work.
Well this blew up more than I thought it would. Hi everyone :)
Happy to discover I already follow most of the people replying :) nice to see some new faces though.
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Wanted to share some tidbits of the anim/dev-process for Ramattra, now that he has been announced and shown to the world! Lots of talented people were involved in his development, I had the pleasure of working on his First Person Set #Overwatch #animation #gamedev 🧵1/18
One of the challenges with him is that he's basically two characters in one due to his shapeshifting abilities. It was decided early on that each "form" had to be very different from each other to have the desired impact. Hopefully that comes through when playing him. 🧵 2/18
As you can see in the clip above, each "form" has its own full set of animations for one normal character. It was a blast working out where we could push the differences and extreme between the forms, but it obviously added a lot to his dev- and iteration time. 🧵3/18
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General and portfolio advice for #gamedev artists. A 🧵.
Learn how to present your work. You don't need to learn in depth lighting techniques, but some basic knowledge of a 3-point light setup for a prop, or enhancing your composition with lighting will go a long way.
Include breakdowns. The more information you can give us so less of your skills come under question the better. Show wireframes and texture breakdowns at a minimum. Videos are fine but should not replace well composed renders unless there are specific animations you want to show.
Do not apply for positions that your portfolio does not support. Just because you can make characters does not mean you walk in to any 3D position. If you don't show relevant work to the job you're applying for it will be a flat decline.
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Which team will win the @FIFAWorldCup Qatar 2022? We still don’t have our types – who knows what’s gonna happen... Take a few minutes off the football mania and read this #WeeklySummary, some great things happened last week in #GameDev!

#BetterKnow #Gaming #Games
🎯 @oml_games (creators of @GhostrunnerGame) signed a publishing deal with @PrivateDivision, a part of Take-Two Interactive. Private Division will release #CyberSlash (codename) – a new IP of OML, planned to be their biggest project yet and a unique take on action games.
🎯 You can nominate games for The #SteamAwards 2022 – feel free to vote for @Lumencraft_game & Destroyer_IWS for Best Game You Suck At Award, @deadlinkgame for Outstanding Visual Style Award and Best Soundtrack Award or JARS by @MousetrapG in Labor Of Love Award.
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How does ROLLBACK NETCODE work, and why is it so difficult to program? A whirlwind tour of different solutions #pixelart #gamedev

The setup: you have a video game with couch co-op (pictured) and want to add online multiplayer. Easy, right...?

Well, it's not so simple. If you send each player's button presses over the internet (big arrows), there's some delay due to how far the signal must travel. So the inputs get out of sync between the 2 screens.

Notice that the order of the characters jumping changes.
...This out-of-sync thing is a problem because it can make a player succeed on one screen but fail on the other. A few frames doesn't sound like a lot, but it can be the difference between victory and defeat in an action game.

E.g. Mario gets/misses the coin.
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I assume you have a stable diffusion set, if not get it from…
Model Anything 3.0…

drop it into directory \Stable Diffusion\models\Stable-diffusion

btw. waifu diffusion is cool too!
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Creating paid ads for your game can feel scary.

It is a skill you can learn, but every skill needs training.

Here are some thoughts, if you want to start into it:


#gamedev #indiedev
If you consider a game as an interdisciplinary medium.

Through your game you're constantly communicating with your players.

What does your game "say" to them through the images, mechanics and things that happen inside?

Go There?
Do That?
Kill This?
Usually it's more than that.
Basically, it's about the *message* you send out and whether it gets through to someone.

The clearer the message, the easier it's received and understood.

Here's an analogy that will help you not only with paid ads, but with any type of communication.
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All 3 of my Marketplace items are currently discounted for the @UnrealEngine Black Friday sale! be sure to check them out in this thread! #UnrealEngine #UE5 #UnrealEngine5 #BlackFriday #GameDev #Cinematic
MultiPass Renderer

MultiPass is a simple Editor Utility Widget that uses the Movie Render Queue subsystem to render and queue up different types of passes for compositing externally to give more control over your renders.…
Anamorphic Depth of Field for Cinematics

(kind of been super seeded in UE 5.1 but good for UE4 and 5.0)

Anamorphic Cine Camera Blueprint emulating the Depth of Field of an Anamorphic Lens.…
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I learned one really important lesson while working on Monster Train.

Keep your gameplay code completely separate from your UI/Animation/Input.

Here is how I put this into practice:


#gamedev #indiedev
First off, benefits:

1. Simpler code from avoiding mixing up game logic with input and visual controllers
2. Easier to network
3. Easier to create save/load systems
4. Easier to create debugging/testing tools
5. Easier to create replay systems

Now, onto the technique...

1. All game simulation state is contained in 1 structure (WorldState)

Components of sim are organized inside structures within that 1 data structure. This WorldState can be passed around to pure functions, serialized to disk or over the network, and inspected by tools.

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A big mistakes in #gamedev is spawning entirely new objects rather than using object pooling.
Spawning, or instantiation is making a new copy of an object into memory.

Let's take the example of bullet casings.

If every time you shoot, you create a new object, you can rapidly end up with thousands of the buggers on screen, in memory and chugging can occur.
With object pooling, however, you say... okay there are only ever N casings in memory. They are invisible, turned off but exist when you start the level. Let's say there are ten for this example.
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Let's meet the Luminaries from, a card game created with @zach_london.
#NeuroTwitter #gamedev #histmed @somedocs

Luminary #1: Sarah McNutt (1839-1930)
1/🪑 Image
In 2002, Horn and Goetz published this excellent paper on McNutt - the 1st woman elected to the American Neurological Association (@TheNewANA1) - and her work with other early female physicians, including the Blackwells.… 2/🪑 Image
McNutt came from a long line of female midwives and healers, including Sarah Weir, who worked on Nantucket, and Rachel Hussey, who delivered 2992 children (both called physicians here, but neither MDs) 3/🪑 ImageImage
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🧠 Hey #VFX artists! Here are the best @UnrealEngine hacks you're not taking advantage of (but definitely should be!). 🧵

Up first: birds! 🐦🐦🐦
⏺️ How to fix UV Seams caused by math. [🧵2/17]
⏺️ How to use @UnrealEngine's Dot Product function to create desaturation controls. [🧵3/17]
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I think a lot of what I am seeing in attacks against my #gamedev threads can be described as 'hardware elitism'.
That arrogant attitude of 'yeah but that isn't a problem for me' (because you are working/playing on expensive high end spec hardware).
We always push for better graphics, more detail, cooler lighting, crisper textures and awesomererer particle systems.

And that is great.

However, all systems have finite resources.
I don't care about those people who can afford ultra high end machines anywhere near as much as I care for people who cannot afford them.

And I respect artists who can do amazing things with limited resources and can really push the graphics for those low spec players.
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Is your #gamedev studio just packed with bowl fulls of delicious crunch?
Celebrate it passive aggressively with Krunchie Crunch, the game developer tiger mascot!

(Also comes on a clock, so you can watch your life tick away for someone else's profit.)… ImageImage
Gift your producer with a laptop skin as a thanks for the Jira reminders! Image
Put a fridge magnet on the work fridge, next to the message taped to it that reminds everyone to not leave mugs (from all the coffee we have to drink to barely survive) in the sink! Image
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Hey #GameDev / #GameDesign!

Tired of seeing game dev students who don't know how to make prototypes, or don't know how to be creative?

My students have just finished submitting their "Experimental Games" courseworks, and I couldn't be more proud of them.

Check out this🧵!
Taha (@TeeheeYolk) chose to explore player perspective my mashing up FPS and Platformer sections.

The result is discomforting and odd, but definitely creative!

Riley (@AllanRiley123) looked at #UI placement, and asked why we use the outside of the screen and not the inside.

Might seem counter-intuitive at first, but is it really as intrusive as you'd think?

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#gamedev Tip: when you make concept designs and sculpt models for creatures and characters, activate your imagination to picture them moving and performing on your screen.
It may sound crazy, but have an imaginary conversation with them as you work. Picture them flexing, adjusting their clothes, thinking, smiling and so forth.

If you do this, big problems that will bite you down the track will quickly identify themselves
Stupid things like... "oh wait, he can't reach his gun"... "her knee pads won't let her walk with her legs close together", "it can't close its mouth", "he can't raise his shoulders".

Dumb stuff that you wont always catch when thinking statically.
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#gamedev tutorial content has started properly now on my, and now I have my software issues sorted I can start getting into the meat of my Violent Triangles book next week.

The first topic is understanding vertex and face normals for absolute noobs...
And as I go I will be fleshing out the subject to include using directly editing vertex normals for various game effects... normals for precise baking and so on.

I may also push forward the game topology diagram section as I am getting lots of interesting DMs from students...
...who are still getting conflicting messages about ngons, triangulation, quads and topology flow.

The book will cover all this, including use cases, pros and cons, tips for subdivision modelling and typical topology flow principles for faces, characters and super low poly.
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Let me show you how I handle multiple resolutions and the "pixel perfect" mode in #Murtop.

Bonus: You can rotate the viewport, so it can be used in a vertical monitor (as the game was intented to be played)

#GodotEngine #gamedev #indiedev #MadeWithGodot
Here's the nodes structure and the code.

- "RenderGame" is set to "Full rect", so "BackgroundColor" and "Bezel" can occupy the whole screen.
- "Bezel" (TextureRect) is set to "Expand" and the "Stretch mode" to "Keep Aspect Covered"

#GodotEngine #gamedev #indiedev #MadeWithGodot ImageImage
- "ViewportContainer" is set to "Center", so it always stays, well...centered. So I don't have to bother positioning it.
- "Viewport" size is set to the project's size (224x288).

#GodotEngine #gamedev #indiedev #MadeWithGodot
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Still getting a lot of questions about why #gamedev optimisation of meshes and textures matters if the game can handle it.
Over optimisation is when you spend a lot of time working on something that doesn't need optimising to do the job. Doing so wastes time you can put to better use.
So why shave a few polys off a model, cut down the texture size or strip out some bones when you can have so many these days?

Firstly, not all games are for top hardware, the latest drivers and the latest engines. What is a meagre savings on one platform is vital on another.
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Quick #gamedev tip continued on from here:

We usually talk about games as having several "biomes".
Artists make all the assets for a biome, and the level designers build everything from that.

This results, usually in a homogenised space that isn't interesting to explore. Once you have wandered for a few minutes, you basically "get it" and stop really finding the space fresh.
I found during my time on mmogs, that what made spaces explorable is hitting pockets that are distinct within the general theme.

So what I started to do is set up biomes as a folder heriarchy, with zones as folders within. The rule is, you can use assets from parent folders...
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Not sure how to make the most of your Steam game page?

Even though it’s your #1 marketing & discoverability asset?

Then damn you’re just like everyone else! 😆

So here’s a short thread of things to consider when building your page:


#gamedev #indiedev Image
1️⃣: Don’t delay it!

Get your Steam page up as soon as you announce or unveil your project! 📣

The sooner your page is up, the more time you’ll have to earn early wishlists and start building a core community around your game! 📈
😬 Yes, caveats already. When to announce is a topic of its own...

Wishlists & player interest (hype) has entropy.

If you don’t think you can pull off a year of regular updates and community building (i.e. creating hype)… then don’t. 📉

Just stick to 3 - 6 months. 👌
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