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If you ever wondered how the AI of the ghosts in Pac-Man works consider to watch this fine video by @gamemakerstk.
The chasing behavior of Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde all differ from each other.

Full Video (16 min): #gamedev #retrogaming
Here is an additional interesting video called "Pac-Man Ghost AI Explained" by @RetroGameMechEx that talks about the 4 states (chase, scatter, frightened, eaten) in great detail.

Full Video (19 min): #gamedev #retrogaming
Fascinating clip that displays the Ghost AI in Pac-Man.

[Full Video: "Pac-Man Ghost AI Explained" by @RetroGameMechEx]
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Missed out on the last one, so for this year’s #GAAD I wanted to highlight colourblindness and how to better tailor game UI for it with a couple of tips, tricks and examples #gamedev #ui

Thread (1/4)
When displaying two opposing teams and only colours can be used to tell them apart, aim for ones that sit opposite one another on the colour spectrum. Orange and blue being the two most distinguishable options when accommodating for the most common colourblindness types.

When working with a variety of different colour states for similar elements it’s worth considering using icons and/or patterns as a way of indicating what each state mean.

Can have the added effect of strengthen the intent for non-colourblind users too; win-win.

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A lot of people keep asking me how to get started with shaders, VFX, and generally how to get good with game graphics, so here's a thread of devs and resources that will help you on your journey :) #Gamedev #VFX #indiegame
First, if you are just starting out, make sure you check this article by @John_O_Really. It talks about vertex displacement and also works as a great introduction to shadergraph in general.…
@ManuelaXibanya has a great collection of tutorials that are specially made for people who don't know anything about shaders. You can't miss them…
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As part of our Tangle Tower stream for #LudoNarraCon, I did a short look at our animation system, since it’s one of the things I’m most proud of as the game's programmer.

I’d like to show it in a bit more detail, so here we go!

THREAD (1/20)
#MadeWithUnity #GameDev #IndieDev
After @SFBDim and @ungapants have finished designing (or redesigning!) a character, the first step toward animation is picking poses. They both did a lot of pose sketching, here are some of Adam’s for Detective Grimoire (2/20)
The final poses are decided, and @SFBDim then draws each pose as vectors in Flash. We’ve been using Flash to make games for 18 years now, with no signs of stopping. These days though, we only use it for art/animation, not the full game! (3/20)
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People asked about my workflow in creating the 'Last Night' 2.D pixelart project in @UnrealEngine -- this is a process thread! I hope this helps and feel free to ask any questions.

Here is the final capture:

#pixelart #gamedev
Here is how we kicked off - I blocked in all of the camera movement in Sequencer, major geometry and a focus character using some test shapes/characters.

I tested out the Paper2D shading with some key lights in the scene to see if the idea even had merit.
Next up was to get a scale character in the scene, and block in some more assets/mood lights to get a feel for the space. I wanted to also compose more large shapes to move the eye towards points of interest.

Scale is key!
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We’re hiring for a couple of sound design roles at @HexanyAudio so I thought I’d share a bit what that process looks like at our studio. These things are true for us alone, not every studio. #gameaudio #sounddesign #gamedev
Reels 1: Our very first step is a blind review of demo reels. We don’t look at names, years of experience, resume, or anything else. We’ll pass if your reel isn’t excellent. And if your link doesn’t work, we move on. Pro Tip: Test your link a private window before sending.
Reels 2: We’re looking to hire video game sound designers. If your reel is 100% film and doesn’t contain anything at all from a game and your resume doesn’t have anything related to games, you’re probably not the best fit for this position.
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#gamedev thread: ART PIPELINES

I can't stress how important it is to think about your art pipeline. It should work like a conveyor belt from idea to asset as smoothly as possible.
Setting up your pipeline to be as painless and simple as possible can make a huge difference to the project.

Artists, riggers, animators etc should be thinking about the work, not hung up on process.
What scale? What format? What export settings? What naming? What shaders do I use? What does each asset need? Where do I put this? How do I get it in the game?

All this is pipeline.
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two-dimensional dual wielding: the most failed game mechanic in all of #gamedev.

it's not exactly hard to understand why game developers love dual wielded weapons. but in case you're blissfully unaware, i'll give you the very simple answer: because it's fucking awesome. it is the lifelong dream of every man, woman, and child to become like arnold schwarzenegger.
is it realistic? fuck no. but arnold @schwarzenegger is holding two shotguns, and his sheer badassery is enough to distract you from that fact. this is what writers commonly refer to as the rule of cool.…
look at keanu. he's not even looking where he's firing. but no one watching the matrix's infamous lobby shootout stops to criticize neo's trigger discipline, because somewhere within all of our ancient, primitive, lizard brains is "if someone is that badass, don't ask questions."
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I spent 4 years working in an indie game that never saw the light of the day. I want to share its story and some of the valuable lessons I learned in the process.

Warning: REALLY long thread ahead
#indiedev #gamedev
The game is called ‘SkyRider & the Journey to the AirCitadel’ (@SkyRiderTheGame) and it’s a 2 player Co-op Action Puzzle Platformer for PC, and consoles where cooperation is key ALL the time.

The game was born from a prototype I made in 'Construct 2'. The idea was to make a 2 player game with communication being necessary all the time, but also with simple controls so single players could control both characters at the same time if needed.
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This is a seagull I made for The Pathless. I made it without using skeletal meshes or even blendshapes, to keep it cheap. I used a couple tricks to get nice animation regardless! Tech-art break down in thread: #techart #gamedev #UnrealEngine #ThePathless
To get this level of animation fidelity, I first modeled 4 keyframe poses for a flap cycle, kind of like how you would make blendshapes.
Then I projected each pose to UVs, and transferred them to 4 UV sets on a base mesh in a straight glide pose. I made sure that the poses only differed on horizontal and vertical axes, since the depth is not captured with this technique.
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OK, I'm doing laundry, so for entertainment, here's:

One like -> One game idea

My head is very full of far more ideas than fit into a lifetime. So maybe if I share them it's inspiring or amusing. #gamedev #games
Spacecraft Simulator

There's train and farming and driving sims. Trains and tractors and cars have fan bases. So do spacecraft. Why isn't there a high-quality realistic spacecraft sim? I want the experience of flying Vostok 1 and Apollo 11.
Asynchronous Murder Mystery

Set in your standard British mansion with the usual cast of characters. Player 1 commits a murder, then sends the game state to player 2 who must attempt to solve it.
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Portfolio advice, from a lead who hires #ConceptArt

I wrote this after a weekend of portfolio reviews,

1. Like a maths exam, please please show your working. I want to see thumbs options, mid options and of course a final design.

2. Arrange your portfolio, I don't want to bounce about between subject matter and pipeline.
Your portfolio's narrative should be as strong as your work...
3. Please make worlds that excite the viewer, make them want to go in and explore them, explain to them the interesting parts of the town, or the way the character's hat unfolds. How will this draw the viewer in?
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Today was a long tedious day of digging into my old #procgen #landscape engine. Trying every trick in the book to get it running at 60fps on the #wii but thankfully I made some progress! #thread #gamedev #lowpoly #screenshotsaturday
Fixed some strange bugs in my simple view frustrum and increased its size
Moved the clouds, water and mountains to the correct position in the render list in order to reduce alpha-transparency bugs
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There’s no glamour in making games, and it’s a lot of hard work. Here’s my personal list of Philippine-raised/descent game developers you should support when you can. 🎮

A thread.
Home again by @nell_do_well is a tabletop game about the struggles of the Tao (which translates to people in English) community to be understood by a society. The design choice of making stats communal is so powerful & refreshing.

Buy here:
Tulak (translates to Pusher) just gets too real and too hard. I’ve had the privilege to see the team’s journey in making this game, and Steven’s exposure to society definitely helped shaped the narrative.

Pay what you want:
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Met a guy at the GDC. He studied gamedesign at Digipen then got an internship at Arenanet then a AAA job. That’s awesome and I’m really happy of those opportunities even existing. But when I contrast it with the opportunities in my region it’s discouraging. #gamedev /Thread
I met several people with similar stories: internships at big studios while studying, then AAA jobs. Again: that’s awesome and how it’s supposed to be. But I want to do this thread in part to show everyone with those privileges how unique those opportunities are.
I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Our industry here is growing, but it’s still small. Game Design / Development education is scarce and low quality overall. We tend to work in mobile games for years, then maybe with a bit of luck a console/pc game here and there.
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I ported Recompile's hologram shader over to HDRP Shader Graph!
Also added a couple of new features & improvements...
Here's how it works (see graphs in thread)
#madewithunity #gamedev #unitytips
It's basically a transparent lit shader with two layered screen space scanlines, fresnel glow, flicker, and some glitchy, wibbly wobbly vertex extrusion thing
For the scanlines, we simply scale the screen UVs and use the fraction node to get a gradient for each line. No textures required! We also animate/pan this along the Y axis
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For the last part of my #gamedev journey, I’m going to detail the last thing I tackled before play testing - the opening logo!

I knew I wanted something to catch the players eye when they first booted up the game. First impressions can massively impact if someone plays a game or not. For example, the clever reflection in the water of this opening really drew me in:
I thought that the @WarpWorld logo emerging from the “portal” would be cool. They’ve used a similar animation in their branding, but how to pull it off?
@GBStudioDev has many cool features, but background animation is not supported (not yet at least).
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Time to talk about what is possibly the most important part of the #gamedev process, play testing.

My first behind the scenes look at “proper” play testing was the featurette for God of War 2. In there @corybarlog talks about how play testing was performed for all of God of War 1 except the Hades blades.
Prior to this, I thought it was exclusively about “bug finding”. While this is part of it, to determine if a normal player might break the game, it’s much more about the experience the player has.
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Dangen’s rebuttal attacked the WRITER’s character, but brushed over the sexual harassment by Ben Judd (Board member of BitSummit and CEO of DDMA Japan & DANGEN. This post will focus on the things they chose to ignore.

Thank you @jaythenerdkid

#IndieGameDev #gamedev

Alex (a.k.a Dina), after graduating from a Japanese university, started working at Comcept Inc., headed by Keiji Inafune. Inafune and Ben Judd have a long history of working together. Mighty No. 9 being a recent example.

About Ben Judd:
- CEO of DANGEN Entertainment
- Former Capcom employee
- Eng VA for Pheonix Wright
- Representative and Executive VP of DDM
- CEO of DDM Japan
- Works a lot with Keiji Inafune and Koji Igarashi (Castlevania)
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Let's talk about tweening curves! These curves are amazing, I use them all the time and I've built myself a set of tools to access them everywhere. Here's a thread about CURVES. 👇

#madewithunity #gamedev #unitytips
A few days ago, @wilnyl posted a great tweet about animation curves and that reminded me that I never shared that tween cheat sheet I created a while back.

You can check it out (on desktop) at…
The word "tween" comes from the frames "between" key frames in traditional animation, and we can use tweens to update values over time in interesting ways. Position instantly comes to mind, but you can alter opacity, lights, or even timescale with tweens.
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Here we go again, #gamedev friends. Time for another tweetorial!

This one may be well known, but it is a super easy win and makes you look really clever to those that don't already know this trick.

It's called:

That's it. Just break out either the U or V component of a texture coordinate node depending on whether you need a horizontal or vertical gradient.

In #UnrealEngine, you can use the Component Mask graph node.
R = U
G = V
Don't use a texture! Textures are resolution dependent, so you'll either see pixelation and compression artifacts, or you'll end up using a ridiculously large texture trying to avoid those issues.
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I was talking with a student yesterday about current AAA character technical budgets, so here's a quick thread for those of you struggling to yank your instructors out of 2007 and into the modern world.


#gamedev #gameart
On #SpiderManPS4, spider suits had anywhere from 80,000 to over 150,000 triangles, and a minimum of 4 materials at anywhere from 1024 to 4096 res textures.

Additionally, almost every material would have tiling detail maps in the shader for things like cloth and leather.
For civilians, head models had about 6000 triangles and a set of 2048 textures for the head.

On top of that, there were materials for the eyes, eyebrows, eyelashes, hair, teeth/tongue, and a material each for the different clothing pieces.

Most textures were authored at 2048.
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Ever wondered how to define your own Data Validation rules with Editor Utility Blueprints? Here's an example to validate that material asset names are prefixed with "M_".

@UnrealEngine #UE4 #GameDev #Tutorial
1. Enable the Data Validation plugin and restart the editor.
2. Add bAllowBlueprintValidators=true to DefaultEditor.ini

(And optionally enable validate on save and cook by setting to true)
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Aragami was launched on October 4th, 2016. For its 3rd anniversary we launched a Steam Daily Deal that went on for 48h.

In that time frame we sold:
* 50k copies of Aragami
* 25k copies of Aragami: Nightfall


The first 24h the daily deal was featured on the front page. Sales during the 2nd day are around 3x times lower.


For a game that is THREE years old, the daily deal sold around 10x more units than launch week - but at an 80% discount. The other spikes in the unit sales graph are related to different Steam Sales and Daily Deals.


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