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Time for some #indiedev marketing tips! I wrote about How to write a Press Release for #indiegame's BUT when do you write it and what do you do with it?
#gamedev #indiedev
WHEN: Write a press release anytime you have some Notable News, like: announcing your project, release date, storepage, launching your game, but also website, devlog, key feature. If the news feels big enough for you, then write a press release.
#gamedev #indiedev #marketing
Company news are also great for Press Releases, such as: you got a publisher, investor, exciting new team member. For smaller news, feel free to use your blog, web, twitter, reddit, discord etc.
#gamedev #indiedev #marketing
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When #DaggerfallUnity reaches feature parity with classic #Daggerfall later this year, it will be a huge personal milestone. Not everyone knows this, but I've been building Daggerfall tools and pulling apart the game's assets since around 2001. Crazy right? /1
Some of you might remember me from the old (and I mean OLD) Bethesda forums as Interkarma, and some of you may not have even been born back then. If you're interested in the journey leading to Daggerfall Unity, here's a short version of how things went from then to now. /2
I was fascinated by #gamedev in my teens and tried to learn everything I could by picking apart their data formats (this is pre-www and gamedev information was harder to find back then). I was still hacking file formats when Daggerfall came out in 1996. /3
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Hey #gamedev - let's play a game, shall we? If you work in any role in games, especially any special skills role, reply to this tweet by posting a bunch of questions you usually try to answer throughout your day and projects.
I'm a game designer, so I'll start:
What do players do second-to-second, minute-to-minute and hour-to-hour?
How will they control the game?
What is the overall theme of the game?
How do systems and dynamics plug into one another?
What synergy do my systems exhibit?
Can players jump, swim, fly, make choices?
Are there doors in the game? Can the player open them and if so, how?
What tools do I need to plug systems into one another?
How do I surface choices to players?
How do I support players in going down the path I've planned for them?
What's makes my world believable?
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With FutureGrind coming out tomorrow, I thought it might be fun to dig through some old artwork and WIP stuff from development and share it. So, here's a #gamedev thread about FutureGrind...
Very early on, the plan for the game was for it to be a 2D game. I did some early concept art that experimented with different art styles. We tried a vector art style, but decided we liked a pixel art style better. I still actually really like that pixel art mockup. 🙂 FutureGrind concept art, vector styleFutureGrind concept art, pixel art style
We even experimented with normal-mapped/lit pixel art. I built some custom 2D normal mapping tools for it. Lit pixel art experiment2D pixel art normal map
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Due to an excess of improbable meetings with professional acquaintances at #FC2019 I must bring you this important message: #PRsbad, there is no cabal, there is no trans cabal, there is no trans netops cabal, fnord fnord, (hail-eris (. 23 23)). #gamedevfurs #igda #gameMakers #fox
Also, I’m going to try to put together an informal #GameDev/#GameWriter/#GameDesigner/#igda meet and greet at #FC2019. Please keep in mind that both the @furcon code of conduct and professional courtesy will apply:… @IGDA_WIGSIG @IGDASV @igda
Dry run of the meet will be TONIGHT, between 8 and 9 PM. Assuming I get a password reset email, this will be in one of the official convention meeting spots. If not, I will take a table in the space near dealers den and mark the table with a sylveon plush:é-p…
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Como ya os conté, en mi departamento de 3D necesitamos cubrir varios puestos y llevamos semanas revisando porfolios y bueno… Y vaya cosas nos estamos encontrando. Así que he pensado en hacer un hilo con algunos consejos
#3Dartist #gamedev esto os interesa!
¡Hilo va!
Primero que todo, soy 3D artist en @MercurySteam, llevo modelando en 3D profesionalmente desde hace 6 años y yo también lo pasé mal para entrar en la industria. Cometí todos los fallos del mundo y por eso quiero echaros una mano para que no hagáis lo mismo que yo :3
Lo primero de todo es informarse dónde estás aplicando. Parece obvio, pero creedme que se olvida. Si optas a un puesto de #3Dartist en una empresa de videojuegos, querrán ver modelos para videojuegos. Parece obvio, no?
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Thinking of building a 100% meditational 🙏 mobile game where your gameplay syncs with the music with visual cues to practice meditational/mindfulness techniques

Easier said than done. Let the hacking begin.. in this thread 👇
✨ Blank Slate. Let's go.

Naive Objectives:
👀 Visual appeal. Get the eyes glued.
🎼 Audio/visual cues
🚥 Basic movement controls
🛣 Endless scroller
I want to give focus to the character. The movement of the character represents the state of the player's current mindset. i.e. slow down when the player starts to focus more, speed up when it demands focus.

The best way to represent this is by adding a 3rd person camera control
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Your first few (in-game) hours in @FringePlanet - a thread :-)

This will take you from your peons waking up, to starting research, to creating a small (temporary) base which should be good for the first few nights :-)

Best way to start is to get food, so initially I scout the map for cherry/plyme fruit and send the peons to collect the tasty food while I take a look around. At this point it's best to gather the fruit, rather than harvest the entire plant as that takes a lot longer to do.
The peons have harvested the orders queued and are now returning things to storage - an initial storage chest is always spawned at the start of the game relatively central in the island - this can be moved/destroyed later on, but just speeds up the early game
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1) I often hear from players, "Why are bosses just scaled up versions of existing enemies?"

This is a tale about #gamedev that's pretty common among most studios. Stay a while and listen...

2) You're a designer and just started early design work on the next project. You're in a meeting talking about what the next boss will/should be.

The lead says, "We have 6 months from start to launch, which means in reality, we have a lot less time."
3) You cheerfully suggest that the boss be a brand new, giant squirrel-eagle cyborg that flies around the raid breathing fire. Immediately, the entire staff of animators, tech artists, FX artists all look at each other and cringe.

"What?" you ask.
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This is a tweet for collecting games that I liked from #LudumDare43 👾🎮

@ludumdare #ldjam #ld43 #gamedev #indiegames
😣 The Cold Remains of Warmer Days…
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This waterfall is a combination of sprites, shaders, and no less than 13 particle systems! Dare I say it, the most advanced pixel art waterfall...ever?

I spent a crazy amount of time making this, so here's a thread (RTs appreciated).

#madewithunity #gamedev #screenshotsaturday
1/4 Lighting💡

Mostly accomplished via a fragment shader that draws a radial gradient with overlay blending using grab pass.

Standard-issue god ray sprites using overlay emphasize direct sunlight from above. The other lights have a teal hue to fake bounce from the water.
2/4 Shader

First, a gradient at the bottom. Then some wiggle by animating a uv offset quantized to texels. Offset direction changes every other pixel column:
floor(i.uv.x * _MainTex_TexelSize.z) % 2 * 2 - 1

Lower the waterfall's alpha to complete the distorted/watery vibe 🌊
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Great conversation last night about what is a feature vs what is the hook when it comes to “what makes a great product” in #XR.

Start with this list of what is the “Killer App” for #VR and notice how often features are mistaken for apps.

#gamedev 1/10
My definitions: A feature is an embellishment which can make a product better, while the hook is the core experience that drives users to the product. Think of features as the asterisk icons on the back of a video game box. 2/10
A friend pitched me an app idea using shared identity across apps with addictive ad-clicking behavior for revenue. He said he would play that all the time on his phone to level up. I asked “play what?” He had no answer because he focused on the features but not the hook. 3/10
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Dynamic lights are expensive, using sprites with a modulate blend material you can multiply screen colors behind the sprite and use depth masking to fake a light radius, cheap and can work surprisingly well. #screenshotsaturday #UE4 #gamedev #indiedev
Using modulate blending, make sure you clamp the result in a range above 1 for this to work right. Modulate blending without depth testing is also great for various glow effects. #screenshotsaturday #UE4 #gamedev #indiedev
Here's a more practical example, core of the sprite is not being masked by depth so it's always visible, depth masked glows around geometry look pretty convincing as impressions of lighting. #screenshotsaturday #UE4 #gamedev #indiedev
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Tried a little experiment I had in mind: create a shader that implements a dissolve based on dithering. Not perfect, but I got it running!
Made with #unity3d's ShaderGraph (more details in thread)
#gamedev #unitytips
This is a technique I've seen in a couple of recent games, including Mario Odyssey. Whenever Mario is obstructed or faded when camera is too close, dithering is used for these half-transparencies. Like here 👇🏻
Here's a couple of pics of the effect again. I have hand-drawn the texture, so it's not the best pattern ever :)
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[thread] With the latest update of @Gladiabots on Android, I decided to remove all ads from the game.
Several reasons for that...

#GameDev #IndieGame #IndieDev #MobileGame
1. Ads are not fitting the gameplay:
It's is a pretty demanding game in terms of focus. Oddly enough, a bit like programming. And I know how irritating it can be to be interrupted during a programming session
2. I earn nothing from Ads:
OK almost nothing, less than one euro per day.
Hard to know exactly why as the revenue model is based obscure or hidden rules.
I guess it's mainly due to the fact that the game is too niche and will never reach millions of daily active players.
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I think I've figured out the underlying mechanism behind Skinner Boxes. Turns out compulsively pulling a lever is the result of a survival skill and fundamental building block of general intelligence. Furthermore, ALL games are gambling. Here's why:
#gamedev #showerthoughts
As a game designer and realist, my interest is understanding how things work. For the last two weeks I've been on a thought journey that began at loot boxes, went through matchmaking systems and ended in the realization of what the mind is actually trying to do.
Gambling is generally defined as involving money. This is wrong. Money has value arbitrarily, and anything can be defined as having value. Games are great at assigning value to new symbols, e.g. ladder points and different gear rating. Gambling is an intelligence process.
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As a deaf gamer I see a fair amount of #gamedevelopment questions asking how #gamedev's can support the #deaf and #HardofHearing folk.

I've got a few ideas and of course anyone else with ideas can reply to this or share it.
#accessibility #gaming #videogames
• Directional Waveform HUD

A toggle feature which could hover over the player. Whichever way the audio is coming from the waveform reacts. Would be no different to hearing directional footsteps. Perhaps a The Division tracking HUD for inspiration?

Example with #Fortnite
• Vignette Cues

Could get mistaken for health depletion, but this could indicate sound in specific games. Perhaps a horror/thriller.

An example in the bottom left, ideally, it would follow the audio around the screen. Although maybe not in front of the player.
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Using Global Shader Variables to swap between two textures based on World Position #gamedev #unity3d #tutorial
Code in first reply!

More shaders >>
Shader Code:

C# Script (Super Simple)

The gif has a version that uses transparency instead of a second texture, I'll share that later :)
Have fun!
Bigger version of the effect :)
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doing another vfx thread about my student project, @wildbrewgame
this time i'm breaking down my water shader!
#gamedev #indiedev #shaders #madewithunity
the starting point for this one is just a scrolling foam texture over a solid color alpha blended over the background.
there are lots of good stylized water tutorials out there, like this one by @minionsart : so i'm just going focus on what's different
next step is to add foam around the edges. i use a slightly different method here than others i've seen because instead of using the raw depth, i calculate the world-space position of the ground and then compare the water's height to that. if they are within a threshold it's foam
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1/ Writing this rant from the perspective of someone who started in #gamedev as a playtester, many years ago.

Stop blaming the dev team for games that shouldn't be released. You're blaming exactly the wrong people.
2/ Pick a game you've found disappointing in the last, say, 30 years. Bad monetization. Buggy. Frustrating. Just not fun.

I'll bet money the dev team said "please don't release this".
3/ Game devs are smart. They care about their work. They want to make a great game. They play games too.

(Seriously. No one goes into work each day saying "yeah, I really want to make a game I'm not proud of.")
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Writing Myths #3 Writing Portfolios are the magic way into the industry!!
Get a portfolio said the writing panel/advice/speaker in what is the latest throwaway simple advice that instantly builds a career…. So, let’s talk about them.
1)Portfolios are NOT magic. Simply having one doesn't get you a job. Tey are a tool to be used in chasing work and an increasing number of employers ask for them. Having one can be very useful, but just putting some bits of writing in the same place does not = instant career.
2) People tend to read your email first, then your c.v. and then portfolio. Mess up stages 1, or 2 and 3 may well not matter. Always rework your email, c.v. and portfolio for EVERY application. Focus on what matches that job/company.
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I made a list of tips for showcasing a game to help me (and maybe you) in the next #GameDev event! Follow the #thread! #indiedev
1. Try to bring a second monitor or rent it from the event. Use it to show trailers or slideshows while someone is trying out the game or you work on fixing a crash on the main one. Boosts visibility if all you have is laptop too.
2. Tailor your swag and presentation to the audience. Business people like numbers and emails, gamers prefer gameplay, stickers and Steam keys.
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During my portfolio reviews this year, one common point of feedback I found myself giving artists was that their pieces didn’t tell a story. I wanted to elaborate a bit in the Twitterverse, please feel free to add your POV #GameDev (1/n)
Generally, when you begin to think of the story behind your piece, it will begin to inform the choices you make during it’s production. The creativity behind the history of why something exists ca easily play into the technical benefits (2/n)
Beyond just making a knight character, and focusing on the construction of armor. Where does it come from? Have they been in battle? Is it a standard issue, or personalized? Etc. This can help give construction details to the armor itself (3/n)
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