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Let's have an open and honest chat about the level your art needs to be to get your first job as a 3D artist in the video game industry.
First thing to know, you need to be able to do the job. Studios are not schools, you need to already have a good understanding of...
...clean modelling techniques, optimal UV layouts, texel density, LODs, material IDs, accurate materials.
I say this because there are an alarming amount of graduates that don't understand why they aren't getting a job straight out of uni, and the simple answer is... aren't ready yet. That doesn't mean you won't be, it just means you have to push more. You should by graduation already have the base understanding of the technical skills required, now you need to push your artistic eye for composition, materials, lighting & presentation.
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Tá tendo sale de outono na Steam, com muito jogo indie brasileiro bom pra cacete com desconto

A indústria nacional é forte e tá cada vez maior! Segue uma thread com alguns jogos - se não tiver como comprar, wishlista! #indiedev #gamedev (1/?)
(2/?) @DandyAceGame da @MadMimic - roguelike fabuloso super estético com designs memoráveis e trilha sonora envolvente, 80 no Metacritic e finalista de melhor jogo BR no BIG 2021, quer mais motivos pra jogar?…
(3/?) @RetroMachina da @orbitgamestudio - ação, puzzle e exploração isométrica e o vencedor de Melhor Jogo Brasileiro do BIG 2021, com provavelmente alguns dos cenários mais bonitos que você vai ver…
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Once you start working in studios and you're building up your experience you'll start getting approached by other studios and recruiters. Some people feel a sense of guilt at entertaining leaving a studio to progress your career. You should IMO always do what's right for you.
You don't owe any particular company some sense of loyalty, even if they gave you your first job. The biggest career leaps you will take in this industry is when you move from one company to another, usually in both pay band and title. The company isn't going to suffer...
...they will replace you and continue on as normal. Don't be afraid to move to a project/country/company you would prefer if it makes you happy. We work too hard to be unhappy with our place of work. There are however people out there that will gaslight you...
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As new media brings to light the life and mythology of Mesoamerican cultures, we thought that it would be fun to share our perspective on one of Netflix’s new shows: #MayaAndTheThree, based on ancient cultures from all over Latin America. A thread:
#GameDev #Indiegame #History
As a Mexican, there was a time when it was hard to find entertainment that made us proud of our Mesoamerican heritage. It’s so cool to find Maya and the Three: It's visually striking and portrays how women could hold the highest positions of leadership.
Given the name, I thought the show would take place in a Maya city. Two episodes in, I was surprised when it showed a mix of Mexica, Maya, and even Mexican Spanish motifs.
📸: Copan, Chichen-Itza, and Santa Cecilia Acatitlan ImageImageImage
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Prediction: sometime soon there's going to be a slice of life spin-off about the domestic life of Krillin (the ultimate Wife Guy) and Android 18 and it's gonna be a smash hit.
Shueisha please make me an editor 🙏
I earnestly think they're a great couple! Krillin is just horny enough to forgive Android 18 for mass murder / genocide. But it goes deeper than that. He realizes that she was turned into a killing machine against her will. He has sympathy for her when no one else does.
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Hello everyone! I want to talk about inconsistencies i’ve experienced in App Store Review process. This is my personal experience, I’m an Spanish dev that have uploaded 15 apps in the last 2.5 years with 40+ updates. Here are my thoughts about the whole process.
1. Whole review related time is a mystery. I don’t know why my app could be more than 24h In Review and other less than 45 minutes. This happens every time, doesn’t matter if i made really little changes or even is the same compilation.
2. Inorganic feedback. When i’ve had a message from Review team, is so long and could be hard to understand whats exactly the problem. This improved in the last years but is far to be great. More concise and user friendly message will improve the whole experience.
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Anime & Manga are amazing,
but both facets of the industry is how terribly they treat their workers,

But that is a problematic Japanese business practice that you can find all over the place… #anime #manga
Then you have to ask:
as compared to what?

Animators & comics creators aren't paid very much hardly anywhere, both industries rely on underpaying talent & getting cheaper work outside of the country
Even video game development,

its a common business practice to treat workers like crap during crunch & outsource major sections of development to cheap companies in Malaysia & Vietnam,

So Anime & Manga in that sense aren't much worse than many big entertainment industries
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Here's a graph showing how "Legit" Steam Reviews influenced my game.

So yeah- if you have a relatively obscure game you like, write a review.

#indiedev #gamedev #madewithunity #indiegamedev
Yoooooooooooooo 106 likes. Most liked tweet. Thanks you guys for all the interaction and getting word about reviewing games.

I appreciate it.
You fools better review some obscure indie game you have.
As an extension and for more clarity, take a look here.
AFAIK, the most important thing to take notice is the logo at the top right of each review.

I have 1 negative review.
Received for free checkbox remains to be an enigma. I don't understand the purpose.
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A common misconception about #gamedev which I just realized after years of being a game developer is the idea that the job of a game designer is to design brand new games.
A game designer's job is to take an existing game design and fill in gaps, often while the game is already being programmed. Usually these gaps are things that were intentionally put off until programming started, or gaps that were discovered in the course of making the game.
An example of the first type: my first paid game design job was on a tactics game, and my first tasks were to write lore for every unit, and develop a system for balancing stats and powers against casting cost.
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Rain Ripples with normals yayyy☔️

No flipbooks or particles used:D Also already have ideas on how to remove the tiling for example. (Full explanation in the comments~)

#madewithunity #unity3d #gamedev #shader #screenshotsaturday #vfx #Realtime
I didn't really liked the approach of using a large flipbook or a realtime rendered texture for rain. Kinda seems overkill for such a small effect. Also the flipbook approach has a limited framerate on top.
But then it hit me, that a single ripple could easily be recreated with good old polar coordinates! But that's just for one ripple only, right? Well then take a look at this little texture here to the left:'D Image
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'The Place': a new level design philosophy to guide level generation in #Unexplored2. It describes the elementary structure that helps generate locations to complement the typical dungeons and place encounters in them in a logical manner. A thread (1/11) #gamedev #indiedev
The place:
- is a confined space with an entrance situated in an environment.
- can only be entered through entrances.
- could be a keep, a house, a tower, a glade, or room.
The environment (1)
- is interconnected: you can travel from any place in the environment to any other place in the environment.
- may be open, maze-like, hazardous, or any combination thereof.
- could be an open plain, a dense forest, a swamp, a cave, a ruin complex or a city.
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Whooooo wants that giant thread of starships made and updated for the new @trekonlinegame REFLECTIONS release? 1/??? #startrek #gameart #gamedev
@trekonlinegame First up: the Andromeda Exploration Cruiser
The Bozeman-class Heavy Frigate is the Soyuz for today's modern sensibilities.
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I want to share how I gave shape to these stairs 🛕
Please give feedbacks! How would have you done it?

⬇️ thread
#gamedev #3dmodeling #b3d ImageImage
There's no normals nor displacements, just a good seamless texture, UVs and vertex tweaking ✨ ImageImage
First create a fine texture, chose the scale of your details, and iterate on UV layout 🏁

(It's ok for me to spend time painting, but "art is always stealing" or watev🧑‍🎨) Image
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🟣 #CrowdfundMonday: Community #Crowdfunding for Diverse Independent Creatives


SEP 20TH | 10AM PT

Share your campaigns LIVE.
#filmmaker #artist #gamedev #theater #author #BIPOC #LGBTQ #women #disability #inclusion #YHBNEWS #RT…
Promoting #crowdfunding can be difficult. But not when you're part of the interactive community at #CrowdfundMonday! Since 2012, we have shared resources to help each other minimize the costs of marketing our short and long-term campaigns. /1
In the spirit of "Artists Supporting Artists," we encourage our community to amplify #crowdfunding campaigns for creators in emerging entertainment which promote inclusion through:

✅their content, and/or
✅their intentional hiring of cast and crew.

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🪅Too weird to not be believed😵‍💫

@Roblox the Massive Online Gaming Platform Rife W/ Scams & Abuse, & uses children as free labor 🎮😵… #roblox #RTC #gaming @SophNar0747 @Grummz @YellowFlashGuy @TheQuartering @RealClownfishTV @neontaster @InsideRoblox
Thanks go to People Make Games who first did the legwork on this story & it was their report that inspired me to cover this story

Great channel that is very informative & interesting

@chrisbratt @anni_sayers @Quinns108

#gaming #gamers #peoplemakegames
Roblox is Yuge,

Arguably most popular video game on earth,
40 million players login in daily to play 50 million different games (experiences)

The size of 7 Ubisoft's,
Next closet competitor is Nintendo
#gaming #gamer #gamedev #roblox #YouTube #twitch #streamer #robux #kids
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#gamedev I just realized that my #GDC2021 talk has been made free for everyone. You can watch it here:…
In it I talk about all the great ways that you can make your Steam page look better 🧵🧵🧵🧵
1) Do things that make your game "high quality" by having varied screenshots in your first 4.
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A tip for generative artists: look at what game developers are doing.

There is a huge pool of incredible #gamedev talks and videos out there detailing techniques that can help you take your art to the next level. Threading some of my favorites 👇
Squirrel Eiserloh (@SquirrelTweets) has an amazing series called "Math for Game Programmers" that he periodically presents at GDC. "Fast and Funky 1D Nonlinear Transformations" is extremely useful.

Another great one by Squirrel is "Juicing your cameras with math" - I especially like the Voronoi camera idea towards the end.

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#gamedev I posted the recording of my live Q&A from yesterday. You can watch it free as part of my class. Just log in/signup, scroll down to "Bonus" and click the August QAs part 1 and 2. I thought I would share a couple of the best q's here 🧵🧵🧵👇👇
Q: Should I have 1 twitter account for my game and 1 for my studio? A: NO! It is hard to build up a following 10x harder doing it for 2 diff accounts. Building a following is like a snowball that you roll across games. So just make a studio account and theme it to your new game.
Q: My Daily wishlists are stuck at 1-2 / day, help? A: 1) Change tags. 2) Reach out to friends and ask them to link to your game from their steam page. 4) Post more consistently on #screenshotsaturday and other tags associated with your game. 5) Run ads
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Hey #gamedev in just under 1 hour 30 minutes I am doing a LIVE Q&A over on my discord answering your questions about how to market your PC Steam game. I am going to answer viewer questions, review steam pages submitted by viewers. It is going to be very fun (smiling emoji)
If you want to participate head over to my discord.
If you want to submit your steam page to be reviewed by me, fill this out:…
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Ok, time for the big one. What are appropriate rates for #gameaudio/#gamedev composers? How do you calculate what to charge? What is everyone ELSE charging? What do the numbers look like in AAA, midcore, indie, and so on? Let's deep-dive. #GameDevPaidMe

Sources: 1. I'm gonna be referencing stats from the Game Audio Industry survey by @GameSound. This is wonderful, but is biased in that respondents are folks who are well-enmeshed in this community. They are likely more successful than the average.…

I'll also be sourcing convos w/ other studios, composers, etc. To protect privacy, I will not be providing names or identifying details. You'll kinda just need to trust me that these equal real people who replied. I don't want folks to get in trouble!

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Hey #indiedev #gamedev, I turned down a pretty big publishing contract today for about half a million in total investment (I'm a solo dev). They genuinely wanted to work with me, but couldn't see what was exploitative about the terms. I'm not under an NDA, wanna talk about it? 👀
Note that though nothing legally stops me, I'm not going to be naming the publisher - just imagine any indie PC/console publisher. It's the industry that's failing devs, not any one company.
So, everyone knows a business will protect its own interests, that's fine. I wouldn't expect someone to invest 6 figures in me without heavily mitigating risk. But the degree of control extended far past that, with insane breach penalizations for me - and zero for them.
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I’m currently working on a poc for my app.

It uses @BevyEngine, @dimforge’s rapier physics engine both compiled to #WebAssembly and #React for the GUI. I had to do some nasty things to make this work. Read below

#rustlang #gamedev #html5 #blockchain #nft #gaming #playtoearn
So first of all there are basically two approaches how you could implement a GUI for your WASM game. Either write it in the same language as the game itself. This would result in it being rendered via WebGL in the same canvas, or you could somehow try to connect a JavaScript lib
I chose the 2nd approach, because it allows me to develop the GUI much faster. I love Rust, but prototyping and reloading cycles are way faster with JavaScript. Bundling that WASM debug file with @webpack takes a painful amount of time, which brings me to another point.
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Bim bam boom, game over les fachos!

(1er "vrai" travail de commission pour un'e camarade à plumes 😁)


#antifa #gamedev #vintagestyle
Je ne vais pas vous montrer toutes les références plus ou moins évidentes et les jeux de mots de qualité mais sachez que j'ai essayé de faire une machine presque crédible avec les technologies de l'époque. En tout cas elle est cohérente avec son univers.
Les personnes connaisseuses reconnaîtront néanmoins un phonographe Edison en guise d'enceinte sonore et une machine à écrire (qui envoie des bandes de codes) vaguement inspirée par les premiers modèles de la marque Oliver.
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I need to bust another #gamedev myth. Environment artists are NOT inferior to character artists.

There is a strong fork in the road of skill sets between the two built on the same foundations...
Character artists require a set of skills in addition to their 3d and 2d skills that environment artists do not need.

Environment artists require a different mix of additional skill.

Neither make you a better artist- but those additional skills do mark a difference
Character artists need to understand acting, costume, hair, anatomy, gesture, human psychology and understand deformation of meshes.

Environment artists need to understand space, set decoration, lighting, staging, architecture, trees and plants, and modularity techniques.
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