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🚨My game costs 9.99$ and here is why:🚨

After 2 years of developement, I released my first #Indiegame at a price of 9.99$

Many people told me that I should increase the price because the game deserves more.

Here are 3 reasons for the price 🧵
#gamedev #metroidvania #indiedev
Reason 1: The Competition...

One of my main inspirations and favourite metroidvanias is Hollow Knight. Hollow Knight costs around 15$ and when Im honest, my game is by far not that good and polished.
So I knew that my game had to be cheaper.
Reason 2: I know my Audience :)

I posted a lot on Tiktok and I wanted to target younger players. Ofcouse, I really want to earn money to make a living of Indiegames one day, but on the other side I want that everyone can experience Makis Adventure. So I wanted to be under 10$ :)
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I accidently built a PixelArt-Editor into my #Indiegame and drew a Charmander because people in my Stream challenged me to do that...

Just a normal day as a #gamedev ... xD

#pixelart #madewithunity #metroidvania #ドット絵 Image
Since many people asked:

I use @aseprite for my Pixelart Assets and I can not recommend it enough <3
You can find the game here :)…
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Okay so lemme just drop a serious lesson about game design for this whole trending thing.
Why is this the ideal design and can we boil it down further.

Yes, we can. Image
This design is simply a difficulty slider.

That's it.

You have a choice at every single stage to make your life harder or easier by picking a direction.
With dungeon levels, the idea is that the deeper you go, the deadlier it becomes.

As you press on, your opponents get harder and your resources are used up.

Reversing your direction takes you back to a safe space with resources.
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Absolute truth here. One thing I can tell you is never work for or with your heroes.
Never 'for' because it makes you exploitable.
Never 'with' as the real human will spoil any love you had for their work.
The games industry takes the "dream" energy of young employees and milks it. You work long hours, accept unpaid overtime or low wages because you hunger to be part of that dream.

You are easily exploited and discarded once you wake up or are burnt out.
Instead aim for companies and teams that you feel will support and mesh with you, that will care to some degree about you.

This is why I suggest starting with established indy if you can, rather than throwing yourself into the AAA machine.
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🚨 Public Playtest 🚨

Hey, I started to develope my first #Roguelike last month and I need your help!🏹🦅

There will be a first public Playtest on the 25th of June!

Please tag Roguelike players and Retweet! 🙏
#indiegame #gamedev #indiedev
@Papfrich kennst du vielleicht noch Leute die Bock haben könnten das Game zu testen? Je mehr Feedback ich von Spielern bekomme, desto besser ^^
Here is the Steampage ^^ You can wishlist Rogue Jungle there if you want :)…
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#gamedev DM question re this post: basically asking about dynamic cloth.

This quick paint over demonstrates cloth for a static mesh. The original artist simulated the cloth and had to sub divide to get a passable bend...

...once the cloth had settled and baked into the static mesh, thr extra topo does nothing. And of course the edge is jagged.

So this example shows how the orientation of the grain of the mesh helps make nice bends.

The same is true of dynamic mesh!
You still want a well subdivided mesh for dynamic cloth, however you don't have to have the grain in a lateral/longitudinal grid.

You can have it diagonally orientated, or adjust the density and orientation to accommodate certain areas such as where the legs raise on a tunic
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🚨Why my Indiegame failed...🚨

I spent 2 years developing my first #indiegame and 4 months after release It still did not hit my financial goal (Its still a huge success for me personally)

Here is a thread with 3 reasons why: 🧵
#gamedev #indiedev #metroidvania
Reason 1: The Genre

My game is a 2D-Platformer, which is a pretty oversaturated genre on Steam. The competition was HUGE and the chance to have success with a game of that genre is super small!
Reason 2: Time Management

Im a solo dev, so I had to handle everything on my own. I spent way more time developing the game and marketing started way too late. Also the conversion rate was absolutely terrible for me, so thats a thing I need to keep in mind!
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Okay so joints are best thought of as the central pivot of a ball.
Like you get on action figures.

The joint should go in the centre of the mass, NOT where out bones actually are.
To give you an example- poke your finger into your hip joint at the side and move your leg around, find where the joint in a human is.

Okay so what you have no doubt discovered it it is near the outside of our leg, not the middle.

But this is because of how our bones work...
Human bones are curved, so they can absorb shock. You don't want a straight bone as the force will run down the length and shatter it. See how our hip socket is actually deep, comes out then bends down.

BUT 3d bones are a straight line between two pivots. Image
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Here are 20 ways to run a game marketing campaign without a marketing budget 💸

Keep scrolling 🧵👇 Image
Here is the link to the article which makes it easier to read and has more info, but if you want to keep reading on Twitter, you can always keep scrolling… Image
Marketing is often seen as a huge investment that’s out of reach for small #Gamedev, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Even if you have no marketing budget, there are plenty of things you could do to get more eyes on your #IndieGame!

🧵👇 Image
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#gamedev DM question. Image
So lighting comes in two main forms- static lighting and dynamic lighting.

Static lighting is where you precalculate information because it is "static"- i,e, it doesn't move so it doesn't change.

Dynamic lighting is updated on the move.
Static lighting is a hack, and relies on your scene staying still. You can still have dynamic lights in the scene (like your muzzle flash or explosions) but most of the lights and shadows in the world are rendered to textures called light maps.
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I used the new @Photoshop beta generative fill and @Blender to blend together multiple @midjourney generated #AIArtworks to create a 2.5D location for a point and click adventure game. 🧵 #buildinpublic #gamedev
Link to the breakdown and devblog:…

First, I generated a couple of dozen images in Midjourney. From those I chose 2 that I would combine to make the apartment.
3/8 ImageImage
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How to instantly grow the followers for your game's account:

--> Optimize your profile into one that proves your competence.

Read the thread for immediate action steps:
#indiedev #gamedev
- Show your players what they get when following you

- Imagine your profile as a newspaper or media outlet, each post needs to have a purpose towards the bigger goal of your page

- Pick 1 topic you or your game should be known for
- Show tricks & tips for your game

- Start with one platform and master it

- Only add one link, too many options can cause concern and decision paralysis in some people, so they just leave.
(Only add 2 if you want to segment your funnel)
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Seiring berkembangnya dunia teknologi saat ini, sehingga kita tidak perlu bersusah payah untuk mencari uang. Karena sekarang sudah tersedia banyak sekali #gamedev penghasil uang. Yang dimana beberapa dari game tersebut terbukti dapat menghasilkan sejumlah #tuerkeiwahl #Queencard dengan nominal yang lumayan besar.

Jadi, selain mendapat banyak hiburan dan keseruan, dalam bermain game juga kalian berkesempatan untuk mendapatkan sejumlah uang yang bisa langsung ditarik atau withdraw. Entah itu melalui bank virtual, m-banking… ataupun platform lainnya.Sehingga akan memudahkan bagi siapapun yang ingin melakukan pencairan uang dari game tersebut. Lantas, game penghasil uang apa sajakah yang terbukti membayar dan dapat menghasilkan banyak keuntungan tersebut?
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A friend today asked me, "Why not use Kickstarter or start a Patreon or something to fund your game?" That kicked off a conversation: how can you fund a game and why might a #gamedev not do that? A thread.
Making a game is a big risk: I intend to spend at least a thousand hour and maybe two-thousand on my game. I've already spent a bit under $1K on expenses and I value my time. Most games do not make money commensurate with the time spent. So how can you make the risk worth it?
Traditionally, you can find a publisher to fund your game. You send them what you have, ask for XX dollars to fund development for the next 2 years. If they think your game is promising and you can do it, they pay you a stipend contingent on hitting agreed on milestones.
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Let's talk about world building in games and how these very large worlds make it through a lengthy production process in #gamedev 🧵
Most student artists understand the basics of research - blockout - build. Usually not much more depth than that when you're learning. In a long production there's quite a bit more to it than that. So let's discuss collaborative work and stage gates.
Stage gates are relatively simple. You define requirements that a level has to meet to be validated as having met those requirements. Stages might be for example: level of quality 0 to 4. 0 being blockout, 1 prototype, 2 first pass, 3 alpha, 4 final/polish.
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Here's a simple high-converting layout and the content you need to create a Website for your Indie Games:

👉 Eye-catching Hero Banner + CTA
👉 Trailer Section
👉 Features Section
👉 Social Proofs
👉 Gallery
👉 Footer

Let me explain each section in this🧵:

#gamedev #indiegame Image
1. Hero Banner:

They are important in catching user's attention and ideally you would also add any CTA (steam link, Kickstarter link, etc) in your hero banner to funnel traffic and drive sales.
2. Trailer and Features section:

It's important to showcase, create excitement around your game, improve conversion and increase user engagement. It's especially important if your game have unique features.
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Slicing ANY mesh (visual) with 2 lines of HLSL.

if (dot(worldPos - planePos, planeNorm)) > 0.0
discard (the pixel, or clip alpha) ⭕🌠

Mesh back faces can be stencil masked with the plane to 'project' a texture as the clipped surface.

#unitytips #unity3d #gamedev #indiedev
Here's the shader graph version (ASE). ✨
Just one line if you inline the discard/clip. 😁 Image
This part is important for the texture projection (actually stencil masking). ImageImage
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"Are the GIFs for my game any good?..."

Is that you?

Here are 7 Steps to better game GIFs!

#gamedev #indiedev
Making GIFs quick is an integral part of being able to market your game well.

Video content in general helps a lot in selling your idea.

Not every content is equal.
What makes good content great?

1) Pick a goal for your content first
2) Choose the right tool
3) test & track
Unsure how to go about it?

In our Hero Journey we first think of the purpose!
(You can find the link in bio, if you are interested)

Once you know the purpose of your content you can start thinking about the animation to convey the goal.

This is what to look out for:
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Revolutionizing the World: 20 AI & Machine Learning Startups You Need to Know. 🧵...
1/20: In this thread i will try and explore the fascinating world of AI and machine learning startups! Discover some of the most innovative companies pushing the boundaries in this space. #AIStartups #MachineLearning
2/20: First up is @OpenAI, the team behind the groundbreaking GPT series.

With GPT-4, they're developing even more advanced natural language processing capabilities to revolutionize human-computer interactions. #NLP #OpenAI
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One area of #gamedev I like to talk to game artist students about is setting up your creative workspace within your computer.
The workspace I refer to is the virtual creative space you navigate around in every day. It's how you set up your desktop, file structures, tools and engine so that you get into a state of effortless and empowered creation.
If you think of a real craft space such as a wood working studio, how your tools, materials, machines, lights and benches are laid out makes a massive difference to your work.

If you have to get a stepladder out to get those wood stains from the top shelf, you are less likely...
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Hey team! @leighalexander @ashleyriott @AnyaynA and I are giving a talk at @RebootDevelop discussing women's safety in the industry + during events.

We have a survey we're asking industry women to fill out in order to gather insights & better representation

RTs appreciated!
@leighalexander @ashleyriott @AnyaynA @RebootDevelop The survey takes 15-20 minutes to fill out and asks questions about women's experiences at industry events as well as online and at work, and asks about measures you take to keep safe.

Some questions may be confronting or triggering -- of course feel free to skip them.

@leighalexander @ashleyriott @AnyaynA @RebootDevelop The talk is called "WTF, It's 2023: Conversations we (still) need to have about being a woman in the games industry".

Your insights and experiences will be used to inform actionable strategies industry leaders and event planners can use going forward.

Appreciate your time <3
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This is in french, it is me and this is about the future of my both accounts.
#gamedevs #gamedeveloper #indiegamedeveloper #indiegames.

tweet 1/?
First and foremost, while having a decent reach on this account, i barely use it.

I actually feel more at ease to casually communicate #gamedev stuff on my personnal @dragutux account, but not with the same reach.

tweet 2/?
The main problem, which i could bear with is that this personal account was intended for micro blogging, having fun while still be decent.
The problem is twitter changes, drastically. It basically ruined my timeline with the new content i seen being trash at best.

tweet 3/?
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I remember reading about determinants in high school. The name was scary and not much context was given. 😦

For a long time, a determinant was just a value I had to blindly compute using a formula.

Here's what I would like to know about determinants when I first started... 🧵…
The word "determinant" appears when we are learning about matrices.

And since we want to build some *intuition*, let's look at a simple 2x2 matrix first.

We learn that the determinant of a 2x2 matrix is:

| a b |
| c d | = a*d - b*c

But where does that come from? Determinant of a 2x2 matrix
Alright, let's go back in time!

Seki Kōwa was a Japanese mathematician from the Edo period. He had Samurai origins but was adopted into the noble Seki family, subject of the shōgun.

As a kid, he had great potential with numbers. He was often called "Japan's Newton". Seki Kōwa Japanese mathemat...
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Time for another Big Thread of #GameDev Threads!

A mountain of knowledge awaits you. ⛰🎮🛠

RT to boost these awesome devs:
Let's start with something that's hitting lots of new game devs right away:

"The actual reality of indie development"

Here's a thorough analysis of the numbers behind an "unsuccessful" indie game:

I use the word "earn" when talking about this.

Like maybe your game has to be fun enough to "earn" all the work behind a complex settings menu, etc.

But don't listen to me, listen to the director of the amazing @SlimeRancher series:

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