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Another week, another #screenshotsunday (I forgot to post this last night for #screenshotsaturday 😅).
This time I've refactored some of the code and I added a few new things: health popups, crates and warps!
#gamedev #indie #lowpoly #tetris #roguelike
health popups will display your health (and the enemy's too) when in combat or when picking up a potion. The same popup will also, well, pop up when you collect items, money or experience points!
Crates serve as static obstacles that the knight can destroy to make way. In the future, these crates will have a chance of containing items to collect.
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Hello friends! I wrote for Polygon again - this time about how game designers actually think about “difficulty”, which is to say we don’t think about it in this term at all!
Partial credit to @Winter_mute__ who had the design session with me that spawned this piece! #gamedev
Incidentally: I’m taking ideas and requests for game design topics you’d love to see me write about in an easily digestible format for Polygon, so feel free to hit me up with suggestions!
I should add... I expected the argument of "Devs should make the game they want to make" to come out of the woodwork and I always find it to be a little odd. I mean... we are?

Customizable difficulty/accessibility settings do not compromise my vision.
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Here we go:
The cheap water caustics breakdown in @UnrealEngine!
49 instructions and 1 texture sample
Works with dynamic lighting and has RGB split
Details below🔽 :)
#UE4Study #gamedev #indiedev #shaders
The key here is the clever usage of WPbehindTranslucency.
This allows us to project the caustics below the water plane in world space. Attach this at the end of your water shader, adding to the Base Color.
There is no procedural stuff here, the material function is an extension to the Motion_4waychaos found in the engine.
The panning is equal in all 4 axes, as it is addictive.
You can add a general direction to the pan by blending it with SoftLight, and then rotate the panners
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1. Want to stay in business as a small indie? Here’s our “15 years and counting” Top Tips thread. #gamedev
2. The day you sign a game, work up your next two ideas on paper. Spend no more than a week on each. Shop them around immediately to gauge interest. If you get traction, make a prototype long before you’re at Alpha on your current game.
3. Your goal should be to sign the next game before you finish the current one. Never rely on game sales. Ever. If sales revenue shows up, bonus. Welcome to the 1%. Put it in the bank for a shitty day, because it’s out there circling you like a comet.
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Finally added alpha dithering to our particle shaders! @Skepsisology has been requesting this for ages.
We use it for 2 things: fading out smoke that's too close to the camera, and fading out smoke over lifetime.
Here's how we did it (THREAD):
#gamedev #unitytips #madewithunity
Btw here's the YouTube version that doesn't suffer from Twitter's video compression so you can see the effect clearly (2/9)
Firstly, fading out particles close to the camera. In the vert function we get the distance between the world space vertex and the camera position, and normalize that with our desired dithering distance (3/9)
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Thread 1/?

#Texture #gameart breakdown of #BreathoftheWild
Some cool things like why their normal maps look weird

These are the source files ripped from the WiiU version (I dont condone such actions) but it is cool to see behind the scenes ;)

#gamedev #polycount #unity #ue4

So why do the normals look weird? Normals look green because they removed all normal info from the blue channel and instead store their glossiness map there. So normal maps need just R & G channels? No.

(second pic is smoothness stored in B channel of normal)
So this trick is not really new, examples can be found in valve games and things like quake. So it is possible to calculate the blue channel of a normal map when you only have R & G. So there are many games that calculate B in the shader.
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There are lots of unknowns to being a creative. What do I charge? How to find good clients? And the key is usually getting help from someone. But even once you have the info you need, there’s still a barrier to success. You have to believe that you deserve it #gameaudio #gamedev
A lot of people message me to ask about rates. “Hi, here’s what I do, here’s what I’m charging now! Is it ok?”
Often my answer is, no, you should be asking for many times what you are now. But a lot of the time, the person isn’t just shocked, they’re let down. “Oh, I could never make that much” is a response I hear a lot.
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1) I'm just helping an indie #gamedev plan out their arts budget so they can get everything done.

Here are some tips (I have 20 years experience btw)
2) using your design doc as the basis start by making an asset list spreadsheet.

This can be vague, such as "street level art" to begin with, but sorry, we are gonna break it down.
3) the more you can isolate the art you need into specific definable, catalogued items, the better your budget will be.

Your goal is no surprises, and knowing where your money needs to go.
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1/ Hey #gamedev friends, time for a #UE4 tweetorial.

Let's beef up our attacks! Time to make some HIT SHAKE.
2/ In #gamedev there are a handful of techniques we can use in order to heighten impacts.

We are probably familiar with screen shake, hit lag, and hit flash. But more rarely employed is hit shake.

So what is hit shake?
3/ Hit shake is where we take an actor being hit and rattle it back and forth at a high frequency.

Commonly employed in games of the 80's and 90's, it seems we don't have too many examples of this lately.

(I am sure you will let me know of those I have overlooked!)
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As promised, here follows a simple breakdown of the room generator in the found in the below tweet. Share the love, create something cool and have fun while doing it! :)

#madewithunreal #procedural #gamedev #leveldesign @UnrealEngine


What your spawnable BP-rooms need:
1. Room entry point at Root pivot, facing X-axis
2. A Location actor (BP_RoomLocator, see next slide).
3. A Collision component tagged "Collision"

Have another BP-actor for the world transform data. I've named mine BP_RoomLocator - you can use whatever you like but just check that you are using the correct classes when going through the actual script.
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I think the most challenging part of working on a long-term #gamedev project, for me at least, is not burning all your willpower on all the more mundane tasks. [1]
If I was on the outside looking in, I would have guessed it was the really big, difficult stuff- designing core gameplay mechanics, coming up with new and fresh enemy ideas, and building all the content itself. [2]
Having worked on the current project for years now, those "big" items don't feel so hard though. They ARE hard- they require a lot of your focus, willpower, and energy. But they are also super fun and more satisfying, so I think that makes them feel less like work. [3]
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🍊~We have an official date set for our @Kickstarter launch!~🍊

Please help retweet this so our community can grow more leading up to our campaign. We want to be in the best position possible to make this a success and deliver on our vision!

#gamedev #indiedev #nesdev #pixelart
We'll be announcing the date any day now so stay tuned!
Since this is blowing up a little (THANK YOU!!) can we also ask y'all to join our newsletter? We've given out exclusive little goodies and dev notes to the mailing list every month for over 6 months now! :) The next one is coming the day our KS starts.
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I spend a lot of time yelling about how #gameaudio freelancers need to charge what you're worth (and for many I've talked to, this is as high as 10x what you charge now). But if you really want the gig and the client doesn't have the $$$, there are ways to compensate! #gamedev
All of what follows falls under the idea that "it's ok to work for free, but don't work for nothing." Money is ideal, but no matter what, you should be making sure you get some kind of fair value for your time and skill. Here are some options.
1. Revenue share: This should probably never be your first choice, but if they can't pay, or can't pay much, asking for a few percentage points off of the net revenue the game takes in is always a good idea. Keep in mind, this is likely to amount in Not Very Much Money.
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Hey #indiedevhour! We wanted to do a little series on assembling characters in Shores Unknown. This week we'll talk about general setup and character material. With screens & gifs!
But first, here's a gif of Birgit, because she's cool and owns an inn.
#gamedev #indiedev #lowpoly
Among the goals we had early on, one was to have as few repeatable, reused characters as possible in the game.

Pictured: one of the two debug "preview" levels where we test our freshly assembled dudes and dudettes.
Inside the project in #ue4 we use a data table we call CharacterStatics which is used to store every unique character look. Right now, about half-way into completing the main story content of the game, we're sitting at 223 entries in this table.
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I've been asked about how some of the effects in A Short Hike were achieved, and I thought I'd share some resources in this thread! It is #unitytips day after all :)
Firstly, I wouldn't have been able to make the terrain without triplanar mapping. It uses the normal of the terrain to decide which texture gets shown. Super useful for automatically texturing these cliffs! Here's an example of how to implement it:…
I modified the terrain shader to only show the splatmap channel with the highest value. That lets me get super sharp edges with the normal unity terrain tools. #gamedev #unity3d
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A thread on #cpp #state_machine #software_design.

Random ideas around writing an FSM library, with examples from, and motivations behind, a header-only library created using #cpp template #metaprogramming with #gamedev, #embedded and #robotics in mind.
*Reuse vs reimplement*

State machines can be deceptively complex, and, unless a trivial one is needed, a reusable framework is highly recommended.

Rolling out one's own for special needs is ok.

Otherwise - pick from a variety of existing solutions from #boost, on #github, etc.
*Static vs dynamic structure*

The first important decision is whether the structure of FSM could be built/changed at runtime.

The implementation of a dynamic FSM relies on heap-allocated memory, resizable containers and pointers, all of which come at a steep perf price.
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Happy Monday everyone! So, I'm going to start this week by asking everyone to take a new week's resolution.

STOP using the description 'Walking Simulator'. From today.
USE 'Narrative Exploration game' instead.

Seriously. 'Walking Sim' is a 'gamer' term design to exclude.
'Walking Simulator' = something dull. It's a title that ignores the narrative, which pushes games to be the same as each other.

If you value narrative in games, let's consign this name to the past where it belongs.

'Narrative Exploration' celebrates what these games do.
Games must be open to all forms and all players. Storytellers should stop using the terms we are given and find ones that tell our story.

So, no more 'Walking sims', only 'Narrative Exploration games'.

Please RT #gamewriting #gamedev #gamedevelopment
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Shaders requires an understanding of light and other basic principles that rules our perception. ⁦@pixelspiritdeck⁩ can be your guide on that path
00 VOID: The empty canvas. Full potential. The absence of light before creation. In this empty space the main() function lies alone.
01 JUSTICE: with the severity of a sword this card cuts the space judging. The step() function turns the gradient of the horizontal axis into oposites. The first argument, the threshold, divides between full & empty, active vs passive. Like Procrustes this card force his own rule
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This is the new Cat Slime Does a Dungeon dev thread. Cat Slime is a tamagotchi/dungeon diving game made in #pico8.

To support cat slime and find out more see You can also follow cat slime at @HappyCatSlime

Previous dev thread:
Haven't gotten a lot done lately, but I did just get the room template data I need to procgen levels loaded into the game so I can start on that soon.
Going with a tile based generation method for level generation. Haven't randomized the connections yet, so everything connects to all neighbors right now, but it's looking pretty decent. #gamedev #pico8 #catslime #procgen
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Time for some #indiedev marketing tips! I wrote about How to write a Press Release for #indiegame's BUT when do you write it and what do you do with it?
#gamedev #indiedev
WHEN: Write a press release anytime you have some Notable News, like: announcing your project, release date, storepage, launching your game, but also website, devlog, key feature. If the news feels big enough for you, then write a press release.
#gamedev #indiedev #marketing
Company news are also great for Press Releases, such as: you got a publisher, investor, exciting new team member. For smaller news, feel free to use your blog, web, twitter, reddit, discord etc.
#gamedev #indiedev #marketing
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When #DaggerfallUnity reaches feature parity with classic #Daggerfall later this year, it will be a huge personal milestone. Not everyone knows this, but I've been building Daggerfall tools and pulling apart the game's assets since around 2001. Crazy right? /1
Some of you might remember me from the old (and I mean OLD) Bethesda forums as Interkarma, and some of you may not have even been born back then. If you're interested in the journey leading to Daggerfall Unity, here's a short version of how things went from then to now. /2
I was fascinated by #gamedev in my teens and tried to learn everything I could by picking apart their data formats (this is pre-www and gamedev information was harder to find back then). I was still hacking file formats when Daggerfall came out in 1996. /3
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We need to talk about applying for game dev jobs - I get a lot of CV and emails though about work and I am seeing the same mistakes again and again. Here are my super top 10 tips on what to do and what not to do when applying for jobs, especially entry level – #gamedev #gamejobs
1 – Introduce your self! - When you send an initial email, tell me who you are! What’s your name where do you come from WHATS YOUR SPECIALITY. I get many emails just asking if there are any ‘jobs’ going. If we are not advertising please tell me what you do!
2 – Put your best foot forward - “I am a writer/concept artist/animator” Are you really? Please think long and hard about this one. Chances are you excel in one area. I have yet to meet anyone who excels at more than one discipline that hasn't got 10/20+ years experience
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Hey #gamedev - let's play a game, shall we? If you work in any role in games, especially any special skills role, reply to this tweet by posting a bunch of questions you usually try to answer throughout your day and projects.
I'm a game designer, so I'll start:
What do players do second-to-second, minute-to-minute and hour-to-hour?
How will they control the game?
What is the overall theme of the game?
How do systems and dynamics plug into one another?
What synergy do my systems exhibit?
Can players jump, swim, fly, make choices?
Are there doors in the game? Can the player open them and if so, how?
What tools do I need to plug systems into one another?
How do I surface choices to players?
How do I support players in going down the path I've planned for them?
What's makes my world believable?
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With FutureGrind coming out tomorrow, I thought it might be fun to dig through some old artwork and WIP stuff from development and share it. So, here's a #gamedev thread about FutureGrind...
Very early on, the plan for the game was for it to be a 2D game. I did some early concept art that experimented with different art styles. We tried a vector art style, but decided we liked a pixel art style better. I still actually really like that pixel art mockup. 🙂 FutureGrind concept art, vector styleFutureGrind concept art, pixel art style
We even experimented with normal-mapped/lit pixel art. I built some custom 2D normal mapping tools for it. Lit pixel art experiment2D pixel art normal map
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