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25 Oct
Uh, hello? Medusa? I am sorry to bother you if you are in here. My name is Perseus and I wonder if you would be so kind to help me? I heard about the horrible thing Athena did to you, so I have this realy nice mask you may like to wear while we eat this picnic I bought.
I don't want to trouble you, but the whole turning to stone power? Well that would be amazing help to bring down this horrible dictator. It would really help the people, and I am sure we arrange a lovely share of the rewards if you like.

I brought wine and spanakopita and mice
I will put in a great word with Zeus if you help, and, who knows? Maybe he might get Athena to turn you back?

Just a thought.
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24 Oct
Millicent Patrick. (Fun fact: Later men would also become creature designers. Some even got nearly as good as her.)
Liz Moore. A sculptor whose work you know by heart.
Janet Stevens, her sculpting work is often attributed to Ray Harryhausen. Here is her medusa.
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24 Oct
Nice sourdough starter. Raise you... Home made salted caramels. #foodporn
Help, my girlfriend is an awesome cook.

Also help, she is American and I am English and therefore she says 'caramel' weird.
Halloween for when you can't go trick or treating.
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24 Oct
That feeling when you find out that someone you have been pining for is now dating someone who is not you.

Me: woo hoo! You go girl!

That feeling when you find out that the person they are dating is someone you also have a massive crush on.

Me: woo hoo, best of luck to you too
One of the plus sides of not being a jealous person is that you get to enjoy other people's joy without having to insert yourself into the equation.
I am still surprised these people know each other let alone are dating, so there is joy in that too.
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24 Oct
Racists have ya... yunno... ever tried not being racist? It opens up literally a whole world of experiences and friendships you would otherwise miss out on.
When you have grown up in a culture that constantly bombards you with racism, choosing to challenge that in yourself is a powerful act of self definition. You have to become much more self aware, willing to apologise, recognise fault in yourself and change.
Racism is *everywhere* from video game selection menus to casual slang terms, from childrens rhymes and old sayings. Every TV show, advert, book, game you play has racism woven in to some degree. A thousand small cuts a day.
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23 Oct
Queer fanfic bingo:

□ Immediately, missing the warmth.

□ Closed the distance between them.

□ Only one bed?

□ But I hate them. Don't I?

□ ____'s breathing evened out.

□ woke with a warm, heavy sensation.

□ we shouldn't.

□ you all placed bets?!

□'loose' when you meant 'lose'

□ hahaha I am terrible at writing summaries.

□ this one is for (something like FukFingers86) for her (pun) challenge.
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23 Oct
If Covid 19 has shown us anything, it is how absolutely fucking mindblowingly dumb some people are. Like, I was gonna give humanity the benefit of the doubt, but holy fuck there are some absolute spanners in our cogs.
Right now there are protesters fighting police in Melbourne.

Over lockdowns.

Two days before they are set to ease.
I will never, ever make the mistake again of assuming a person has enough intelligence not to require a "Caution: contents may be hot" label on a cup of coffee.
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23 Oct
Me watching students taking months to develop absolutely amazing portfolio character pieces, knowing that my folio is just stuff that took times clients are willing to pay for.
"Wow, this kid is really good"

"Yeah, you should see what I can manage when you actually give me six weeks to do something."
That's cool kid, but what can you do in three days with a producer breathing down your neck on substandard machines and a ten year old license of Maya because your department is under funded?
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22 Oct
If you project ahead AI based effects such as Deepfake, you will at some stage be able to have your computer recast films, not just face but voice and mannerisms.

I, for one, will be watching Jeff Goldblum as everyone in The Sound Of Music.
Starwars: A New Hope with the cast of Carry On.
Splash: starring Chris Hemsworth as the mermaid.
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21 Oct
#oldhammer folks... recognise this? It's the banner part from that insane citadel giant from the first Gamesday featured in All This And Azathoth Too.
It's going straight to my pool room.
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21 Oct
Hey Skydaddy, I noticed you created me... what's the deal with that?

-I want you to worship me.

-you got some spinny eyeball angels around your throne doing that. Why me?

-I want you to do it of your own free will.

-Seems fair.

-or I will burn you for all eternity.

-okay but if I worship you not of my free will I don't get punished, right?

-oh no, I will know.


-I know everything.

-but free will requires...

-see? I knew you were going to say that.

-...freedom of...

-I like face lice. Don't you? I think everyone should have them.
-So I have to worship you nd want to worship you, right?

-yes. Oh and be good.

-just to clarify, by being good you mean...

-following my rules.

-which are?

-hahaha You're gonna love this bit. I put them into a book.

-oh handy.

-but they like, totally conflict and stuff.
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17 Oct
My last text was from mars, women are from venus
My last call was from cthulhu
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17 Oct
Twitter glitched and locked replies. You can reply to this. I will talk about how it played in this thread...
So the party was an old B2 battledroid bodyguard, a scruffy ace drunk pilot, a traumatised biotech expert and a noble merchant son who is a crack shot. A rounded party with a tank, a shooter, a meh fighter and a healer who wasn't shooty at all.
And it played extremely well in the spirit of Star Wars. First fight was a shootout at a space docks between a Twliek Xi'an (from Mandalorian) and her Gran sidekick.

Lots of shooting and missing, four glancing hits that just stunned, a solid wound that dropped Xi'an...
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17 Oct
Me on my usual #ttrpg ranty bullshit- please mute this thread as usual.

How my D6 starwars homebrew mod is going.
So, funny thing, WEG pretty much slipped a fast one on us with all the rulebooks because if you scan down the cheat sheets available online pretty much everything is 3 dice or 3dice+1. Blast pistol vs an eweb blaster? Honestly it makes fuck all difference for most encounters.
So for me starwars is way more swinging... it is high drama with epic highs and comic lows.
The d6 die system means you get bell curves happening, averaging out die rolls. That doesn't feel right to me.

So I decided to mix things up a bit and go to the queen of swing- d20
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17 Oct
Game Pitch Spider-Bite.

Spiderman gameplay but you play the Spiderperson of an AU in the spider verse. You get to customise your character, play them from bite through making their (custom) costumes to fighting randomly customised enemies... your worlds version of Doc Oc might be Asian American, have a purple suit, and want riches or fame.

Your spiderverse. Your story.
As you play you get new tech and costume options from allies you make or enemies you defeat, from labs you explore and computers you hack.
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16 Oct
Okay some writer type thoughts on finally watching Solo.
So, the basic premise is my first tinker. Because, fundamentally the movie is a "hey, you know that thing about Han Solo... what if we showed you him getting them"?

Uhg. This is pretty much redundant except for the dice, which have an emotional moment.
The important thing with a Solo prequel is not to give us an origin of everything, but to take us to the EMOTIONAL space in new hope.

You have to deliver him to the point where his character arc makes sense.
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14 Jul
I said it before and I will say it again. Put all the cast of The Good Place in Star Trek uniforms and give them another show together.
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11 Jul
Okay straight dudes, lets talk about the confusion you may feel being attracted to a transgender woman from a purely scientific point of view.

Your confusion will be lessoned somewhat by this.
Okay, so when we hit puberty, our bodies start amping up the hormones in our bodies.

This means our cells start working using a slightly different sequence of instructions, and the tissue formed from these cells develops differently.
As a result, we start to develop secondary sex characteristics. There are quite a few... butt, boobs, cheeks, body hair, skin changes... and that is when we start to be noticed by people
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11 Jul
Quick #gamedev tip on getting the perfect ass in a video game follows...
Ass is tricky to do because you have four things playing against your ultimate juicy bun fest
Your loving handful requires mesh volume, normal map, lighting and camera distortion working for you.
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11 Jun
Just got a question asking about how hormones work regarding the sex of cells. So I will just do a quick simplified explanation.
Okay, so cells in humans do not actually know their own sex. It isn't hard coded in, and the cell carries the instructions to make both expressions where there is any variation at all.
The cell doesn't know which way we are going to go. It just is, and can go either way. The deciding factor is when a hormone comes along and binds to the receptor the cell has for it.
Think of it as a lock and key, or perhaps a post box with a specific address on it.
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17 Feb
#gamedev thread: ART PIPELINES

I can't stress how important it is to think about your art pipeline. It should work like a conveyor belt from idea to asset as smoothly as possible.
Setting up your pipeline to be as painless and simple as possible can make a huge difference to the project.

Artists, riggers, animators etc should be thinking about the work, not hung up on process.
What scale? What format? What export settings? What naming? What shaders do I use? What does each asset need? Where do I put this? How do I get it in the game?

All this is pipeline.
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