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Welcome to court 38 of the Royal Courts of Justice for Day 6 of the Johnny Depp v NGN libel trial at the UK. He is suing the publisher of the The Sun newspaper for libel after it claimed he was a “wife-beater”
I had to come back. A combination of mordant curiousity and a sense of responsibility to a large number of people who reallly, really seem to like the live tweets. And of course, the people who have put money in the tip jar. Thank you all. One day at a time…
Today we’ll hear from Malcolm Connolly in London and Tara Roberts in the Bahamas. In the afternoon we’ve got Samantha McMillan and Hilda Vargas.
1) Malcolm Connolly - part of Depp’s security in Australia (in person)
2) Tara Roberts - manager of Depp’s private island resort in the Bahamas (in the Bahamas)
3) Samantha McMillen/McMillan - Amber Heard’s one-time sylist (via videolink)
4) Hilda Vargas - the cleaner who found the poo in the bed in AH’s apartment (in LA)
Ms Vargas will need a translator, which given what I’ve told you about the quality of the sound and vision reaching us in court 38 (and the speed at which Sasha Wass QC cross-examines) could mean for a teeth-pulling final session today.
The action is happening in court 13 - the principal court for the purposes of this trial.
Proceedings are due to start today at 10am BST. I will be live-tweeting throughout the day.
Just a reminder that I cannot record video, audio or take any pictures whilst anywhere in the court or court precincts. It it is a criminal offence.
With regard to the live-tweeting I have a legal and professional responsibility to be “contemporaneous, accurate and fair”. I can’t speculate or answer any questions as to how I think it might be going for either party.
Also - what I am writing is a summary of what is being said in court. I am paraphrasing the exchanges in order to keep up with people as they talk. Nothing is a direct quote unless it is in “direct quotes”.
For direct quotes you will need to read the transcripts which I hope to be able to post each evening after proceedings have finished. You can read the first five days here:
I am reporting this trial on a day-by-day basis depending on my other commitments and the general affordability of doing so.
My work is entirely crowdfunded and there is a tip jar pinned to the top of my twitter feed (I also have a link - Thanks to everyone who has made a contribution already. You’ve got us this far!
There are only 10 journalists with me in court today, including @SianHarrisonpa and @SamioTobin who work this patch full time. I saw them at 8pm last night just as we’d both finished tidying everything up at our respective ends. These are long days.
@sianharrisonPA @samiotobin And it’s only Tuesday. Still, there is lunch to look forward to. Thanks for the chocolate bar suggestions, but I already have one in mind.
We’ve just started. Malcolm Connolly is in the witness box. The court service have not pointed the camera at him so we can’t see him.
Fixed! They are now pointing the camera at him. He is a wearign a grey suit, white shirt and dark tie with white (?) spots. He has a bald head and is waering glasses. He looks a lot like a man who can handle himself.
There is legal argument going on about a submission to the court.
David Sherborne (for Johnny Depp) arguing with Sasha Wass QC.

The shorthand is as follows:
QC - Sasha Wass QC
MC - Malcolm Connolly
DS - David Sherborne
Judge - Mr Justice Nicol

After this argument Sasha Wass QC (who represents NGN) will cross examine MC (who has now taken his specs off).
We have MC’s witness statement. Whilst we’re waiting for his cross-examination (xe) I’ll try to copy and paste a bit.

He lives in Essex, England, btw.
1. I work in personal security and have done so for the past 23 years. I have worked for the Claimant, Johnny, and his family for the past 16 years.
5. I was working for Johnny in Australia in March 2015 at the time ofthis incident, and I can say that Amber's account of when we had to take him to hospital to treat his finger injury on 8 March 2015 bears no resemblance to my recollection.
6. At the time I was staying in an apartment block called Peppers in Broad Beach. Most of the crew and security were all stationed there.
7. I remember at some point in the middle of the afternoon on 8 March 2015 getting an urgent call from Jerry Judge, who is no longer with us but who used to be in charge of Johnny's security. ...
… Jerry had been doing something else that day so he wasn't around. He told me to get out to the property urgently, with Andrew, the driver. His words were along the lines of "Malcom, get in the car, extract the Boss from the situation."
9. I got to the door at around 1.30/2pm and knocked but there was no answer. I could hear the ruckus inside. I opened the door, which wasn't locked, and saw Johnny in the foyer area of the house….
…. He and Amber were screaming at each other. She was wearing a sort of green silk night thing, you might call it a slip.
[Suspect fashion is not MC’s strong point]
10. I shouted at Johnny words to the effect of "Come with me, you are coming with me". I then took his arm trying to move him out, but he broke away. ...
… I said again words to the effect of "Johnny, come with me." It wasn't easy but I did get him outside.
[Okay DS is examining MC after the legal argument about the “Hicksville” trip]
MC I heard the following morning there was a light broken
DS was it ever suggested to you that the whole cabin was smashed up and trashed?
[we move to the orient express train journey]
DS did JD take oevr the whole train
MC no not at all
DS it’s been suggested JD punched and attacked her and made her fear for her life - would you have not noticed any injuries
MC no not at all
DS did you treat AH differently because you worked for JD?
MC no not at all...
… I treated her the same as JD
[QC on her feet]
QC AH and JD separated in 2016 and your view was that you didn’t want to take sides
MC I agree
[MC has a strong Scots accent]
[QC is taking him to a file]
QC look at the box 4 down there is a text sent from you to AH in June 2016 “Hey hi Amber - I will log this number now. I am so glad not to have been dragged into this.. i have the utmost respect for you both… and you’ve never been anything but respectful and professional...
… in my company.” he goes on to say he loves and respects JD and he’s devastated it had come to this and that JD is "still trying to protect you”
QC you say she has always been respectful and professional - but you say JD is your boss and friend
MC yes
QC so you were torn...
MC yes
QC that’ schanged now, hasn’t it?
MC no
QC you’ve made a witness statement and this is the first time a statement has been submitted to the court which are new recollections which the court has heard for the very first time
MC I don’t understand
QC so you’ve just been re-examined about events in 2013 and 2015
MC I was never asked before
QC but you can recollect it clearly - is that your evidence
MC no
MC I never actually saw any damage in the trailer
QC did you go inside the trailer
MC only to check it beforehand
QC okay I think we can move on
Judge and so you saw no damage
MC yes sir
QC your statement dated 5 years after the event in 2020 deals with your recollection of...
… the trip to Australia. You got a call from Jerry Judge - your boss - and it said we’ve got to get to JD’s house urgently
MC yes
QC do you remember sending thos etexts saying you were 30 mins, 20 mins, 10 mins away?
MC.I don’t recall but it would be standard operating procedure
QC it was 30 mins away
MC yes
QC and there was an argument going on when you arrived?
MC yes
QC could you hear what wJD was saying?
MC no
QC why not
MC I was outside
QC and when you got inside what state was he in
MC distraught
QC was he coherent?
MC yes
QC completely coherent?
MC yes but in shock because of what happened to his finger
QC was he drunk?
MC I don’t think so
QC I think we have established he was - would you say he was on drugs
MC I don’t know
QC have you ever seen him take drugs?
MC no I’m not party to that
QC was Dr Kipper there
MC no - JD was in the house and we extricated him from the house
QC your statement says you didn’t get JD out of the house easily, but you did - and JD said to you look at my finger - she’s smashed my fucking finger with a vodka bottle and he told you...
… she’d put out a cigarett on his face. That is not true.
[MC shakes his head]
QC JD has come up with a variety of explanations for smashing his finger. On the way to the hospital you discussed coming up with an alternative explanation such as slicing...
… his finger whilst cutting onions.
MC only to protect Amber and Mr Depp
Judge hang on you’re being asked to confirm that other explanations were being discussed
MC we were - I came up with the smashing in the bifold/accordian doors
QC oh that was your lie was it?
MC yes
QC and that could have happened
MC no because there was a safety device in the doors
[we go to a new file]
[it is a very long text from JD to Dr K saying that he was fucked, had another one, she’s as full of shit as an xmas goose… malicious evil and vindictive cunt…]
[This is the one "I'm done, no more. The constant insults, the demeaning, belittling, most heartbreaking spew that is only released from a malicious, evil and vindictive cunt...
… You know what, far more hurtful than her venomous and degrading endless
educational ranting is her hideously and purposely hurtful tirades and her god damn ...
… shocking treatment of the man she was meant to love above all. Here's the real deal mate, herobsession with herself, it's far more important, she is so fucking ambitious she's is so desperate for success and fame, ...
… that's probably why I was acquired, mate. Although she has hammered me with what a sad old man has been I am, Cowan has done me the most cruel favours, so I am very sad."
QC asks if it looks like from that text that JD cut his own finger off
MC yes
QC was he demanding drugs when he got there
MC not from me
QC then asks him about the “whitey stuff” and “e business” text JD sent.
QC what’s whitey stuff
MC probably cocaine
QC and e business?
MC probably ecstasy
[they talk about the damage to the house]
QC you say AH was uninjured
MC I was sat outside trying to get JD in the car AH came to the door - she was screaming and shouting
QC I think here arms were bare did you see any scratches
MC no
QC sure?
MC yes
QC did you notice a bruise on her face
MC no
QC and you would see a bruise on her face
MC yes
[we are going back to the transcripts of the recording made in the house]
[this is the Australia incident if you’ve lost me]
[we are going to listen to the recording of a small section]
[it is completely indistinct to us in the reporters court]
Judge can we turn the volume up a little bit please?
[still completely indistinct]
[JD is talking about being “sick” and there is a lot of shouting.]
QC do you recognise thaht as JD’s voice?
MC yes
QC was that the condition he was in when you met him at the house
MC yes
QC this is a five hour recording which picked up conversations between JD and Dr K and JJ...
QC who was at the house - JJ? Dr K?
MC not JJ
QC and Dr K
MC no not when I arrived
QC do you think you might have got this wrong, 5 years on?
MC no.
QC now can you see “JJ” in the transcript - this is a transcript approved by JD’s legal team and it attributes what is being said to Jerry Judge - do you want to consider your evidence?
MC JJ was at the house NOT at the incident. He arrived after I extracted JD from it
Judge so..
… JJ arrived after you had left with JD?
MC yes
QC okay well this is JJ in the transcript suggesting that he has seen scratches on AH’s arm and he is suggesting they are self-inflicted. How could you have missed this?
MC they weren’t there - JJ had four hours with Amber after I
… left and I only saw AH from a distance
QC so you are suggesting those scratches appeared after you left whilst she was with JJ
Judge. well his last remark was from a distance
QC are you saying those scratches appeared after you left or you might have missed them
MC when...
… I saw her they weren’t there.
QC so did you miss them?
MC no
QC and JJ says to you that you [ie you as a security team] need to get JD “help"
MC yes
Judge - did that relfect your view?
MC yes sir
[we go to later on in the transcript]
QC JJ is saying that JD cut the top of his finger off on a broken bottle and we’ve found the piece and we’ve got to put it on ice
MC i have no recollection of this
QC your account is that JD told you AH had done it
MC that’s correct
QC so having started from a position where you did not want to become embroiled in a tempestuous relationship you have now either been pressured to or decided to come out in support of your boss against this newspaper
MC my account is true.
[QC asks to take instruction. Judge agrees and takes a 10 minute break]
[we’re back]
[incidentally the ushers have shown me how to operate the aircon antarctic/saharan control and permission to use it. we’re currently slowly warming up past “tolerably stuffy”]
QC here in the transcript - this is JJ suggested that AH slapped JD and she has a bruise...
QC did you see the bruise that JJ saw?
MC no I did not see a bruise
[we go to a new file]
[it is a photocopy of a diary entry]
QC is this a diary entry
MC I don’t know
QC does it say Smithsons at the bottom
MC yes
QC does it have July 27th Singapore at the top?
MC yes
QC the trip to SE Asia was in 2015 do you agree?
MC yes
[the orient express honeymoon]
QC this is AH’s diary - “arrived in Singapore” - “after 3 hours of sleep and the terrible fight... we are both walking zombies today"
QC see that?
MC yes
QC and a sentence over the pages that says “A night that ended at 3.30 and was brutally interrupted by the train’s imminent arrival to the Singapore station…" after 3 hours of sleep it felt like the two of us smashed together in desperate childlike...
… anger. Our fight was terrible. JD at one point had his shirt around my neck… he hit me several times… I don’t know how I ended up with this rather annoying knot on the back of my head… where are my lines… do I have any left?”
QC did you hear this fight?
MC I did not
QC were you on the same carriage?
MC same carriage - two cabins down
QC if this fight had happened, would you have known about it?
MC I would never have known about it
[no further questions]
DS [for JD] on his feet
DS in Hicksville you said you didn’t see any damage]
MC correct
DS but you heard about damage to a light fitting
MC yes
DS now Ms Wass put it to JD that…
Judge - now DS - re-ex is about the xe of a particular witness…
DS yes but QC put it to JD that the security team went to the owners to sort out the damage. So MC did you do that?
MC no
[onto the SE asia train - we now know it was not the Orient Express - so SEA train it is]
DS have you ever seen this diary entry before
MC no nevr
DS she says she was hit and suffered injury as a result. Did you ever see any injury
MC no never
DS did she tell you she had...
… received injries on the SEA train
MC no never
DS if she had received injuries would you have seen them
MC yes
[we go to the March 2015 Australian incident]
DS there were texts sent from JD to NH. They refer to “whitey stuff” and “e”
MC have you seen that text before...
[DS said that last bit]
MC no never
DS did ou see any drugs being passed between JD and NH?
MC no that would be kept from me and Debby (JD’s nurse)
DS you were played a tape and you agreed it was JD’s voice
MC correct
DS and he was upset and angry
MC yes
DS tell the court why
MC he was in a lot of pain and distress and shock
DS and was he angry with Ms Heard?
MC yes he told me “she’s cut ma fuckin’ finger off”
DS first thing he said to you?
MC his first words were “just give me a fuckin’ minute"
MC … those were the first words Johnny Depp said to me that day
DS you said that he said “she just cut ma fuckin’ finger off” were the first words he said
MC sorry I do apologise - those were the first words he said to me when I got him out of the house
DS you use the term “extract” [as in extract from the situation] is this is a difficult situation which have experience of dealing of
MC yes
DS what experience do you have
MC I am an ex-prison officer and I have experience in extracting prisoners from riot situations and...
… and I’m trained to spot bruises from people who are being bullied
DS you’re trained to spot bruises
MC yes
DS you say other explanations were arrived at
MC to protect the production and the usual victim pattern is to protect the abuser
… and you came up with the accordian door excuse?
MC yes
DS what was the truth
Judge Mr Connolly wasn’t present when the injury took place
DS I’ll move on my lord
DS can I ask you about the cigarette burn - JD told you AH had put the cigarette out on his face
MC yes
[we go to a photo of JD lying in hospital]
DS we can see his face and and we can see a mark on the right side of his face. what’s that?
MC that’s the cigarette burn
DS you were then taken to two parts of transcript of events which took place after you’d left with JD. The first was one where JJ is on the phone with someone discussing JD’s finger - “he basically… completely cut the top of his finger off on a broken bottle” do you know...
… who he was speaking to?
MC no
DS then you were taken to the passage about the bruise that AH had - JJ is saying she has a bruise - do you know where the bruise was?
MC no
DS and this hitting and slapping that JJ is talking about. Was this a one off?
MC no
DS in Australia
MC in Australia and Los Angeles
[we go to a series of text messages - one from JD to MC and one from MC to JD and then we get to text number 3…]
DS so JD says to you “plese get her out of this room now - she’s struck me about 10 times. Can’t take any more”
MC yes I see that
DS was this a one-off type of conversation with Mr Depp?
MC no
DS Did you ever witness JD physically attack AH at any time
MC no - I wouldn’t tolerate any man striking a woman. no matter who he is?
DS not even if he’s your boss
MC not even if he’s my boss. Not even if he was the
DS not even if your livelihood depended on it.
JD I don’t depend on JD. I work for Johnny. i can get a job somewhere else
DS it was put to you that you had been pressured into coming out for JD in this trial
MC absolutely untrue
[no further questions. MC leaves]
[judge rises so Tara Roberts video link can be sorted]
[okay judge is back. Tara Roberts is wearing a bright red, white-spotted blouse, has blonde-is hair, tied back, big ol’ reading glasses and small gold hoop earrings. I’d say she was in her mid-50s]
[she is sworn in]
[she has confirmed her witness statement is true]
QC you are estate manager on JD’s private island
TR I am
QC do you live on the island
TR yes
QC does your family live on the island
TR no
QC where do they live
TR Arizona
QC do you live alone or with others?
TR 3 others - 4...
… in total
QC do you consider it your home
TR no
QC but you’re totally dependent on JD for your livelihood
TR no
QC he gives you your job, accommodation - it’s your livelihood
TR i have other sources of income
QC what that allow you to live independently
TR we have a family...
…. business in the Bahamas
QC would you be sad if you lost your job
TR I’ve never thought of it - I’d be sad losing the friends I made, but I’d find another job
QC in your statement you say “I never saw JD, who is an unusually kind man be violent or aggressive with Amber...
… or anyone else.”
TR correct
QC I am going to sho you a video clip
[we see a clip of JD kicking things as AH secretly films him]
[he smashes open a glass-fronted glass cupboard and smashes it closed]
[there is more crashing off camera - he pours himself a glass of wine - AH asks if he has drunk that much this morning - he strikes something which causes the camera to move and we lose the shot, there are...
… several more movements from the camera with a smashing noise.]
QC did you see that was JD?
TR yes
QC Did you see him kicking things?
TR I saw him slamming a cupboard
QC did you see him kicking things we can show you it again
DS My Lord she wasn’t there and this video isn’t...
… in the Bahamas.
Judge - QC just ask your question
QC have you ever seen him act like that before
TR no
QC would you agree that’s a different side to him than in your statement
TR I’ve never seen him act like that
QC would you agree it shows a different side?
TR yes
[as in - side to his character]
[QC takes her to TR’s recollection of damage whilst JD was on detox in the Bahamas]
QC did you meet Dr K who was the doc involved in JD’s detox
TR yes
QC and did you meet Nurse Debby Lloyd
TR yes
QC did they discuss his progress with you?
TR not in detail
QC did they talk about any difficulties he was having with the detox process
TR no
QC the passage I want to read to you is on 22 Sep 2014 a month after the detox “upon arriving at the home patient was sitting in kitchen with scrapes on knuckle or right hand…"
QC when you encountered AH and JD having an argument as you noted in your WS you said AH was the more violent - but you did not witness the start of this argument
TR correct
QC and you say JD had a gash on his forehead - what sort of gash
TR he had a cut on the bridge of...
… his nose
QC was it bleeding?
TR it wasn’t bleeding but it had broken the skin
QC did JD ask you to photograph it
TR no
QC and your evidence is that AH was unmarked is that right
TR yes
QC I am going to suggest she had the remains of a bruise or mark to her right cheek
TR it wasn’t visible to me
QC the fight that took place was on the 29th of December
TR correct
QC I am correcting what I said - not a mark on her right cheek - a black eye - bruising under both eyes
TR not visible to me...
[a photo is being held up to the camera]
QC can you see the bruising to AH in that picture under both eyes?
TR yes
QC was that what she looked like on the island that holiday
TR no
QC sure?
TR I didn’t see that
[no further questions]
[DS on his feet for JD]
DS you were shown a video have you seen it before
TR no
DS do you know where it was taken
TR no
DS when?
TR no
DS you say you heard or saw JD slam a cupboard door. Did you see him be at all violent or aggressive to AH
TR no
DS I’m just going to look at...
… par 7 of your WS. It was suggested this was untrue.
DS you said you never saaw JD be violent or aggressive with anyone else. Having seen that clip that AH secretly took of JD is there anything that makes you want to change your evidence?
TR I never saw it on the island...
… him be aggressive to her on the island. Not on the island.
DS did you ever see JD hit AH or physically assault AH?
TR no
DS you were asked about some bruise or bruises in that photo you were shown. You say in your WS...
… that AH was not wearing make-up on the island.
TR correct
DS did you ever see that bruising on her on the island
TR correct
DS did she ahve those bruises
TR if she had them I would have seen them.
DS it was said to you you were dependent on JD for your livelihood and you were pressed on this and you said you had another business in the Bahamas - what is that business?
TR a law firm and a car dealership
DS it is being suggested you are not telling the truth because you are
… scared of losing a job you love, your livelihood, and your home. Are you lying to protect those things.
TR no I’m not lying
DS no further questions
[Judge says goodbye]
DS that’s it. the next witnes starts giving evidence from LA at 2pm
[we go into admin]
[judge’s clerk has emailed DS with some outstanding issues - we have 34 mins before lunch so juge wants to deal with them now]
[these might be quite boring]
Whilst they’re arguing the toss about Edward White’s offer to get information about the settlement and payment of monies with regard to the divorce settlement, I will copy and paste interesting bits from TR’s WS...
I have worked for the Cllaiimant as his Estate Manager on his Bahamian
island property since December 2008.
I never saw Johnny, who iis an unusually kiind man, be violent or aggressive with Amber or anyone else. I observed in December 2015 to my colleagues that Amber was a “"thrower"”,
someone who threw projectiles. I also witnessed Amber lunge violently at Johnny, pull his hair, and commit other aggressive physical acts against him ...
as well as the visible aftermath of the incidents outlined in this statement.
Prior to Johnny’'s marriage to Amber, he was outgoing, friendly and social; it was a family environment when he would visit the Island. Throughout their relationship and marriage there was a distinct change
in Johnny, and the once social and animated person spent most days sleeping, became withdrawn, and our meals together dwindled to non- existent. General socialization or just moments to discuss island issues
stopped as she would randomly show up. Very rarely were we allowed to be alone with him, as she would “"wiggle"” her way into the discussions.
I am aware that Amber has cllaiimed iin court documents that Johnny
violently attacked Amber on the Island on 17 August 2014 and that Johnny kicked and broke a door. First, there was no door broken, or damaged during that visit or any other. There was no broken anything. If
there was, I would know it as part of my job, on an island on which I live full time. Second, Johnny, Amber and Debbie Lloyd, a registered nurse, arrived on the island on 8 August 2014 and Johnny left later that year.
There was nothing out of the ordinary that happened during this visit. Nor did I even witness a moment of discord, on a tiny island.
During the evening of 29 December 2015 Johnny drove to the office alone in his John Deere Gator. He had said he just needed to get away from Amber. Shortly after, Amber showed up to the office. Amber started
pleading with him to come back to the house, and at that point I walked out of the office. A few minutes later I heard his vehicle start and I stepped outside. Amber was standing in front of the vehicle, screaming
at him and apparently not letting him get away by blocking his path. Then she climbed into the vehicle he drove her back to their house. I got in my golf cart and went to the Cafeé, which is a short distance from the
house. I called Christi Dembrowski, Johnny'’s sister, as I was unsure how far this would go.
While I could not hear what caused the fight, Amber repeatedly berated him with increasing ferocity. She was insulting him, calling him names, and in the middle of this onslaught I heard her say specifically “"your
career is over,"” “"no one is going to hire you,"” “"you’'re washed up,"” “"fat,"” “"you will die a lonely man,"” and also screaming things that were incomprehensible.
At some point Johnny tried to leave again as they were now in the parking lot. He repeatedly asked for the key for the vehicle, which she had taken out, refused to give back to him, and which we later found inthe house.
He was responding to her verbal attacks by saying “"go away"” and “"just leave me alone."” Amber'’s screaming and berating rose to a fever pitch, and Johnny continued to yell “"go away"” and “"leave me alone."”
I asked Christi what I should do, and she said I should keep an eye on the situation. As Amber'’s rage continued to escalate, and I described the scene to Christi, she said that I needed to intervene and I should go to
Johnny’'s assistance.
I hung up and immediately ran to the parking lot. I saw Amber lunge at Johnny, clawing, tugging and aggressively pulling him. He continued to stand there yelling at her to stop and leave him alone. When he stepped
back to leave, her onslaught would start again. During this entire incident, I never saw Johnny hit Amber, or push her back, nor did he physically react to the attacks. She would calm down and hug and
apologize. Then he would say he needs to leave and it would start again. Finally, I stepped between them. She continued to reach for him but maybe my presence stopped it.
I walked him to the Cafée and he laid on the couch and that is when I saw that he now had a red, swelling gash on the bridge of his nose. Amber, Johnny then told me, had thrown a quart sized can of lacquer thinner
into Johnny’'s face, causing a gash.
The next morning, the bushes around their house were filled with art supplies that had been thrown including paintbrushes, paint tubes, and the deck was stained with the thinner. There was no damage to the
house and she made no mention to me of what had transpired the night before and into the morning.
Amber had also removed her wedding ring and thrown it and had asked for help finding it as they were leaving that afternoon. It was found and returned to her.
Amber was makeup free and unmarked throughout this Christmas visit to the Island, as she was usually makeup free when on the Island. I never saw her with any sign of injury on her face or body whatsoever.
During this visit in Christmas 2015 Amber had a photographer on the island to conduct a photo shoot. We did not know this was happening nor did Johnny'’s children. My recollection is that the photographer, Greg
Williams, who arrived on 27 December 2015 with his partner, took photographs the day after Amber'’s rampage, during departure, of an uninjured Amber, and of Johnny, who had a visible gash on the bridge of
his nose.
Also present on the Island during this late 2015 visit was Johnny'’s son, daughter and his daughter'’s friend. Johnny’'s children did witness the aftermath of the events of 29 December, as I got them that morning,
explained to them what had happened and took them to their father.
When Amber would depart the Island, she would always leave a considerable number of personal belongings behind. When she left the Island on 31 December 2015, she took everything she owned with her.
When we did our usual post-visit clean up, I made the observation to the other employees that all Amber'’s belonging and toiletries were no longer in the house.

The parties are arguing about getting the financial details of JD’s income from Edward White. QC says it’s a central part of JD’s defence that AH is a gold-digger who planned all along to get his money
… and therefore comparing what she might have been entitled to and what she got might prove demonstrative.
DS says this is nonsense it’s its not pleaded and that it was never the case. Also AH is not a party to these proceedings. And if the court wants to start litigating...
… their divorce then a whole new bunch of evidence is going to have to be adducced.
QC stands up and points out that in his witness statement JD says part of AH’s motivation for marrying him was to secure her future and that in evidence there is a text calling her “gold-digging"
Judge tells QC that he doesn’t think its for Edward White to pronounce on the provisions of california divorce law
QC but I want to know the provisions for their divorce and JD’s income which he CAN give me
Judge but only if I then come to understand what the law around...
… divorce in California is.
QC he has confirmed in evidence that he knows what the law is
Judge - but he’s not a lawyer. I would need expert evidence in california divorce law
QC if that were to be obtained
Judge - it’s too late for that
I’ll go back to the rest of Malcolm Connolly’s WS:

11. I had the car door open and when we were outside Johnny said to me words to the effect of "Look at my finger. She's cut my f*cking finger off. She's smashed my hand with a vodka
bottle." I saw his finger and it was a mess. He also told us that she had put a cigarette out on his cheek. I could see the mark on his face.
12.Amber appeared at the door and then came close to the car, screaming and crying, calling out words along the lines of "Are you just going to leave it like this, you f*king coward?" Then she was saying "I love you, I love you. Is this how you are going to end this?" She was not
making a lot of sense: one second she was begging Johnny not to leave the house and then she was screaming at him for running away. She was absolutely hysterical. I was worried that she might start throwing objects at Johnny (or at myself), as I had seen her throw objects before
For example, I had seen her lob a fork in Johnny's general direction once; another time I recall she threw a lighter at him; another time a can of coke. I knew that we needed to get out of there as soon as possible.
13. I could see Amber's face very clearly. She did not have any marks on her face or arms. She didn't look in any physical distress. I was much more concerned about Johnny. He was
obviously in emotional distress and panicking. He wasn't that drunk or out of it though and was easily standing on his own and having a conversation.
14. I would estimate that I was there for around 25 minutes in total.
15. We then took Johnny to my apartment at around 2pm, on the basis it was private. Fortunately one of my guys, Trevor, was there when we were getting into the lift and I told him to stop anyone else using the lift so I could get Johnny in without anyone seeing him.
16. As soon as we got into my apartment, I started cleaning Johnny's finger in my bathroom. When I saw it properly, I knew it was too much for me, even though I'm first aid trained.
17. Debbie, Dr Kipper's nurse, had been allocated an apartment in the same block as me. I called her, got her to my apartment (it took her about three minutes from when I called her) and she started the triage on Johnny's finger.
She then called Dr Kipper and asked him to come over and have a second look.
18. When Dr Kipper arrived, probably about 30 minutes after Johnny and I had got there, he said it was way beyond his capability and told us that we needed to take Johnny to hospital. Jerry and I then took Johnny to hospital
with Dr Kipper and Nurse Debbie. It must have been around 4.30/5 o'clock.
19. We knew that we could not let the true cause ofJohnny's injuries become known as this would create extremely bad publicity. As a result, Jerry suggested that we should say Johnny had injured his finger whilst slicing onions.
I thought it was fairly obvious that this was not true given the severity of the injury and suggested we say he jammed it into a car door. However we went with the onion cover story. The specialist didn't believe us for one second.
20. Johnny didn't go back to the house over the next few days. Instead he stayed in my apartment with me.

We go back to the legal argument. Judge says he is inclined to aske Edward White to give whatever information he feels able to give about JD’s finances during his marriage to AH.
Judge - in a witness statement rather than more oral evidence.
Now discussing the Press Association application for documents - we haven’t yet got JD’s first WS, nor do we have Officer Saenz’s WS. Plus all the vids, photos and audio which are taking forever to come out.
Judge says he will hear the Press Association's arguments orally after lunch. Which means @samiotobin will get to write his name into the court transcript for posterity. Sam is going outside for a cigarette.
Judge has risen back at 1405BST.
Luncheon on Champions, my friends.
Quite sad, really.
We’re back. Court has risen for the judge. There is no sound.
Ushers in our court are relaxed. Someon hasn’t pressed a button.
Judge has disappeared again.
We’re back with sound, but no judge.
Some of you have been asking if Johnny Depp is in court today. He is sitting (I am told) behind his lawyers at the back right of the court. We can’t see him here in court 38 as the cameras aren’t pointing at him.
A recent evening standard piece said Amber Heard was watching JD give evidence from the public gallery in court 13. No idea if she’s watching from there today.
Judge is back he’s wearing a black cloak with red collars over his suit.
Oh - it appears @samiotobin isn’t going to say anything to the judge we’ve gone straight to Samantha MacMillen/McMillan - I think it’s McMillen, but the court schedule has it as McMillan so some people are going off that. All will become clear when we get the Witness Statement.
@samiotobin She has been sworn in. And now we’re getting the WS confirmed. SM is in LA.
@samiotobin [QC is about to xe SM]
QC you are a stylist by occupation?
SM yes
QC and you work in Hollywood
SM yes
QM and you live in Hollywood
SM yes
QC and you’ve been JD’s stylist for how long
SM since 2002 - so 18 years
QC and he is in influential figure in Hollywood
SM I would say so yes
@samiotobin QC and you were for a while AH’s stylist
SM yes
[we estblish she is no longer AH’s stylist, but remains JD’s stylist]
QC you refer to 16 Dec 2015 and 24 May 2016 in your statements and in respect of those two dates you say in your sworn WS that AH had no visible injuries.
SM correct
QC okay let’s start with 16 Dec 2015...
[QC takes SM to a file]
QC shows her a photo of AH taken on 16 Dec 2015. Is that the way she looked to you when you saw her
SM that is not how I remember her looking on that day
QC and that photograph shows bruising
SM it’s not a clear pic, but it does look like there is ...
… bruising around her eyes.
[we go to another photo]
QC is that a better copy
SM well - it looks different.
Judge says he has two photos.
QC what my Lord has is a better version and a paper copy
QC do you see the bruising
SM it looks differnt from the last photo, but there is...
SM marking around her eyes
[we go to another photo]
QC can you see on that photo a slight mark on AH’s lower lip
SM I do not see it on this photo
[we go to another photo]
QC do you see the mark on the lower lip in that photograph
SM somewhat
[we go to another photo]
[we can’t see any of these so I don’t know why I’m saying we.]
QC that is a photo of the crown of a person’s head and it has reddening of the scalp
SM I think so yes
QC and for the avoidance of doubt….
[they go to another photograph]
QC it is a photograph of AH’s lower lip at quite close range yes?
SM yes
QC and do you agree you can see an injury to her lower lip
SM I see something that could be a mark
QC your evidence is that you never saw these injuries on the afternoon or night of the 16 Dec 2015. you were with her because she had to appear on a TV show
SM correct
QC and yet you say you saw no marks
SM correct
QC she was not wearing make up
SM she appeared not to be...
QC and you didn’t notice anything about her face and hair
SM she had nothing on her face and hair
QC AH made some complaints about some injuries she received at this time and I’m going to take you through them
[they go to a new file]
QC do you see the name Connaught Cowan MD?
SM yes
QC do you know who he was
SM I don’t
QC did AH say she was being treated for anxiety by Dr Cowan?
SM no she didn’t
QC and the time of this text is 11.23 and it’s from AH and it says “emergency, please call”
How close were you to
… AH?
SM we had good working relationship and I would check in with her, see how she was doing, at the time.
QC would she confide in you
SM no I wouldn’t be on her speed dial no
[we go to a new file]
[Witness statement it is confirmed her surname is McMillen]
[as many of you already know]
We go to a message timestamped 1.05am on 16 Dec 2015. The day after the 911 call.
Custodian: AH
Participants: Dr Cowan MD
Dr C “tried to reach you by phone earlier hope you are okay”
AH: “Johnny did a number on me tonight. I’m safe and with my support, but I need some real...
… help.” goes on to say she thought she had concussion and thought she should call police. She says she’s with Rocky P.
QC did she say anything about this to you
SM no
QC are your loyalties with JD more than AH
SM I’m not sure what you’re asking
QC if there was a conflict of...
… loyalties between AH and JD - whose side would you take?
SM I would not perjure myself for anyone for any reason
QC I haven’t even come to perjury yet
SM I don’t know what you’re saying/ Obviously I’m loyal, because he’s kind an loyal back, but that’s it.
QC can you see any...
… reason why AH may invent her experience to Dr C
[DS stands up and says this is speculation. Why is she being taken to occasions they didn’t witness]
[QC says it is not impermissible I am only asking why someone might say something if it is not true]
Judge - you can ask the q
QC why would she make this up unless it would true
SM I don’t know the answer to that
QC so you don’t know any reason…
Judge - well you’ve had the answer to that
[we move on]
[it is a message dated 16 Dec 2015. And under Participant #1 and there is a long number and then the word iO]
QC do you know iO
SM yes
QC is it iO Tillet-Wright
SM I don’t know his surname
QC okay and there is a message to him from AH saying “I need you” “J beat me up pretty good
QC then “Rocks on the couch with me now. I’m hurt. I don’t know what to do.” Can you think of any reason why AH would complain she had been beaten up pretty good unless it was true
SM I don’t know the answer to that
[we go to a new file]
QC you see Custodian AH...
… participants are listed and Participant #1 is Rock - do you know Rocky Pennington?
SM yes
QC if we look to the body of the text we can see a text that says (from Rock) “Hey girl so sorry AH had a shit day yesterday and we were doing some emotional damage control. I’ll call...
… you later” and its replied to by someone called Carly Coo (?)
SM yes
QC and in this message participant AH is Amber Heard - do you agree?
SM yes
Judge - how will her agreement take this further? She can only agree to what she sees on the page
QC okay - we see that...
the participants are iO and Rock and we see something sent by attachment. Turn over the page and do you see there are a series of attachments which are images
SM yes
QC can you see there is a photo of AH which you have seen already in which there are some marks below the eye...
… ?
SM yes
[QC show her more photos of marks under the eye and then lip marking photos]
SM it’s difficult to discern
QC there are 7 photographs in that text send on 17 Dec 2015. Can you think of any reason why AH would send photos of herself to her friends which do show...
… inuries, unless she had been injured.
SM I don’t know
[we go to a text chain between AH and RP]
QC “I’m being strong, basically faking it” see that?
SM yes I see that
QC now when AH did her TV prog on the night of the 16th that was the sort of thing she was saying...
… she was going to get through this, she was going to be strong.
She said that to you didn’t she?
SM I don’t recall
QC then RP replies “survival” then AH says to RP AH said to JD “you fucking headbutted me” and then AH says JD said “just a little knock” - did she tell you about
… this?
SM the only things she said to me are what’s in my statement. “can you believe I did that show with two black eyes”
Judge - and as far as you could see did AH have two black eyes
SM I never noticed anything like that
Judge sorry?
SM I never noticed her having two black
… eyes
DS she said she never noticed anything like that
QC so if you were told this why didn’t you ask her what on earth she was talking about
SM I think I said “I don’t know what to say” and then we hugged because we were going our separate ways.
SM “I didn’t want to raise anything I just wanted to go home”
QC on the day of the 16 Dec early in the morning AH emailed Jody Gottlieb (?) message reads as follows: I had a bad accident last night, bruising on my eyes, same with my nose. Nurse on her way - might not make it...
… make it tomorrow.
QC if she didn’t think she had black eyes why would she send that text?
SM I don’t know
QC did you not think you should have offered her some support when she said what she said to you
SM I gave her a hug
QC you gave her a hug to offer her support because of
… what she’d been through
SM I don’t know
QC did you see her makeup before the show
SM I did
QC do you remember her makeup lady saying she was going to put bright red makeup on her lip to cover the mark
SM I don’t remember that.
QC you were in the room
SM can I explain what it was
Judge please do
QC there was a closet and I was between the bathroom setting up the jewelry and one room steaming clothes so I wasn’t in the room listening the entire time.
QC and do you remember the makeup artist putting...
… heavy make up to cover AH’s injuries
SM I do not recall it being heavier that usual.
[we go to another file]
[email chain between AH and Erin Berman]
QC why might AH be complaining of having welts on her head and having been bruised to her nurse unless it was true
SM I don’t know the answer to that
Judge - the person being communicated with - do you know Erin Berman?
SM no I did not
[goes to texts from 17 Dec between AH and Paige Heard (her mum)]
PH “I can be there tomorrow”
AH sent three attached files
PH “send the pictures and nothing else I love you so damn much I would do anything for you. your dad sent Steve a scathing message.” [we’ve seen this b4]
“your dad sent Steve a scathing text message... your dad's blood isboiling." Ms. Heard said: "Did dad see the pictures? Yes, he went through my messages to you...
… his e-mail was very good and I will send it to you as he is on his phone. Finishes its update. It is a good reaction. J immediately texted back."
Judge intervenes and asks Ms Wass to ask a question.
QC can you think of any reason why AH would contact her lover, sending photos of her injuries if she had not had those injuries
SM I don;’t know why anyone would do this
QC an alt scenario to your evidence is that AH had...
… two black eyes coming up, a cut to her lip and welts to her scalp
SM I did not see anything like that on her
QC you saw her on 24 May 2016 and your evidence is that you did not see any marks on her neck when you saw her then.
[we go to a file]
Judge can you confirm it is a picture of AH
SM it looks like her yes
QC can you see a mark on her right cheek
SM in this picture barely
QC barely? Are you saying there is a red mark and it’s difficult to see, or that there isn’t red mark?
SM faint mark
[we go to a new file]
QC can you see whether there is a mark in this photo
SM no
QC I’m going to get a better quality photo shown to you on the screen
Judge the photo you are being asked about is being projected onto the screen.
SM I can see it
QC was that a better quality photo than the one in your bundle?
SM yes
QC can you see the reddening to her face
SM it was a little bit red
QC did you see the mark above the eyebrow too?
SM a little mark, yes
[we see a new full face photo of AH’s right hand side]
QC did you see a mark
SM yes
QC those photos were taken on 21 May and you saw her on the 24th.
QC do you still maintain you saw her on the 24th without injury.
SM I saw her nothing but her beautiful skin
QC was she wearing
… make up?
SM not that I could see
QC. you have come to court to be less than truthful and give evidence that will help JD who is very important to your career
SM I have no reason to do that.
[no further qs from QC]
[DS on his feet]
DS we’ll start on the Dec 2015 incident
DS you were shown photos which QC were injuries. Do you know how when and in what circs those photos were taken?
SM I have no way of knowing that
DS in your witness statement you say “I spent much of the afternoon and early evening with AH, preparing her to appear on the James...
… Corden show. I saw her in good light, close range and without her wearing make up. I saw she had no cuts, bruises or any injuries to her face or any other part of her body.
SM correct
DS If you saw AH’s face looking like you saw it in those photos would you have given the...
… evidence you did
SM no I would not
DS do you want to change your evience of that day at all
SM no my memory remains clear
DS did you see anything in the text messages you were show which might cause you to change your evidence
SM no I didn't
DS you said she said to you “can you believe I did that show with two black eyes” did you hug her during before or after that statement
SM in my memory she said it as she was coming towards me to give me a hug
DS an in your statement you say that although she said that to you she had no black eyes and was visibly uninjured throughout the day that you saw her. Has your evidence changed at all
SM no
DS so you went to a text from AH to Jody Gottlieb - her publicist and then texts ...
… between AH and Nurse Berham.
and we know there was a conversation with NB on the night of the James Corden show on 16 Dec - when the nurse goes to see AH the next day on the 17th and states: client says head is bruised and she has had hair pulled out, but the nurse is unable
… to see the bruises. Why would a nurse lie about seeing no bruises
SM I can’t think of any reason why anyone would do that
DS you were asked why AH might want to do something
DS can you read minds Ms M?
Judge - I think this is coming close to facetious
DS okay well did AH confide in you about any of her conditions?
SM no she did not
DS you had a meeting when you turned up on 24 May she had no idea you were coming
SM I was there first
DS so just to get this clear. You are in JD’s house in West Hollywood and AH turns up. AH doesn’t know you are there
SM no
DS and you say she wasn’t wearing...
… make up and you say without the benefit of make-up she had just her usual beautiful skin.
SM that’s correct
DS do you want to change your evidence about what you saw on 24 May
SM my memory remains the same, so no
DS did you get a clear look at her?
SM yes we were by the...
… kitchen door where the light was coming in.
DS did she refer to any injuries?
SM no
DS did she say she’d been beaten up by JD?
SM she said nothing like that
DS I want to aks you about a response to your WS by AH
Judge - does this arise out of xe?
DS no but AH will...
… challenge Ms M’s statement without her being able to challenge that.
[legal argument ensues]
Whilst the legal argument is going on I’ll try to bash out SM’s WS:

I. I am a freelance stylist, represented by the agency the Wall Group. For a period of time I
served as a stylist to Ms Amber Heard, helping her to get ready to appear at major events.
5. On December 16th, 2015, I spent much of the afternoon and early evening with Ms Heard, preparing her to appear on the James Corden show. I saw her throughout the day of December 16th, 2015, in good light, at close range, wearing no makeup.
Throughout the day of December 16th, 2015, I could see clearly that Ms Heard did not have any visible marks, bruises, cuts, or injuries to her face or any other part of her body. She appeared as a guest on the James Corden show that day.
6. After the show, Ms Heard said to me "can you believe I just did that show with two black eyes?". Ms Heard did not have any black eyes, and had been visibly uninjured throughout the day and at that moment.
I later learned that Ms Heard had accused Mr Depp, in court filings and the media, of violently abusing her the previous night, December 15"', 2015.
7. As I was leaving Ms Heard's company on December 16th, 2015, I overheard Ms Heard say to her friend Raquel Pennington, who came to the show with her, "make sure to get those
pictures onto my computer," although I did not know to what photos she was referring.
8. Five months later, on May 24th, 2016, I interacted closely with Ms Heard in Mr Depp's house in West Hollywood. I went to the house in the afternoon, and encountered Ms Heard. Ms Heard was not wearing makeup. There were no visible marks, bruises, cuts, or injuries to her
face or any other part of her body. I saw her by the kitchen door during daylight in Mr Depp's house. She gave me a hug, crying. After hugging me, she began to have an intense conversation in Spanish with Mr Depp's housekeeper, Hilda Vargas.
9. Three days after my encounter with Ms Heard, on May 27th, 2016, I saw in the media that Ms Heard had gone to Court with prominent injuries visible on her face. I knew that she did not have those marks on her face May 24th, 2016 when I was with her, and I knew from news
reports that she claimed those injuries occurred when Mr Depp supposedly violently abused her on May 21't, 2016. I was also aware that Mr Depp left Los Angeles on May 22"d, 2016. I therefore knew that Mr Depp could not have caused those marks that Ms Heard appeared
with in court on May 27th, 2016.
[legal argument ongoing]
[and we’re back in the room]
DS is taking SM to a picture of AH filming the late late show with James corden. Is it her?
SM yes it is
DS and you can see photos of her face and mouth - how would you describe her face and complexion there
SM it looks normal and beautiful to me
DS finally this, you were asked if you had a conflict of loyalty to AH - which would win. I want to ask you a different question. Where there was a conflict between your loyalty to JD and you having to lie to this court, which would win.
SM I would not commit perjury for anyone..
… friends or family or anyone.
[no further questions]
[SM leaves]
[poopgate looms]
Stills of AH on the James Corden show
Hilda Vargas and her interpreter are being sworn in. HV is the cleaner who found the poo in the bed.
HV is in LA with her interpreter. She is wearing a black jacket with brass buttons and white shirt and trousers. She is wearing half-rimmed glasses, a gold necklace and and has her hair scraped back in clips behind her head. In her early to mid-50s, I would say.
HV is confirming her Witness statement is her WS and that it is true.
Okay here goes.
QC you have been employed by JD for 30 years
HV yes ma’am
QC as a housekeeper
HV yes madam
QC was it your routine to clean in the morning at Sweetzer Avenue and then go to the Eastern Colombia vuilding in the afternoon
HV confirms
QC and on afternoon of 22 April 2016 you attended ECB
HV yes
QC and there was no one there
HV no
QC did you see JD in the morning
HV don’t recall
QC you say in the upper level of PH3 where JD slept with AH
SM yes
QC the premises were extremely messy - your words
HV yes the master bedroom
QC yes, miuch more messy than you’d seen it before
HV yes madaam
QC things knocked over, broken glass on the floor
HV si señora
QC were you aware of where JD was at that stage?
HV no
QC there came a time when it was pointed out to you that there was a pile of faeces in the bed
HV yes
QC and you were understandably horrified and disgusted
HV si señora
QC now JD and AH had two small dogs
HV si señora
QC one smaller than the other
HV si señora
QC the smaller dog was called pistol and the larger dog was called Boo
HV si señora
QC and boo had a number of accidents in terms of spoiling the flat
HV on the floor
QC and you had never known either dog defecate in the bed had you
HV no madam
QC because they were so small...
…. they couldn’t jump onto the bed on their own and the only way they could get on the bed is if they were lifted up and put. on the bed
HV si señora
QC because you had had no experience of the dogs defecating in the bed, you formed the view it was human faeces in the bed
HV yes because of it’s size
QC yes and the size and the fact that the dogs could only get on the bed by being lifted up is what caused you to form that opinion
HV si señora
QC did you know AH was away at the time
HV she wasn’t there - only the cleaners were there
QC did you know AH was away from the home for more than a day
HV that day was a Friday - we arrived around 3pm - those faeces were fresh from the night or early morning
QC I think you were angry having found the faeces in the bed and it was your view no doubt that this was way beyond the duties that you were expected too perform
HV a lack of respect
QC and you reported the matter to Kevin Murphy
HV si señora
QC was he your line manager?
HV si señora
QC and you took photographs of the faeces to prove to him it had happened and why you felt entitled or justified to be angry
HV yes because after so many years working for this family I’d never had to do that type of thing
QC did AH have very good personal hygiene
HV same as any regular individual at home
QC I am suggesting to you that AH was a very clean person - she kept herself clean
HV an ordinary individual
QC she had good personal hygiene better personal hygiene that JD
HV that I cannot confirm
QC you spent a lot of time talking to AH who spoke fluent Spanish
HV we would converse very little
QC in Spanish
HV yes
QC on the 24th May in the morning you were at JD’s West Hollywood home and AH came over with Raquel Pennington
HV si senora
QC and RP lived in the ECB
QC and you saw her at the Sweetzer Av house and you were surprised to see AH there because she lived at the ECB
HV yes
QC and at that time JD would spend most of his time at the Sweetzer Av building and AH would use the ECB - they were separate a lot of the time?
HV no madam
QC are you suggesting they spent every night together
HV no he was separated from her in April? I don’t recall the date, but he was not the whole month away from her
QC from the beginning of 2016 they were apart a lot
HV that I don’t know madam
QC on the 24th May AH came to the SA house
HV yes sir
QC and you have said in your WS that you saw no bruises or marks on her face of any kind. She did not appear to be wearing any make up
HV she did not have any marks on her face
QC how are you so sure she was not wearing make..
… up
HV her face was very clean it was very pale
QC you hadn’t seen her at the SA property for several weeks
HV si
QC and you know AH is a well-known actress
HV si
who is regularly photographed when she leaves her house or flat
HV that I don’t know madam
QC she never left her home without makeup she always had makeup on
HV she was not wearing make up on that day
QC have you been asked to put that in her statement
HV nobody requested anything from me
QC how close were you to AH on the 24th May?
HV [indicates about 4 feet]
QC did you have a lot of contact with her that day?
HV she called me to the sitting room because she wanted to talk to me about the photographs
QC she was upset the faeces had been left in the bed
HV yes madam I know she was upset at the photographes
QC she was upset...
… that you had to deal with such a thing because it was a lack of respect for you.
QC you said at the end of you statement you said you often heard AH yell at JD and other people
QC and you say that she had a bad temper
HV in my opinion
QC what had she ever done to you
Judge notes he wants this xe wrapped up soon - we are over time
QC my last q - you say you have never seen JD be physical with or yell at anyone
HV never in the years that I’ve been working for him. Not at all
QC never seen him shout...
HV I won’t make a comment in that regard
QC I’m asking you to. Have you seen him shout
HV no
QC have you seen him kick obecjts
HV never
QC have you seen him punch objects or smash glass
HV no
QC have you ever seen him drunk
HV don’t want to make any comment
QC I’m asking you to.
HV I have seen him have a glass of wine,
QC have you ever seen under the influence of illegal drugs
HV no
QC you have come to the court to give a character reference for Mr Depp which is untrue
HV I have a work schedule I dont’ spend all the time with him
QC but you’ve...
… worked for him for 30 years and you have come here to support him
HV I have a work schedule and I don’t spend all my nights with him.
[no further questions]
DS on his feet
DS you have told the court that yo knew perfectly well that the faeces that you found on the bed...
…. did not come from those two minature dogs. I am going to show you your WS because that is your evidence in this case. Par 7
"I pulled back the top sheet on the bed and saw a large pile of faeces. I was horrified and disgusted...
… it was clear to me that this was human faeces.”
HV si señor
DS “I knew that the faeces could not have come from either of JD and AH’s two small dogs”
HV yes sir
DS “I have cleaned up after thos dogs many times and their faeces are much smaller”
HV si
DS "furthermore I have never known those two dogs to defecate in the bed”
HV si señor
DS “and you were asked by Ms Wass whether those statements were true or not”
HV they are true
DS does that remain your evidence or not
HV it is my evidence
[we move onto 24 May]
DS when AH asked you to come into the living room to speak to her, did you have a conversation with her face-to-face?
HV Face to face
DS and you told use she was as far away from you as your interpreter (about 4 feet)
HV that is the distance
DS throughout the conversation did you or did you not have a clear look at her face
HV yes I could see her face
DS was she wearing make-up or not
HV no
DS did you see any bruise or any mark or injury
HV no sir I didn’t see anything
DS it’s been suggested to you HV that you have been asked by JD to come to court and to lie on oath.
DS What do you have to say about that
HV I don’t understand
[no further questions]
Because it was done slowly and through an interpreter you can take the HV evidence from these tweets as 97% verbatim.
[last bit of legal argument for the day… couldn’t hear what Ms Wass was asking for]
JD is stting at the back of court on his own.
There are only 9 people on the floor of the courtroom (we have now got the view from the judge’s bench)
Courts for cases like this are usually packed, but cos of social distancing there is an overspill court for lawyers.
Judge has risen Johnny Depp stands up and starts looking away from the camera, possibly at the books of law on the shelf behind him. The feed is cut. We will now be kicked out of court.

If you have found today useful, please consider a tip in the tip jar.
I will paste Hilda Vargas’ statement into twitter as soon as I get out of court.
I am on a park bench in the precints of the Royal Courts of Justice. On my right iare about 20 photographers outside the gates. On my left is the silver car which will take Johnny Depp away. They are about 100 yards apart and I am in the middle. Anyway...
Here is Hilda Vargas’ witness statement:

1.I work for the Claimant, Mr John Christopher Depp II, as a housekeeper
and have done so for more than 30 years. In the period from 1988 until
May 2016, I typically worked in the mornings in Mr Depp's home...
… in West
Hollywood on Sweetzer Avenue and then in the afternoons in Mr Depp’s
home downtown on Broadway with the address The Eastern Colombia
Building, 849 South Broadway Street, Los Angeles, California 90014,
United States (“the "Eastern”).
2.I confirm that save where otherwise appears the facts stated in this
witness statement are within my own knowledge and that those facts are
true to the best of my knowledge and belief. Where facts are not within
my own knowledge, I confirm that they are true to the best of my
information and belief and the source of that information is set out.
3.There is now produced and shown to me a paginated bundle of
documents marked "HV1”. All references to documents in this statement
are to Exhibit HV1 unless otherwise stated.
4.I make this witness statement in support of the Claimant’s claim in these
5. I do not know the full details of the Claimant's claims against the
Defendants in these proceedings. I make this witness statement in
response to paragraph 151 of the witness statement of Amber
dated 15 December 2019, which I have seen. In that paragraph Ms Heard
states that on or around the night of 21 April 2016 one of her dogs
defecated in Ms Heard and Mr Depp's bed in the one of Mr Depp's flats in
the Eastern. Ms Heard also states that their dogs had accidents in the
house a lot, including having defecated in their bed before, and that this
was a well-known pattern of the dogs' behaviour.
22 April 2016
6.On 22 April 2016, I arrived at Mr Depp's home at the Eastern at
approximately 3 pm. There are several different loft-style units in this
home. I began to clean unit 3, which is where Mr Depp usually slept with
Ms Heard.
The first floor of the unit includes a kitchen, living room,
laundry room, bathroom, and patio. The master bedroom, office, and
another bathroom are on the second floor. I began to clean downstairs
with another cleaning woman.
The downstairs level was somewhat messy
but not unusually so.
7.The upstairs level, however, was extremely messy. I had just finished
washing dishes and vacuuming and I was about to help the other cleaning
woman change the sheets when I heard her call out. I joined her in the
master bedroom. She was pointing to the bed and told me that she
couldn’t believe what she had found. I pulled back the top sheet on the
bed and saw a large pile of faeces. I was horrified and disgusted. It was
clear to me that this was human faeces. I knew that the faeces could not
have come from either of Mr Depp's and Ms Heard's two small dogs. I
have cleaned up after those dogs many times and their faeces are much
smaller. Further, I have never known those dogs to defecate in the bed.
8.I did not know what to think of what I had discovered. I was completely
shocked. With my cell phone, I took pictures of the faeces in the bed (see
exhibit HV1, pp.1-3). Then the other woman and I washed and changed
the sheets.
9.While I continued to clean, Mr Depp's estate manager, Mr Kevin Murphy,
called me to see if I was almost finished. Although I was embarrassed by
the faeces I had found in the bed, I was so angry that I told Mr Murphy
about it. He, at first, could not believe it. But I repeated that I had found
the faeces in the bed that I had taken pictures.
10.Shortly after this incident, I stopped going to Mr Depp's home at the
Eastern. I was uncomfortable around Ms Heard. I now work primarily at
Mr Depp's West Hollywood home.
11.On Tuesday, 24 May 2016, I was working at Mr Depp's West Hollywood
home when Ms Heard came over with her friend Ms Raquel Pennington. I
was surprised because I had not seen Ms Heard at the West Hollywood
home in several weeks. Ms Heard said hello to the other women who
were also cleaning, but not to me.
12.Ms Heard then called me over to talk to her in the living room. Her face
was pale and she did not appear to be wearing any makeup. I saw no
bruises or marks on her face of any kind. Ms Heard told me that the
pictures I had taken of the faeces had destroyed her marriage. I was very
nervous and so I apologised, even though I did not believe that their
marital problems were my fault or that I had done anything wrong. I also
told Ms Heard that the faeces were there, that there was nothing I could
do. Ms Heard argued with me saying that there were no faeces in the bed.
I, again, said that the faeces were there, that they were large and smelled
awful. Ms Heard continued to disagree with me, but I wanted to end the
conversation as quickly as possible. I have often heard Ms Heard yell at
Mr Depp and at other people. She has a bad temper in my opinion, and I
did not want her to yell at me. On the contrary, in the over 30 years I have
worked for Mr Depp, I have never seen Mr Depp be physical with or yell at
I believe that the facts stated in this witness statement are true.

I don’t know whether those photos will be released by the court or not. But that’s where we are. What a lovely way to end the day.

Thanks so much for all the comments - the mentions are spinning way too fast to see and I have so many DMs pls
accept my apologies if I don’t respond.

Winona Ryder is here tomorrow. I’ll come back if there’s an appetite for more - which judging by the tweets and comments there is.
I’ll also post the transcription of today if I get it - there’s a new system so for getting it, so let’s hope it works.

Thanks again. Nick

Here is your Day 6 transcript plus all four day 6 witness statements

Sorry they’re late. Technical issues. Let me know if they do or don’t work. I’m going to bed.
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