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Brotherhood of the Star is a planetary outpost of the Blue Lodge of Sirius that is connected with #Sirius via #Jupiter and Jupiter Command.

The purpose of the Brotherhood of the Star is to guide the evolution of the planet under the guidance of Sanat Kumara.
The inner circle of the #BrotherhoodOfTheStar are Masters and Arhats that have reached their #Ascension on this planet. ImageImage
The outer circle of the Brotherhood of the Star is the Esoteric Brotherhood comprised of disciples of the #AscendedMasters that have reached the seventh subdegree of the third Initiation.
The physical anchor of the Brotherhood of the Star is a vast subterranean kingdom of #Shamballa, where the Great mystery school of the Transhimalayan Brotherhood is operating.
The Esoteric Brotherhood represents its antechamber. ImageImage
Brotherhood of the Star was never public since the time of #Atlantis. It was working secretly through its discliples.
Disciples of the Brothehood of the Star comprise the Order of the Star. ImageImage
Order of the Star is a community, a mandala of 144,000 star beings of the first, second and third Initiation that have incarnated on this planet with the purpose of occult #triangulation of light and darkness. Image
Members of the Order of the Star have been influencing the world situation based on telepathic guidance from the Brotherhood of the Star.

They have caused the flowering of Graeco-Roman culture aided with telepathic impressions from Brotherhood of the Star. ImageImage
They were active as #Druid priests in #Celtic culture.
As #Essenes they were collaborating in the project of Ascension of #Jesus and #Magdalene/Grail family lineage as a counterbalance against the thirteenth bloodline of the black nobility. ImageImage
They have founded Sufi initiation orders. In the 12th century they’ve founded Cathar and Albigensian movement which has revived Goddess mysteries through Troubadour poetry and have also revived Gnostic Christianity mysteries from the times before the Constantinian Christian cult ImageImageImage
In the 13th century they have founded the #Templar order which was based on discovery of Isisian esoteric texts in the crypt below the #Salomon temple.
Information on those scrolls has enabled the revival of the old Egyptian star mysteries and formation of #freemasonry. ImageImage
Based on an impulse from the Brotherhood of the Star, hidden #Cathar lodges have triggered the #Renaissance around 1450 in Florence and this has shaped our western civilization as we know it now. ImageImageImage
This has fulfilled the conditions for arrival of first representatives of the Esoteric Brotherhood into Europe from subterranean Tibet.

Since then onwards a few dozen representatives of the Esoteric Brotherhood are working secretly behind the scenes in Europe. Image
In the 16th century they were active mainly in #Florence, #Venice and #Verona, in the 17th century mainly in #London and also elsewhere in England and in the 18th centruy mainly in #Paris. ImageImageImageImage
The Esoteric Brotherhood has transmitted the spiritual impulse for the beginning of the Enlightenment movement to the Order of the Star and this has reshaped the 18th century and set the basis for the scientific and technological revolution. Image
The Esoteric Brotherhood has triggered the creation of the mystery school through Comte de #SaintGermain in Paris in 1775.
This secret #mysteryschool was active for about 100 years.

Mystery Schools:… ImageImage
The Esoteric Brotherhood has triggered the creation of the Theosophical Society through H. P. #Blavatsky in 1875.
Through telepathic impressions, the Esoteric Brothehood has guided the progress of science, especially through #NikolaTesla. ImageImage
Now Esoteric Brotherhood is not involved in the #matrix of system on planet Earth.
We live in undisclosed locations on the surface of the planet. Image
Esoteric symbol of the Brotherhood of the Star is the heavenly stone of #Sirius, fire jewel, cinta mani, lapis ex coelis, which represents the jewel of our true Self (atma-buddhi-manas). ImageImage
Esoteric symbol of the Order of the Star is a chalice of #Moldavite, the heavenly stone of #Pleiades, the holy Grail, sangreal, which represents our causal body and the star nobility, the #mandala of 144,000 star beings of light. ImageImageImage
Amor Vincit Omnia!« Image
Brotherhood of the Star is the last pure remnant of the mystery schools of Light from #Atlantis.
The #Cabal tried to infiltrate it without success as they have very strict rules of admission. Image
Alas, the Cabal was much more successful with infiltrating the more public mystery schools such as Jesuits were able to do with freemasonry in the early 1800s and as Theosophical Society was infiltrated after Helena Blavatsky died and her teachings were misused later by the Cabal ImageImageImage
This is the cause of much confusion among the #Lightworkers, but true teachings will be restored soon as part of Operation Dreamland.…

For that reason, other members of the Brotherhood of the Star can contact me at

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Now it is time to release more intel about current developments behind the scenes.

After the Source began to clear the subquantum anomaly directly in early December, the Dark forces totally freaked out because……
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Many things are happening behind the scenes and as much as I would like to report them, it is simply too dangerous at this senior stage of the Plan:…
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The dark forces are leading campaigns against the few true sources, with unsubstantiated rumors and false accusations.
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Toplet bombs are still the main reason why the Light forces can not intervene directly in the situation on the surface of the planet. Image
The Light forces are now clearing the quantum and subquantum anomaly on the higher mental plane with maximum possible speed and as soon as that is done, they will start clearing the subquantum anomaly on the physical plane, which is the riskiest part of the whole operation.
The most critical timeframe is between now and April 24th.
Accidentally or not so accidentally the cutoff date of April 24th coincides with the end of Kala Sarpa Dosha, a very challenging period in Vedic Jyotish astrology, which ends on April 22:…
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Clearing of the Chimera group continues. The war between Light and dark forces for Chimera underground bases is at its peak, and the decisive battles ending in Light forces liberating the bases are expected to occur soon ImageImageImage
The Chimera underground complex which extends below the central part of eastern Congo and below most of Rwanda and Burundi has not been liberated yet, and hostages captured there and in other bases still need our assistance with meditation: Image
This underground war precipitates to the surface as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions:……

Volcano erupts in the Democratic Republic of Congo: Image
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The secret of physical #immortality is one of the deepest occult secrets of the Light forces that has never been revealed to anybody who has not reached a certain vibrational frequency, a certain inner purity and a certain degree of dedication to the Light. Image
The Portal…
I will now reveal to the surface population as much as it is wise to reveal.
Physical #immortality is reached through a certain conversion process, which is done by the right combination of three factors: Image
The #Archons and the rest of the #Cabal never understood this process in its entirety, but are searching for immortality nevertheless. They only have fragmentary understanding of the process which they stole from #MemphisMisraim masonic lodges.
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