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Best refutation to Christianity, Jesus Christ is not God!

-Part 1

#Christians #Bible
Best refutation to Christianity, Jesus is not God!

#Christians #Bible

Part 2
Best refutation to Christianity and that Jesus is not God!

#Christians #Bible

Part 3
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Calling ALL BELIEVERS I need help to pull think this off massive retweets, forwards etc.. A 7:00 pm New Yorkers have stood on the rocks to clap for them so Every Patriot, Anon, Christian post a Thank You to @SamaritansPurse use #SamaritansPurse @40_head @12BravoGran @2runtherace
Thank you and may God Bless you all ! #SamaritansPurse
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Pure Evil is about to be exposed to the World
Think Logically
1. Why are the hospitals being prepped?
2. Why do we need ventilators?
3. Why are Mercy and Comfort in the ports?
4. Why has the censorship been removed from [G]
5. How do you bring the country together
1. Picture today of an IV that is used when a person is being starved
2. Chatter from nurses and doctors about children being rescued from horrific situations!
3. Trump wearing a pink & blue tie today=Rescuing children
4. That is a TPN. Aka fatpack
No vent.
No antibiotics.
No cardiac drips. ONLY nutrition and fluids. This is a person who was exposed to starvation.... I believe the kids are being pulled from the tunnels as we speak. #GodWins
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Sending tweet as cyber version of the truck:
“O thou that art far from anger, abundant in mercy & righteous in deed, accept our daily prayer
Remember Lord, the captives of thy people, & bring them again in peace to their dwelling place
Remember Lord, the afflicted & distressed”
“Praise the Lord”

“Praise the Lord Praise the Lord
And Bless His Holy Name
Cuz he don’t ever change
He’s the one, he’s the one
It don’t matter what you’ve done
He wants to love you just the same”

#Gospel #Bluegrass #Jesus

“Oh shame is a prison
As cruel as a grave
Shame is a robber
And he’s come to take my name
Oh love is my redeemer
Lifting me up from the ground
Love is the power
Where my freedoms song is found”

“Ain’t No Grave”
Molly Skaggs and Bethel Music
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People need to understand the timeline of end times.. #Dajjal can't be in this world if there is no #mehdi. So dont be panic 🙄
The brief time line is as:
1: there will be fight between arab leaders on the death of one king.
2: Imam mehdi will be shown between "Ibrahim's place"
And black stone( hajr e aswad) "
3: turk army should be in Syria when imam mehdi will be shown.
4: imam mehdi will establish the great world under his leadership with essence of Peace and justice.
5: battle in arab between Believers n non believers (80 flag army)
6: Muslims will
Lost in first phase and Istanbul will no longer be in Muslims hand.
7:two big battles will be fought one in Arab and one in Hind
8: Muslims will regain istanbul
9: then false #Massia the #AntiChrist the dajjal will come with atleast 70 thousands #Jews with him from #IRAN.
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Imagine a world without war.
▫️Picture 1
A man carries his daughter through war torn, Islamic State controled Mosul.
A young girl gives the only oxygen mask to her little sister.
House bombed in #Palestine
A man lays with his daughter for the last time.
▫️Picture 1
Two innocent little girls appeal for mercy. Children should be able to live in peace, smile, laugh and not live in fear.
A quest for ones last breath
A quest for food
Fairytale VS Reality

#LoveIsBlind #Hate #HateCrime #Syrianchildren
▫️Picture 1
Destruction and decay
Prosperity and peace
Last touch
Fathers loving touch
Fight for life
Fight for trophy

#Turkey #Kurds #COVID19 #StayAtHome #Bangladesh
#israel #IranvsUSA #IRAN
#Russia #AfghanPeaceProcess
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The symbolism is much older.

White rabbits are known to eat their young.

Occult #cannibalism — pure and simple.

How do we commemorate #Jesus?
Eat his flesh and drink his blood?

How do we celebrate his body disappearing?
Easter #whiterabbits
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Day 4 of citizen journalism on #irancoronavirus #COVID19

Picking up from yesterday's thread
There were a few videos from last night. Most important one is this which appears to show a cemetery morgue dedicated to #COVID19 victims in Qom. There are literally dozens of bodies and the voice claims it is the new normal for them.

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Thread/ #FosterCare #MentalIllness #Homelessness #Opportunity #Jesus I had the chance to meet the sweetest, most polite, grateful young man a few days ago. He was discharging from a psychiatric hospital, was homeless, jobless and without a single healthy person in his whole life
2- he spent his whole childhood in foster care & was then dumped at a homeless shelter when he turned 19. He had nothing. No job, no permanent family, no money. Nothing. Life on the streets brought drugs, crime, sadness, wandering, despair, suicidality.
3- this sweet kid told me he was a believer in Jesus. He had Jesus tattooed on his arm. He’d been sent by foster parents to Salvation Army Summer Church camps. We picked him up at a local shelter, which literally couldn’t be a sadder place; so in need of the light & love of Jesus
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i, as many of u, have gone through a lot of growing maturing as we #researched the #truth about the #evil that has been trying 2 destroy #America & the #World from it's #journey started in 2016, #WL #HRC #emails...
i've had #meltdowns, my💔4 those #suffering things. i felt #helpess #hopless & #depressed until #Q came & THEN, some of u #Bible Thumbing #anons started posting.When public/private was dropped My 💔 & i cud NOT let that go, so i persisted like many of u...
All my time energy was2 #4chan ➡️#8chan..#cbts➡️#QResearch i felt the #world just seemed so #fake & #Drops were the Only #Reality.i've almost been #fired,i lost my bff,going thru ch13, all the while reading about #patriots dying as everything has been unfolding b4 our very 👀s...
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This is not a tragic ending
#Jesus the Messiah, the #Jews didn’t realize that, came to destroy evil. The jews killed their only savior and the Son of #God Himself.
#Jesus Goes to the Festival of Tabernacles
Jesus went around in #Galilee. He did not want to go about in Judea because the #Jewish leaders there were looking for a way to kill him.…

#Jewish leaders demand that Bible & Koran Be Censored
Jewish leaders are calling for new editions of the #Bible and #koran to carry warning messages which highlight #antisemitic passages in the holy texts.…
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What's "straight-up NOT #Christianity" is #Antisemitism.

#Jesus was a Jew who led a Jewish movement. People called him "rabbi": "Then an expounder of the Law stood up to test Him with a question. 'Rabbi,' he asked, "what shall I do to inherit the Life of the Ages?" (Lk 10.25).
The #Jesus Movement was a #Jewish movement. When Rome arrested Jesus for treason, he named his brother James & his best friend Peter as its new leaders. Paul never met Jesus, & he had a very different take on Jesus's teachings than the people who'd known & followed him.
Paul visited Jesus Movement leaders in Jerusalem. It didn't go well. Paul hit the road, taking a Jewish movement far outside the bounds of Judea.

Q 1: Will you become a Jew like Jesus?
Ans 1: You want me to cut off the tip of my what?
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It is 2020!
At the beginning of each #newyear, we make #new plans, new #resolutions, new #goals , want new #directions, forge new #paths and much more. This is wonderful. It sounds like we all want #CLARITY in our hearts about what to do and how to get it done. @PD_PneumaFaith
As I was thinking about this over the last couple of weeks, the scripture for #PneumaFaith kept coming to my mind. "The unfolding of your word gives light; it gives understanding to the simple." (Psalms 119:130 NIV). @PD_PneumaFaith
The word #UNFOLDING is used in many translations of this verse (#entrance, #teaching, #revelation, #explanation #disclosure #opening #declaration) Whatever translation we read, it implies the #reading or #meditation of the #word brings #light, #illumination ...
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Since my experience in a cathedral on Christmas Eve, I continue to study and explore the life and meaning of #Jesus.

It has led me and @LeelaDaou to create @DevotionWork as a place for peace, meditation, and seeking.

I'm as much a skeptic as anyone, but...
@leeladaou @DevotionWork Throughout my life, starting from my childhood in war, I've had far too many synchronicities and inexplicable experiences that I'm certain there's something more we can't perceive with our waking senses.
@leeladaou @DevotionWork To me faith isn't about religion, preaching, rituals, or creed, but about making a leap and choosing to trust the signs of another realm, a source, a home.

We access it through dreams, trances, music, art, meditation, etc.

That faith is empowering.
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#LASAINTEBIBLE|#Deutéronome11:14«JE donnerai à votre pays la pluie en son temps, la pluie de la première et de l'arrière-saison, et tu recueilleras ton blé, ton moût et ton huile;»#AMEN, #Maranatha, #MerciJÉSUS !

#LASAINTEBIBLE|#Jérémie5:24«Ils ne disent pas dans leur cœur:Craignons L'ÉTERNEL,notre DIEU,Qui donne la pluie en SON temps,la pluie de la première et de l'arrière saison,et qui nous réserve les semaines destinées à la moisson.»#AMEN,#Maranatha,#MerciJÉSUS
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1/ Not responded to the #CofE's latest #statement before now because I felt it as a body blow - a blow to those members of the #body of #Christ who God gave me as siblings & with whom I am united, whose pain echoes in me though it is not directly my own - & I needed to breathe...
2/ The #statement is thin paper stretched over a seething mass of different, deeply held #identities, opinions, lives & #loves that stand in #opposition to one another, yet somehow mysteriously #united in #Christ. There are #cracks we cannot paper over, divides staggeringly deep.
3/ I am really hoping this #lawyerly #statement from the church was just a 'holding statement' till the proper review that is coming, made because the law on civil #marriage changing pushed them into saying something because clergy would need guidance straight away..I am hoping..
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I'm going to DC on the 28th.

I will need some financial support.

Please prayerfully consider supporting this trip to support @GenFlynn and to be an on the spot representative of #Jesus #WeThePeople & #BendedKnee along with @Richard74195773
Father in heaven bless all who pray and are a supporting @GenFlynn & his defense fund with a 7 fold return . Bless them with justice, liberty and happiness. Lord bring forth your Devine Providence and shine the light of your ways on earth as it is in heaven.
Father bring forth complete exoneration of your warrior son Michael and justice to the workers of wickedness and accelerate it all. Lay to waist the plans of evil and expose them all expeditiously.

For your GLORY and for your Kingdom.

In Jesus name.

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#Jesus such as in the book of Micah - Old Testament. In the Hebrew Scriptures it was prophesied that the #Messiah of #Israel would be born in the city of Bethlehem; ride a donkey into Jerusalem; be rejected, scourged, beaten, & delivered to death as a lamb to the slaughter; AND
and give his life as a sacrifice for sin. He would overcome death to bring redemption, forgiveness, & salvation to all
who would receive it. 2 And all this had to take place before the second Temple was destroyed … in other words, before the year AD 70. #Yeshua Old Testament
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#1 Definitivamente, os problemas do @portadosfundos não são as ações judiciais e as queixas de cristãos brasileiros. O senhor na imagem abaixo é o iraniano Alí Qomi. Em vídeo publicado no Youtube, ele pede que os muçulmanos reajam à blasfêmia produzida por @netflix.
#2 Trata-se de algo preocupante e potencialmente perigoso. Qomi ressalta que a violência não deve ser aplicada contra o @portadosfundos. Fala em ações "racionais". Mas sugere como exemplo a fatwa (decreto) que o aiatolá Khomeini contra @SalmanRushdie. Pena de morte.
#3 Quem é Alí Qomi? Ele é genro de Mohsen Rabbani, que é acusado de ser o arquiteto dos atentados contra a sede da AMIA na #Argentina. Minhas fontes explicam que Qomi é o sucessor de Rabbani no comando da expansão das operações "culturais e religiosas" do #Irã na América Latina.
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March 25 2011 #KimClement There is a #president who will come. And #God says, 'he will have absolutely no fear, absolutely no fear. He will be decisive, he will make decisions. And then in the middle of the restoration of #America - rapidly because of ...
... a source of energy that shall come quickly, & because of medical breakthroughs, & because of agreements between nations, specifically #China,' #God said, 'they shall say, 'we never dreamed this would happen. #Trump2020 #Prophetic #Prophecy #Prophet #KimClement
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#Jesus #JesusLovesYou
#God sacrificed his #Son #Jesus on the #cross as payment for the #sins of the world. #JesusChrist did this for you because He loves you. He does not want you to go to #Hell. To be saved, ask forgiveness of your sins & ask God to be your Lord (open thread)
#Jesus #Christ shed his #blood for you, so that you do not have to bleed simply to enter the #Kingdom of #Heaven. The debt is already paid. You are worth a lot, even if you feel worthless. You were worth dying for!
Stay away from #sin so you do not backslide & fall away from God. You cannot sin on purpose thinking you will have a chance to ask forgiveness later, it doesn't work that way. You must be seriously ready for a change in your life. Follow God in all you do, give him ALL the glory
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WE THE ]#PEOPLE[ Have to Pick Up Where Our #Founders Left Off. Protect The #Nation Protect the #Family, [Protect the #Children] living in our Great #UnitedStates of #AMERICA..


This is for the like #minds, and everyday #thinkers who do right and care for the future of our nation. IF you just found out #WELCOME!! #America Needs you!, We need you!

We #communicate, post, #network and RESEARCH #RESEARCH @WhiteHouse
RESEARCH, #INFORM REPEAT...(and #joke poke & prodd #ideas/people minus the hate of course(sometimes) (we get it)). get the #word out!! If 💩 hits the fan! Just know WE r HERE& #TRUST we R #UNITED! Please #Guide and #Teach like mind who will add @NSAGov
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Good Morning Family!
He Is Worthy!!
Rev. 5:5 Weep not: behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has triumphed!!
Listen to this beautiful song:

#HeIsWorthy #LionOfJudah #Jesus
President Trump and General Flynn’s current Twitter banners!!
In case you wondered - I save these daily for historical purposes and to note any changes.
#TwitterBanners @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn
President Trump liked a new tweet!! He now shows 6 liked tweets!!
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(1/3) Can we embrace #Jesus, the activist, the man, the spiritual teacher ... and reject all organized religion?


Organized religion has preyed on human weakness and fear. Evil has been done its name. I want no part of that.

But I want to be true to the example Jesus set.
(2/3) I am as much a skeptic as anyone. I know full well that science can reduce our spiritual/mystical experiences to random chemical and electrical energy.

But I have deep faith that there is another realm, the place of our origin, our home. We get occasional glimpses of it...
(3/3) I've survived war and had close calls. Through music, I've found healing and a connection to the other realm.

Some find it through meditation, some by following teachers/guides...others through mind-altering substances.

Either way, faith is believing that realm is real.
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