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I am from a country that host 71% percent of the child abuse content that is found on the internet, worldwide! The Netherlands is as bad as Sodom & Gomorra, there is ritual abuse as well, but the average Dutchman will never even find out. Hence my interview on Right On Radio.
In this interview, you will hear me explain how it is possible that Holland hosts these staggering numbers of child porn, what the survivors of ritual abuse are going through and what the role of the authorities is in the cover up of too many of these horrors.
Please, listen. Because listening is the first step on the way to understanding and understanding is the gateway to prayer. Because PRAYER, that's what the children and survivors of Satanic Ritual Abuse and Child Sex Trafficking need the most at this moment!
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The #Cabal #DeepState #occultists deal in duality.

They hit us with one game of duality after another.

It’s how they control us.

But let me let you in on a little secret

They’re rooting for people to wake up, and stop playing their games.

Straight and narrow is the way.
(1) They have appointed themselves as the drivers of human evolution.

And they believe if you are too stupid to evolve past the illusion of duality, then you deserve what happens to you.

Spending your eternity to reincarnate on this plane until you wake up.
(2) “Eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil”, is the day men fell into the trap of duality.

We have been at war with ourselves ever since.

Stop playing the game!
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1. I just got some first-hand information on the #BerlinProtests. A friend of mine went there to be part of it on Monday.

It was still going on then. The #Berlin protesters said they were willing to stay (up to five days) until the German govt. resigned.…
2. Notice that there has been ALMOST NO COVERAGE of the protests during the past 3 days. No videos, no pictures, no comms with protesters of any kind.

There's a reason & I just found out why!

My friend left the protests yesterday, returning to Stuttgart completely distraught.
3. Why? This:

A. They are jamming cell phones so people can't communicate with one another.

B. There is no Internet available in the city to upload photos & videos.

C. Mobile phones had ALL THEIR PHOTO/VIDS DELETED from memory when they left #Berlin.

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Hangisini konuşalım?
Elit denilen pisliklerin
#organhasatı ve #pedofili sapıklıklarının karşılığında küreselcilere kazandırdıkları sermayeyi mi, #küreselısınma #karbonayakizi yalanı ve #5G'nin tüm canlı florasına yapacağı katliam ve insan hasatını mı?
Kalan sağlar, #Transhumanism kölemizdir! diyecek, efendilerinizi mi?
#Aşıgerçekleri'ni mi #Gıda'yı mı #GDO'yu mu, onların izin verdiği kadar ve çogu eksik, yanlış bilgilerle aldığını sandığın #eğitim'i mi, bundan üç kuşak önce yaşayan atanın neden senden daha zeki olduğunu mu?
Nüfus azaltma, tek dünya devleti #illuminati
#Covit19 senaryosu ve amacını mı, hepsi birbiriyle bağlantılı bir zincir ve hepsinin yüzlerce ara #Cabal sayfası var.Tüm bunlar gerçek! İnansan da, inanmasan da.
Hangisini konuşalım? yada; hangisine susalım!
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A major part of this scamdemic is the dehumanization of humanity,
particularly children.

The #cabal wants to connect humans to Al, as admitted by the year 2030.

This would be the end of humanity
as we know it. Image
(1) This agenda seeks beyond Orwellian technocratic totalitarian dystopia.

Microchipping, humans computer
Hybrids and genetic alteration of
DNA using CRSPR and other approaches are all aspects of the transhuman agenda of illuminaries. Image
(2) This game will only end when enough people become aware of what is going on.....

Wakey wakey folks - the TIME IS NOW......! Image
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Rabbi Alon Anava: "It is ignorant and against the Torah to say that the Redemption is for the Jews. The Gentiles are part of the plan. One nation under God with one language. There's not going to be religions when Mashiach comes. One Nation under One God."
Rabbi Anava:

The NWO globalists seek world domination, population control, they hate and want to supersede God -

just as


They want to reduce you to a number.
Rabbi Anava clearly states that

* 5G is a "military weapon"

* 5G is "a component of one big infrastructure called 'smart cities'"

* The "New World Order" is a real plan.
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Quien reparte el bacalao?

Los opositores de la #conspiracion suelen argumentar que es imposible crear una #redglobal en la que todos sus nodos actúen obedeciendo un plan al unísono. Dando por imposible tal concentración de poder, en tan pocas manos. Esto no es tan así...
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Dutch members of parliament (Congressmembers) have spoken out strongly against a video of patriot @langefrans and Fall Cabal film maker @JanetOssebaard. They knowingly and willing pulled their words out of context and blame them for threatening the "nr.1guy" from the Netherlands.
This is the video:
Among the politicians who were speaking out against them was a Christian member of parliament who said this:

"These daydreams of Lange Frans and Mrs. Ossebaard are terrifying.
And a warning to everyone who is sowing wind here every day with hate and conspiracy theories...
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#LogicalThinking #Questions 🧐

✳️ WHY were masks NOT made “mandatory” at START of #SARSv2 outbreak?
✳️WHY wasn’t there a HARD PUSH to “prevent #COVID transmission” with MASKS when “UNKNOWN” DANGER was GREATEST???
✳️IF MASKS are THE “best protection” to “prevent transmission” WHY make them MANDATORY when CREST HAS PASSED & is nearing flatline???
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#FalseFlag #Cabal ATTACK


33 stacked
33 Degree Freemasons⬅️

23 Injured

23 Injured
Tour Boat, 'lava bomb' Kapoho HI 7/16/18.
*John Jr Anniversary
*Islam New Year

23 Missing
33 Dead
Tour boat Phuket
7/6/18, 10 days prior

23 Seconds

#attacked .



By an Enemy Foreign AND Domestic.
The United
#Cabal #worldbank #MuslimBrotherhood

In the Age of Information, Ignorance is a Choice.
#StepUp #Now

We've been down this road before.
➡️ 33 ⬅️ passengers.
(Ya don't say.)

Chinook Shot Down, Afghanistan 2011.

Hussein Obama's Watch.
NOT born in Hawaii.
Anyone still in Denial of this grim TRUTH must WTFU. NOW. Missile Alert. Etc… Image
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1. Credit to:… “There are groups of people with tremendous power, who have incredible influence on almost EVERY nation. They torture and kill, overthrow countries, traffic drugs, undermine our politicians and can spy on almost everyone. They operate in
2. SECRET. and are often referred to as
“THE DEEP STATE”. - Peter Stefanovic Sky News
In this special investigation, Sky News speaks to former spies, politicians and investigative journalists, to uncover if the rumours are true. Is US President Donald Trump at war with the “Cabal
3. ”, the “Unelected Deep State Operatives”? Since this investigation was aired, it is worth noting that during the week of June 9, 2020 the following has happened in the US, all led by the Trump Administration, in the war to “bring down the Deep State”.
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When I personally learned about the OP #SaveTheChildren taking down #Tunnels/DUMBS last MARCH 2020, I CRIED & CRIED
I was very #EMOTIONAL, #SHOCKED hearing all that was happening to all OUR #CHILDREN underneath our feet
My Thoughts were straight away to these #Children how #traumatized, hurt they would be
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[NEW THREAD] RT if you like this Tweet 🙏

I would like to shortly point out what I discovered about Steven Greer and why I'am positive this man is a #DeepState #Cabal asset.

(1) When I first heard about The Disclosure movement I was upside down, I couldn't believe it, I was completely mind-struck.

I watched their press-conference video on YT A 1,5 hour presentation of various very credible seeming whistle-blowers.
(2) Steven Greer appeared very passionate and serious to me and I had no reason to suspect any deceit yet...

After that I began watching his public talks.

I immediately noticed a great change in his persona.

This was not the same man I witnessed on that press-conference.
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La @APAPsychiatric está capturada hace décadas por el Cabal, eso es un hecho que no muchos colegas se atreven a decir, recordemos su pasado, en que la homosexualidad y el que los negros huyeran de las plantaciones de algodón, era considerado un trastorno mental severo.

Sigo ImageImageImage
Hoy ya están perfilando que es injusto que no hayan más terapeutas líderes en psiquiatría y psicología que sean de origen afro descendiente, que es un absurdo que muestra su obsesión racial.

Más aún, que no reconocer el #COVID19 con los parámetros de la #OMS es psicopatía. Image
Por años hubo profesionales que hemos denunciado el doble estándar de la #OMS y la APA, pues de modo acomodaticio y acorde a la agenda del #Cabal, declaran una u otra cosa trastorno mental, sin ninguna seriedad. Tal como antes, encerraban en sanatorios mentales a los disidentes. ImageImage
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1. 👇Guess who just publicly exposed themselves as socialist sympathizers?🧐
Pull out, Ameri-ca🇺🇸.

They are in bed with #Satanists aka #Socialists aka #Communists aka #Cabal aka Elites aka #Globalists aka #Illuminati aka #SecretSocieties

All of them hate America.
2. Have the Elites always hated America?
We know that infiltration not invasion was always the plan since our inception as a nation. How long did it take them to infiltrate every Walk of Life in 🇺🇸?
3. Soon people will have to acknowledge that ANTIFA, MS13, BLM are PAID MERCENARY ARMIES intent on destroying America.

The day will come when those who supported them will be embarrassed. We will be there to lift them up after their masks & blindfolds come off.
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tsunami / quake / lava
Kilauea ?

Politico article, Sec Pompeo possibly mtg w/ China officials in Hawaii.
Off the rails comm(ercials).

Jerusalem Post picked up.
History of HI ff comms.
(my media timeline has)
June 13◀️
Time Stamp 11:▶️44◀️…

Well alrighty then. I'm being blocked posting my screenshots of these comm(ercial)s.

Obama with a tear. IQ ad
Over pic of
A1 looking jet crashed into bridge

George Washington image / 2 quarters 1983 & 1988 rare coins ad.
Kilauea Eruption 1/3 *13
first event '1983 USA search'.
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...#POTUS and do all kinds of deals with #Putin? Do YOU remember @HillaryClinton’s response? OH MY, #DJT would rather do deals with Putin than our own fake president. Putin’s translator at the #SingaporeSummit said here the ball is now in your court. As in all the traitorous...
T+T= 40
DJT said on 10-5-17 “Maybe what your looking at is the CALM BEFORE THE STORM“.
Did @realDonaldTrump pick 10-5 by accident when, GOD’S WORD =105
How about
105 = SAVIOUR, the Biblical version with a U in it. Tiffany Blue=...
CALM BEFORE THE STORM was Chapter 7 of #JFK’s book he wrote before coming 110 (President)
CALM BEFORE THE STORM =198 & that’s how many days were left in the year on 6-16-15, when #DJT announced he was running 4 @POTUS
As he came down the escalato, HERE COMES YOUR MAN=...
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#LeeWarren #PLIM #REPORT #Volume 11#1
When have the most inhumane acts occurred in time?
Was Nazism born of secret societies and the occult?
Was Hitler under demonic influence?
Was Stalin controlled by demons?…
#World #Leaders & the #Occult #EVIL #Satanic #System

World leaders gathered around a moving luminescent #pyramid in a circle with symbols. They wear a lapel pin of an unholy triangle, the #illuminati pyramid

World Leaders #Wearing Illuminati Pyramid Pin
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@MarinaAbramovlc with #JacobRothschild in front of a very special picture called "Satan summoning his Legions". #QanonArmy says, that the #DeepState is in #PanicInDC.
#JacobRothschild is father of @NatRothschild1. Do you remember the connections? Nat knows #RachelChandler aswell as #GhislaineMaxwell.
#JacobRothschild together with #EvelyneRothschild and #LynnForesterRothschild.
Lynn is the spouse of #Epstein listee Evelyn. Together with Archpaedophile #JimmySavile, #FfionHague and @TheDukeOfYork, Lynn was on the board of Outward Bound where indescribable abuse took place.
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@NYGovCuomo granted LEGAL IMMUNITY TO NURSING HOMES after receiving PAYMENT from powerful “health care” INDUSTRY group. THOUSANDS OF HELPLESS PEOPLE *DIED* as DIRECT RESULT. Do you know what that is called? 🤔 🔗
“New York officials have scrubbed Gov. Andrew Cuomo's March 25 order requiring nursing homes to take in COVID-19 patients from the state health department website -- ...
“... even as Cuomo's office insists that the order, which has been linked to thousands of nursing home deaths, remains in effect.”
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Cellphone tower set on fire in Saint-Henri

yo .⁦@CBCMontreal⁩ .⁦@CBCAlerts

your story 👇 talks of “False narratives around #5G technology...” so by all means let’s deal with #5Gfacts & not mindlessly conflate with #C19



***no independent scientific studies of #5G safety have ever been conducted — #fact wireless industry reps themselves have admitted.***

this MUST be brought to public attention!!!

(it certainly has been kept quiet so far.... 🤔 yo #cdnmedia! )


2 /

any claims of #5G safety by #BigTelecom are cynical PR distraction ploy from core threats to human health (which #BigWireless, #lobbyists & servile ‘regulator’ .@GovCanHealth — both #PHAC & #HealthCanada — refuse to acknowledge)…


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Who are the true bloodlines of the ruling elite?
#Cabal #Elite #DeepState #Illuminati #Bloodlines here we go...... 👇
(1) The Black Nobility or Black Aristocracy (Italian: nobiltà nera, aristocrazia nera) are Roman aristocratic families who sided with the Papacy under Pope Pius IX after the Savoy family-led army of the Kingdom of Italy entered Rome on 20 September 1870,
(2) overthrew the Pope and the Papal States, and took over the Quirinal Palace, and any nobles subsequently ennobled by the Pope prior to the 1929 Lateran Treaty.…
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1. Oh look, #JenniferLopez took a selfie! #nothingtoseehere, she's not #DeepState!
2. Something looks a little strange, what's this? Couldn't be! #hiddeninplainsight
3. Why is there what appears to be a child with someone's hand covering their mouth in the background?
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