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The secret cabal being responsible for deliberately starting World Wars
There is evidence that certain top people in Russia, Austria, Serbia and elsewhere may have plotted the murder of the heir to the Austrian throne, thus sparking World Wars.…
Carroll Quigley The Anglo #American Establishment (book)
The extension of British rule throughout the world by perfecting a system, a kind of religious brotherhood like the Jesuits, some say "A church for the extension of the #British Empire".…
Carroll Quigley The Anglo American Establishment (article)…
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My THREAD on the F9 Algorithm used to spy on you all.

#qanon #wwg1wga #facebook #huawei #china #cabal #deepstate
1) Once upon a time I was involved with the development of military software and electronics for the purpose of localizing smart phones in a specific area.

#qanon #wwg1wga #facebook #huawei #china #cabal #deepstate
2) The goal of this system we were developing was to locate people based on their cell phone. We could use it to secure objects/buildings, borders and even to detect ppl near train tracks who wanted to commit suicide.

#qanon #wwg1wga #facebook #huawei #china #cabal #deepstate
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1) Sea to Shining Sea and Red October Thread

To support my hypothesis that a subtle 5280hz tone is playing in the background of the “Potus Movement Speech Video”() lets explore 2 more potential music-related double meanings (see title) #QAnon
2) My #qanon “Potus Movement Speech Video” thread gives evidence #qanon is pointing us towards the ‘Solfeggio’ frequencies, or 'sound' in general.

Here's a closer look at some qdrops referencing “Sea to Shining Sea”, keep in mind double meanings related to music exist
3) Q395:

a) remember 5.28/528/5280hz refers to us (mankind), DNA healing, transformation and miracles (show the world our power #frequency).

b)Sea to Shining Sea and Red October are also shown to be linked.
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Thor, Zeus & all Chief Storm Gods are
👉 [P]ERUN 👈
This is the primary Archon, DARK Alien / Fallen Angel the #Cabal serves
👉 Bood sacrifice
👉 Pedophilia
👉 Perverse rituals
👉 Organ Harvesting
👉 Adrenochrome
Behind the GOOGLE
#Q hinted in 2017
“There were giants in the earth in those days”

👉 This is one of 2 verses in the Bible that refer to GIANTS :
(the King James Bible translation)
(the Hebrew transliteration)...
The root word from the original Hebrew is נְפִיל which is defined by Strong's Concordance as “a feller, a bully or tyrant.”This word is derived from the Hebrew base word נְפִל; -“to fall, lie, be cast down, fail.” It is implied that these are people that have fallen down/failed
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💣🔥The ONLY remaining OPTION for #NWO #Globalists

🔥Adam Schiff is a KEY co-conspirator in the MASSIVE DS conspiracy to OVERTHROW Pres. TRUMP

🔥Other co-conspirators include Eric Swalwell, Jerrold Nadler, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer..

🔥Maxine Waters, Richard Blumenthal, Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, Kirsten Gillibrand & Mazie Hirono among many other prominent members of Congress

🔥THIS should SCARE every single American WHY?

@OrtaineDevian @HB04920973 @Cordicon @MagaGlam
@OrtaineDevian @HB04920973 @Cordicon @MagaGlam @TWITMO_INMATE @TexasDeplorabl4 @nxumalo_terence @TerryMeggins @1776AmericaUSA @SmartiPants83 @MAGA_Len @heidi_weigand @JustLis71565329 @HH_kathy #Cabal

🔥This SEDITIOUS plot to REMOVE Trump from office by a SOFT COUP also implicates:

🔥Barack Obama
🔥Hillary Clinton
🔥John Podesta
🔥John Brennan
🔥James Clapper
🔥Michael Hayden
🔥Robert Mueller
🔥James Comey
🔥Susan Rice..

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Até 2020, seremos ‘silenciados’.

#Soros #Saud #Rothschild #Khazarians #Cabal #FakeJews #SynagogueOfSatan #CIA #Mossad #Islam #Vatican #EU #ClimateChangeHoax #Depopulation #Nazism #NWO #UN

Soros: Online Trump Supporters Will Be Entirely ‘Silenced’ By 2020
Memorando de 2017 descreve guerra diária na mídia
Plataformas vão banir jornalistas/cidadãos de direita
Financiada p/Soros, a Media Matters tem acesso a dados brutos do FB/Twitter/sites mídia social

Temos sentido essa estratégia desde que Trump assumiu...…
Do Memorando:
Nos próximos 4 anos, a Media Matters vai se concentrar em expor divulgadores de conteúdos de direita. As plataformas Google, Facebook/etc não serão neutras e não enriquecerão divulgadores de campanhas tóxicas que envenenam nosso discurso nacional sem consequências.
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The struggle we are witnessing between .@realDonaldTrump administration against the Deep State is part of a temporal war involving diff. extraterrestrial & human groups from the future intending to either protect/alter timelines that prevent future galactic tyranny
The #QAnon movement has major implications for preserving the US Republic & exposing the Deep State, many may not appreciate our movement’s far greater significance for humanity’s future and the #Galaxy.
Expand your thinking .....
The best physical evidence that our timeline is being altered is the #TheMandelaEffect.This new movie was released 12/6/19 but no showtimes have been assigned. A man becomes obsessed with a phenomenon where facts/events have been collectively misremembered by thousands of people.
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@myjourneymyself @CodesUcq Do you think the #Dogs are the minions, and the #Ponies are the #Cabal #Bloodline players? Is it possible that #Horse #Breeding and #Racing is used by the #Elite to keep track of actual #bloodlines, & #status of their #members? Everyone draws #Money from the #Endowment
@myjourneymyself @CodesUcq The #Cabal #Bloodline's #endowment or #Trust dates back to the #Venetian #Oligarchs 500 years ago who established the #Family "fondo". Everyone's earnings go into it, and #members in good standing (or with a #Project) get an #allowance or #funding from it.
@myjourneymyself @CodesUcq These people do not keep written record but rely on #Memory training like that described by Giordano Bruno. They use #Props like a #Theater setting, or some real world activity (#Horse #Racing) as #Hooks to remember.
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@atensnut @POTUS
It is said "their desire to publicly show-off their symbols will be their downfall"
#cabal #babylon #aleppo #egypt #cult
Troilus TROYlius "beautiful youth murdered" Notice #motif upon ancient art.
#bathhouse in #aleppo matches cf. #isaackappy "dead man's switch #USA
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@mauipinney @YHWHsMJ @OutoftheG8TE No, Susie, I am NOT irresponsible.
There are very. hard. truths. that Christians and average citizens alike are going to be confronted with.
DID, Dissociative Identity Disorder is created in Illuminati and Bloodline Families' children 100% of the time. Faithful Christian by day,
@mauipinney @YHWHsMJ @OutoftheG8TE ...horrific satanist by night and ritual...and that leaks into every aspect of their being because we are first, Spiritual beings, soul, then body.
That is WHY I said, Consider SRA Programming which IS the forerunner of MKUltra/Monarch Programming.
*See Project OFTEN.
My father..
@mauipinney @YHWHsMJ @OutoftheG8TE ..faithfully went to church, sang in the choir, was on the Evangelism Committee that went to peoples' homes and led them to Jesus!
*NOTE, I am NOT negating "work for Jesus" they have done.
However, they also do much "work for Lucifer" too.
The older they get, as the battle for..
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Please feel free to add anything I may have missed.
@JustinTrudeau & @liberal_party's accolades include:

▪️Handing a $42B steel contract with China Vs Canadians.
▪️Groping a reporter.
▪️Removing 99yrs worth of climate data to suit their agenda.
@JustinTrudeau @liberal_party ▪️Breaking ethics laws left, right, & center.
▪️Allows foreign funding to shape Canada's future.
▪️Obstructing judicial processes.
▪️Trillions of liters of sewage dumped in to Canada's waters.
▪️Allowed 2 Canadians to be beheaded.
@JustinTrudeau @liberal_party ▪️Invented news ways of taxing already strapped Canadians.
▪️Their leader wore blackface 3x's that we know of.
▪️Vilified Canadians.
▪️Shaming Canadians domestically & on the world stage.
▪️Created identity politics that is dividing the nation.
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Nancy Pelosi's Son Appointed To TWO Boards Of Ukraine Oil Companies!!

#shameonpelosi #WWG1WGA #MAGA #QAnon #PatriotsUnited #DrainTheSwamp #TheJigIsUp
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⚡☔ 'NEVER land' #decode thread:
POTUS tweet "NEVER"➡ #QPOST search "never"
Many themes currently in the news.
👉#civilwar #Schiff #treason #Rudy #Barr #snowden #EricHolder #impeachment #cia #msm etc.
#MAGA #TheGreatAwakening
@realDonaldTrump #Qposts #qmap #Qanon
#futureprovespast #Qanon
#civilwar talk has ramped up ever since @poyus shined a light on reality of D-party divisiveness. Anons had no illusions long ago of the evil we face.
searching for #Never also brought up posts about @potus being insulated from #impeachment scams.
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We know that predictive programming has been used on us

over and over throughout the years. I’m not saying anything

will happen however we also know #DS is in panic mode and

will do anything to try and keep control.


@beldandolo @LeeRoss813 @mbees39 @AutistMember
Seattle 11/03/2019 - High Watch Date - Stay Vigilant Friends!

Please watch and share.








It’s all about the numbers when it comes to the #DeepState &

#Cabal #NumbersDontLie #Remember911? #HollyWood

showed us over and over about the #TwinTowers & #Pentagon.

Better safe then sorry.
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A Poem by @RealMightyJoe
"As The #Cabal Sleeps"

I saw You last night when you were Dreaming.
I may not have looked quite like Me,
I had Their Eyes.
I do.
Why do They never have Eyes in Your,
Night Terrors?
Are You afraid to Witness the Shine?
You did that night though?
Did you not?
Those Eyes,
For 10,000 lives they will Stare at You!
So Mote It Be.
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😲 I think I just found a “Y” 😏!
💥The “Y” and General Flynn photos connect to Huma as @JackalsLast points out to us!👇🏻
Recent Grand Jury in regards to #WeinerLaptop
Wow! L👀KS like #itshappening 🔥🔥🔥🔥
“The month of AUGUST is traditionally very HOT.”
#QAnon @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn
3. Thread: “Y” 👉🏻#WeinerLaptop 🔥🔥🔥🔥
ThanQ @JackalsLast ! Court gives @JudicialWatch addtnl discovery & witnesses on Clinton emails - wants to “shake the tree” on new “trove”.
💥FYI a “TROVE” is a TREASURE💥 😉 A treasure of info!!
🚨 See #4!👇🏻....
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🔥🔥🔥CAN You Say, “CORRUPTION?”🔥🔥🔥🔥

🔥What does #CIA, #MKULTRA, & THE FINDERS have in COMMON?

🔥🔥Child Sex-Offender, JEFFREY EPSTEIN 🔥🔥

@OrtaineDevian @realDonaldTrump @NSAGov @GenFlynn @Bluepopcorn8 @volarconalas @Telford_Russian @Lied2B2point0

🔥It is time ~ They MK-Ultra’d WHITEY BULGER while in prison

🔥The psych: “...[a child] was filmed NUMEROUS times performing SEXUAL ACTS with HIGH-RANKING Fed Govt workers, in a scheme set up by Cameron

🔥It is definitely time

@OrtaineDevian @trixirilla @BrianCMulloy76 @miketeets4 @MagaSpud @MmeMaryMary1 @mclanelfn @ZacharyMcbrien @NannyMcTrump @OBXRealty @DevinPMcDermot1 🔥In 1956, Bulger served his first term in federal prison

🔥While there, he was involved in the MK-ULTRA program, the goal of which was to research mind control drugs for the CIA

🔥For 18 mos, Bulger & 18 other inmates were given LSD and other drugs

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A Little Birdie told me that in 2016 Vicky Ward's parents re-purchased a house located only 7 minutes from Jeffrey Epstein's Palm Beach estate.
(they had owned it before)
Vicky Ward, journalist - supposed go-to person on Epstein who just took a job at CNN.
Big if true?
Donna and Rodney Ward sold their Palm Beach Estate in 2008.…
/3 (sorry I didn't number the first two)
The Ward's sold their Palm Beach house in May, 2008.
Epstein signed his plea deal approx June 30 2008 but the case had been ongoing for many months before that…
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Hey #MAGA & #QAnon Fam👋😍🇺🇸

1/3-You may have noticed, that I've deleted most of my threads & tweets. Looks like even though that didn't help me avoid the Twitler algorithms... it was still a good idea, because Twatter is updating their format & ToS.

So... 🤓👇
2/3-I'm on a tweet break, while I update my threads... to make sure all the info complies w/Twatter's new ToS and my memes are resized, to fit Twatter's new format. FYI... looks like 1200w x 675h is a good size. 🤓👇
3/3-While I'm away... here's a Moment full of other Anons threads/tweets about the #Globalist #DeepState #NWO #Illuminati #Cabal... I'll add more info to this Moment, as I come across it, while researching my new thread. 🤓👍

#ThanQ 🙏❤️🌎…
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One of the greatest challenges to becoming Totally Free is to be able to think independently from everyone else.

The Elite give us the illusion of freedom but control all of the choices. The Elite give us the choice of 500 cable stations, yet the same message comes from all of the channels.

They give us aisles and aisles of food, yet 90% of it is just corn and soy byproducts.

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@StormIsUponUs if you want the punchline it’s this.. “A civilization of ‘Pre-Adamite’ giants with elongated skulls crash-landed on a continent we now call Antarctica 55,000 years ago. This is the apparent origin of what we are now calling the Cabal, Illuminati, or NWO.” - @david_wilcock #QAnon
@StormIsUponUs @david_wilcock once you know that.. it ALL makes sense.. #Cabal #QAnon
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They have infiltrated all our institutions; from sovereigns to senate; from commerce to church.

They have fed us a series of lies and we have gorged upon them.

It’s time to stop the feeding frenzy and change our diet to one of #Truth!

#SlavesNoMore #Trump #MAGA #QAnon
As civilizations grew, one state battled another. War was a constant; death was routine.

Why we cannot truly say, but the same families were always behind the decisions on both sides.
Any explanation for warfare with fellow human beings is insane.

And yet, the world is a big stage where death and destruction are acted out repeatedly with bigger and bigger weapons and larger numbers of deaths.
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1) question: what's up with the Vatican? could it be that the Vatican has been infiltrated by the #Illuminati over the course of many years? yeah duh. it's pretty easy to see actually. let's dive in #NWO #NewWorldOrder #Cabal #WWG1GWA
2) In 1738 Pope Clement XII issued a Papal Bull which stated that any Catholic who became a Mason would be excommunicated, a very serious punishment. guess some shady stuff was taking place? #Freemasonry #Vatican
3) By 1884 Pope Leo XIII issued a proclamation stating that Masonry was one of the secret societies attempting to "revive the manners and customs of the pagans" and "establish Satan's kingdom on Earth." Sounds like a pretty hyper specific warning to me.
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1. Several weeks ago @MastersShelby, @Americanlll and I wrote about Tuttle Creek Lake, educating folks about the flood conditions.

Jason Aldean was going to be part of an upcoming concert planned at the foot of the dam.

We warned it was a prime #DeepState target. We were right.
2. @Future_SpaceDad brought us his concerns about high lake elevations and the stability of the dam. We were able to relieve some much frazzled nerves. BUT, in our research, we found out #DeepState Jason Aldean was scheduled to be a part of a major country music show on 6/22/19.
3. That concert was to be held at the foot of a dam holding back nearly 700 BILLION gallons of water. We warned that since Aldean was a known deep state performer and because false flags were ramping up, it could be dangerous to allow Aldean to perform. Someone was listening.
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