A Key to All Problems- Shree Ram

A new meaning is added to life and life opens to new dimensions with the recitation of a three-syllable name – ‘Ram’. The name, when taken with reverence shows a new and correct path even in darkness.Does the name of Shree Ram open a Image
religious path and encourage one towards spirituality? If I mention ‘no’ then it won’t be incorrect. Not only the ‘Ram name’ but His whole life is an encouragement, it teaches us, guides us and gives us the power to see light in the darkness. Image
Lessons that Prabhu Ram teaches-
Now can we ask what lessons do we get from the life of Prabhu Ram? He teaches us to achieve our goals and be winners. He teaches us to have faith, courage and have the intention to do something innovative. People remember winners and Image
Shree Ram taught us to be a winner and achieve the target in an adverse situation.

Never Lose Cool-
He never lost hope, when his mother Kaikai asked him to leave the kingdom and go to the forest, then he did not tremble but fought with the situation. He never stepped back, Image
never thought about how he will look after His wife and brother. He just moved ahead with faith in Himself. That’s what we all should do in our life. Don’t give up ever! Fight till the end.

Once Decided, Never Back-
Sri Ram was the man of values. Once he decided to walk Image
on a path, he never looked back. When Kaikai asked Him to leave the kingdom, he left but when the brother devoted to Him, asked Him to come back, He didn’t because He promised His late father and promises are never broken. Image
Proper Planning and Execution-
He faced many challenges and saw many hardships but they were nothing in front of the situation when His wife Mata Sita was abducted. He had the target to bring Her back with respect. There were many hurdles; he crossed all with proper ? Image
strategic planning. He fought and won the battle against Ravana, the great warrior, with the army of monkeys.

He was supreme most in decision-making but he delegated the responsibility. He directed His team to meet the objective of bringing Mata Sita back. Image
The first hurdle was to locate the location of Mata Sita, for which He divided His team into 4 groups, made head of each group. This was the first stage of strategic planning as a good leader.

A leader is good and successful if he is a motivational person if he Image
can make his subordinates achieve difficult targets. Sri Ram taught us this rare skill. He made His subordinates, an army of monkeys, to build Ram Setu- a target that looked impossible but was achieved successfully. Not only this but He recognised the effort of each and Image
every subordinate, be it a monkey or a squirrel. The squirrel, when was teased by big monkeys about its contribution towards the bridge, came to Maryada Purshottam Ram then He motivated it because He knew that the small gaps in the bridge can be filled with the help of Image
pebbles contributed by the squirrel not by the big stones that were picked by monkeys.
‘The truth is that every player of the team is important, every contribution is valuable’.

Be a Trendsetter-
The bridge was ready with the contribution of every team player but as a good Image
leader, Sri Ram walked on it first. In this way He encouraged His team, He made His team members believe that He is with them in all the difficulties.

Recognise the Capacity of Opponent-
Prabhu Ram knew the power Ravana had. He was aware that Ravan was a Shiv-devotee and Image
he had the power to pick Bhagwan Shiv himself. He planned every strategy of the fight in this perspective. He collected the army of monkeys because He knew that monkeys can easily climb and reach the fort of Ravana, which was situated at a great height. Image
Consult your Subordinates-
‘To be a success in life always take suggestions from your subordinates and respect them’. Prabhu Shri Ram did this only. Before taking Vibhishan under his wings, He consulted his team members and when they accorded His decision then only He Image
invited Vibhishan in His camp. He also gave Vibhishan respect for a king, made him sit near Him because He knew what respect is to be given and to whom.

SWOT analysis-
Sri Ram made optimal utilization of all the resources available, He analysed the situation and led his Image
team with compassion and courage. He set an example before youngsters that no task is impossible if right planning is conducted and it is implemented properly. He brought Mata Sita back from Ravan after defeating him because He knew this was the correct way and only Image
in this way would do justice to Sita Mata. He fought and won an almost difficult battle with planning, ethics and morale. This is what we all have to do; we don’t have to leave our roots!
Yes, it’s correct the darkest hour is before dawn. When things become worse then Image
don’t lose hope, have faith and be calm and you will get success in the end. Who else can teach us better than Sri Ram?
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