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राम काज करिबे को आतुर
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पीएम ने कहा - अस्तित्व मिटाने का बहुत प्रयास हुआ लेकिन आज भी राम हमारे मन में हैं
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मंदिर के साथ अयोध्या के विकास की उम्मीद
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9 शिलाओं का पूजन हो रहा है। बीच में जो शिला है वह कूर्म शिला है। इस शिला के ठीक ऊपर राम लला विराजमान होंगे #RamMandirBhumiPujan Image
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हनुमान गढ़ी रोड, चरणामृत बांट रहे हैं
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बूंदाबांदी हो रही है हनुमान गढ़ी रोड पर
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सिक्योरिटी टाइट
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A Key to All Problems- Shree Ram

A new meaning is added to life and life opens to new dimensions with the recitation of a three-syllable name – ‘Ram’. The name, when taken with reverence shows a new and correct path even in darkness.Does the name of Shree Ram open a Image
religious path and encourage one towards spirituality? If I mention ‘no’ then it won’t be incorrect. Not only the ‘Ram name’ but His whole life is an encouragement, it teaches us, guides us and gives us the power to see light in the darkness. Image
Lessons that Prabhu Ram teaches-
Now can we ask what lessons do we get from the life of Prabhu Ram? He teaches us to achieve our goals and be winners. He teaches us to have faith, courage and have the intention to do something innovative. People remember winners and Image
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My Uncle was part of 1989 Kar Seva. I spoke to him asking his experience. His experience was both emotional & terrific. So thought to share some of his experience. He and fellow Kar Sevaks left from Sanghaniketan Hall(Mangalore) to Ayodhya in Train. #ProfileForRam
While leaving for Ayodhya they were asked to take bare minimum clothes & a plate & spoon. This coz they had to do long walk to prevent from being arrested. Coz UP police would have arrested persons in border to Ayodhya. #ProfileForRam #RamBhumiPujan
They left from Mangalore and once reaching MP - UP border they deboarded train, then their journey was in Trucks & by legs. They had to even cross fully flowing river. It was pure devotion of Lord Ram that made them to take complete such difficult path easily. #ProfileForRam
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--Thread on Agni Pariksha and Banishment of Sita --

Pt 1 of this discussion here –…
Explained the killing of Vāli and Sambūka. Now, let us look at agni pariksha and banishment of Sīta.+

#Hinduism #Ramayana #BhumiPujan #AyodhyaRamMandir
#Ayodhya #Hindus
The 2 incidents truly encapsulate the glory of the divine couple. If you fully understand these incidents, you will be left wondering who is indeed more glorious, Rāma or Sīta!+

#BhoomiPujan #BhumiPujan #Ayodhya #RamMandirAyodhya
#RamMandirBhumiPujan #Hinduism #Ramayana #Hindus
Start with Sita’s banishment first. No need to quote ślokās. The literal act is justified by the fact that Sīta is mentioned to be Mahālakṣmi and Rāma to be Viśṇu. In reality she is always on his chest, inseparable and hence it is a līla+

#Ayodhya #BhoomiPujan #BhumiPujan
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If the #RamMandir in #Ayodhya had anything to do w/religion, one would expect a priest to lay foundation stone. Instead, PM #Modi will lay foundation stone because temple has nothing to do w/religion & everything to do with politics. Politics of division, of supremacy, & of hate.
This is exactly why @JagdishSewhani is arranging massive spending to rent #TimesSquare digital billboard space to promote #RamMandirBhumiPujan (ground-breaking) on 5 Aug. Sewhani is a key @ofbjp_usa activist who even traveled from NY to Gujarat in 2014 to campaign for #Modi.
This is exactly why @SaketGokhale was protested at his home by #RSS workers for daring to seek an injunction against #RamMandirBhumiPujan because it is a violation of #Modi regime's own #unlock2guidelines which ban religious gatherings.
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