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I love these beautiful crackheads. Hard to believe that almost 5 years ago they were just young girls starting out at their dreams. So glad I got into Kpop or else I never would've took the dive to them.
Seriously though, in just 5 years these ladies went from being rookies to becoming the top girl group in all of Asia. This just speaks volumes to the incredible talent and skill these 9 women possess. Twice is an experience, and one that'll likely leave you wanting more and more.

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Apr 16
#CJs2Cents: #RWBY9Spoilers
So...I just watched episode 9 and holy shit, how did the writers take all of the intrigue and actual curiosity I had for this season and Ruby that they built up last episode, and just annihilate it in under 15 minutes?!
Let's just get the biggest piece of failure out of the way. So Ruby drunk the damn tea not to "ascend", but to literally end herself because she was so overwhelmed by life and the world, yet the story completely ignored this reality in favor of the ascension angle, and treats it>
as such. The gang aren't reflecting on how they failed to help Ruby or dealing with the grief of literally failing to keep their loved one from making the biggest mistake a person could do to themselves. No, instead, they look at the reincarnated paper people & herbologist and>
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Jul 25, 2022
Man, every time I see something involving Atlas, I get so heated and disappointed all over again by the Rooster Teeth writers' woke nonsense of "military bad". Miles & Kerry had "anime homework" yet learned nothing about nuance from it. Like how Oda-sensei handled military! #RWBY
To the untrained eye, it would seem like Oda is approaching military in a similar light to the RWBY writers, however this couldn't be further from the truth. Oda makes it clear on several occasions that the marines themselves aren't bad, but the corruption that plagues them is.
Of course the marines are antagonistic, they act as the global military to all of the world of One Piece & our heroes are pirates. And while there are indeed many despicable members in the order, there are also many marines who genuinely want to help the world or fix the system.
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Jul 12, 2022
I find it funny how anytime you see someone bring up criticism of how the writers have been butchering Qrow's character since V6, fanatics will jump and say, "you're just mad that Qrow's showing his emotions & vulnerability instead of toxic masculinity". No, ya dumbasses! 🙄#RWBY
What these people-myself included-are upset about his how the writers have made Qrow an absolute buffoon who seems to have lost all his intelligence, along with mope around about how "cursed" he is, despite the story clearly showing Qrow can and HAS lived a "normal" decent life!
And let the record show that people have absolutely no problem with Qrow showing his emotions. Hell, some of Qrow's best scenes were when he showed his emotions-pre V6-like when he was spending time with his nieces, or when he came to realized all his huntsmen friends were dead.
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Jul 2, 2022
I try-at the very least-to be a man of my word, and when I said I would do something, I try my best to get it done. I promised to have the gist of my future "superhero" story here for you all and so I've decided to put it down in this thread. Hope you enjoy it. #WritingCommunity
The name of this story has yet to be determined. But what you all need to know is that in this universe, there exists another dimension besides our own, one where all forms of thought and mental energy resides; a world formed by the collective unconscious of humanity.
This world known by those in our world as the "Outerworld"-name pending-is absolutely teeming with near infinite energy, and it is from this mental energy that beings in this dimension are born. These "outworlders" occasionally manifest in the human world with some causing havoc.
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Mar 28, 2022
#CJs2Cents: Looking at the Master Duel N/R event and all the decks people have been making and I'm once again reminded that the problem with this game wasn't the higher rarity cards, but it's the game itself, as Yu-Gi-Oh is just a game too flawed to fix in its current form.
Doesn't matter what cards they restrict in either Master Duel, the TCG, the OCG, Duel Links or whatever format, it will pretty much be the equivalent of putting a bandaid on deep gash. The attempt is there, but it realistically doesn't do anything to help with the core problem.
In a way, Yu-Gi-Oh is like the RWBY of card games. It started from humble & passionate beginnings before becoming a sensation. Only to gradually lose more & more of the very essence it started with overtime and become more convoluted until it barely resembles its original self.
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Mar 27, 2022
#CJs2Cent: To those supporting Arryn Zech in the recent nonsense & slandering of a Tow Ubukata, with the excuse of "listen to abuse victims" or "she has the right to worry about his past", I ask you...what proof does she have of ever being abused other than her own words? #RWBY
Actually, allow me to correct myself. What proof does she have of ever being abused by ex other than her own words, the words of those who dislike her ex and non-concrete "information". I ask this because it's real hard evidence that separates the real victims from the schemers.
And before anyone says anything, I am not a fan of Bob Morley, so there is no bias to either party. I am simply a man who was once falsely accused by a woman of things & no one cared to hear me out because they "believed the victim". I preach & believe in one thing here, facts.
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