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I know I’m supposed to be writing but I’ve had an idea.

I’m not procrastinating. Honestly.

It’s hard to make money from writing, so...I buy a chip shop. I still write but embed subtle, almost subliminal adverts for fish and chips in my novels...


She lost herself in his eyes as he grasped her to him powerfully.

“Can I have a pickled egg? I didn’t say when I phoned it in but they don’t mind adding things afterwards. It’s no bother.”

He stood there in his uniform, his hand on the hilt of his sword as regarded her with barely restrained desire.

He then noticed, to his concealed astonishment, that the breaded fish supper was scarcely more expensive than the standard one.


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I have now been procrastinating for an hour. This has included getting bogged down writing joke passages for a non-existent book about a serial killer who is a cabbage.

I need to get on with something.

#amwriting #writingcommunity
I really hate when the laptop goes to sleep because I haven’t done anything for a while. It seems like such a harsh judgement.

#amwriting #WritingCommunity
Can't get started. I need to listen to music so it writes itself.

MC is with an unnaturally calm therapist. Music needs to be emotional and inoffensive.

No option. I'll listen to Enya. Dammit. I swore I wouldn't go full Enya
#amwriting #WritingCommunity

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Right, going to try to write something.

I’m too close to the end of this book now. I’m having to go back and fill in bits I skipped earlier. I do not enjoy this part of the process.

This isn't working. Nothing about this scene is right.

Been at this for two days. To hell with it. I'll just make them all werewolves.

"We need to talk about Glasgow. About how we deal with this."

"OK but...look! Raaargh! I'm a werewolf!"


"Oh my God! So you are! Kind of puts that other situation into perspective. Why didn't you mention this in either of the previous books?"

"Raaargh! It didn't seem relevant at the time."

"But it is because...raaargh! I'm a werewolf too!"


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Let's talk about a glorious double standard women have, which also pertains to female MC's for authors, #writingcommunity. This will be a rather long thread but one that needs to be talked about. Also, the word "bitch" will be used for discussion purposes. 1/?
So a fellow author I recently met told me how she was banging her head on the wall trying to make her female MC less of a "prick" (her words, not mine). I offered to read her first chapter to see if I could help. I did so. Now, all her beta readers female and male alike said 2/?
they thought her MC was a "bitch". Upon my own reading, while I thought a few things over the top, I realized her MC was hit by a less talked about double standard.

So, it's scientifically proven that a man sending an email with this: Good morning.

Would just be viewed as 3/?
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Some #WednesdayMotivation for #screenwriters and authors on the topic of theme. THREAD:

#amwriting #screenwriting #WritingCommunity
I think this is the most important aspect of writing any sort of material while also being one of the most conceptually misunderstood. Should it be helpful, here’s how I approach it ...
Recently I’ve seen people define their “theme” with one or two-words, or treat it like a tagline.

IMHO that’s doing a disservice to whatever project you’re working on and ultimately making your process more difficult.
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It's #WorldPoetryDay2021
This poem is dedicated to the twitter trolls who provided the inspiration, as well as the unwarranted suspension, and all the laughs over our 1.5 year journey together
#poetrycommunity #WritingCommunity
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Stanislaus Mountains, California, April 1859. 

"He was running.  Running for his life, maybe, but young as he was, Jesse already had learned that there were worse things than death."
The high, eager laughter of the men pursuing him echoed off the trees and rocks that rose up the steep mountain slopes around him, and he knew. There were worse things. He ran, and did not waste an ounce of speed or energy on even a glance behind him.  

#WritingCommunity #Nox
His sprint between the trees became a scramble on all fours, as the grade grew steeper.  His chest and muscles burned, his breath coming harsh as he kept moving upward. He cursed the bad luck that had gotten him caught out in this unfamiliar, unexplored part of the mountains.
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#WeeklyShortStories based on my Learnings.
If you like them , do share them ! :))

Whilst distributing goodies to our children , Dhriti ran upto me & whispered in my ear.

"Didi, can I get 2 more bags ?"
"What for ?" I asked a tad unhappily thinking she was being greedy.
" I need to give them to Ashok & Pushpa - my friends. They haven't eaten such sweets ever ! " she stated.

"But I have just 1extra bag !" I lied.

She thought deeply momentarily & replied , "It's okay didi. I shall give my bag to Pushpa."

Shocked I questioned her ,
" Don't YOU wish to eat these yummy sweets? "

To which the 6yr old smiled & said , " You gave them last Diwali as well . I enjoyed it back then.
This time let THEM enjoy it ."

I held back my tears.....

What an important lesson she had unknowingly imparted!
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Big thread about #Scrivener features you maybe don't know about. It's a big black box full of features and every time you shake it, a new one falls out. #amwriting #WritingCommunity
#Scrivener (1/?): NAME GENERATOR! you can even customize each batch by alliteration, language of origin & more! never sit around mouthing nonsense syllables to yourself again trying to remember what names are! EDIT>Writing Tools>Name Generator #amwriting
#Scrivener (2/?): DICTATION
A life-saver if you need a break from typing, you can easily do speech-to-text within your doc with keyboard shortcuts. Not 100% accurate, but if you keep an eye on it as you're going, it's easy to correct mistakes. EDIT>Start Dictation #amwriting
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Ahh yes. the old debate of " #indiebooks can't possibly be good enough" compared to trad-pub.
Come the fuck on.
Like... really. Can these self-important verbose parsnips come up with *anything* more original than this?

A thread. Again.
I've been hearing the #selfpub vs. trad-pub debacle for the entire 15 years that I've been writing.
It's been bullshit every second of those 15 years.

Frankly, I love (sarcasm) how trad-pub authors think that they're somehow better than their #selfpublished counterparts.
Reality: Traditional publishing will make everyone but the author rich first. How much do trad-pub authors get from their book's sell price? 15%.

#selfpub authors get 70%.

Also, the majority of trad-pub authors never get off the mid-list.

What's a mid-list, you ask?

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So, I got into a LONG!!! talk with a reader/friend of mine about the world of publishing. Now, I'm not an expert, but staring down the release of my 6th book (holy shit, 6th?!), I have to reflect on a few realities of publication & open a dialogue with the #WritingCommunity
A bit of background: I've been writing since 2006. I self-pub'd my first book in 2009, and continued with self-pub ever since. This was just before self-publication became vogue. And it was a conscious choice - and it was also how I learned what I know. The hard way.

My friend said, "Getting an agent is like winning the lottery". This isn't wrong.
I tried to query, and was shot down every. single. time.
This isn't unusual. In fact, every #writer know that when you're #querying, this is par for the course.
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Sometime in the past, read 15 years ago and re-calling on my senior role experience, I was hired to be an interim manager (temporary crisis control manager). In a semi-governmental organisation that needed to deal with austerity measures, policy changes, and non-conforming staff.
They gave me six months to analyse risks, write a proposal, consult on, and implement said proposals. The first few months, because I managed to play 'the being an outsider card', everybody was my friend. The following months, when in the process of writing the proposal different
concerning parties tried to influence me into adding their opinions and trying to secure to their jobs. Which did not always go down well, to an extent that I was berated, bullied and sometimes hated. Even sitting management and board members made their sometimes strong argument.
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This book reading in progress!!
Check out this thread for some exceptional excerpts from this book :)

#thread #BookReview #WritingCommunity Image
Step 1- what kind of entrepreneur you want to be? Full time or Part time
Three things required to be a 10% entrepreneur-
- Time
- Financial capital
- Intellectual Capital
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I have a dream speech might be my fav speech

so many times since I lost my meds or watched disabled Americans discriminated, or thought of hateful riots

MLKs speech came to my mind

#MLKDay #MartinLutherKingDay #MartinLutherKingJr #MartinLutherKingJrDay
In a sense, we’ve come to our nation’s capital to cash a check. When the architects of our republic wrote the magnificent words of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence (Yeah), they were signing a promissory note to which every American was to fall heir.
This note was a promise that all men, yes, black men as well as white men (My Lord), would be guaranteed the unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It is obvious today that America has defaulted on this promissory note
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I was looking for a place with no broken hearts,
I was looking for a place with no darkness,
I was looking for a place with no wreaked ships,
I was looking for a sign
It was about time, that I had to call it quits, because there was no time left and no unbroken heart left.
It was then I realised, the light didn't emerge from the unbroken.
It emerged from the creeks that the broken hearts had.
The light traced it's significance from where the dark prevailed.
I wasn't looking for no broken hearts, but a sign of hope.
I found light stays only when darkness prevails

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Starting a press as writers homegrown from this #WritingCommunity has given us special empathy for transparency.

Today we've felt a lot of emotion and indecision with a lot of our "maybe" subs, and our first thought was, "We've got to show writers what's behind this curtain."
You hear all the time that acceptances are subjective, not personal. But what does that mean? What does it really look like inside an editor's head?

There are really too many variables to count. But let's discuss a few.

First: timing.
Good writing most often gets pushed into "maybe" bc we're still reading and don't feel sure of how the piece will ultimately compare to others. Perhaps it arrives early in our sub period and we're waiting to see if something else excites us more.
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#Morningside #WritingCommunity #TheBride #KillBill #Horror #fanfiction #RPG
I am Beatrix Kiddo, better known as 'The Bride.' I am the deadliest of The Deadly Viper Assassination Squad (DVAS), led by my lover, Bill.
Discovering my pregnancy, I decided to escape my killer life and fled to Texas, met and was about to marry.
The day of my wedding dress rehearsal, I was shot in the head by a jealous Bill. He used the DVAS to kill everyone else; no one was spared.
It didn't kill me.
Four years later I awaken from a coma, my baby gone. From that day I swore vengeance on those responsible.

On my travels, I purposely meet Hattori Hanzo, a highly sought after blade maker, and after some persuasion, he crafted one.
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1/ My favorite reads of 2020, including two best-of-all-time titles.

Categories: romance, fiction, sff, and non-fic.

Titles are in no special order, and I didn't limit myself to an arbitrary number of titles per category.

Total read (so far--there's still time): 160
2/ Romance:
Love Lettering (@kateclayborn)
Modern Love series (@AlishaRai)
One to Watch (@_ksl)
Act Your Age, Eve Brown (March '21, @TaliaHibbert)
Shipped (Jan '21, @Angie_Hockman)
It's Been a Pleasure, Noni Blake (Feb '21 in US, @pearliestpearl) >> this is a Top 5 of All Time
3/ SFF:
Piranesi (Susanna Clarke)
A Deadly Education (@naominovik)
Fable (@adriennebooks) >> Namesake completes the duology March '21 and it's superb
The Midnight Bargain (@clpolk)
Winternight trilogy (@arden_katherine)
House of Earth and Blood (@SJMaas)
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“What did I like? Having grown up in the 1950s this book really grabbed me. Having two bases in the town made it a good chance that a girl would run into boys from military families at some time or another. I happen to have had four boyfriends. Four because they moved so often.
Most of them were transferred after their dad’s had finished training. Two of them shared a lot of the things that went on at home and one of them was so close to Dave’s life!” - DD Gott - Donadees Corner @williamAGlass3
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“As Good as Can Be may be primarily a coming-of-age story, but it is also quite the page-turner, ...
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Buy a copy on Amazon here Image
and it’s easy to get caught up in the Knight family’s tragic story, one largely written by the family’s alcoholic patriarch, a man unwilling ever to put his wife and children above his own military ambitions.
It’s one hell of a ride.” – Sam Sattler
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“As Good As Can Be is a thoroughly enjoyable read. The novel takes place during the 1950s, 60s, and 70s and follows a boy, Dave Knight, and his escapades."

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Buy a copy - Image
It brings back so many memories for those of us who grew up during these turbulent years. This novel should be considered historically correct fiction.
The language is occasionally raucous, but so characteristic of the time that it wouldn't seem correct without it. Try it - I think you will like it; especially if you grew up during this era.” – Rosanna B.
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As promised: tips for writing about runners (for non-runners)
- after long enough, everything hurts. No matter how well trained, you hit that point eventually
- ankles, knees, lower back hurt first. The shoulders and neck if carrying a pack. Then your organs start hurting
- you are hungry/thirsty for a while. Then the bouncing will make you neither. (That’s bad)
- hills are the devil. Even Rambo would cry over a technical hill climb
- run long enough and your brain shuts off, that’s the good point
- fingers and feet swell
After the run:
- You smell. Even the ladies. Sorry to break the illusion
- you will have a layer of fine salt crystals everywhere (sweat). It’s part of what causes chaffing
- everything hurts for several hours to days
- hunger kicks in about an hour later when your belly settles
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1: Hi #PreWGA community! We hope you’re staying safe, well, and masking up when you go outdoors. We’re all operating on a different level of stress, and we want you to take care of yourselves.
2: There is a lot of information on this bird site, especially for us writers. Some of the tips of the trade mean well, while others are misinforming for personal gain.
3: We wanted to do a thread today about the experience of being #prewga or starting out, or BOTH and what that’s like on this platform, as well as how to navigate all the information being thrown at you.
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Today starts the 2nd #advent list to honor BIWOC this month. We’ll be learning a bit abt a different BIWOC’s work each day. Bookmark the thread. More of a mix of premodern, CRT & some STEM scholars this year.

#medievaltwitter #shakerace #adventcalender #citeblackwomen
Like last year, it'll be impossible to mention all the amazing WoC scholars. This is just a starter pack &you all should be finding, reading & citing these women et al. If I missed anyone, nothing personal. I’ll try &catch you next time. #citeblackwomen
Day1: Adrienne Merritt @BlackPhDE is a fierce medievalist & German Studies scholar. Her areas of expertise vary from Old English to late medieval mystical writings, decolonial theories, identity & inclusion of marginalized students/scholars within German Studies. 1/
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