7 ways to prevent your kid from choking

1. Keep seeds away
2. Don't feed when they cry or laugh
3. Cut foods in bite-sizes
4. Keep mouth clear
5. Sit in safe high chair
6. Cook foods before feeding
7. Mash or grate foods

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Kids want to reach out for any objects in their surroundings.

When they pick up #seeds & whole nuts like groundnut or any seed-like objects, they tend to put them straight in their mouth to swallow.

Keep such objects far away from their reach. Things kids choke on
A child's airway is open when they're crying or laughing.

If you #feed them at this time, part of the food may enter their windpipe & they'll start to choke.

What to do is wait until they stop laughing or calm them down from crying before feeding them. Image
Always #Cut foods like meat, cake, etc, into bite-sized pieces before feeding a child.

This will reduce the risk of choking.

The smaller the piece of food, the better a child could chew or swallow the food without choking.
You notice your kid has an object in their mouth or is chewing on something you don't know exactly what it is.

Quickly open their mouth & check what it is & remove it.

Keeping a baby's mouth #clear is a very important way of preventing choking. Image
When you're busy or need a toddler to sit alone for a while, sit them in a safe high #chair or in their baby seat.

Don't let them wander about in the room.

This will reduce their chances of picking up objects in the around & putting them into their mouths. ImageImage
For some hard foods like vegetables, make sure you #cook (steam, roast or bake) them to soften before feeding your child.

A lot of time, kids choke on hard stuffs.
Once cooked, softer vegetables like sweet potatoes or plantain need only be #mashed with a masher (or just use a fork!), before feeding your child.
Babies have to choked to death on several objects like seeds, doritos, beads, peanuts, pebbles & even their own foods.

Statistically, a child chokes to death every 5 days & much of that occurs in kids under 3 years.

So let's take this seriously!

For what to do if your kid is already choking, read my previous thread here;
Nobody wants to experience the trauma of watching a child choke & die from worthless objects in their environment.

With these simple measures, you can prevent your child from choking. Kindly RT!
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16 Nov
Pneumonia is an inflammation of the lungs that mainly affects the small air sacs known as alveoli.

It typically causes:
• fever
• chest pain
• difficulty in breathing and
• coughing with sputum.

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Some people believe pneumonia is caused by cold weather, staying in an air-conditioned place, bathing cold water, etc.

But the truth is that pneumonia is usually caused by infection with bacteria, viruses or other microorganisms.
It can be difficult to know exactly what type of microorganism is responsible.

But experts can diagnose pneumonia based on the symptoms you have, physical examination, chest X-rays findings, blood tests, and culture of your sputum.
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8 things your eyes can tell you about your health status

1. Bloodshot eyes
2. White conjunctiva
3. Red spots
4. Itchy, swollen, red eye
5. Dry eye
6. Blurry vision
7. Flashes of light
8. White rings

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Bloodshot eyes can be due to

- fumes
- eye injury
- eye allergies
- smoking e.g. marijuana
- infections like conjunctivitis or 'apolo'
- eye strain from computer use
- acute glaucoma, etc

It's one common eye hint which most people can easily trace the cause

White/pale conjunctiva is a common sign of low red blood cells (anemia).

It can be caused by
• Severe malaria
• Sick cell anemia
• Massive blood loss (e.g. heavy periods)
• Hookworm infestation, etc

The whiter your conjunctiva looks, the worse the level of anemia.
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3 Aug
Before you take a painkiller, always ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice especially if you are;

1. 65+
2. Pregnant
3. Asthmatic
3. Breastfeeding
5. Have allergies
6. Have peptic ulcer
7. Have upper tummy pain
8. Have any kidney problem

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The reason is that there are some type of painkillers known as NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) such as aspirin, ibuprofen, diclofenac, naproxen, and others. These drugs are very common but can be super dangerous.
For example, NSAIDs can

- cause heartburn
- irritate your tummy
- cause severe aches
- make you feel like vomiting
- cause further kidney damage
- aggravate asthma symptoms
- cause severe bleeding from your gut
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12 Jun

If someone is shot while protesting, use these 10 tips to save their life urgently!

{A thread dedicated to #June12thProtest protesters in Ikeja, Lagos, Benin, Abuja, Port Harcourt & everywhere} #KeepitOn!

Retweet widely 🙏
Follow these steps to save a gunshot victim from dying;

1. Secure your own safety first!
2. Send a brief SOS call to alert others.
3. Look for any source of bleeding, you can remove victim's clothing if necessary
#June12thProtest #KeepitOn
4. Stop the bleeding with pressure - if no medical supplies, cover wound with clot, shirt, scarf, etc
5. Keep pressing down hard on the bleeding area with both hands. Press & press!
6. If injury is very deep, press the cloth into it to pack the wound
#June12thProtest #KeepitOn
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31 May
Dear men,
Mental health doesn't respect gender

- crying is ok
- asking for help is ok
- showing emotion is ok
- talking about your feelings is ok
- discussing your mental health is ok

"Man up?" Forget that phrase. Many have died in silence because of that.
Speak up!

Men can be hurt too.
Men have emotions too.
Men can be heart broken too.

So many expectations on you from the family and society. Yet nobody cares how you're really faring because you should be a "man".

Then they tell you to "man up", because you're suppose to be a superhuman!
That's one reason so many men are depressed; because they're supposed to "man up".

Hush that lie. Speak up. You're a human being too.

There's nothing wrong with expressing your emotions to let out some heat.

Take care of your mental health. Don't die in silence.
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27 May
10 common causes of heavy menstrual flow you should know

1. Fibroids
2. Pelvic infections
3. Some drugs
4. Polyps
5. IUCDs
6. Endometriosis
7. Adenomyosis
8. Blood clotting problems
9. Cancers of the womb or cervix
10. Thyroid disease

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{Share to who needs this!}
If a woman loses more than 80ml of blood in one period, the bleeding is heavy. Heavy periods usually often come with blood clots.

Although methods of quantifying the exact amount of blood loss are not usually accurate, most women know when their period is heavy.
Nearly 20% of women over 30 years have #fibroids.They are of different types & may cause heavy menstrual bleeding.

Treatment of fibroids depends on the many factors so see your doctor.
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