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Since July, IndiaSpend has been publishing stories looking at what the push towards #NaturalFarming means on the ground for the farmers who grow our food. Its been an enlightening series for me. Here's why:
.@haripaliath's explainer told me the difference btwn #organicfarming & natural farming in theory. We realised in subsequent reporting that often, the concepts were not clear on the ground, & that organic farming was more common…
.@ManuMoudgil's story & the great video with it, gives a very simple explanation of why India's food bowl & its star performer in the green revolution finds it so hard to move away from chemicals--government incentives & the chemical-hardened soil…
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#Punjab #Farmers were encouraged to shift away from #bajra #pulses #oilseeds #chana & enter #wheat-#paddy cycle by a assured price mechanism policy; why not assure MSP for #pulses to Punjab farmers, which can cut 16,627 crore imports, reduce paddy acreage & paddy #straw ?
An example to show, how the shift from pulses in Punjab happened.
In 1960-61, #pulses acreage in #Punjab was 9.03 lakh hectares with production of 7.09 lakh ton, but; in 2018-19 Kharif, it dropped to 7500 hectares with a production of 6200 tons
The per kg cost of pulse import increased from Rs 16.88 in 2006-07 to Rs 42.80 in 2016-17 (rise of 10%/year). If India were to continue to import large quantities of pulses, the unit cost of such imports is to increase for sure. Why not encourage Punjab farmers to grow pulses ?
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A thread on the use of paw paw leaves ash in controlling weevils and grain borers.

On several occasions, I saw my grandmother use ash from pawpaw leaves to control weevils in her stored grains #seeds #ash #pawpaw
She mixed the grain with the ash and stored them in the granary, gourds or earthen pots.
This deterred weevils from attacking the grains.#pawpaw
A couple years later, while undertaking my MSc in agro-ecosystems, I learnt that paw paw leaves have the enzyme papain that has inhibitory activity and mortality effects against pests such as weevils #Pawpaw
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More and more govts - #Nigeria #Brazil #Colombia #Australia #NZ - are approving a drought-resistant #GMwheat called #HB4. Produced by Argentine corporation #Bioceres, it will be used for food & animal feed. Given today’s food & climate crises, urgent action is needed. 🧵 1/8 Image
#HB4wheat, together with #GoldenRice and #newGMOs, is part of an industry push to weaken and dodge biosafety rules, while increasing corporate control over #seeds. Here’s how this is playing out in Asia: 2/8
Wheat and rice are not yet fully colonised by the #seedindustry, because farmers can save and replant those seeds. They are also key staple foods in many global South countries, at the centre of today’s rising #food prices. 3/8
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Thread on #Magnesium and why it is fundamental for our #health. #micronutrients
..many people debate the various ratios of #macronutrients like #protein, #fat, and #carbohydrates in their diet to find their optimal health. Which is great as we are #bioindividuals but most miss out on #micronutrients like #vitamins and #minerals.
The way our bodies are able to use the #macronutrients is fully dependent on how our #enzymatic pathways are influenced by various #micronutrients. One of the most important amongst is #magnesium.
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Citing the previous tweet
and adding more information hoping to help get a clear panoramic on increasing #foodprices and the increasingly looming narrative of #recession 👇
A massive backlog of #grains is piling up in #Ukraine to the tune of nearly 25 million tons due to "#infrastructure challenges" and blocked #ports in the #BlackSea, including #Mariupol - @Reuters reports 📰…
#Ukraine was the fourth-largest corn exporter in the 2020/21 season and the sixth-largest #wheat exporter in the world, according to the #IGC (International #Grains Council).…
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 08/24/2021…
Covid’s Forgotten Hero: The Untold Story Of The Scientist Whose Breakthrough Made The Vaccines Possible…

#COVID19 #vaccines #biochemistry #discovery #acknowledgement
Resurrection Genomics: Millennia-Old Palm Trees Live Again…

#genomics #seeds #longevity
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Seed monopolies: Who controls the world's food supply?… Today @Bayer-#Monsanto & 3 other giant corporations control more than 50% of the world's seeds
@Bayer "Seeds are ultimately what feed us and the animals we eat. Control over #seeds is, in many ways, control over the food supply. The question of who produces new plant varieties is absolutely critical for the future of all of us." — Jack Kloppenburg, University of Wisconsin-Madison Image
@Bayer Imposing uniform seed rules on a global scale means forcing industrial farming onto parts of the world where food is still largely produced by smaller-scale, more sustainable farms.

"We're looking at this as neocolonialism destroying our livelihoods and our environment"—@_ACBIO Image
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A world record-breaking 261 tomato cultivars were exhibited at @NBGGlasnevin #TTTomFest19! The human race eats ½ its weight in #tomatoes annually. An important crop economically - preserving their valuable #genetic #diversity & #seed #democracy is vital to #future #foodsecurity🍅
1.This thread is about cordon or upright #tomato cultivars. The stunning colour of 'Indigo Rose' gave me the inspiration for the 1st #TotallyTerrificTomatoFestival in 2012. The first naturally-bred, high-anthocyanin tomato, #seed only became available to #gardeners in early 2012>
2.Rosada. The most delicious, disease-resistant, easy and productive variety of cherry/plum I've ever grown. Often bears 70 fruits on long trusses. No longer available as delisted by the politically powerful and greedy #Big4 #seed corporations when they couldn't buy the #patent!>
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In IPES-Food's latest report, 'The Added Value(s) of #Agroecology', we focused on a series of obstacles that prevent the transition to agroecological #foodsystems.

🌱 One such obstacle is the *access to #seeds & #organic inputs*. Here's a quick thread on why this matters! 👇🏿

#Farmer seed systems - through which farmers select, multiply, conserve & exchange a wide range of reproducible varieties - are an essential component of #agroecology, which relies on diversity at all levels (including crop genetic diversity). 🌱🌿🌾

#DidYouKnow that these systems account for up to 90% of the seeds used in some African countries? And in #Mali, peasant seed systems make up 75% of the varieties grown in the country.

❗️ However, these systems are lacking in legal recognition and policy support ❗️

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#mistério #seeds #Thread #ScienceTwitter
O caso vem tirando o sossego das autoridades sanitárias:

"Essas sementes misteriosas normalmente vêm junto com produtos comprados pela internet, em sites ou aplicativos internacionais. Segundo o ministério, a origem das embalagens é de países asiáticos, como China e Malásia."
Diante das poucas respostas, só restou "solucionar o mistério" através da CIÊNCIA!!!

Fomos atrás de uma das pessoas que receberam essas sementes e levamos algumas para análise no laboratório.
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7 ways to prevent your kid from choking

1. Keep seeds away
2. Don't feed when they cry or laugh
3. Cut foods in bite-sizes
4. Keep mouth clear
5. Sit in safe high chair
6. Cook foods before feeding
7. Mash or grate foods

A thread 🧵

{Share for awareness!} Monkey Business/Fotolia
Kids want to reach out for any objects in their surroundings.

When they pick up #seeds & whole nuts like groundnut or any seed-like objects, they tend to put them straight in their mouth to swallow.

Keep such objects far away from their reach. Things kids choke on
A child's airway is open when they're crying or laughing.

If you #feed them at this time, part of the food may enter their windpipe & they'll start to choke.

What to do is wait until they stop laughing or calm them down from crying before feeding them. Image
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We have received reports from members of the public who have received unsolicited seeds in the post from an unknown sender outside of the EU.

If you have received seeds by post that you didn't order please email: We have received reports from members of the public who have
Don't plant or compost the seeds as they may pose a risk to the environment. 🐛🌿🦟🌎

Always source any #plants and #seeds responsibly from known suppliers. Don't plant or compost the seeds as they may pose a risk to
Anyone importing seeds, plants or plant products from outside of the EU needs to be registered with us and consignments require a phytosanitary certificate to prevent the introduction of harmful pests and invasive species into Ireland and the EU.

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Farmers in Punjab have become the helpless victims of a cynical collusion between the Congress govt, a section of PAU officials and a massive and powerful seed mafia in the state. Investigations are a sham. I demand custodial interrogation of the prime accused. 1/3
It’s been established beyond doubt that #DNA report of seeds being sold to farmers without certification had same genetic composition as #seeds being developed by PAU. The magnitude of involvement of govt higher-ups and the scale of damage inflicted on farmers is horrifying. 2/3
Farmers have always looked upon the PAU as the Mother of Modern Farming. Therefore, an independent probe is necessary to save the reputation of this unique varsity which the #Congress leaders & corrupt officials are destroying with their unholy deeds like this shocking scam. 3/3
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#Occupy: Serial: "#Geopolitical Aspects of #COVID19".
Thread with recent articles from Larry Romanoff
Via #GlobalResearch

1. 10 Questions for US
2. Biological Weapons
3. Geopolitics
4. GM Seed-Weapons
5. Why did US not test ?

1. 10 #Questions for #US:

#Occupy: Serial: "#Geopolitical Aspects of #COVID19".

2. Biological Weapons

#Biological #Weapons:
A Useful & Timely Factual Overview:

-> via @grtvnews
#Occupy: Serial: "#Geopolitical Aspects of #COVID19".

3. Geopolitics

The Geopolitical Deployment of #Biological #Weapons:

-> <-via @grtvnews
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We promise we will show up no matter what. And yes, you can still come to church in your pajamas. Almost everybody is doing that during this lockdown.😊 So, stay connected and be a part of a great time of worship, word and fellowship this Sunday with your family and friends. Image
Whatever category you're, we have got you covered. Swipe left, so you see. Parents can spend more screen time with their kids, and teenagers aren't left out. Image
Do remember to like or subscribe to any of our digital platforms -YouTube, Facebook & Twitter (ElevationNG) so you don't miss a thing.

#ChurchOnline #TecTeenz #ChildrensChurch #Seeds #ElevationNG #Covid19Out Image
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Thread 1/8: Respond positively to #covid19uk by...

Buying local, planting and saving #seeds and re-localising #food production!

In this thread we share how and why- read on and please RT!…
2/8: In response to the #coronavirus crisis, our friends @LandworkersUK are calling for emergency measures to ensure the resilience of our domestic food supply in the months ahead- a new '#DigforVictory!'

This needs government support. Here's why:…
3/8: Whoever you are, wherever you are, there are things you can do to support local, nutritious, #climate friendly #food production...

#covid19uk #COVID19
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“In #agriculture, seed has to be sown, grown, collected, stored, distributed. Of all the activities, I like distributing seeds to people. Even if I lose what I have, they will be safe with someone else,” says Kamalaji Pujhari of Odisha's Koraput district. #WorldIndigenousDay Image
A member of the Bhumia #Adivasi community, Kamalaji has received both international recognition and the #PadmaShri for her work on #seed #conservation, an uphill task when many varieties of #paddy in her village have vanished. #WorldIndigenousDay Image
But these awards haven't helped Kamalaji in getting #rights over #seeds she once cultivated & is now conserving.This is due to the cumbersome nature of the claim making process that ismore accessible to pvt seed companies,research universities or individual commercial breeders. Image
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“I was v happy.I said namaskaar.@rashtrapatibhvn greeted me & said:Welcome to Rashtrapati Bhavan,”says Kamala Pujhari,recalling her trip to Delhi to receive the #PadmaShri for her work on seed conservation,an uphill task when many varieties of paddy in her village are vanishing. Image
In 2002, she collected the Equator Initiative award on behalf of the #Adivasi communities of Jeypore. in Johannesburg. In 2009-10, she received the ‘Plant Genome Savior Community Award’ set up by the Protection of Plant Varieties & Farmers’ Rights Authority (PPVFRA). ImageImage
But neither the Padma Shri nor the PPVFRA award have helped Kamalaji in getting rights over the #seeds she once cultivated & is now conserving,as she didn't know about the PPVFRA & how it grants rights to breeders & farmers who have preserved,bred, evolved or developed landraces. Image
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