BREAKING: Portland, OR just became the first city in the US (possibly the world?) to ban both government and corporate use of #FacialRecognition surveillance technology. Every city council should follow suit!
The city council and mayor unanimously approved two ordinances. The first is similar to those passed in Boston, San Francisco, etc. it bans all government use of facial recognition including use by police, schools, etc. notably this also includes use by TSA or airlines at PDX
The second ordinance is historic. It bans private businesses from using facial recognition in places of “public accommodation” as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act. That means stores can’t use it on their customers, or on people walking by. It’s a huge deal.
The bans passed with overwhelming support despite Amazon spending more than $24,000 lobbying against them, along with opposition from local banks and Big Tech industry associations. Its an enormous victory for the global movement to #BanFacialRecognition & end racist surveillance
Corporate use of facial recognition can be just as dangerous and discriminatory as government and law enforcement use. This technology, like nuclear or biological weapons, poses such a profound threat to humanity that it can’t be regulated. It must be abolished.
Go to to tell your elected officials to follow the lead of the Portland city council and #BanFacialRecognition before it’s too late

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31 Aug
wow. i shouldn't be surprised by this, but I am. AT&T will throw its weight behind Trump's absolutely absurd Executive Order that would gut Section 230 & enable widespread Internet censorship. And they're doing it just to confuse ppl about #netneutrality.…
this is perfectly in line with Big Telecom strategies over the last few years. AT&T, Comcast, and Verizon are some of the worst perpetrators of privacy violations and they routinely abuse their monopoly power. But they wave their hands and say "look over there at Facebook!"
Which works pretty well, because Facebook and other Big Tech companies are also doing terrible shit, and also have surveillance capitalist business models that are fundamentally at odds with basic rights and democracy. But AT&T wants us to think that you can only fix one of these
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16 Jun
URGENT: The FBI are actively "visiting" people across the country right now gathering information about their political beliefs and associations, as a direct form of harassment and intimidation to crack down on the powerful protests of the last few weeks. DO NOT SAY A WORD.
This is not a new phenomenon, so take a minute to learn from social movements of the past that have faced FBI repression. You cannot "outsmart" the FBI. Lying to them is a crime. If an FBI agent comes to your door, do not let them in. Do not answer questions. Call the @NLGnews
Tell the agents to slide their card under the door in order to identify themselves. Otherwise SAY NOTHING. Even seemingly innocuous things you say could be used to target or harm other people, or could be used against you by agents in bad faith. These ppl are not your friends.
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31 May
THREAD: trying to figure out how i can be helpful. Here's one thing: it's clear the government is bringing the full force of the surveillance state to monitor these uprisings. Here are some basic steps you can take to protect yourself and your loved ones if you're in the streets.
First, this thread will not be comprehensive. So if you are particularly vulnerable, or if you're involved in something particularly sensitive, DO NOT assume that these practices will be 100% fail safe. Get expert help and be super careful. Start here
Ok, disclaimers aside, the first and most important thing to understand is that your phone and the information on it is the cops' best friend, and that's the most important thing to protect. Make sure you have a LONG password with letters & numbers, not a thumb print, not Face ID
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28 May
I just want to be extremely clear that right now Nancy Pelosi the so-called leader of "The Resistance" is actively trying to gut a bipartisan amendment that specifically protects journalists & religious groups from abusive surveillance, so she can reauthorize FISA & Patriot Act
Here's what's happening: late last night @SpeakerPelosi attempted to ram through a reauthorization of #FISA and #PatriotAct surveillance authorities. But she had to cancel the vote at the last minute when it became clear she didn't have even close to enough votes to pass it.
She's trying to blame that on Trump tweeting about it, but the reality is that the vote was going to fail anyway because the entire Congressional Progressive Caucus (nearly 100 member of the House) came out against the bill after Pelosi let @RepAdamSchiff gut a privacy amendment
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14 May
BREAKING: The Senate just voted to reauthorize the Patriot Act, after rejecting an amendment that would have required the FBI to at least get a warrant before spying on Internet activity. Both parties just handed an authoritarian admin nearly limitless surveillance power
The Wyden/Daines amendment, which failed by JUST ONE VOTE (with several members who would have voted for it, including @BernieSanders, not present) would have required the FBI to get a warrant before looking at your browsing history and online activity.
The Senate did pass the Lee/Leahy amendment, which expands the role of the amici curiae to guard against FISA abuses like targeting of religious groups, political organizations and the press. But they otherwise reauthorized the surveillance programs in their entirely.
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5 May
i dunno if anyone maybe needs some good news for a change but ... remember those students who were told by their administration that they weren't allowed to introduce a student gov resolution to ban facial recognition?

it just passed overwhelmingly.…
Here's the story: students at Oakland Community College, near Detroit, were originally told by their administration that they were not allowed to introduce a student government resolution to ban the use of facial recognition surveillance on campus.
Then, on top of that, they were told they were not allowed to even host A FORUM on the topic of banning facial recognition surveillance on campus. They already had the event planned and had invited speakers from @justcitydetroit and @ACLUofMichigan.
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