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Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (#TRAI) had issued a consultation paper for creating a regulatory framework for over-the-top communication services. Our comments are available here:…
In our responses we've described why we believe that TRAI is not the right body to regulate OTT services, and the framework that is already in place to regulate services on the Internet.
We have discussed the fact that telecom services operate on a limited natural resource and face limited competition.
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These "It's been a year since #netneutrality was killed and the internet didn't implode" hot takes are wet garbage for several reasons...
One, most ISPs are only behaving because they're worried about adding ammunition to the looming net neutrality court battle, opening arguments for which start next February. If they win that case, watch out.
Two, it ignores all the stuff that HAS happened since the FCC went on consumer protection vacation, from Verizon throttling and upselling firefighters, to AT&T only applying usage caps if you use a competitors' services.
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1. WSJ: The Internet Lives

I wrote the above thread on #NetNeutrality 13 months ago. WSJ provides an update today.

"A year ago today, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) repealed the harmful 2015 #NetNeutrality regulation dubiously titled the “Open Internet Order.”"
2. Predictably, The Washington Post, The New York Times, CNET, Ars Technica, Recode, The Verge, and advocacy groups such as Free Press and Public Knowledge forecasted apocalyptic consequences to the rollback of the regulation, mischaracterizing the repeal.
3. Leader of the Fake News pack, @CNN, declared “the end of the internet as we know it,” and other media outlets said the repeal was “gutting the rules that protect the internet,” and “that the internet has no oversight.”
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A year ago today, the FCC voted to end #NetNeutrality.

Since then, @Verizon throttled emergency responders' data during a wildfire, the DoJ sued California for enacting its own rules, and now, the FCC has made the same mistake for text messaging that it did for #NetNeutrality.
But as we said we would—we're fighting back.

The Senate voted to reverse the FCC, and now we're waiting on the House to do the same. Time is short, but support is growing.…
30 legislatures have introduced bills that would require their ISPs to maintain net neutrality as a matter of law. Four of those states have passed laws with strong bipartisan majorities, and more are promising to follow suit in 2019.…
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Far-right @WeAreSinclair owns the majority of the US’s TV & radio stations & is forcing local news to deliver pro-Trump propaganda.

Sinclair owned stations

This is how Trump’s base and the masses remain indoctrinated.

This IS what fascism looks like.

Day before Trump’s inauguration, FCC chair & #NetNeutrality killer @AjitPaiFCC met w/the top exec of Sinclair.

This is their agenda to spread propaganda

Aug 2017: House Dems requested why he was doing favors for Sinclair

This isn’t the first time @WeAreSinclair media has forced their TV stations to broadcast a pro-Trump propaganda message through their right-winged biased news media at the local level.

It won’t be the last.


From March 2018:
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YES! Rep. Joe Morelle has announced he'll sign the CRA discharge petition to save #NetNeutrality. However, a handful of Dems have yet to sign on. There’s no excuse! Every lawmaker must support the open internet. Here's a list of the hold-outs:…
.@RepCuellar is one of 18 Dems yet to sign the CRA discharge to save #NetNeutrality. There's no excuse! ALL lawmakers must support the CRA discharge — RETWEET TO URGE @RepCuellar TO SIGN ON!
RETWEET TO URGE @GKButterfield to sign the CRA discharge petition to save #NetNeutrality! @GKButterfield is one of 18 Dems holding out. There's no excuse! ALL lawmakers must support the CRA discharge.
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I'd like to explain to you why facts matter, especially in the context of political debate. To do this, I'd like to bring you a small extract from the book "ON BEING CERTAIN: Believing You Are Right Even When You're Not" by Robert. A. Burton.…
The central theme of this book is that the "feeling of knowing" is different from "knowing". The former is, indeed, just a feeling, like anger or envy. Understanding this difference is crucial to throwing off beliefs that no longer serve us. Let's bring this to life.
I would like you to read the paragraph below, paying attention to how you feel as you read it. What do you notice?
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Over breakfast with my husband this morning the topic turned to #NetNeutrality . IKR but bear with me.

I’ll start by saying Net Neutrality was a good idea that was subjugated by nefarious players.

Today’s version isn’t about an open fair internet. It is about control.
Imagine you commute between two cities and grow tired of the long drive so you save up your money and build a shorter road. In order to offset your cost, you decide to charge other people a small sum ($1) for access to your short-cut.
Shortly, your road is overwhelmed with large trucks that want to deliver their goods and products faster.
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Gov. Jerry Brown signs bill to restore net neutrality in California…
Fierce legal battles loom as California moves to enforce Obama-era open internet policies struck down by the Trump administration.
The Trump administration is suing California to quash its new net neutrality law…
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Great question! EFF is fighting for more high speed ISP competition across the U.S:

First, we’re asking the FCC to deny AT&T's and Verizon’s petition to give them a further chokehold on Internet access choice.…
Second, we’re working to tell Congress to restore the Open Internet order so that consumers can go where they want online, including to new websites and services that don’t have the deep pockets to pay for fast lanes to reach users. You can join us:…
Restoring the Open Internet order wouldn't just restore #NetNeutrality. It would also bring back other active provisions that protect competition in the broadband market.…
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Today Members of the European Parliament adopted three terrible proposals in the new #CopyrightDirective and rejected every good one, setting the stage for mass, automated surveillance and arbitrary censorship of the Internet. (1/6)…
#Article13: the Copyright Filters. All but the smallest platforms will have to defensively adopt copyright filters that examine everything you post, and censor anything judged to be a copyright infringement. (2/6)…
#Article11: Linking to the news using more than one word from the article is prohibited unless you're using a service that bought a license from the news site you want to link to. (3/6)…
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There are few things showing the stupidness of #netneutrality more than this story of "Verizon throttling firefighters": the firefighters opted for a cheaper "throttled" plan instead of the more expensive pay-as-you-go plan. Such throttled plans are allowed under netneutrality.
This demonstrates how the basis of #netneutrality is based on twisting everything that happens as being the fault of the Big Bad Corporations, which finds ready acceptance because of the prejudicial belief that corporations are inherently evil.
When you reach your bandwidth cap that you pay for in your cellphone plan, what should happen?
(1) they charge you overage fees
(2) they block any further
(3) they throttle your traffic, prioritizing it below paying customers
(4) allow the customer to choose which option
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While we are all working to importantly save this country by electing Democrats to #FlipTheHouse and #FlipTheSenate in November-

Electing Democratic state governors is extremely important, too. They can be an important line of defense at the state level. 1/6
State governors can:
✅Help #SaveTheACA
✅Help save and expand #Medicare
✅Protect #NetNeutrality
✅Protect the environment and deal with #climatechange
✅Help end #Gerrymandering and voter suppression.
✅Enact #GunSense legislation.
✅Protect abortion rights.
And more. 2/6
Here are governors' seats we need to hold or are competitive to flip. Please follow, donate, add them to your RT lists, & if you are local, get involved with their campaigns on the ground. Candidates all through primary elections.
#Arizona @dg4az
#Colorodo @jaredpolis 3/6
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If you want proof that all Kavanaugh cares about is Corporations, here you go:

Last year a circuit court...upheld guidelines on open internet rules, in a dissent to the ruling, Kavanaugh said that net neutrality violates the First Amendment rights of Internet Service Providers.
Brett Kavanaugh cares more about the First Amendment Rights of ISPs than he cares about a free and open internet for all.

Not to mention, corporations aren’t people and we are.
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The report found that FCC officials misled Congress & the public by first announcing, and later defending a claim that DDoS attacks had crippled the commission’s comment system, amid efforts by Republicans to roll back Obama-era net neutrality protections.…
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Several times during the FCC testimony today it was claimed that the repeal of #NetNeutrality protections hadn't immediately destroyed the Internet. But that's no metric of danger.
ISPs aren't just going to start blocking and throttling, they're going to play games at the margins.
It's not going to be a flashy apocalypse; it will be a slow decline into the Internet of ISP gatekeeping, and you probably won't even know what neat services and helpful resources you're missing.…
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Dear liberal America. There are a few things I'd like to say about Gov Charlie Baker, in light of his signing our state's first automatic voter registration bill today and being championed by national media. Am I happy he signed the bill? Yes. However, it's complicated... #mapoli
Over the last two years, Charlie Baker has been characterized as a "reasonable, moderate, bipartisan Republican" who often stands up to Trump. The adjectives are debatable. However, when it comes to the "standing up to Trump" part, nothing could be further from the truth #mapoli
When Trump accused Massachusetts of sending busloads of voters into New Hampshire during the election — when he accused our state of being complicit in an InfoWars-esque voter fraud conspiracy — Baker's response was, "I don't know much about what goes on in New Hampshire" #mapoli
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Big ISPs told @repdonyoung of Alaska that rural Internet users are better off without #NetNeutrality, so he's backed away from a verbal commitment he gave to support it.

But as we've said before: the 2015 Open Internet Order is good for broadband deployment.
And big ISPs have specifically told shareholders that net neutrality did not affect their investment into infrastructure.…
Wondering where your representative stands on restoring #NetNeutrality? You can find out here.
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1/ #ProtectOurVotes #Handmarked #PaperBallots


All require, at one point or another, connection to another device, which inevitably leads to connection to a PC or server which may or may not be hooked to the internet but most likely is.


And there is reason to believe hacking has occurred in the past (Gore, Ossoff, ..) -- though no hard evidence (difficult to get when the server is wiped after a suit is filed) to prove.


is human readable, verifiable, audit tape and legislature allowing it to be used when even reasonable doubt or question exists.
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Six months ago today, I became governor of New Jersey. Since then, we've worked hard to build a stronger, fairer state for all. We've:

✔️ Signed the nation's toughest equal pay law

✔️ Passed a millionaire’s tax

✔️ Assembled the most diverse cabinet in NJ history
✔️ Restored funding for Planned Parenthood and women’s health care

✔️ Expanded access to medical marijuana

✔️ Promoted ACA enrollment

✔️ Pledged $100 million to tackle the opioid crisis
✔️ Supported a fracking ban in the Delaware River Basin

✔️ Announced NJ will rejoin RGGI to combat climate change

✔️ Jumpstarted the development of offshore wind energy

✔️ Banned offshore drilling in state waters

✔️ Signed sweeping clean energy legislation
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I'm told that Telecom Commission has accepted @TRAI 's recommendations on #NetNeutrality. Thank you TRAI& @rssharma3 for giving India the strongest Net Neutrality regulations in the world,covering both throttling of Internet access & prevention of discriminatory pricing
As per the @trai recommendations, ISP and Telco license conditions will be amended to enforce net neutrality principles. This means that if the telecom operators violate net neutrality, then they will be violating their license conditions, risking license cancellation
Apart from a #NetNeutrality law, this was the most effective way of ensuring non-discrimination by ISPs in India. My story on India's Net Neutrality rules here:…
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As expected, Trump has chosen an extremist for the Supreme Court who can & would undermine:

-Healthcare as a right, not a privilege
-Reproductive rights
-Voting rights
-Workers' rights
-Consumer rights
-A safe environment

For a generation. #Scotuspick #KavanaughSCOTUS 1/11
We need to call every one of our Senators. 202-224-3121, or with

We need to support those who have come out against Kavanaugh & convince those that haven't that #Kavanaugh is the wrong choice. #NOKavanaugh

The following will tell you why. 2/11
A woman's right to choose is in jeopardy. A full repeal may or may not be attempted soon, but Roe v. Wade will be chipped away at.

Pro-choice GOP Sens. Susan Collins & Lisa Murkowski need to be reminded. Collins has been lied to before. #WhatsAtStake
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BREAKING: Trump just announced his #SCOTUSpick - Brett Kavanaugh, who has a troubling record on #reprorights, the environment, the ACA, and more. Keep reading to learn more about #WhatsAtStake and why we must #StopKavanaugh ⬇️
Brett Kavanaugh is one of the most cravenly partisan choices Trump could have made. He’s been called the “Forrest Gump of Republican politics,” as he seems to always show up in high-stakes, far-right political battles and conspiracy theories.
Kavanaugh doesn’t believe that a sitting president can be indicted, and believes presidents should have wide latitude to hire and fire special counsels. His nomination could shield Trump from facing accountability for his crimes and corruption.
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This Fourth of July, we remember that the fight for liberty is far from over, and we're proud to be one of many organizations working to defend your rights. Here's what EFF is doing right now to defend freedom in the digital world. #4thOfJuly2018 /1
EFF helped win a major victory for digital rights when the Supreme Court agreed with—and cited—our brief in Carpenter v U.S., ruling that police should get a warrant before accessing cell phone location information /2…
EFF filed suit to stop FOSTA, the latest attempt at Internet censorship. While well intentioned, FOSTA is "written so poorly that it...criminalizes a substantial amount of protected speech &...hinders efforts to prosecute sex traffickers & aid victims." /3…
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