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11 Sep, 13 tweets, 3 min read
That post-9/11 "moment of national unity" was a LOT shorter than we like to remember.

We didn't really "come together as a nation." We learned we have common enemies. It didn't take long for some of us to forget even that, and encourage others to forget it as well.
We didn't gain "unity" so much as FOCUS. Priorities shifted for a while. It did not take long for that national focus to strike the prism of politics and scatter into dramatically different outlooks and agendas, all claiming 9/11 was the event looming largest in their minds.
It's lamentable in some ways, but totally understandable in others. We have serious divisions. Our disagreements are not trivial. Learning that we are vulnerable to attack did not erase those differences. On a long enough timeline, it might have exaggerated them.
How long did it really take before we heard the first organized voices - not one or two lone nutjobs, but organized political forces - saying we had it coming, we needed to understand the grievances behind 9/11, we brought it on ourselves, or it was all a conspiracy?
I suspect the fracturing would come faster and harder in today's social media environment. Speaking of which, it's amazing how quickly legacy media squandered the surge of attention and trust it received after 9/11. Rathergate was almost exactly 3 years later.
9/11 would prove to be a watershed moment in our great loss of confidence in large institutions. The more we learned about the attack, the more we wondered how it could ever have happened, how all those warning signs were missed by our blind bureaucracy.
It was also a watershed moment of heroism, a dark day when heroes shone bright, as we were awed to discover that giants walked among us, and they were the guy sitting next to us on an airplane, the co-worker who ran back into the collapsing building, the beat cop and firefighter.
But which of those strains runs stronger in us today: submission to blind bureaucracy, or rugged heroism? The problem is that we still lack confidence in big institutions, but we lost even more confidence in ourselves, and trust in each other.
19 years later, we have a "common culture" that actively hates the nation itself and absolutely despises a good portion of its citizens. The climate is one of perpetual distrust in our fellow citizens and demands for abject submission to that blind bureaucracy.
Multi-millionaire athletes think nothing of taking a knee during the national anthem or disrespecting the flag that flew so high on 9/11. Police are treated like terrorists while violent criminals run free. Our kids are taught to hate America as much as Mohamed Atta did.
If there's one thing I wish I could give people too young to remember 9/11, one thing from the aftermath I would give them as a treasure to cherish, it would not be any phantom memory of "unity." It would be an echo of the love we felt for a moment as we learned the full story.
Love is always an act of faith, a leap from the lion's head. It takes courage because you never really know how it's going to work out. It can fade away over time, or be ruined in a fiery betrayal. Love takes courage, and courage shines clearest in times of great danger.
We learned on 9/11 what we were made of, what our neighbors, first responders, soldiers, and strangers on a plane could do, and we were amazed. We weren't unified for long, but for a moment we were in love. I wish I could teach kids how to love America like that, every day. /end

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10 Sep
Democrats on the coronavirus are yipping like third-grade blowhards bragging about how they would have kicked the bully's ass if only they had been on the playground that day, while everyone remembers them hiding in a bush and trying not to wet their pants
We just caught a top Democrat ON VIDEO disregarding coronavirus protocols, they've been encouraging their extremist wing to riot nuts-to-butts in the streets for months, and they're all on the record getting everything wrong in March and April.
Biden argued AGAINST containing the virus with a travel ban. Andrew Cuomo thwarted measures that would have saved thousands of lives across America, and then he DELIBERATELY KILLED thousands more, to thunderous applause from Democrats and their media.
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2 Sep
"Resistance" against Trump since 2017 has been easy and fun. He's a remarkably restrained executive. The worst thing he'll do is tweet something harsh about you. A network of rich and famous left-wingers plus Obama holdovers in the federal bureaucracy is eager to help you.
"Resistance" against Barack Obama put you in the crosshairs of the entire federal apparatus. You could be spied upon by the FBI or crushed by the IRS. The media denounced you as a racist. Family members were encouraged to rat you out. The ruling party called you a terrorist.
Resistance against the Left in 2020 can get you killed. Your property could be destroyed. The media will studiously ignore your plight, while local officials tell the police not to protect you and thwart federal efforts to help. If you try to protect yourself, YOU go to jail.
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1 Sep
This is everything I've been saying about Democrats and their media trying to legitimize political violence, in one pure concentrated headline dose.
This is also a beautiful example of what I said earlier about the Left demanding an exclusive right to violate the social contract. No matter how violent and destructive they get, they're just "protesters" and "demonstrators" looking to "keep themselves safe" from oppressors.
The framing in this left-wing propaganda is clear: If THEY decide the system sucks and rules are broken, they can violate any laws they please. YOU, however, are still fully bound by the social contract they've declared null and void for themselves.
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1 Sep
Straight and tough talk about Democrat political violence is good, but Trump needs to avoid comments that will help the Dems sell their "looting and murder will only stop when Trump leaves office" threat. He has to understand there's real danger of people buying it.
I'm out here making the contrary argument every day - that violence will only continue if Dems are rewarded for it, that the only way to shut down violent extremism is to crush the "moderate political wing" of the extremist groups, so the pols view the extremists as a liability.
Trump would do better to push that argument than adopting a pugnacious attitude that makes a large number of weary, frightened, demoralized swing voters think they really are in for endless street warfare if they don't submit to Democrat demands.
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31 Aug
There is no question that the Democrat Party tried to legitimize political violence.

No amount of gaslighting can conceal it.

If you don't punish them for it harshly at the ballot box - even after they back down because their polls are crashing - you WILL get more of it.
Political violence is a toxin we don't want in our system AT ALL. We must send a message that terrifies future politicians out of toying with violence. We need them pumping the brakes as soon as the idea is floated, not after they run some polls and conclude it's a loser.
We've seen how much active complicity from Democrat mayors, governors, national political figures, and media was needed to get these riots rolling. You want all of those forces to say no - HELL NO - the next time a violent left-wing political crusade gets ginned up.
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28 Aug
Hi, media! Are any of you going to ask if Pelosi's "Biden shouldn't debate Trump because that would legitimize him" idiocy was a factor in the left-wing violence outside the White House last night?
I know this is a "narrative" none of you mainstream media reporters wants to touch, but top Democrats have CONSTANTLY encouraged harassment of Republican voters and officials. They constantly question President Trump's legitimacy, and that of any Republican who supports him.
Violent Democrat followers are doing exactly what Democrat leaders have been telling them to do for years. You media types would have absolutely no problem drawing a line from rhetoric to violence if these were Republicans. You'd fall all over yourselves to do it.
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