1. Almost everybody sucks at money. This includes the middle class, the poor, the financial advisors, most of our stock market traders, gurus, and those we consider rich people.

2. Getting rich enough to retire takes only 10 years of proper planned hard and smart work.
3. Work is better when you don't need the money. It's great to get rich enough to retire. But what if you don't wanna retire coz you can't imagine yourself sitting around all day?

You're probably going to keep working, and love doing it, coz it's fun when you don't need money.
4. Usually people graduate with student loans, get their first job. They buy their first car brand new, on a loan. They get married, spend most of their savings on their wedding. They buy their first house on a loan, they upgrade their car to a bigger one with a bigger loan.
They also upgrade their house with a bigger loan.
Before they know it, they are 30, 35, 45 years old
and they still don't have enough money. They are usually left wondering "where did all the money go!".
5. Any money that you spend that doesn't make you happier is wasted.

Most of us assume luxury products and showing off wealth is preferable to good old-fashioned hard work and solving our own problems.
6. Adding more fancy stuff and taking away effort from life is not the path to better life.

The reason is that effort and learning is what makes us happier.
7. Friendship, freedom, health, meaningful work, privacy, a philosophy for life, and community are the important factors that decide the level of our happiness in life.
8. Most people usually live in a trap.

They neglect the truth that 'extra' everything doesn't equate to 'extra happiness'. Most of our personal and government spending could be better if we learn to not suck at money.
9. To retire early doesn't need huge income, you don't need to become a stock market genius, or anything else. Secret to retiring early is to spend much less than you earn.
10. Your mandatory working career depends on one factor. Lifestyle.

A doctor makes 1 crore a year, saves 20 lakhs.
A carpenter making 10 lakhs a year, saves 2 lakhs.
The doctor lives a rich doctor's lifestyle. The carpenter lives a honest middle class carpenter's lifestyle.

Both of them need the same number of years to get to a place where they can both retire and continue living their lifestyle.
11. For most people, starting a business or creating multiple income streams through passive income businesses isn't viable coz they aren't risk takers. Saving more, spending less, living frugally, and not updating their lifestyle is the way to get to retirement level faster.
12. This process is definitely far easier for people at a higher income level than those at a lower income level. But every single day you see people at higher income levels also stuck with loans, riddled with debt, living paycheck to paycheck. So, income level is just an excuse.
13. Early retirement is not as difficult as it looks like. You may even love your job and want to do it forever. But that shouldn't make you spend crazily on stuff you don't need.
No matter what your job is, it gets way better if you don't need the money. A lot of things change when your work revolves around the purpose you seek in your work rather than seeking money out of that work for sustenance and survival.
14. Authenticity: If people sense that you're not sucking every last dollar out of them when you're conducting business with them, and you don't even really seem to care about making too much money out of them, they come to realise, "holy shit, this guy is doing it out of love!"
Take Elon Musk. When he sold PayPal, he had 165Mn dollars. He could have simply lived off the money, for the rest of his life, doing whatever he want, with girls and all the jazz around.

But he ploughed all that money back into solar city, spacex, tesla, etc., - things he love.
That's why today Tesla, SpaceX, etc., are where they are. He comes off as authentic coz he doesn't need the money.

That's why he is able to sell his products without a marketing budget or ad spend budget. That's why he could sell his products breaking every stereotype.
15. Today there are people who grind away until they die, and there are people who do pretty well for themselves, and then there are people who leave a lasting legacy.
If you can get yourself free from the need for money, you have no choice but to do the work that's better for you, and better for the world.

If you're doing it for love rather than for money, you'll have no choice but to do a better job.
This is all from the following video on Youtube.

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A high maintenance, financially profligate and prodigal spouse will destroy your chances at a financially independent and free life, one without worries on finances. Choose your spouse carefully. That one person will decide the fate of your financial life.
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As I had mentioned before in comments of a post discussing my IF eating a couple days back, eating a vegetarian diet and getting required protein is straight forward.

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The traders who make the most money are discretionary + rule based traders.

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The best path for someone coming into the market to trade and make good money is the following.

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I once spent entire weekend decoding @bhatiamanu's initial strategies for how he took 10L to 30L and then 30L to 1C. He used leverage, he did cash buying in stocks, he was long only for most part initially, traded in stocks that were highly volatile, high beta, mostly an ORB.
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2. On a slightly lower timeframe chart (say 1H) trade pullbacks on the direction of the trends.
3. To enter pullback, use leading indicators
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Few misconceptions about mutual fund industry. Don't make the mistake of believing in popular-speak.

1. Mutual Fund companies manage the wealth of small investors.

Wrong. Fund managers appointed by the mutual fund companies manage the wealth, not the companies themselves.
2. Small investors can beat the market with the help of mutual funds.

Wrong. More than 80% of all mutual funds have given less than benchmark returns in the last 5 years. So, no. Small investors can't beat the market with help of any random mutual fund.
3. Fund Managers are the smartest people in the stock market.

Most fund managers aren't smart. If you put all the fund managers in a class, only like top 2-3% do really well. Remaining everyone just do so-so or just plain suck.
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